Souray Denies Rumors

Sheldon Souray publically denied reports that he has requested a trade. He said he hopes to be in the canadiens long term plans and that he really wants to stay.

He said that the media spreading rumors is one of the downsides to playing in Montreal and that it may have been one of the reasons that some free agents decided not to come to Montreal.

55 Responses to Souray Denies Rumors

  1. toughend says:

    Souray is a LOSER! He acts like one person and then to the media another! If he spent half as much time on the ice as he does boozing, chasing women and cheating on his wife he might be a good player. Let him go. We don’t need phonies in Montreal.

  2. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Except when you’re comparing Souray to Gill, you’re comparing a top pairing D-man to a 5-6 D-man…that’s like comparing Sundin to Radek Bonk…your comparison doesn’t work.

  3. kicksave856 says:


  4. toughend says:

    And he tells his friends that the french are “frogs” and he hates it there….yet to the media he is a phony! Lose the loser

  5. thrillhouse says:

    Souray is the lifeblood of the habs, without GUNNSMOKE, Montreal might as well hang up their skates and start playing ping pong. GUNNSMOKE has the most talented hands in the nhl, the hardest shot, the best checker, the best fighter, and one of the fastes and smartest defencemen there is, end of story.

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