Summer Hockey?!?! Good or Bad?

Thought provoking…

I recently read the above article on the Dallas Stars’ website, posted

by their color commentator, Daryl Reaugh (the Stars’ broadcast team is

great, by the way). Anyway, he advocated a relatively radical

adjustment to the NHL hockey season -in the event that there is one-

first proposed to him by a Stars V.P., Tom Fireoved. Basically, they

are advocating shifting the NHL hockey season so that it is played in

the summer! After my initial shock, I came to realize that it might

be a very good idea.

Over the last couple of seasons, I’ve come to value some HTR members’ opinions and I would appreciate some different points view…

some highlights from the article (but checkout the article, it goes into much better detail):

-the NFL would be eliminated as a sales, marketing and scheduling nightmare

-the pick of premium game nights, as opposed to sharing them with NBA teams

-home games could become a real event… activities/entertainment

outside the arena

-no basket ball court damaging the quality of the ice surface (and the

newer arenas popping up can handle the cooling challenge during


-TV: primary competition would be baseball, of which many games are

played during the day

-TV: sports market corned with July/August playoffs

-no more hyphenated seasons

-no interuption for the Olympics

-players could spend the holidays with their families

What are your thoughts about this?

10 Responses to Summer Hockey?!?! Good or Bad?

  1. Beckfan5 says:


    When is baseball mainly played durring the day?

    And if your going to do this then why not just play roller hockey at the beach on the boardwalk? Right?

    Just get a friggin collective bargan agreement already and eliminate 7 teams and fire Bettman. Thats my solution.

  2. JDash says:

    do you have a major league baseball team around there? there are a lot of day games -btw, it was “many” not “mainly”, there is a difference.

    and you’re not seriously comparing professional hockey to roller hockey… c’mon. you’d have hockey year round! college hockey in the fall/winter, and professional hockey in the spring/summer!

    as to your solution… hell yeah, no problems there!!!

  3. adambuffalo says:

    Perfect, now it won’t be just Tampa Bay, Florida, Dallas and Phoenix with crappy ice. We could have crappy ice all over the league. Seriously though, if they could keep the ice decent when it’s 90 degrees out with 80 percent humidity then i’m all for it. It would suck though trying to get a tan wearing my hockey jerseys all summer!

  4. rojoke says:

    the NFL would be eliminated as a sales, marketing and scheduling nightmare

    The NFL plays the vast majority of their schedule one day a week, and only two games a week in prime time. If the NHL can’t compete against that, they shouldn’t even bother marketing the game in the States. In point of fact, it’s those very people that the NHL should be marketing the game to. It has a similar physical component, with similar flurries of offensive explosiveness. It’s almost like a football game, only compressed in flow and size.

  5. JDash says:

    perhaps limiting the article to the NFL was a mistake. they should have articulated the fact that in the states there are always football games on… not just once a week. there’s pro football on sundays and mondays; and college football on fridays and saturdays (and now apparently every other day on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN223532, etc. -especially as the college season nears its end). that makes competing for market share on a weekend very hard to do. the whole point is to grow the game, right? so it’s around forever.

    but absolutely, market the game/league during the football season (including the superbowl ads that i’ve seen discussed) and fill those fans’ need for a physical sport during football’s offseason.

  6. 19Yzerman says:

    Probeach hockey?

    they tried that. You never saw any of it?

    kind of cool with hotties in bikinis in the bleachers, each end of the rink was banked, they had a three point shot and an in bound half moon on each side of each end instead of doing face off for posession loss more like basketball to put the ball back in play.

  7. 19Yzerman says:

    Anyone remember the 1996 stanley cup finals when the florida panther hosted the AVES? That was the worst ice I have ever seen an NHL game played on. Murphy’s law applies there. You don’t think your team will be hosting a finls series and boom you scedual a concert.

    If the owners are loosing money now how will the extra cost of energy spent to keep good ice help the cause?

  8. 19Yzerman says:

    I can asure you that in Columbus,OH the Blue Jackets could win the stanley cup on the same day that Buckeye loses to Michigan and the media and fan interest would be focused on that collage football situation.

    The marketing battle is a very tough time frame no matter what. NHL season starts as NFL and NCAA football are starting to heat up, baseball teams begin to jockey for a post season run, Ncaa football begin its BOWL season, NFL post season, Superbowl, Nascar begins, NCAA march maddness basket ball then and NHL playoffs begin right when the nice weather begins to attract us outside as with each week of NHL post season the temps get warmer and warmer. By mid june you are ready to just get out and about so you can see women who are wearing less and less with each passing day. Baseball begins to draw attention once again. I have to tell you as a Wings fan I was kind of glad in 1999 when we lost in the second round beause for the first time in a few years I could go ride my motorcycle in the early riding season without missing MY Wings.

    What the NHL realy needs more than any CBA CAP, scedual restructureing or marketing ploys is to get people to take interest in making wagers on NHL games. ALA NCAA basketball or NFL football. That is the real reason for the attention those two get is that People wager on them and then they watch what happens.

    Call vegas and find out how many people wager on who will catch the first touchdown pass in the superbowl and then ask how many people wager who will score the first goal of a Stanley Cup Final series.

  9. nocuphere says:

    I don’t know, as a Canadian, it would be strange watching hockey without it being -20oc.

    But it’s an idea that shouldn’t be just tossed aside either. Obviously the status quo isn’t cutting it as much as the league would like.

    I’m wondering though if most of the ice NHL surfaces can keep the ice hard. I mean a good chunk of the ice surfaces in recent playoffs have been gross if you listen to any of the players, and apparently costs a fortune to modify or change each bulidings cooling systems.

    What would the reprecussions be if it flopped?

  10. cgolding says:

    even the new arena’s struggle with the cooling challenge in the playoffs… aka may/june… those are relatively cool months… philly in july/august would be an absolute mess on the ice.

    the new arena’s do it better, but it would still be an issue. the basketball courts not being on the ice would help, but not enough.

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