Swed(ish) Redemption

Sweden announced there team today. Full of talent, full of captains and a full lot to prove.

When I think of Sweden I think of 2002 Olympics against Belarus. All these great players were stunned by a team of nobodys.

They come back with Tommy Salo and Mikael Tellqvist. (Hopefully Salo wont play).

The fowards are full of skilled talent and the only way we will now be able to see Peter Forsberg would be in a Team Sweden uniform. With skilled players like the twins and with a PP with Modin and Holdstrom it is looking good.


Markus Naslund

Mats Sundin

Daniel Alfredsson

Daniel Sedin

Henrik Sedin

Peter Forsberg

Tomas Holmstrom

Henrik Zetterberg

Fredrik Modin

P.J. Axelsson

Nils Ekman

Andreas Johansson

Sami Pahlsson

Marcus Nilson

Jorgen Jonsson (non-NHL)


Some good defensemen here from captain of the Kings Mattias Norstrom to everyones favorite Mattias Ohlund and who could forget the great Nik Lidstrom

Mattias Norstrom

Mattias Ohlund

Nicklas Lidstrom

Christian Backman

Dick Tarnstrom

Daniel Tjarnqvist

Kim Johnsson

Marcus Ragnarsson


Tommy Salo

Mikael Tellqvist

Henrik Lundqvist

The only notable missing names were Kenny Jonsson and Michael Nylander. Jonsson I would take over some of the guys above and you need to have Nylander.

Overall it is good who knows what they can do. As long as Salo does not play it will be good.

Among the notable players who did not make the team were New York Islanders defenseman Kenny Jonsson and Bruins center Michael Nylander.

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