Sundin's return

The return of Mats Sundin poses a problem that Paul Maurice wishes he had more often. Where does Mats fit in?One might assume he’ll return back to centering Poni and Antropov. But then again, that line has had such great chmistry that it is hard to split them up. And they would make quite a powerful 2nd line.

One could also argue he could center O’neill and Tucker. However that would bump out Stajan, who has had a terrific season. Stajan and O’neill have had great chemistry thus far, and it would be a bad idea to split them up.

You have to consider that Sundin will not play 25 minutes in his first game back. So, It might not be bad idea to play him with players that won’t get a loins share of ice time against Boston. It also, may not be a bad idea to give Steen a chance to regain his scoing touch along Sundin’s wing. Chad ilger has played great 5 on 5, on the 4th line, thus far. He deserves more ice time, and playing with Mats would be a great oppritunity. The lines would then look like this.

Poni Wellwood Antropov
O’neill Stajan Tucker
Steen Sundin Kilger
Belak Peca Battaglia

Kaberle McCabe
Kubina Bell
Gill White


Wellwood Sundin Tucker
Poni Stajan O’neill


Peca Stajan
Sundin Steen

The top 3 lines can share the ice time equally in the first few games.

6 Responses to Sundin's return

  1. curtman96 says:

    Id like to see:

    Steen Sundin Battaglia
    Poni Wellwood Antropov
    O'neill Stajan Tucker
    Belak/Suglobov Peca Kilger

    Battaglia has been awesome hes strong with the puck, creates chances, and this could be an oppurtunity to get Steen goin….Powerplay id deffinately revert back to tucker sundin and wellwood tho.

  2. 92-93 says:

    I actually like these lines. Of course O'Neill plays on the RW and Kilger on the LW so:

    Poni Wellwood Antropov
    Tucker Stajan O'Neill ———– good line
    Kilger Sundin Steen ———- solid line last year when they played together
    Battaglia Peca Suglobov ———— nix Belak, put Suglobov in
    [Belak, Pohl]

  3. lukeleim says:

    Ponikarovsky – Wellwood – Antropov
    Battaglia – Sundin – Suglobov
    O'Neill – Stajan – Tucker
    Kilger – Peca – Steen

    Kaberle – McCabe
    Kubina – Bell
    Gill – White


  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Or ondrus. He could play instead of belak. I would send Belak to pensacola in the ECHL ifit were me, but Maurice wants an enforcer out there every night.

  5. 92-93 says:

    you know what – and this could be due to the fact that a circular saw just fell on my head – but maybe Belak isnt playing that bad in the last few games ….

    i mean, he is playing good enough to be with the Marlies … but … naaaaaaaah.

    forget it… waive him.

  6. 92-93 says:

    after watching last night's game against Boston:

    Tucker Sundin Steen
    Poni Wellwood Antropov
    Kilger Peca Battaglia/Pohl
    Suglobov Stajan O'Neill 

    Stajan and O'Neill have good chemistry.
    Kilger and Peca – ditto.
    Wellwood and Antropov and Poni – ditto.

    Steen gets to play on an offensive line that will make him play with more 'abandon' as Maurice puts it.

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