Sundin, Raycroft and More

Well.. I have heard a lot about trading Sundin and I have to disagree, look at Edmonton, they are a train wreck, Sundin is the center of the team and he can not be traded, i saw a topic earlier about him being the only guy to stand Torontos media and be able to lead the team and I totally agree…

…Sundin should finish off with the leafs, so he goes on a little cold streak at the end of the season, so what? He is the heart of the team and basically the same for Tucker, he will do fine. (I know LeafyMcLeaf wont like this)


As for JFJ, just recently i saw a topic about him talking to Bob McWhatever his name is and he addmitted some of his mistakes and that he would make some moves this off season, it seems as if he finally decided not to be to flabby to take a risk and this is really good for the leafs.


Raycroft, ahh, were can I start, ok, well he is not what luongo did for the ‘nucks but he is playing what he is getting payed, waaay to much hate on him, he is a good guy, doing what he is payed to do, he is young too remember, he comes and gets booed by tons of fans, that ain’t right, what do they expect, Broduer. And all you people who think that they are gonna trade rayzor during the offseason are being VERY unrealistic. Rayzor is doing fine, give him another season, he will improve over time and do very well. He’s pretty good right now anyway (take a look at the record book for leaf goalie wins.)

Now, for the offseason, CHANGE, no flabby O’niell, no Aubin, byebye Peca and Perrault, I like you guys, but its just something that has to happen, and other who have to go are Green, possibly antropov, battaglia unless he signes for cheap and possibly a few others. Sign a Free agent, make some trades nothing more said on that. Just.. make changes.

Goalie Positions:
2.Trade for Norronen or Backstrom
3. Pogge (Minors)

Keep Ur Stick on the Ice :)