Tampa to move Prospal and Halpren?

TBO.com is reporting on the latest trade rumors with regards to the Tampa Bay Lightning. It is believed that the Sharks and Blue Jackets are interested in several Bolt players.

First off, it is mentioned that the San Jose Sharks have been scouting the Lightning lately and it is reported that the Sharks may be looking at a veteran center, possibly Jeff Halpern.

The other rumor is that the Columbus Blue Jackets apparently are showing interest in Vinny Prospal and it is also noted that he Blue Jackets have been heavily scouting the Lighting of late.

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4 Responses to Tampa to move Prospal and Halpren?

  1. Kyleton says:

    Halpern maybe, prospal I kinda doubt it.  He is signed for a bunch more years and really he keeps coming back to Tampa so I don't for see them moving him.  Gary Roberts and Mark Recchi will be looked at to move by Tampa as they are UFA's but not sure who would be interested in them. Columbus maybe for Roberts as they could use some gritty leadership.

  2. hockey_lover says:

    I realize its part of the lifestyle but man, getting traded every year must suuuuuck.

  3. RealisticNick says:

    Who does he think he is, Mike Sillinger 2.0? lol

  4. Titan2710 says:

    Gary Roberts won't be moved.  Part of his contract is that he has a management job with TB for 3 years.

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