Straka on the block?

The Penguins are trying to trade Martin Straka, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Penguins’ management has allegedly sent a fax out to many NHL general managers about the availability of the 30-year-old Straka, who has two years to run on a contract that pays him approximately $4.5 million per season. Straka registered 46 points in 60 games last season, and was the Penguins’ second leading scorer (behind Mario Lemieux) despite missing 22 games. If he is dealt, Straka’s fantasy value will increase as he may otherwise have had to toil in Pittsburgh while the team is rebuilding without the on ice services of Lemieux. [Source :Pittsburgh Post- Gazette]

Jesus…If the Guins lose Straka,What the Hell is Mario going to put on the ice?

A bunch of NHL rejects?

since Im a Isles fan…its something to watch where Straka might end up….who knows?

[Dont say To or Rangers please …or get a asbestos suit ready..]

What do you guys think?