Straka on the block?

The Penguins are trying to trade Martin Straka, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Penguins’ management has allegedly sent a fax out to many NHL general managers about the availability of the 30-year-old Straka, who has two years to run on a contract that pays him approximately $4.5 million per season. Straka registered 46 points in 60 games last season, and was the Penguins’ second leading scorer (behind Mario Lemieux) despite missing 22 games. If he is dealt, Straka’s fantasy value will increase as he may otherwise have had to toil in Pittsburgh while the team is rebuilding without the on ice services of Lemieux. [Source :Pittsburgh Post- Gazette]

Jesus…If the Guins lose Straka,What the Hell is Mario going to put on the ice?

A bunch of NHL rejects?

since Im a Isles fan…its something to watch where Straka might end up….who knows?

[Dont say To or Rangers please …or get a asbestos suit ready..]

What do you guys think?


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  1. Lint07 says:

    What about Florida or Vancouver??

    I know Vancouver doesen’t have much money but they could certainly use a good offensive center like Straka.

    Florida has the picks and the prospects needed to realize a trade with Pittsburgh.

    I’d like to see him come to MontrĂ©al, but we have more than enough injury-prone players right now…

    What you guy think it could take to land Straka??

  2. AVS4NYR says:

    I just got two questions: What the hell are the Penguins going to look like next year and What is going to happen to them in the long run(lets say in 3 years)??? Finantially they seemed to be heading downhill ever since the Jagr trade(They’ve been dumping salary ever since).

    Straka would look great in an AVS uniform. Avs are desperate in some scoring help. Wings might be another possibility.

    All in all, I feel sorry for Pens fans.

  3. Hockey_Fan says:

    Straka sucks. His best days were in Florida, and those days are history.

  4. Lint07 says:

    …And you call yourself a hockey fan???

    The guy was hurt almost all year long and still finished 2nd scoring leader of his team.

    Last year was bad luck over bad luck for him. I don’t know who your favorite team is but they certainly could use a guy like Martin Straka.

  5. Hockey_Fan says:

    Why would the Flyers need him. They are already trying to dump an injury prone player in Leclair.

  6. Lint07 says:

    Well, maybe HE would’ve not look like a big idiot being outskated by all Ottawa players…. just a thought.

  7. OldNord says:

    Even if he is subject to injuries, I would like to see him in a Habs jersey. MTL need offensive punch and he has a great work ethic on the ice.

  8. Hockey_Fan says:

    Leclair’s best days are behind him too. Too injury prone for the money, same as Straka. Jagr was a had a lot of points in Pittsburgh too. Then he went to a team that actually played defense, then what happened to his offensive numbers? Straka’s number would fade too on a different club.

  9. MantaRay says:

    We almost had Straka at the tradedeadline this year according to my sources, but we won the Cup anyway.

    Any team would immediatly be upgraded by the addition of Straka. I love this guy and what he brings to a team.

    Detroit should acquire him; he’s cheaper than Federov, Stevie Y should retire and so should Larionov.

  10. big_booty says:

    Straka, while on the verge of being dumped because of salary, is an interesting case. His injury history works against him, as he hasn’t been able to put together a good season since 2000-01. He is slightly overpaid, but hey – isn’t everybody?

    Possible destinations:

    Islanders – need more speed and skill. If he moved to wing he and Yashin could develop nice chemistry. Boss Wang might not go for it though, seeing as how he wants to dump highly paid yet underacheiving players.

    Phoenix – they sent Daniel Briere packing (still trying to figure that one out), so Straka could fill the void he left (as big as he is, Chris Gratton couldn’t, and still can’t). For the cost-conscious ‘Yotes, though, it might not be the way to go.

    Edmonton – Kevin Lowe seems to love smallish centermen, and it is a possibility that Todd Marchant is gone. But I don’t think any one player on the Oil makes as much as Straka. Again, he’s too expensive.

    I would say Washington, as George McPhee seems to want to turn that franchise into Pittsburgh South, but if they don’t want Jagr anymore and see that signing Lang was a mistake, then no.

    Detroit – this is the one possibility that makes sense hockey-wise and money-wise. The Wings can easily afford Straka’s $4.5 million price tag, and he would be an able-bodied replacement for Federov if he bolts. With Yzerman’s career also in jeopardy, there could be more than one center spot available in Motown.

  11. Retamedt says:

    I most definitely agree with Straka going to a team such as the Toronto Maple Leafs. There’s only one problem, you see, the Maple Leafs coach is one who admires “Old Fogies”, so, what are you going to do with a young gun such as Straka? I know, fucking play him! Why wouldn’t the lezfs go after him? He is a priceless player for the future!

  12. guinsfan4life says:


    I think this was reported in the tribune review yesterday-first. The trib sort of is always first when reporting rumors.

    I agree with the fact that the penguins will be very difficult to watch without him, however at this point there is nothing Straka can do that would help the penguins.

    –I mean he isn’t going to carry them on his back to a playoff berth, he ain’t that type of player, even with Mario.

    –His salary is more than what he has produced and if the penguins are able to get a draft pick in this weekend’s draft–which I suppose they are trying to do, then dealing straka would be the right thing since there is alot of talent in this year’s draft. I surmise also that they are dangling Straka along with their third overall pick and possibly another player to the Panthers for the #1 pick over all to get Fluery. I hope not, but it is a possibility. Number one draft picks that are goalies never workout, or they flop more often than not. The last time the penguins took a goalie #1, was Craig Hiller and he never even made it to their minor league team.

  13. guinsfan4life says:

    I think we should know the long term fate of the penguins within the next 60-90 days. If the penguins are to survive, they need a new arena in place for the 2006 season. By the time plans are drawn up, finances set, demolition begins and construction commences, it will be about that time.

    Therefore, I believe if Mario doesn’t have finances in place for a new arena in 60-90 days, he will put the team on the market and attempt to sell the team to someone who will move them out of the city.

  14. MantaRay says:

    I have to disagree with you on this one guin4life;

    I think Straka IS good enough to at least get them in the 8th seed without Mario.

    When Mario retired he carried the team and made Jagr the leagues leading scorer and made Kovelev a 40 goal scorer. He can make players around him better.

    Can he do the same with Kraft or Morozov?

  15. rojoke says:

    Three things, and not necessarily in order:




  16. JohnFlan22 says:

    I would say that many a team will be looking for strakas services and they should get good value if they deal him at the draft but considering what they got for Jagr and then Kovalev they seem more interested on cheap price then actual talent. But a deal for a draft pick is possible and probably not a number 1 pick though more like a mid second rounder. The package to move up for the top spot seems good but i would think they let Fleury fall in there lap unless they think Carolina would grab him at #2. The isles and mad mike were very quiet last draft and since his motley crew didn’t get it done this year he will probably be active in any trade discussions involving straka, maybe dumping a guy like Hunter who doesn’t seem to be the right fit on the island. Nashville promised playoffs last year and fell short due to lack of depth from injury, they could be in the running for him too and if minnesota wants him no one would say that Gaborik-straka wouldn’t be a sick duo.

  17. guinsfan4life says:

    Well then we’ll have to agree to disagree. With the players this team will have next year, Straka is not the type of player to carry a team. He has never done it, never will. He produced when players of equal or better talent were on his wings–since then, production has slipped off.

    Can Straka produce enough to lead them to an 8th seed. Perhaps..but he is going to need many more players to help him out, he can’t do it himself.

  18. matteo says:

    Straka Kahn….Straka Kahn….Straka Kahn let me trade ya – let me trade ya Straka Kahn – let me trade ya that’s all I wanna do…..

    Musical interlude brought to you as a public service by Edmundo the 3 legged lesbian hippopotamous

    The Pens have to get rid of him, otherwise it will ruin that whole “minor league” theme they have going on nowadays. If Mario had any sack at all he would take a pay cut…..or play for free….in order to free up some cash for his team.

    SCTP – Just set it and forget it

  19. mikster says:

    Washington is going broke since they lost $25M this year. I doubt they want to add more salary, unless they’ll dump some.

    If the Isle’s trade away one of their d-men, they could land him by giving up their 1st, DiPietro, Bates, Jason Blake….

    Hey don’t look at me, it’s Mad Mike who overpays for everything.

    Oilers would rather re-sign Marchant than acquire Straka.

    Coyotes saved their asses somehow by only losing $9M instead of the projected $60M. They may bring him in to play with Hrdina.

    Detroit is the best destination if they lose Fedorov though. But, Patrick ridiculously wants always too much from the rich teams.

    I say LA is also a choice, but they will go after Fedorov. How can they say they are losing money when their operating income this year was $7M?

  20. guinsfan4life says:

    The players union and national hockey league would never let him play for free. They would vehemately oppose him playing for anything under what he was paid last year.

    Let’s face it, he already is under market value. He could make 10-15 mil on the open market.

  21. defenestrate says:

    20,000 points for the 80’s musical reference. Had you worked in NKOTB, you would have doubled it.

    5,000 bonus points for spelling hippopotamous correctly, and not taking the cheap way out (“hippo”, as in hungry, hungry… best game since “mousetrap”).

    SCTP – Reinstate Billy Tibbetts – at least we know he had balls…..

  22. MantaRay says:

    Classic, just classic Matteo

  23. aaron says:

    Hey Booty, check your PMs.

    I dunno, I’d rather see the Wings get Prospel. Don’t have to give anything up, and he isn’t injured 9 out of every 10 games.

  24. aaron says:

    This is all assuming he’s even healthy. The way his luck runs, he’s likely to not be playing anyway.

  25. defenestrate says:

    If Straka’s on the block, is Monie still in the middle?

    Did I carbon- date myself too badly?

    Everyone already knows I’m ancient.

  26. torontoiskickass says:

    The flames good benifit from this. If the rangers can get kolvalev for shit, so can the flames. Get straka, and use him as trade bait to pick up a goaltender. Turek is crap, and that’s the only problem with our team. As soon as we get soild in the crease, we’re in the playoffs.

  27. Bishop7979 says:

    Straka is still a good player. He has had a horrible year and a half, his injuries could all be called freak in nature. He broke his back on a collapsed weight bench, broke his orbital bone on a teamates stick, and broke his leg because of a bad fall. He has been pretty healthy up till then and its my belief that he will be again. He may not be able to carry the team himself but he would be a great captain and he has more heart and more loyality then many players in the league. I actually believe him when he says he wants to stay a penguin even though they are going through tough times, (something i didnt beleive when kovie, lang, kasper ect said it) and i respect him for it. But if he was to go to anouther team i believe it would be either the islanders for the above stated reason that he would make a good linemate for yashin. But I could see him fitting in on chicago for some reason. As for what he would be worth I’m not sure. My opinion is that he is worth more then a simple draft pick, that i would hope to get a young skilled player in return for him, but i could understand that his “injury problem” could lower his value.

    anyways just some thoughts

  28. bender says:

    IS that anything like Jenny from the block??

    I hope all them young guys start to pan out for the Pens soon, they’re looking worse than the Coyotes (no offense yotes fans).

    Straka would be a great pick up for almost any team. Like I’ve heard, he would be great on the Nucks….give them that second line player to work around.

    Maybe the Pens could swing a deal for the Twins, (I’m talking the Sedins not the Coors Light Twins here people)

  29. matteo says:

    Grazie…..many thank from both myself and Edmundo

    SCTP – because we can!!!

  30. matteo says:

    all details…pithy little details. Seriously though….Mario should pay himself the bare minimum so that he can rebuild that team. Right now it is a minor league franchise.

    SCTP – because I said so

  31. matteo says:

    What Twins would you all trade for:

    The Sedin Twins

    The Coors Light Twins

    The Doublemint Twins

    The Minnesota Twins

    The Olsen Twins (how dirty do I feel whenever I see a Full House rerun – not that it would stop me from throwin them some italian sausage)

  32. matteo says:

    NKOTB and Chaka Kahn in the same mention….LOOKOUT

    SCTP – Sweatin to the Oldies

  33. matteo says:

    Monie is still in the middle, but she is passing the Dutchie on left hand side……..

    SCTP – Puff Puff Give Man!!! You F’ng up the rotation.

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