Spliting time between 4 goalies.

The Rangers have found a way to split their 3 top goalie prospects time apart and still have a starting goalie with Duhnam.

The question is who out of Lundquest, Blackburn, and Montoya will get a shot at number 1 in the 2005-2006 season?The Rangers decided not to sign Montoya:

bad move? Not really. Montoya is being developed the right way finally. He will continue to play in collage and build some more knowledge to the game while getting starting time in net for his team.

Signing the rehabbing Blackburn: He should be 100% by the time the season starts.. if it does start. He should be able to play in the AHL for a full season which is what he needs. He needs to get the rust out after missing a whole season, plus he was never developed properly, he was rushed to starting in the NHL much too soon. He needs this year as starting AHL goalie.

Lundquest: many do not know this but he is still playing in Europe like he has been the last year or so. He will have starting time with his team in Europe and this is the best place for him.

There you have it. 3 top prospect goalies having full starting time at 3 different leaves of hockey. Very smart move and I am happy to see Sather do the right thing here. He has the skill to develop players now it’s time to watch it work.

Duhnam: on the other hand is still signed and he will be the Rangers # 1 goalie this year with a purpose. He has done this before with a rebuilding team in Nashville and now will have to do it again. But nonetheless he gets more starting time and one last chance to prove once again if he can indeed be a starting goalie in the NHL. Look for him to do his best, but still I think he will show he is a backup goalie for life.

Who will be starter in 2005-2006 season you ask. Well, Ludquest will need a year in the AHL to understand the NHL style of play, so not I doubt it maybe he plays a few games for the Rangers so they get an idea of were he stands as a goalie. Montoya will also need an AHL starting goalie roll to develop a more. Blackburn is your best bet. I’m not sure were Duhnam contract stands for the 2005-2006 season but I have a good idea he will not be back. He will most either be trade by the end of the year or not be resigned. Then Blackburn will have a shot at the Rangers Startign goalie roll.

1 or 2 notes on the Rangers coaching staff:

Graves was offered a spot on the staff but did not want it. Surprised but then again him and Sather never got along. Sather was undoubtedly trying to make himself well liked once again by the fans.

1 spot is still open to be behind the bench during the games, It is most likely that Sather awaits the news of Messier. This is most likely Sathers move to pressure Mess to get behind the bench, and retire. not a bad move as Mess could still be apart of this team and benefit everyone by retiring.