Sourced Trade Rumours 7

Here is the 7th Sourced Trade Rumours article.

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Edmonton Oilers: With the Oilers ranking near the bottom in both Goals For (Tied 23rd) and Goals Against (27th), the Oilers are in need of some sort of change, whether it be defensively or offensively. In their defence however, they have been ravaged by injuries to their blueline. It is believed GM Kevin Lowe wants to add more offensive punch and it seems possible that he is looking at Glen Murray again or he could potentially deal for Marian Hossa. According to The Fourth Period, the Oilers are dangling Raffi Torres, Jarret Stoll, Shawn Horcoff and Dick Tarnstrom. Also, scouts have been seen at recent Montreal Canadiens games, prompting speculation Lowe and Bob Gainey could be talking trade.

Dallas Stars: Before ex-GM Doug Armstrong was fired, it is believed he had some potential deals in place, which he wanted to make before being let go. Now that Les Jackson and Brett Hull are in charge on an interim basis, they will take time re-evaluate the team and if need be, make a trade. One area where the Stars lack is fire power up front, something that could potentially be fixed with the aquisition of Glen Murray(Not likely if you ask me).

Minnesota Wild: The Wild have granted Wes Walz all the time he needs to figure out his priorities and the Wild will not bother him, looking for a decision. Doug Riseborough said that he has no need to know right now and will let Walz take his time.

Florida Panthers: Olli Jokinen called out his team this week saying that their is a lack of effort on all fronts and that they need to start going into games seeking two points and not worry that they’ll blow it. GM and Coach Jacques Martin has been on the phone constantly lately, looking to improve the team through trade. He is supposedly shopping Mike Van Ryn around in order to bolster the defence. Also, the Panthers have claimed Garth Murray off waivers from Montreal. ABOUT TIME MURRAY’S GONE!


Trade: The Columbus Blue Jackets have traded forward Geoff Platt to Anaheim for defenceman Aaron Rome and forward Clay Wilson.

Washington Capitals: Alexander Ovechkin has denied the report that he rejected a contract proposal from the Caps, saying that their hasn’t been any real contract talks between him and the Caps. Steve Eminger is unhappy with his reduction in playing time and has talked to management about it, sparking trade rumours.

Philadelphia Flyers: The report about Jeff Carter being traded for Jeff Carter might actually be true but the Flyers are supposedly seeking one of the Canucks Top Prospects as well as Kesler for just Carter.

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  1. leafy says:

    No rumors on canning JFJ and Maurice.  How disappointing.  Let's hope 'Trade Rumors 8' has more uplifting news.

    If I owned the Leafs, I'd be like George Steinbrenner….fire everyone's ass and hire George Costanza.

  2. TheSource2659 says:

    Look for a trade tomorrow after tonights loss GM John Ferguson was seen speaking to GM Brian Burke. Once again the Ducks management were attending a Leafs game. The Ducks have interest in Sundin but  doubt thats what it was about. I'm hearing Wellwood and Stajan maybe even Kaberle. Why Kabby I don't know the Ducks need scoring not D. The only way I see Kabby going that way is if the Leafs get Pronger in return. But like the Edmonton trade that fell threw. JFJ may feel Pronger isn't worth Steen and Kaberle (STUPID IDIOT)

  3. habsrock99 says:

    And while you're at it, why not hire Bo-Bo the chimp to be your GM. God knows he can't do worse then JFJ lol

  4. TheSource2659 says:


    The Toronto Maple Leafs after the game tonight have recalled Justin Pogge and Anton Stralman.

  5. leafy says:

    A 6.0 magnitude tremor.  Maybe a prelude to a big earthquake.

  6. Rico71 says:


    I almost had a brain seizure upon reading that…BREAKING NEWS!


    Maybe if the league instigated a new rule allowing a team to put BOTH goalies in the net at the same time…maybe Toronto would manage to allow less than 5 goals? Raycroft and Toskala could coordinate and stop the puck. With that defense…they need all the help they can get.


  7. lukeleim says:

    1. Brian Burke
    2. Ken Holland
    3. Garth Snow
    4. Doug Risebrough
    5. Jim Rutherford
    6. Lou Lamoriello
    7. Doug Wilson
    8. Bryan Murray
    9. Paul Holmgren
    10. David Poile
    11. Dave Nonis
    12. Darcy Regier
    13. Bob Gainey
    14. Darryl Sutter
    15. Larry Pleau
    16. Scott Howson
    17. Jay Feaster
    18. Francois Giguere
    19. George McPhee
    20. Dean Lombardi
    21. Ray Shero
    22. Dale Tallon
    23. Peter Chiarelli
    24. Don Maloney
    25. Jacques Martin
    26. Kevin Lowe
    27. Glen Sather
    28. Don Waddell
    29. John Ferguson Jr.
    N/A Brett Hull and Les Jackson

  8. lindrosfan says:

    Is this true???? Where did you get this information…????

    If this is true.. I think that I'll be the happiest little working elf.. If not.. shame on you for exciting me..haha

  9. cartino says:

    I'd have to agree with these they're pretty dead on at leat where most of the GM's fit in the tier, ie in the top 3rd, bottom 3rd etc. Obviously people could argue a certain GM can move up or down 2/3 spots but they're in the right area.

    It really boils down to Good GM's (top 3rd), Average GM's (middle of the pack) and bad GM's (bottom 3rd).

  10. leafy says:

    Good job in preparing a difficult list.

    I think you have to put Holland ahead of Burke.  How he keeps Detroit near the top, year after year, even with a salary cap, is truly phenomenal.  (Last time Detroit sucked, Ronald Reagan was president and Roger Moore played James Bond!)

    Anaheim was already built almost exclusively by Bryan Murray, and Burke reaped the benefits of a championship.  I would also put Murray ahead of Burke.

    Rutherford is another guy who stands out in my mind as a truly great GM.  He definitely knows what he's doing.

    Hard to argue against JFJ at the bottom.  The pits.

  11. Avim86 says:

    Bob Gainey is definitely in the top 10…how he managed to fix the habs after the catastrophic era of mr.savard…

  12. leafy says:

    I checked all over the internet, but couldn't find the source for this.

    Are you sure it wasn't just a dream bud?

  13. MR40 says:

    Honestly I would put Snow near the end of the list, but I thought the rest were good.

  14. leafy says:

    2 Stanley Cups under Savard, no?

  15. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    I'm really pushing for this Jeff Carter for Jeff Carter deal you speak of…. I'd take that one in a heartbeat.

  16. Avim86 says:

    He was reaping benefits of past gm's he ruined our draft!

  17. FarFromFreedom says:


    alright first off, how old are you? there has been countless times where you have stated something was going to happen but nothing fell through. i can recall you saying you are tied to a few NHL agents and that is where you get your information from, ive never actually believed you from the start simply because everything you have stated never came true. for instance i can recall a certain Hejduk and Svatos deal coming to toronto and in your words you appariently the deal was final and was about to be announced .. Thats just one example as well. Now on to this, ive searched everywhere and have not seen anything so once again your pulling words out of your ass, thats something you have in common with Eklund. stop posting fake rumours, its quite annoying thank you very much.

  18. TheDonkey says:

    Brian Burke signs a washed up Bertuzzi for so much $$ that he paints himself into a corner and is unable to fend off RFA offer sheets.   for this he gets a No. 1 ranking? 

    The guy has one of the most desirable locations to barter from since a load of players spend summers in LA already. 

    I am not saying that he has not done a good job overall, but #1 is a bit much. 

    And Garth Snow is #3.  Smoke another bowl!  Renting Ryan Smyth and getting a goalie under contract until he turns 65 does not consitute #3.

    I also totally disagree with Jacques martin, Lowe and Sather being that far down the list.  I have been very critical of Sather for years but the Rangers seem to have come out of the cap era looking pretty good.

  19. 29_other_teams says:

    Nice list and very hard to do. However, I do think that Bob Gainey is ahead of Garth Snow, Lou Lamoriello, David Poile, Dave Nonis and Darcey Regier. Maybe it's because I just LOVE MY HABS and the way that Bob is building this teams for the futur!

  20. TheSource2659 says:

    Rumors are just that bud rumors relax. Like Eklund i put on here what I hear. Except I just have been wrong alot!! My contacts are not perfect.

  21. habsrock99 says:

    I think he was talking about one Andre Savard, not Serge Savard. Andre ruined the team with mediocre dealing but he did kinda make up for it with some decent draft selections. Also, Rejean Houle killed the Habs throughout the 90's.

    Also, Gainey's building a future power house but he needs to tweak it a bit to make the machine run smoothly.

  22. papichulo71 says:

    Are we basing this on just this year's results.  Because because otherwise Lou would be #1 and Holland #2. 

    Didn't sports illustrated or espn make a list of the top 100 current managers in all sports.  I think Lou was #2 in all sports and Holland was #4.

  23. habsrock99 says:

    hahaha, that was meant to say Ryan Kesler for Jeff Carter. That's funny because I look my articles over twice before submitting them. Kinda funny how I missed that one lol

  24. leafy says:

    Oh, right….I forgot about Andre Savard.  Then I agree.

  25. 29teamsrock says:

    It's been almost 18 hours since The Leaves lost to The B's. I'm shocked that no one has submitted a game postmortem yet. Are there still any fans on The Laughs Band Wagon? Or are they all caught up in Argo-fever?

  26. lukeleim says:

    since lockout. also, based on their current situation.

  27. Jrugges says:

    Snow has done some really good things like making the playoffs last year when everyone I mean EVERYONE had them written off. He's brought many players to the team such as Sillinger, Hill, Gurien, Comrie, etc. Yes maybe the goalie contract is outragous but Dipeitro has consitantly gotten better every year he has played…

  28. lukeleim says:

    anybody else becoming very annoyed with Eklund?

  29. FarFromFreedom says:

    no some of these are not rumours, your randomly saying things to get people's attention. you have been wrong alot, no no sir you havent been right by any standards.

  30. jarcpitre says:

    I have been hearing a rumor today and tonight that the Leafs have approached McCabe to waive his no trade clause possibly to Tampa. It kinda makes sense since Boyle has gone down. There is also a rumor that Burke has been chatting it up with Ferguson, maybe about how each team sucks. Has anyone else heard anything about McCabe possibly getting out of Toronto? I sure do hope so.

  31. svenki says:

    something tells me that this carter-kelser deal might happen, but it wont be for just kesler straight up

  32. ranger_fan says:

    Why is Sather next to Don Waddel? Post lockout Sather has made some genius moves. How is his protege Don Maloney ahead?

  33. FlamingHomer says:

    What did Darryl Sutter do wrong that puts him in the middle of the pack? The guy who traded Doug Gilmour for Gary Leeman is 4th? Your top 2 are good but it gets questionable after that.

  34. devilsfan13 says:

    no way in hell Snow is a better GM then Lou Lamoriello, Lou is arguablely THE BEST gm, u cant put a 1 year experience Snow at number 3, sorry bud but HELL NO

  35. devilsfan13 says:

    why is it that Philly isnt happy until they get Kesler, hes a good player but get over it hes not god…

  36. kilter says:

    ok you want to fix the problems in Edmonton here where you need to start,you must get rid of GM Kevin Lowe he absolutly sucks as a GM what has he done for Edmonton Oilers nothing accept destory them,trade their franchise player away for nothing and then try and save face by signing Penner for way too much money Brian Burk must be laughing his ass off,getting rid of Lowe is your first and biggest concern before he does anymore damage.

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