Stars Land Valeri Bure

The Dallas Stars have acquired Valeri Bure. Details to follow. reports that the Florida Panthers acquire a draft pick and prospect Drew Bagnall.

7 Responses to Stars Land Valeri Bure

  1. rrudd says:


    not sure its the direction i woulda gone, but let’s see. certainly he’s talented, and can perhaps fill out the modano line.








  2. mikster says:

    It’s a steal for the Dallas Stars. Bagnall is a question mark, and it’s a conditional draft pick.

    Bure will be VERY solid on the PP for the Stars, VERY solid.

  3. PolishKid says:

    Wow! The Stars are going to have problems trying to set up there lines with all the great players now. Especially when Young comes back. He will likely take the place of Corson, but I like having Corson where he is because he seems pretty good and I want to see more of anyone whos is newly aquired. Great move by the Stars to pick up Therien and Bure for practically nothing. This always gives options for the Stars if Bure or Therien isn’t playing as well as expected. Hoping for Tuesday to bring a swarm of deals around the league!!!

  4. Viller says:

    they could of got much better than Bure. nuff said.

  5. edmontonrules says:

    It’s not that big of a deal. He won’t fit in with the Stars lineup. He plays like a young player and that is the reason he plays decent on a young team.

  6. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    good trade for the stars, i like valeri bure alot, he will be good playing with modano!

  7. Zamboni says:

    Hard to argue with any trade that gives you depth without sacrificing any players and upsetting team chemistry, but I think the Stars are still going to need to make a big move to keep pace. The offense is fairly well set now, but I’d still like to see them add a good defenseman. Therien is depth at 5-6-7, but they really need to add a 3-4, or even a 1-2 if possible.

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