Staying the Course is Not an Option for the Canucks

When the blockbuster Luongo/ Bertuzzi trade went down, fans finally saw the Vancouver Canucks as Division leaders. Last time I checked they were below 500. The problem with the Canucks is, well… everything. All Vancouver fans expected the scoring to be less with the loss of Bert and Carter, but no one could have seen this. Currently, there are only 4 teams who have scored less in the entire league. The Sedins have been carrying the team for the most part, with Naslund pitching in on the odd occasion. Pyatt was having a suprisingly good start but dropped off the map when he stopped getting ice time with the Sedins. Meanwhile, the scoring from the rest of the team is non-exsitent.

However, like I said, scoring is not the only problem. Goaltending has been far below expectations. I still have not seen a game where Luongo has stolen a game, nor have I seen a game where he hasn’t allowed a bad goal. I’ve noticed that most of the bad goals Luongo has been letting in are 5 hole, it seems like he just can’t get his pads together fast enough, and for 7 Million a year he better learn how. It also doesn’t help to have a backup who couldn’t stop a beachball.

Then theres the D. The injury prone D. And when they are healthy they continue to take shifts off throughout the games. Salo and Mitchell have been good, when theyre healthy. Coulombe and Edler have been two nice suprises but shouldnt be more than #5,6 D-men for now. Bieksa contually takes bad penalties at critical times and Ohlund (who is most definetly overrated by the Vancouver faithful no matter how bad he plays) has been a #4 D-man at best, but is capable of so much more.

The final problem with the Canucks is Vignault (the coach). Playing defensivley is great, but playing like you have the lead when youre down 1 or tied is frankly, stupid. If Vignault wants his team to succeed hes going to have to let his offense focus more on putting the puck in the net.

Now to fix the problem. I am positive the Canucks need to make some trades to change their identity. Morrison needs to go, Ottawa has been searching for a centre to play with Alfredsson and I’m pretty sure they’ll trade Vermette and Preissing for Mo and a 2nd rdp. Secondly, Ohlund could use a change of scenery. Trade him and a 2nd rdp to NYR for Malik (yes bring him back) and Prucha. Vermette and Prucha will most definetely play well with Naslund and the Blueline would be great with Mailk AND Preissing instead of Ohlund. As for Luongo, he just needs to gain some confidence and close those pads faster.

The Canucks need a change, and it better happen fast or theyre going to find themselves out of the playoffs for the second straight year in a city that expects a great deal more.

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  1. ranger_fan says:

    To Vancouver

    Pavel Bure
    Kirk McLean

    To retirement
    Roberto Luongo

  2. neilios says:

    Morrison is playing good of late I think I would keep him and try trade Ohlund's 3.5 mill contract I think they can get couple good players in return for Ohlund.I can see couple teams interested in him like the Sens and Habs???
    To Sens-Ohlund,Bulis,Chouinard,and 2nd round pick
    To Canucks-Vermette,Neil,and Meszaros or Volchankov

    To Habs-Ohlund,Chouinard,and 2nd round pick
    To Canucks-Souray,Niinima,and Perezohgin

    Just a couple possible deals I think they are both pretty fair and yes I think Ohlund needs a change of scenery.

  3. jonnygf40 says:

    I'm sure Nonis would love those deals, but NO ONE in the league wants lame ass players like Chouinard or Bulis when dealing away talented players like Vermette our Perezohgin.  Any trade the Nucks make will not include under par players to try and even out a trade, especially with their million plus salaries.

  4. ThomasHawks says:

    To Montreal : Naslund, Draft Pick
    To Vancouver : Kovalev, Souray

  5. ThomasHawks says:

    To MTL : Morrison
    To Van : Samsonov

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    why don't they fire their coach and hire a real one.

  7. seejay14 says:

    Numbers add up for both of these….

    To VAN: Forsberg, Esche

    To PHI: Morrison, Bulis, Kelsler, Sabourin

    With enough room left to call up Rypien and Reid

    To VAN: Alfredsson

    To OTT: Morrison, Bulis, Chouinard

    And still enough room for Rypien and Reid.

  8. TheDugg1er says:

    For the first one, we can't trade kesler, or so i've been told. Because we matched his contract in the off season we can't dish him off. The Philly rumor of old was Forsberg Carter and Meyer for Morrison Cooke Bourdon or Schneider or some 2nd round picks. Alf trade could work out and i would absolutely love to see Reid back and playing.

  9. JannettyTheRocker says:

    How about this?

    To New Jersey : Mattius Ohlund, Taylor Pyatt, Luc Bourdon, 2nd round pick

    To Vancouver : Patrick Elias, Brian Rafalski

  10. TheDugg1er says:

    Props to BurnabyJoe for making the article, but as this is my team I know a thing or two more. Yes, scoring is extremely, lets say, dangerously low, but it's not from lack of effort. A lot of the games where we don't have scoring we are getting 30 to sometimes 40 shots. It's nice to see the canucks working this year and I'm happy with Vigneualt. I think a trade should be made to try and get some life into this team. The mix and mash of signings was to play around and try to find line combos but nothing seems to really work. Obviously sedins and nazzy are good but then we only have one line. Cooke Kesler and Burrows is an absolutely amazing line. They outwork nearly everyone they play against and are a real energy line. If only they could score more….

    The real problem with the Canucks boils down to just puck luck. It seems the Canucks this year, like all years, have nearly no luck. The Nuks have to work hard for everything they accomplish, and thats saying a lot. Opposing team can usually get at least one or two goals that bounce of our own players EVERY NIGHT! This is disheartening for the whole team and it shows in their play. Even though they have lost a lot they have outworked most teams. In the 6-0 trouncing by nashville we skated right with them for the first while, then a puck goes in off ohlund. Then another sort of flukey goal. If the Canucks can find a genuine lucky horseshoe or fourleaf clover, you can expect to see more goals and more wins.

    So, all the Canucks need to jolt them into a start is to find some luck, and if not try to pick up Forsberg or Alf. Forsberg seems the best option as the Flyers would probably be happy to get return for him. The Nuks are probably the only team Forsberg would want to play on or possibly the Avs. If we can pick up alf or forsberg we will then have three solid lines. Nazzy and Forsberg for one line and then the Sedins for the other. Then we follow up with Cooke Kesler and Burrows for a energy/checking line. Then with Luongo in net the canucks will be a team to reckon with. Right now though it's just a matter of teams shooting at our players instead of Luongo. They score more goals off our own players then shooting at the net…

  11. TheDugg1er says:

    That is a tempting trade. But I don't know for sure. We do get an amazing forward and a solid top two d-man, but we give up a number one d-man and our top prospect, as well as a draft pick. I know you have to give to receive but i dunno about this. Anyways does this work for the cap?

  12. gtweb says:

    Ohlund is cheap at $3.5 million per year, he wont be traded.

    Salo is a UFA this summer…and might be traded. Morrison will probably go as well.

    If the Canucks really want to make a run at it this year they will trade Morrison and Salo for good offensive talent and sign either Jason Allison (he's proven he can put up points) or Peter Bondra (assuming he can still play…another guy who can still put them in the back of the net).

    Cooke will probably be dealt as well…

    Nonis should either decide to make a run at it this year by signing Allison and trading Morrision + Cooke for someone special or look to the future by trading guys like Salo or even Naslund.

  13. PaulK123 says:

     When the Canucks got Luongo no1 saw them as division leaders, they had many holes on offense and lacked depth on defense, i saw them as a 9-7 place team.

  14. PhanufRoxs says:

    Vancouver has about $500 000 left to spend and this would put about $5 000 000 against the cap so this totally doesn't work. Ohlund is very slow, and Rafalski is alot better, so we win that part. Last when Elias was healthy he was one of the best players in the game, and for a guy who is good when he is playing amazing players (and only then) and a good prospect. Vancouver BY FAR wins, but good try

  15. jonnygf40 says:

    Your team hey?  Ok.  Anyways, the Canucks may be getting 30 to 40 shots a game, but most of them are crap shots no where near the slot.  Sure they had some good chances in the Columbus game tonight, but they're the worst team in the league.  If they don't outchance a team with 14 points in 23 games (6-15-2), well…you get the point.  The Canucks do need a change, they need some talented offensive players.  Bulis? Burrows? Kesler? Cooke? on the second line right now.  Holy shit ballz.  You know you have a problem when the combined second line scoring is 6 goals.  Pyatt did look good when playing with the twins, but since then, nothing. 
    For me, Forsberg is the number one choice to bring in as well.  Alfredsson, not so much since Ottawa is looking for a center to play with him, I don't think they would deal him away.  Forsberg with Nazzy would free up Pyatt to play with the Sedins again, and finally this team could register more than three goals a game against more teams than just Chicago and St. Louis.
    After that, dump Chouinard, trade Cooke, retire Fitzpatrick and bring up some boys from the farm because they clearly can't do any worse.  Save some money to resign Salo next year (who is a must resign for the Canucks blue line).  They can't possibly lose Jovo and Salo, and realistically expect to compete with the Western Conference with Ohlund and Bieksa leading the number 1 powerplay unit.

  16. neilios says:

    OK boys and girls here is a hot rumor going around and its coming from Bob MacKenzie and Darren Dreigger.Its been speculated after last nights one goal win that the Canucks managment is now in desperate need of some offence and it looks like the Canucks and Flyers might have a deal go down before the weeks done.The Flyers want a anchor on there D and Flyers are interested in Ohlund and I think thats who it would take to pull the Forsberg deal off,and these are some of the names being mentioned in the deal.

    To Flyers-Ohlund3.5mill,Morrison3.5mill,M.Chouniard1mill,and Bourdon
    To Canucks-Forsberg5.5mill,Carter1mill,Meyerhalfmill,and Kapanen1.5mill

    That would be a blockbuster trade for the ages the Flyers get there 2 corner stone pieces for there Dcore in Ohlund and Bourdon and pretty decent player in Morrsion who is waking up of late.This way the Flyers can go out and trade couple of there slug Dman in Hatcher,Rathje,or Gauthier.The Canucks just get way better 2nd line scoring maybe bump the Sedins to the 2nd line and make Forsberg,Nassy and Carter there new top line.Wouldny be a bad deal for both teams they both get what they are looking for and plus sallarys work out too.

  17. neilios says:

    The new Canucks lines if the Canucks can pull the trigger on this deal.

    Naslund    Forsberg     Carter
    Sedin       Sedin          Kapanen
    Pyatt        Kesler         Cooke
    Burrows     Linden        Bulis

    Salo         Mitchell
    Bieska      Meyer
    Krajicek     Edler

    Wouldnt be a bad team after wouldnt it???Maybe trade Cooke or Bulis for a better Dman  maybe one with some playoff expierence like a Montadore from the Panthers plus he is a BC boy and is tough.

  18. Uncleben says:

    There have been many 'Nucks trade suggestions and rumors fling around as of late, especially on this site. The following are just some of the rumors of what the Nucks should do (lets face it, they have to do smthng).

    To Bolts: Mattias Ohlund
    To Nucks: Dan Boyle

    To Hawks: Brenden Morrison, Mattias Ohlund, Luc Bourdon, 2nd rounder
    Nucks: Adrian Aucion, Tuumo Ruutu

    To Avs: Marcus Naslund, Luc Bourdon
    Nucks: Milan Hedjuk, John Michael Liles

    To Philly: Morrison, Cooke, Bourdon, Chouinard
    To Nucks: Forsberg and Jeff Carter

    To Stars: Morrison
    To Nucks: Lehtinen

    To Preds: Morrison
    To Nucks: Arnott

    To Panthers: Morrison and Chouinard
    To Nucks: Gratton and Gelinas

    To Wild: Morrison, Ohlund, Bulis, Green
    To Nucks: Demitra, Walz, Dupuis, Skoula

    Many signings are also being shot out there, like Allison, Bondra, Kvasha.

    I personally like the Rangers and Sens deal BurnabyJoe shot out, but what ever happens, it better happen soon.

  19. Uncleben says:

    How about trading Cooke to FLA for Weiss AND Bulis to NYR for Rachunek, then bringing up Santala to play the open wing or singing Bondra or Allison.

    Shore up the D and improve the O.

  20. PhanufRoxs says:

    I submited an article about the Nuck's and I had….

    To Bolts: Mattias Ohlund
    To Nucks: Dan Boyle

    To Hawks: Brenden Morrison, Mattias Ohlund, Luc Bourdon, 2nd rounder
    Nucks: Adrian Aucion, Tuumo Ruutu

    To Avs: Marcus Naslund, Luc Bourdon
    Nucks: Milan Hedjuk, John Michael Liles

    To Philly: Morrison, Cooke, Bourdon, Chouinard
    To Nucks: Forsberg and Jeff Carter

    all in my sugestions an those are exactly the same…

  21. Uncleben says:

    I probably snaked them from your article then :). I was collecting some I had found and putting them in this main article for everyone to see. I think I took the first 3 from you… lol

  22. Yann says:

    WHAT?!? Vigneault is NOT the problem, if you watched them play, they get the shots, they get the opportunities, but they cant convert, vigneault has been good, the reason they cant score is because of a lack of talent, that is Nonis' fault….

    Dont blame vigneault, they get alot of opportunities, hes been good…

  23. sopelisbeautiful says:

    First off i seriously doubt the Canucks would trade in the division, probably not the conference.  so i'd throw out all the Western Conf trades to start.

    Secondly i don't think its time to panic yet.  1/4 way through the season and its not all bad.  except for the scoring.  luongo is playing decent, not 7 million decent, but if you hold the opponent to 2-3 should get at least a tie out of it.  they've had 17 one goal games (losing 8 of those).  if 4 of those would have been just ties, they're at the top of the divison. 

    its finishing those close games, or at least trying to take the lead as bjoe said in the main post.  you should play like you're down most of the time.

    I would give it another 8 games actually (7 home, 1 away Calgary) and see where we're at.  if you can't win at home then you have some problems with motivation and scoring.  Also Luongo should play all of these games being at home and only 1 back to back.  

    I still have my faith in them, look at Edmonton last year. (14-11-1) as of Dec 1st 2005.  they made it to the Cup.


  24. TheFish12 says:

    Let's see

    Trade 1
    To Sens: 5.9 million in the form of Oft-injured, overpaid defenseman (Ohlund) (which Ottawa does not need anyway), 2 overpaid, underproducing role players (Choinard, Bulis, combined 2.4 million for 3g, 5a) and a 2nd rounder

    To Nucks: 2.8-3.4 miliion depending on the d-man included in the form of a potential 2nd line winger Vermette (8g, 8a) the league leader in hits and the best enforcer in the league (because he can play too) Neil (8g, 8a) and either one of the two All rookie team Defensemen, Meszaros, or the league leader in blocked shots, Volchenkov

    Trade 2 would solve nothing for the Habs and is almost as stupid as trade 1.

    Stop making up trades for the hell of it without thinking of them first, unless you really do want to look stupid

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