Something To Think About….

Among the topics on tap for the NHL board of governors meeting that happened this week was the possibility of adding a “play-in” round to the playoffs to expand the field from 16 teams to 20.

I have been reading and hearing a about the play in round a lot lately….with 20 teams in the playoffs instead of 16…….

Im not sure what to think about it and i am wondering what others feel.

In a recent poll on it was 72% against and 28% for.

I think it would be interesting but I am also concerned some teams may sit back and not push for a playoff spot if they know they can get in at a 10th spot…..

If you have any opinions about this please share……

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  1. muckies says:

    The guys play 82 games, and then they need more playoffs – give me a break.

    If they reduce the season to 75 games, then its o.k.

    The season is to long, and the week off for the first place teams is to long, they will have such an advantage with being healthy, it’s unfair.

    Its all about $$$$$$$$$. What about the integrity of the game.

    Go back to 80 games, Wood Sticks, and stack the teams 1-16. That would make for some awesome playoffs.

    Sens VS. Oilers.

    Calgary vs. Toronto.

    Detroit vs. New Jersey

    Colorado vs. Tampa Bay

  2. Bacon077 says:

    I am completely against this idea. There are too many teams in the playoffs as it is, which draws out the post-season. I get this complaint constantly from non-hockey fans to casual observers. If the NHL wants the game to become more popular, it should not consider expanding the playoff pool.

    Baseball has four teams from each league who make the playoffs.

    Football has six teams from each leage.

    Both of these sports are more popular than hockey. Of course, there are many other factors, however the playoffs for these teams feature the best clubs playing against eachother.

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I think the playoffs are just fine the way they are. If they had this “20 team playoffs” a few years ago, my Oilers would never have missed the playoffs. As nice as that would have been, it’s unfair. It just allows the bottom-dwellers to play a few extra games for revenue. Total money grab…………………BUT, ONE GREAT IDEA was posted above. Rather than having conference playoffs, they should stack the teams 1 through 16, giving an opportunity for East and West teams to play each other throughout the entire playoffs…………..Seeing series like Calgary/Montreal, Edmonton/Ottawa, Vancouver/Toronto in the first few rounds would be so exciting. (Besides, this way we have a better chance of not facing the Dallas Stars in the first round again, haha). But seriously, it’s a great idea.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    It sounds like a way to 1) increase the popularity of some franchises that wouldn’t ordinarily make the playoffs in a given year…which isn’t a bad thing…and 2) which is to make money. I’m not totally for a change like this, even though I can understand why this is being considered. Seeing as how revenues are going up, and there is talk of the salary cap rising, this is a change that I am not crazy about. 20 teams in the playoffs is a bit much.

  5. propiro98 says:

    Screw this idea why not make all 30 teams make the playoffs! everyone gets more money everyone gets more popularity hell get rid of the seasons and just host a tournament…..the nhl is getting real close to my tolerance line and i might have to get him and a few others killed….anyone wanna make some money?

  6. Rysto says:

    I’m very iffy on this proposal. Too many bad teams make the playoffs as it is.

    The worst thing about this proposal, though, is that it would guarantee a playoff spot to the top 2 teams in each division. That’s totally ridiculous. The Southeast has sent 2 teams to the playoffs only once in the past 3 seasons. Bad teams should not get a free pass.

  7. prehpreh says:

    Like everyone else, i am totally against this idea. If you have 20 teams making the playoffs, which is 2/3 of teams, whats the point of the regular season? Look at other sports like basbeall and football. the whole point of the regular season is to bust your ass to get a chance at the playoffs. If almost everyone makes the playoffs the regular season becomes a joke…. just a bunch of exhibition games.

  8. shakrmakr says:

    We need less teams in the NHL nevermind more playoff rounds.

  9. dave1979 says:

    yeah this is a “great” idea. they should do it. they should also have a bright blue streak follow the puck.

    what in the sweet chocolate christ are they thinking.

    there should only be about 20 teams in the league never mind 30, 20 of which would make the playoffs. 2/3rds of the league making the post season is not a way to earn credibility and make new fans. nor is it a way to have a competitive league.

  10. solace242 says:

    I agree. It’ll take away from the game if we add more teams into the playoff pool. Also, I like your point about stacking the teams from 1-16 and having a different look to the playoffs.

  11. 92-93 says:

    Unlike a lot of people here. I don’t think this is a bad idea and I really don’t care what MLB or NFL formats look like (I think MLB needs to change their format NOW!).

    If the playoffs were to end today and the 20-team playoff was a reality, in the East it would look like:

    1. Ottawa

    2. NYR

    3. Carolina

    4. Philly

    5. Buffalo

    6. TB

    7. Montreal

    8. Toronto

    9. NYI

    10. NJ – with Montreal taking on NJ and Toronto taking on NYI. lets say the habs and Toronto win their best-of-three, then they play NYR and Ottawa respectively.

    most people will probably dislike this 20-team format because it makes the nhl playoffs too easy to make, etc. etc. i DO dislike the 1-2 divisional seeding idea (just like i dislike the 1-2-3 seeding system right now). i think the top 6 best records – regardless of divisional placing should count and that’s it. also, i know that the only reasons why the governors are considering this is for additional profits.

    however, i think this 20-team idea is a good idea for 3 reasons:

    1) think of the excitement it will create. think about the past few seasons in which we’ve seen perfectly strong above .500 teams like Edmonton and Buffalo and LA not make the playoffs because of the 16-seed system. now they have a shot. and anything can happen in a best-of-three. and lets not forget that its still going to be hard on a 10th place team to win the best-of-three, then have to take on the first place team for their ‘reward.’

    2) as a result of the OTL system, the records are going to look even better for those teams in the 9th, 10th seedings. for example, look at NJ and NYI. the devils have a 14-12-4 record – above .500 right? well, technically they lost 16 games against 14 wins. the islanders are 15-13-2 and have actually won only half of their games. so there are going to be more teams with deceptively good looking records missing the playoffs.

    i dunno. i think if people are willing to play with the shootout idea, then why is this so controversial?! i think we can bow to the pressures of those sports fans that ‘hate ties’ and always need a winner in a regular season contest, why not try this out.

    i don’t care what non-NHL fans think about the league if this happened. just like i don’t think people should care if non-hockey fans might like the shootout.

  12. Bummer12 says:

    Leave it to “Mr. America” Gary Bettman to mess around with things when there is no need to. The Playoffs are perfect the way they are. More teams in the playoffs means it takes longer to get to the Stanley Cup. Bettman would probably like the first round to be a best of 5 like the NBA, Oh wait that isn’t that where Bettman was before the NHL. The Goof is just a business man and not a hockey man. In my opinion Bettman should stop *****ing around with the Game! More teams in the playoffs would kill the spirit of the game. No best of five, No buy to the semi’s leave the playoffs alone Bettman. I Hope some of you true hockey fans feel the same. I love the end of the season when teams are killing each other for the final positions. The grit and Ball busting it takes for teams to make it is worth watching an early season game when guys seem not to care as much.

    For the Love of our Game: Bummer 12

  13. 92-93 says:

    well i hope the NHL playoffs never incorporate a bye into their format either. i would also love to see the regular season schedule reduced to 80 games or even as few as 72 games so that the regular season ends no later then the end of March.

    the play-in can take a week at the most (first week of April) and hopefully the cup can be raised by the end of May at the latest.

    in the 20-team format, why do you assume that teams won’t be killing each other for the #9 and #10 positions? to simply reduce this down to true, ‘authentic’ hockey fans and ‘inauthentic’ hockey fans and outsiders and ‘americans’ like Bettman is way too simplistic.

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