Take a look Mr Gainey, you want the Cup next year?

As I read earlier the “how to tweak your team” articles have come out of the woodwork. So I thought I would write an article about the steps Montreal may need to take to reach the “rebuilt” stage.First and foremost, letting a valued veteran defencemen walk away from your team who wants to play in your city for less money is a bad move. Quintal was the heart and soul of the D in Montreal for the past three years and was going to help usher in the future big 3 in Montreal (Hainsey, Komisarek and Markov) and I know that the spot emptied by the departure of Quintal (his alternate captaincy) will likely land full time on Craig Rivet but it should go to someone more deserving like Patrice Brisebois, who should be rewarded for the years of abuse he received from the fans.

Secondly, to add size up front you have to give up some of the riches that we have ac*****ulated over the years..a package that would attract the Bruins interest in Thorton and Lapointe could be Koivu, Hossa, Bulis and a First rounder..Koivu hasn’t shown that he has much interest in being the Captain in Montreal in the past few years and has never really done anything to show that he deserves this honour.

Third, the Habs started to show this plan this season but we must play the kids in every game we can..the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers are a good example of what a team can become when they grow up together, the spots are open for the kids like Higgins to take in Montreal and they must seize the opportunity.

The Habs must give more opportunities to the future of the franchise. Players like Dagenais and Ward showed spots of Brilliance when used in the proper situations this season and there is no reason to believe that in three years time Ward will be wearing a letter on his shirt.

Perhaps the most important move the Canadiens must make is to bring in a Gainey coach. Julien is a decent coach but he is not a Bob Gainey coach, promote Doug Jarvis (who understands the pressure of PLAYING in Montreal) and return Julien to Hamilton. As we can see by the Bonk trade (which was a steal for the Canadiens as we gave up a career backup for Bonk and Huet who is still a youngster) Gainey is ready to put his fingerprints on this team and really mold it into his.

These moves would help elevate the Canadiens to every year contenders immediately and could even bring a Stanley Cup to the magical city of Montreal for the first time in 11 seasons!