Stamkos contract extension high on to-do list of GM Yzerman

On his list of priorities as the Lightning’s new general manager, Steve Yzerman has signing Steven Stamko s to a contract extension close to the top.

acknowledged the sides cannot speak until July 1, when the final year of Stamkos’ three-year rookie deal that pays a base salary of $875,000 begins. But Yzerman said considering what the star center means to the franchise, it’s never too early to prepare.

“We’ve got to start the discussion, yes,” Yzerman told reporters in Toronto at the NHL scouting combine. “It’s in the back of my mind. I realize that’s there. It is something absolutely we’ll want to prepare for and get the discussion going right away.”

Stamkos’ agent, Mark Guy, told the St. Petersburg Times he would “welcome” the discussion. “It’s not surprising based on the year he had,” Guy said of his client. “We know Steve (Yzerman) fairly well. We’d listen to whatever he wants to talk about.”

, 20, has blossomed into one of the game’s most explosive and dynamic players, and this season he tied Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby with a league-best 51 goals. He had a team-high 95 points, a league-best 24 power-play goals and a team-record 18-game points streak.

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  1. futurebruin says:

    6yr/$42.6M (7.1 Cap Hit)

  2. number15 says:

    yes this is a no brainer for Yzerman….. i mean a monkey could figure that out

    though this is something a monkey cant figure out….. "how to move Lacavalier?"

    Yzerman will have some work to do cause its pretty tough having a 7.5 million dollar star while a former star is taking up 10 million per season!

  3. Redwings3019 says:

    Although I dont know what the deal would contain I would start talking to Calgary.

    They are dying for that star center to go with Iginla. I dont know if Lacavalier is that star they need but what other team is looking this hard for this type of player? 

    There would need to be an equal hit in the cap because Calgary is so close to the limit but the deal could work out some issues in other areas for Tampa.

    I dont know much about Tampa but if they are honestly looking to move Lacavalier than Calgary seems like the only viable option because they are the only team that is really looking for a player like that.

    For example Staios could be part of the package to round out that cap number (they have too many defencemen and Staios is one of the oddmen out in this situation) Its a 2.7 cap hit so that would leave another 5 to fill with players.

    I dont think youll get an equal Star player value for Lacavalier so they'll have to look for higher paid role playing players. (hopefully with short contracts)

  4. Redwings3019 says:

    I believe Lecavalier's offical cap hit is 7.727 but does it have a NTC?

  5. cam7777 says:

    Lecavalier's deal pays him 10 million annually for several more years.  Yes, the cap hit is only 7.727 million, but this is irrelevent to a team that loses 20 million dollars annually.  Lecavalier has already invoked his NMC twice since it became effective last July.  He is basically unmoveable.

    Unless Lecavalier has a sudden change of heart, and decides to just pack his bags and move his family out of Tampa, then Yzerman will be wrestling with whether or not to have two centers worth a combined 20 million – because you can bet someone would front-load an offer-sheet for Stamkos in the 10 million range.

  6. Redwings3019 says:

    I was just posting the 7.727 because I put down Staios' cap hit and then said an extra 5.  So it was more to help clear up the numbers in that part of my post.

    I figured Lecavalier had a NTC (If I recall I remember hearing about how he and his family love living in Florida) And if you love living in Florida you hate living in Calgary (as we just got snow again…) Its a better hockey market but I dont think Lecavalier cares about that so like you said Lecavalier is basically unmovable.

    Good news for Tampa is they have some good cap room and some contracts ending that can be let go, bad news for Tampa Stamkos isnt the only RFA/UFA expected to be getting a raise.

    Its hard from a buisness stand point to have that but if you dont sign the key players then they'll continue to lose money so it has to be done…

  7. number15 says:


    Vicent Lacavalier
    – 1st rounder 2010
    – 1st rounder 2011
    – 2nd rounder 2010


    season tickets to Toronto-FC
    – a bag of maple leafs branded pucks
    – 100 dollars cash (Canadian!!!)

  8. number15 says:

    ok but seriously,  would as a Leafs fan, take on the Lacavalier contract if Tampa was willing to pay a significant portion of the deal, similarly to what Washington did with NYR, involving Jagr……. though in this case, id expect a bigger chunk to be paid

    sound fair to me

  9. cam7777 says:

    If Stamkos is smart, he will wait to sign a contract extension.  If he signs now, Vinny will never leave, and the organization will never prosper.  You can't win the Cup with two centers making 20 million dollars.  Crosby/Malkin/Staal are better than Lecavalier/Stamkos, and even they need a more rounded forward group.  If Stamkos waits, it will really put the pressure on Lecavalier to move and hand the team over to Stamkos.

    Moreover, everyone thinks that Yzerman has hockey autonomy in Tampa, but who really knows?  I mean, they've had 3 different ownerships in less than two seasons.  I suspect that money will be talking down there, as usual, and that Stevie isn't really running the ship.

    In the short term, they might have to dump St.Louis to afford Downie's extension.  And what happens if Hedman breaks out next year and starts looking like he'll be needing an enormous extension of his own?

  10. cam7777 says:

    You can't do that in the new NHL.  The only way to do it is to trade your own bad contracts away in the deal.  For example, incluidng Finger in the deal would be like Tampa paying for part of Vinny.  Burke will not take that contract on, as it is too long and ridiculous.  If he won't pay 8 millon for Kovalchuk, who is better, and also free, I doubt he pays 7.72 for Lecavalier.

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