Tampa Bay Aquires Simon Gagne from philly!

Philadelphia waited less than three hours after news broke about Kovalchuk re-upping with the Devils to deal veteran forward Simon Gagne to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for defenseman Matt Walker and Tampa Bay’s fourth-round pick in the 2011 Entry Draft.http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=534624

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  1. Kyleton says:

    Good move by Tampa and happy to see Gagne going somewhere he should enjoy playing.

  2. NHLman says:

    I understand Philly needed to move someone to get under the cap, but how do you get so little back for a top six forward?

    The Kings couldn't have offered more after missing out on Kovalchuk?

    It's perplexing.

  3. coyotes_bettman says:

    Nice to see Stevie hit a couple dingers with his first few moves in Tampa!

    And for the record – see below for why people dislike fans of the Maple Leaves – as posted on the TSN website in a story about Simon Gagne being traded.
    Brian Burke should trade Kaberle, Finger and Grabovski who's combined cap hit salary equals 10.65M to Tampa Bay for Lecavalier and Malone who's combined cap hit equals 12.22M. Lecavalier has 10 more years at a cap hit of $7.72M and Malone has 5 more years at a cap hit of $4.5M but both players would give the Leafs exactly what they need and Burke would be getting rid of 3 players he no longer needs as Kaberle is nothing but trade bait, Finger gives the Bolts a depth D-man and Grabovski makes a far better 2nd line center to Stamkos than Lecavalier's over-inflated contract! Tampa Bay needs to get rid of Lecavalier's contract and the trade would only work if Burke through in a couple of prospects in Caputi and Hansen but would definitely be aBLOCKBUSTER! 
    Now I might be wrong – but one quality player with one year remaining on his contract – an overinflated contract and a way over priced one way forward for Malone and Lecavalier? I guess people must think that if you put something good on top of the heap someone will pick up the trash all the time and call it a treasure!
  4. coyotes_bettman says:

    Oh and Caputi would be a non-starter in any deal right Cam?

    I also forgot that this didn't have any relation to the fact that Gagne was traded to the lightning.
  5. mapleleafsfan says:

    Hate on leafs fans all you want, everyones biased towards their own team.. There are way more dumb leafs fans because there are WAY more leafs fans on these sites than any other team.. Coyotes fans would be just as dumb if they had any…

  6. reinjosh says:

    Its all good, I wouldn't take either player. Both are overinflated salary and cap hits for to little production.

  7. cam7777 says:

    Lecavalier is worth very little.  I wouldn't trade Kaberle for Lecavalier straight up.  They would have to take back Finger as well, and then still maybe add a pick on just to make that insane contract worth looking at.  Burke would never do this deal, as he doesn't believe in dumbshit retarded contracts. 

    You are quick to judge the players in the Leafs deal, but put not criticism at all towards Lecavalier or Malone.  Lecavalier has become a 2nd line center in the league.  He's slowed down considerably, his shoulder continues to bother him, and he's lost his confidence.   Would he help us more than Kaberle next year?  Probably.  But what about the next 9 years after that?  Contracts matter, and if the Gagne deal doesn't show you that, nothing will. 

    What you are basically disputing is Grabovski vs. Malone, which is a 50 point center vs. a 55 point winger, only the center costs half as much.  So what this part of the deal really is, is Grabovski + whoever they sign with the extra cap space, for Malone.  Cap space has become one of the most valuable assets in the game.

    Now, this deal would never happen, because Burke would never make it, and Lecavalier likely wouldn't waive to leave his tax free zone to enter tax heavy Canada, but it's actually not that far off.  You're evaluating Lecavalier and Malone based on name value, which is a massive mistake.  THese are second line players. 

  8. cam7777 says:

    Yea, cuz that's what I said numbnuts.  All I said was, I would not start negotiations with Caputi, and would look to move other prospects, and several roster players before going to him.  He bleeds blue and white, which is a quality the rebuild should cherish.

    *****, you coyotes fan(s,?) are as retarded as they come.  Open your eyes buddy, aging players with terrible contracts are worth nothing.  Gagne was just traded for a bag of pucks.  Lecavalier has next to no value.

    You're a joke my friend.  If you want me to embarass you, keep talking, you're bound to say something retarded very soon.  Stick to Coyotes related news.  When's that owner coming along?  The clock is ticking.  Your team is about to be the Jets again.  lol.

  9. Mapleleaves says:

    Im suprised the mythical coyote fan would call you out, he seams mayble a little challenged, in the head of course.

    Sure Gagne would have been descent to pick up off waivers but besides that the leafs dont really have a salary dump worth picking him up.

  10. coyotes_bettman says:

    OBVIOUSLY Burke wouldn't make this trade – Burke doesn't like those long term deals thankfully he is one of the GM's in this league who has sense in knowing that even six years on a deal is too long.

    Who would you rather have on your team though Cam seriously? Malone who is a 20-30 goal scorer who plays with an edge and has the size and "pugnacity and truculence?" the obvious answer is friggin Ryan Malone.
    I understand that Cap Space is valuable, I'm not a dummy, and yes there is a level of Homerism in all fans of their respective teams but come on even you have to admit that the Leafs and Canadiens fans  are the absolute worst.
    One name – Nathan Dempsey – this is a guy who Leafs fans practically crowned as the next Robert Gordon Orr for pete's sakes and he was a "Prospect" forever, another name for you Habs fans "Benoit Gratton" another "top notch prospect"…how about Valentenko – who was listed last year in every trade proposal along side Francis "I Swear I can skate backwards without using the stick to propel myself" Bouillon??
    WHAT the point to me posting it was that it was smack dab in the middle of something that had about as much to do with the Leafs as the Molson Indy…and yes Cam you did say that you wouldn't rush on doing anything with Caputi because he's working his tail off because he want's to be a Leaf.
  11. coyotes_bettman says:

    The "Coyotes" fan is a fan of the Jets who grew up in Winnepeg by the way so I'm still following MY team thank you very much.

    And no where did I say that the Leafs should have picked up Gagne nor did I say that I thought that the trade was bullshit – it was obviously a salary dump what I was saying was that some dipshit Leafs fan posted that in the middle of an article in regards to the Simon Gagne trade and what part of it had anything to do with Simon Gagne?
    Shit I might as well write a review about Hot Tub Time Machine here and claim that it's related to hockey some how.
  12. Promateus says:


     Misguided does not even begin to cover it … if only you would have putten style over substance then at least your delusions would be of eloquence, rather than forethought … but i guess that ship never departed.

    Evaluation, evaluation, evaluation, so much opportunity to disagree.

    It's true that some players are assets which, in effect, have a negative value (or close to a negative value). You could force them down the throat of some team only (for instance) as part of some bigger deal and only in some specific context. You suggest that this is (almost) the case for either Vinny or Malone (or both). Now, Malone's contract isn't good, i'll grant you that. And i long contended, also, that Vinny's should be evaluated (in the context of the cash-strap lightning) as a very bad contract, and thus, that his value couldn't possibly be very high. This considering the risk he is for a poor franchise. BUT ― and i can't even believe i am even arguing about this, i usually stick to the "don't argue with fools, 'cause from a distance, people might not kknow who is who" line of thought ― Grabovsky is a cancer. You couldn't give him if you try. When the habs got what, a second rounder for him(?), it was a steal. His attributes make him an athlete that's as far away as possible from being a winner. He's a (all around) liability. Finger, similarly, is also a (cap) liability. Now Kaberle is a very good defensemen whom might actually fetch something. BUT ― to go back to where i was before ― no Kaberle for Vinny straight up? Peleaze! Vinny is, at least, a 70 pts-man, big, centerman, who can score … . He's not even such a risk for rich teams (LTIR, anyone?)…

    Bottom line is, you might want to put a damper on leafs-fans hatred, but there is really no need to lose your credibility in the process. This WAS a fine specimen of partisan bias indeed. This was completely devoid of any basis in the realm of the conceivable. The conditions of possibility for this fantasized trade are [insert exotic qualifier]. We can all have evaluation disorder once in a while. But in any case, the value of players in trades isn't based on the "true" evaluation of a player's worth: it is dependant on the aggregate perception of this player's worth, followed by the contextual analysis of this player's worth for the acquiring team. So, if you judged the aggregate perception of Finger, Grabov, Kaberle, Vinny, and Malone the way you did when you not only claimed that the fantasized deal wasn't so far fetched but, in fact, WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH, well … now that i think of it again, it's cetainly not worth an answer.

  13. Bure96 says:

    Only three big name players available right now – Thomas Kaberle, Marc Savard, and Kevin Bieksa to a lesser extent.. No more major moves coming besides those three being moved maybe. So this is my take on the teams right now and yearly prediction.

    1). Philadelphia Flyers
    2). Washington Capitals
    3). Ottawa Senators (only by default)
    4). New Jersey Devils (greatly underrated team after re-signing Kovy)
    5). Pittsburgh Penguins
    6). Tampa Bay Lightning
    7). Toronto Maple Leafs
    8). Buffalo Sabres

    9). Boston Bruins
    10). Montreal Canadians
    11). Atlanta Thrashers
    12). Florida Panthers
    13). New York Rangers
    14). New York Islanders
    15). Carolina Hurricanes

    1). Vancouver Canucks
    2). Detroit Red Wings
    3). San Jose Sharks
    4). Nashville Predators
    5). Chicago Blackhawks
    6). St. Louis Blues
    7). Los Angeles Kings
    8). Phoenix Coyotes

    9). Calgary Flames
    10). Colorado Avalanche
    11). Edmonton Oilers
    12). Dallas Stars
    13). Anaheim Ducks
    14). Columbus Blue Jackets
    15). Minnesota Wild

  14. leafy says:

    Man, I wish. Leafs taking the seventh seed and playing Ovechkin and the Caps in round 1. Love it.

  15. coyotes_bettman says:

    AND of course Yzerman wouldn't make it because he'd look like the worlds  biggest SCHMUCK!

  16. cam7777 says:

    I think Boston wins the division, and Ottawa falls out of contention.  Spezza starts to mope, Alfredsson loses a step, Gonchar gets injured (again), and Kovalev continues to suck, while Fisher remembers that he's actually a 3rd line center.  All the while, Clouston will be wondering how he's supposed to make his mobile defense work when he's trying to play the trap.  So Boston 3rd, Ottawa 9th, and Atlanta swapped with Tampa.  I really don't think Tampa improved that much. 

    West looks pretty good, but I think the pressure of moving to Winnipeg if no owner is found, and the loss of key guys like Lombardi and Michalek, ultimately pushes the Coyotes into 9th, and opens that spot up for Calgary or Colorado.  Colorado should regress this year though, after a year of overachievement.

  17. leafmeister says:

    As the roster currently stands, in order for the Leafs to make the playoffs 3 of the following 5 have to happen.

    -Giguere and Gustovsson provide steady, unspectacular goaltending all year.
    -Phaneuf regains his top form.
    -Schenn breaks out into the top pairing shutdown guy we all know he can become.
    -Versteeg puts up AT LEAST 20 goals and 50 points.
    -Kessel puts up 40.

    3 of 5 should work. Of course they could get 4 of 5 and still suck, if the goalies are as bad as Toskala was. I very much doubt this though, Toskala's problem has to do with work ethic and Giggy does not have a problem with that. Also Gustovsson seems to have found his game in the NHL. Even if neither ever truely find their form, as long as 3 of the other things happen, and they stay above Toskala's level, we have a shot at the playoffs.

    Some less essential, but possible bonuses:
    -Komisarek regains 07/08 form.
    -Kadri puts in 50 points as a rookie.
    -Kulemin puts in 20 goals 40 points.
    -Bozak puts in 60 points (his pace last year, with a full season of Kessel, its possible)

    If another top 6 is added in the Kaberle trade, then all the better, this is as the roster stands today.

  18. leafmeister says:

    I like the Nucks this year as well. The added defense will certainly help, even if they do lack a true #1 d-man. I like the predictions otherwise.

  19. mojo19 says:

    Matt Walker and a 4th….. sounds like Cam (among others) was right about Gagne's value. Not that its a huge surprise he was rumoured to be put on waivers but some people refused to believe it and thought it would take way more to get Gagne.

    So, there you go.

  20. TmLeafan says:

    I agree, I am of the opinion that the Nucks are the best team in the league as of right now,

     Im sure Bure will be glad to hear that.  I expect Luongo to be the goalie that he is with an improved defence in front of him.  I think the critisisms were unfair of him, The loss the Chicago was a result of the Canucks lack of a blueline rather than their forwards or Luongo but it is much improved now with Ballard and Hamhuis plus Edler, Erhoff and Salo are all good players too. And their forwards are dynamite.
    I think the fact that you have the Bruins in 9th and the Leafs in 7th is your most debatable prediction.  I think Boston is a good team and will absolutely make the playoffs/win their division.  
    The Leafs should be fighting for a playoff spot with the rest of the mediocre teams in the East (Atlanta, Carolina, Montreal, Ottawa, Tampa Bay, NY Rangers, possibly even Buffalo if Miller doesnt play lights out again).  
  21. Bure96 says:

    Boston was a really tricky one for me. They are still one of the few teams that might make some bold moves before the season starts. Marc Savard is the key to everything. Whether or not he's playing, or if he's traded what kind of value do they get for him? Tyler Seguin will be key too. If he has a great rookie year (25+ goals, 65+ points) then they'll get in for sure, and will have a good shot at the division title. If not, then they won't have a single standout forward. Just a collection of mediocore players, unless Marc Savard comes back and plays great or Tyler Seguin becomes a 1st line forward this year. The defense is very shaky too. Zdena Chara is a stud, and Seidenberg is an underrated guy, but the rest of the defense is a collection of 3rd pairing players. If Chara or even Seidenberg go down then the team is done. Very average defense, and if Rask slightly regresses (not unreasonable considering Steve Mason was a Vezina contender in one year and simply awful last year) then this team that already doesn't score a lot will be letting a lot in. Tyler Seguin is the only dynamic player within this offense and there's a lot of pressure on that 18 year old.

    Overall the Northeast division is very weak this year. Buffalo looks okay, but the blueline is a bit shaky, and who knows if your going to get a Vezina deserving season again from Ryan Miller. Montreal has question marks all over the place, although I'm expecting a big year from PK Subban. Ottawa looks really strong on defense with guys like Karlsson likely cracking the roster this year, but the depth upfront, and goaltending are both still very questionable. They could get pretty one dimensional upfront if Mike Fischer doesn't have another great season, and Alexei Kovelev is just average. Alfredsson is getting old too, and who knows why Jason Spezza isn't an elite player anymore. Toronto could actually win the division. If they add another solid top 6 forward (not Bobby Ryan, but a relieble 25+ goal scoring power forward) for Kaberle, I'll like the team even better. Brian Burke knows what he's doing.

    Phoenix is actually fairly strong. Ray Whitney was a huge pickup. You gotta think guys like Kyle Turris, and Martin Hanzal will make a bigger impact this year too, because their just too talented not to. Kyle Turris isn't a bust, they just didn't need to rush him into the lineup last year, but now he has a good chance of being the 3rd line center. Oliver Ekman Larsson is my pick for rookie of the year too. He has the skillset of a franchise defensemen. That's going to easily make up for the lose of Michalek. Wojtek Wolski is still a vastly underrated player. Shane Doan didn't have a great year last year either, so there's room for improvement. Bryzgalov is easily one of the best in the game too. I really doubt they'll miss the playoffs.

    I love what Tampa Bay has done too. They are explosive upfront, and the defense is going to be a lot better this season. Steven Stamkos is the best player in the NHL. My prediction to win MVP next year too. The goaltending isn't great, but they have too decent guys fighting for the #1 job. Definitely won't be a liability for this team. Victor Hedman will be better. Mattias Ohlund is rock solid. Brent Clark, and Pavel Kubina were big pickups. The X factor is Vincent Lecavalier though. If he has a strong year (85 points, 35+ goals) then this team will be a threat in the Eastern conference. The only thing they lack is depth within the bottom 6. They have more potential then Atlanta too, because of the dynamic players they have upfront. Atlanta could make the playoffs but they don't scare anyone (not until Evander Kane evolves into an elite power forward). I love the potential Tampa Bay has going forward.

  22. Bure96 says:

    Vancouver doesn't have any holes really. Two of the top 5 best forwards in the league + 4 more 25 goal scorers + 5 players that are top 4 defensemen on every single team in the league (couple you could argue are top pairing defenders) + a franchise goalie. All they need is another big 3rd line winger (should acquire someone to fit that role through Bieksa trade), and maybe an improvement over Rypien as the 4th line center.

    Read my comment to Cam above about the Bruins. You could argue that they'll win the division, but they have serious question marks. I wouldn't be surprised if they got 100+ points, I just think this team isn't as strong as people will argue it is.

  23. Bure96 says:

    The Leafs look stronger this year. They don't have the upside to go deep into the playoffs this year, but they'll be a challenge any team. I think they could win that division. I like what Brian Burke has done this summer.

  24. Bure96 says:

    That would be a good series actually. I think it would be closer then people would expect too.

  25. Boston_Bruins says:

    Bruins not in the playoffs? Really? Last year Savard and Lucic went down early in the year and played hald a season each. Not only that but they were never healthy the full year becasue of the timing of their injuries. With Kessel traded that basically erased their first line. You had other key injuries and illnesses to Bergeron, Krejci, Chara, Sturm, Stuart and Ference. On top of that you have alot of their guys having career low seasons. Hell they even went on a random 10 game losing streak midseason. It was like the perfect storm of things going wrong yet they still came in 6th. There's no way they're going to do worse than last year. Don't forget that this team finished second in offence the year before this one. Yes Kessel is gone but you're now adding Horton and Seguin.

  26. Bure96 says:

    Just a hunch. Really, it wouldn't surprise me if they won the division, but just read my comment above to Cam, and that will explain why I think this team could struggle. My belief is Marc Savard won't be the same player ever again, but you probably would have more info since your a Bruins fan.

  27. Boston_Bruins says:

    The Bruins have finished first and second in goals against the last two years. Do they really need to prove that the defense isn't shaky? They just got rid of their shakiest defenseman anyways.

    Although the Bruins lack starpower up front they make up for it with depth. It's not a situation where they play their top line 25 minutes a game. They roll 3 pretty equal lines and bring in energy on the 4th. That creates matchup problems.


    The Bruins top line in the playoffs last year when they beat Buffalo and "made it to 7" with Philadelphia was Paille-Bergeron-Recchi. IF everyone is healthy Bergeron gets more of a shutdown role and none of those players get a "top 6" spot.

  28. mojo19 says:

    What I'm getting at is that a soft deal for Marc Savard still feels like a possibility doesn't it?

  29. Boston_Bruins says:

    You have to consider that firt round pick though. Even if Savard demands a trade and he has two teams that he's willing to go to you'd have to think that Chiarelli will send him to the team that doesn't determine his first round pick.

  30. mojo19 says:

    Yes but if Ottawa has no interest, and Chia is set on dealing Savard, this Gagne trade is an interesting precedent.

    Hanson, Stefanovich, and a 4th round pick is what I think it would cost. Stefanovich is a decent prospect, this trade is more valuable than what Gagne cost.

  31. Bure96 says:

    Yeah your kind of right the more I think about it. They do have lots of depth upfront. I didn't really include younger players like Colborne either, and didn't remember that Michael Ryder will very likely be demoted. I don't get to see the Bruins too much from Vancouver either so I'm probably underrating the defense a bit, though you have to admit they are fairly weak after their top 2 guys.

    The X factors are Savard and Seguin though. If both of those guys fail (Seguin finishes around 40 points; Savard doesn't play much, or some scenerio like that) then this team will be fighting for a playoff spot. I would agree it's more likely those guys will be factors though. Switch Ottawa and Boston and that seems right to me now. Still I think they'll be a bit overrated, because the division is bad this year though.


    Toronto will not make the playoffs.. how do you expect them to go from 2nd worst team in the league, to a playoff team?? Armstrong and Versteeg are not going to change the team that much..

  33. Bure96 says:

    … isn't that exactly what the Avalanche just did last year ? They added even fewer players then the Leafs did and they went from 3rd last in the NHL to 8th in the West.

  34. Boston_Bruins says:

    Ryder makes the same money as Savard. If Ottawa isn't interested and Toronto is the only possible team he could go to in a trade then you don't trade him, and you do somehting with Ryder. It doesn't make sense to trade him with a team that knows there are no other bidders to begin with, but if you add on top of that the first round pick situation, it would be crazy to do it for a "soft deal". His NTC expands to I think 5 teams next year so they should look to deal him then if they are set on trading him. Toronto would be an option next year if they did because they have their own pick again.


    Colorado had Duchense, Stewart, Mueller/Wolski, and Anderson perform huge for them.. what has Toronto done? I like Versteeg, but he will probably get you 25 goals, Armstrong is another good player but he might net you 20 goals, but solid players, but it will be a far reach to get to the playoffs.. But I guess you never know..

  36. Bure96 says:

    Phil Kessel nets 35. Tyler Bozak has a strong year. Nazem Kadri has 40-50 points. Nik Kulemin nets 20. Dion Phaneuf plays like he did after the trade last year. None of those are that unrealistic. All of those things should happen. The defense should be better this year even without Kaberle … gotta remember he'll bring in another top 6 forward for this team too.

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