Spliting time between 4 goalies.

The Rangers have found a way to split their 3 top goalie prospects time apart and still have a starting goalie with Duhnam.

The question is who out of Lundquest, Blackburn, and Montoya will get a shot at number 1 in the 2005-2006 season?The Rangers decided not to sign Montoya:

bad move? Not really. Montoya is being developed the right way finally. He will continue to play in collage and build some more knowledge to the game while getting starting time in net for his team.

Signing the rehabbing Blackburn: He should be 100% by the time the season starts.. if it does start. He should be able to play in the AHL for a full season which is what he needs. He needs to get the rust out after missing a whole season, plus he was never developed properly, he was rushed to starting in the NHL much too soon. He needs this year as starting AHL goalie.

Lundquest: many do not know this but he is still playing in Europe like he has been the last year or so. He will have starting time with his team in Europe and this is the best place for him.

There you have it. 3 top prospect goalies having full starting time at 3 different leaves of hockey. Very smart move and I am happy to see Sather do the right thing here. He has the skill to develop players now it’s time to watch it work.

Duhnam: on the other hand is still signed and he will be the Rangers # 1 goalie this year with a purpose. He has done this before with a rebuilding team in Nashville and now will have to do it again. But nonetheless he gets more starting time and one last chance to prove once again if he can indeed be a starting goalie in the NHL. Look for him to do his best, but still I think he will show he is a backup goalie for life.

Who will be starter in 2005-2006 season you ask. Well, Ludquest will need a year in the AHL to understand the NHL style of play, so not I doubt it maybe he plays a few games for the Rangers so they get an idea of were he stands as a goalie. Montoya will also need an AHL starting goalie roll to develop a more. Blackburn is your best bet. I’m not sure were Duhnam contract stands for the 2005-2006 season but I have a good idea he will not be back. He will most either be trade by the end of the year or not be resigned. Then Blackburn will have a shot at the Rangers Startign goalie roll.

1 or 2 notes on the Rangers coaching staff:

Graves was offered a spot on the staff but did not want it. Surprised but then again him and Sather never got along. Sather was undoubtedly trying to make himself well liked once again by the fans.

1 spot is still open to be behind the bench during the games, It is most likely that Sather awaits the news of Messier. This is most likely Sathers move to pressure Mess to get behind the bench, and retire. not a bad move as Mess could still be apart of this team and benefit everyone by retiring.

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  1. Rael says:

    Then who’s back up?? Think LaBarbera can handle a back up role in the NHL? His play was spectacular at the minor league level…

  2. RangerSteve says:

    LundQVIST…not Lundquest….

    I think it’ll be between Montoya and Blackburn to decide who becomes the #1 goaltender. Maloney recently said that the organization feels they can win a Stanley Cup(obviously in time) with Blackburn. At the same time, Sather ranted about Montoya and his maturity for a young goaltender.

    Time will tell, but the two that loose out will instantly becomes assets to address other weaknesses via trade.

  3. Amcan says:

    Obviously Hendrik is trade bait, Blackburn will play in 2005, and Montoya will be properly developed until is early to mid 20s

  4. simplyhabby says:

    You have to say Montoya. I know a lot of you Ranger fans were perplexed at the idea of drafting another goalie when you already had 3 NHLers.

    Montoya will be the Richter to NYR. I thought the draft pick was the best thing to happen to NYR since Richter.

    He has a tonne of potential, proven international experience (the guy robbed Canada of Junior gold), has a good head on his shoulders with his patience and above all he is an American that is perfect to star on Broadway.

    I know I am comparing him to the greatest American goalie of all time before he has played a NHL game but he exhibits all the potential and talent.

    Now you got a goalie, start building that D NYR!

  5. wheresthesoda says:

    yea. i watched the draft this year and when the rangers drafted montoya i was a little shocked and disapointed, but the more i thought about it, the more i liked it.

    montoya will eventually be splitting games with blackburn or lundqvist. in 3 or 4 years 2 of these guys will be on the rangers roster, splitting games kinda how beezer and richter did so. and if one does better then the other than he’ll be our guy.

  6. TheCoach says:

    Dunham will be the starter next year backed-up by Labarbera. Blackburn will start the 2005-2006 season as the back-up (If Dunham is still around, I’m not sure about his contract status) and Montoya will be in the minors. In 2006-2007, Blackburn will start and Montoya will back him up. I could see Lundqvist being used as trade bait.

    Or, I could be wrong.

    Also, Adam Graves is considered one of the favorites to land an assitants job in Ottawa. Murray wants to have one former player on the staff, and the 3 leading candidates are Graves, Brian Skrudland and Paul Laus.

  7. Gretz99NYR says:

    Ok, way screwed. WAAAYYYY screwed.The only guy focused enough to bear the weight of carrying the club the the playoffs is danny. Screw dumbham and lamequest, put your faith in the youngster.


  8. Amcan says:

    Whats this we shit. It’s people like you that makes the Rags look like shit

  9. GretzNYR99 says:

    I 100% agree with you. I felt the same exact way you felt about it on draft day, dissapointed, but the key to that pick is that Montoya was the best available player, and is one of the few can’t miss players in that draft. How could we go wrong with it. His play at the juniors says it all, besting a stacked Canadian team who boasted the likes of Crosby, Carter, M.A. Fleury, Dion Phaneuf, Braydon Coburn, Nigel Dawes, etc… Montoya beat the best of the best, the team who was heavily favored to win the tournament.

  10. GretzNYR99 says:

    what a life you have.

    must suck when you go to school and you wallow in your own self pity.

    reality check!

  11. rojoke says:

    Given that the Rangers probably won’t be a serious Cup contender for at least a couple of years, if they choose to rebuild properly, here’s how I would do it.

    First, leave Montoya at Michigan. Their a perennially competitive team, so he’ll develop there as much as he would in Hartford. He’ll definitely play more games there.

    Second, keep Dunham. As a starter, as a back-up, as a co-number one, he’s got the most experience of anyone on your roster. He’s a good guy to have to mentor the younger guys. Plus, if he does manage to play well, he could be traded for some ready-to-play prospects, much needed by the Rangers.

    Third, let Blackburn and LaBarbera fight it out for the other Rangers spot, or send them both to Hartford. Blackburn has the NHL experience, but missed last year due to injury. If he plays 60 games in Hartford, that’s better than maybe playing 5 or 10 in a shortened NHL season, if there is one. Leave Lundqvist in Europe if there’s a lockout. If they season starts on schedule, bring him over to play in Hartford and let him acclimate himself.

    The only way I would alter this is if somebody got hurt, somebody really played their way up the ladder, or if they dealt someone for the right price.

  12. Sands says:

    Very true. I think he will eb and thats why after the draft the more i thought about the situation the more i felt better and starting likeing montoya.

    Blackburn if you ask me is trade bait in this next up coming drat i am about to pst a comment telling you guy’s what i think.

  13. Sands says:

    OK i left a few things out here. First I really truly believe as mentioned above Montoya is the real deal. Next Richter for this team is what I believe. BUT I do think with all of the signings I have seen these last place teams do the Rangers and Washington have a very good shot at landing Crosby next year. Chicago is making moves and I do not think they will end up in the bottom 5 this year, phoenix is making moves. I think we will see Washington, Rangers, and Bluejackets in the bottom 3 this year. Even the Penguins are making moves! Recchi and now maybe kovalev? I do think that goalie is a hard position to get right now. And the Rangers have 3 great goalie prospects, if the Rangers land in 2nd or 3rd in the draft next year. Look for Blackburn and a huge package to be offered to nab the 1st overall pick. If Washington takes the number 1 pick next year it would be stupid and bad for the whole NHL, Crosby and Ovichankin on the same team will not help anyone but Washington, and i think Crosby would benifit the NHL more in New York.

    The rangers are not the center of the NHL, but i do believe that the ratings were very high and the NHL did very well in 93-94…..

    OK i left a few things out here. second, Labarber… guy’s he is going to be an AHL Veteran he is never going to be good enough in the NHL. He is the best AHL goalie but we have all seen him in net int eh NHL, it is very bad to watch. He may never be able to start in the NHL, maybe a backup goalie at best.

  14. RangerSteve says:

    As Sands previously stated, Jason LaBarbera won’t amount to anything more than an AHL starting goaltender. He is ridiculous and very shaky when up at the NHL level.

  15. cwthrash says:

    Not trying to disrespect the Rangers prospects at the position but you have to admit even Buffalo has the better options at the position. There are a few others teams that have the depth/and or talent that the Rangers do.

    Let me be a homer for a moment. Nurminen, Lehtonen, Hurme; the Finnish trio that will compete for the starting job in Atlanta. Not to mention Michael Garnett who was an ECHL All-Star who was brought up to the AHL when needed. He will now be on the AHL Wolves full time, only 22 years of age and regarded highly by more than a few scouts. Then there is the recently drafted giant in Dan Turple, and the recently acquired Adam Berkhoel who impressed in college hockey.

    The Rangers do have talented prospects in goal, no denying that. Just make sure to keep an open mind. For my team, all the goalies will not work out despite the talent they have. Percentages; it happens to each and every team.

  16. Sands says:

    Your right to an extent, I think those Atlanta goalies are good prospects but I also think they are ready to move up to the NHL. Blackburn, Montoya, Ludquest…. they are like 1-2-3 years away from NHL action. Atlanta’s goalies can step in now and should. they are not 1-2-3 years away like the Rangers have. Rangers have a college kid in the mix. but otherwise i understand your point. I just think the goalies on each team are at different levels, like you said all 3 of them are going for starting goaltender this year.

  17. GretzNYR99 says:

    i agree, but like sands said, your goalies are almost nhl ready.

    i think if anything, the rangers have the best non-nhl ready goaltending prospect core. right now, there is no prospect goaltender hotter than henrik lundqvist, who absolutely busted onto the scene, and got a silver medal at the world’s playing against nhl caliber players when has absolutely no experience in north america. blackburn i still think can be a 30 game winner, and montoya’s got a world of potential.

    what it really comes down to is what levels these goaltenders are at maturity-wise.

  18. raine_kalisz says:

    As someone already said it’s lundqvist not lundquest. And he’s an excellent goalie, plays in sweden and very well. He was the starter for Sweden at World Champ’s and don’t be surprised if he starts in net for the World Cup either. As much as it dissapoints me to say it because i like the kid, I think he’s done. Too many injuries when he was too young and he was rushed to the NHL. I’m sorry to say it, but i think he’s done. Montoya’s got a future if he doesn’t screw it up with lofty ideas of him being the greatest goalie ever and letting it go to his head. Dunhm sucks, they need someone, anyone else. His fivehole never fails to let a goal in. Get Weekes.

  19. raine_kalisz says:

    Yeah, he’s been givin the chance a few times in the NHL but always breaks and lets in like 20 goals on two shots. Figure that one out.

  20. Rancid says:

    Mayb they should do what boston did w/ raycroft and play labarb 20 games and c what happens. Maybe he could be decent.

  21. RangerSteve says:

    it’s hard to let that happen when your entire bench closes their eyes, says their hail marys, and does the sign of the cross when an opposing player takes a shot at your goaltender. I like LaBarbera’s work ethic, but I don’t think he’ll amount to anything more than an AHLer.

  22. BayStBully says:

    No hotter goalie prospect…..MA FLeury? Max Ouellette? And you say Leafs fans talk shit. Blackburn is gonna be your man, he was supposed to be all along, new guys get drafted and NYR abandon him….

  23. wheresthesoda says:

    the rangers didnt abandon blackburn. this is everyones opinions is what you gotta remember. this is what we think/want our general managers to do.

    i dont think the rangers will abandon blackburn or montoya..these 2 will be the guys on our team in the future, just like beezer and richter were.

  24. GretzNYR99 says:

    Lundqvist won a silver medal for team sweden at the world championships.

    M.A. Fleury lost the wjc on a fluke goal clearing it up the middle and having it hit off his own defenseman. I wouldn’t call that “hot.”

    Maxime Oullet is good, but i haven’t heard too much about him lately.

    As for abandoning Blackburn… umm… it’s sports, it’s a business. If something happens, then that’s out of our control. Sather drafted Montoya to play it safe at goalie instead of banking on someone who just missed a whole season due to an injury that was thought to be not as worse as it really is. Put yourself in Sather’s shoes before you go bash that move. Blackburn hasn’t won anything yet, and if he wants to be the man, he’ll be the man. I have faith in him, but he has to win it, and I think this situation will bring out the better in both Danny and Al.

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