Taylor captain, Not Vinny? Or Richards?

“Twelve-year NHL veteran Tim Taylor has been named the eighth captain in Tampa Bay Lightning history, it was announced by Lightning Executive Vice President & General Manager Jay Feaster. Additionally, the Lightning’s assistant captains will be Vincent Lecavalier and Brad Richards, Feaster announced. Lecavalier had served as an assistant captain the past three seasons, and Taylor wore the “A” the second half of last season following the departure of previous captain Dave Andreychuk.”


I dont know if this is really the right person to be a captain. I mean why not Vinny? He leads by example, and its really not a secrect its “His” team. I’d also suggest Richards YOU JUST PAYED HIM THAT BIG CONTRACT, You’ve gott’em for a few years now. Might as well make him a leader.

Taylors career stats:

G – G A P +/-

675- 72 89 161 -61

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Lecavalier would be a better pick probably, but atleast they didn’t make that ***** brad richards captain.

  2. avsrule24 says:

    I do NOT think this is Lecavalier’s team. Despite his slump, I still think St. Louis is their best player.

    Brad Richards would be a much better captain than Lecavalier.

    Anyways, I think this is the right choice. The C doesn’t always need to go to their highest paid player. Good choice, Bolts.

  3. bammer91 says:

    how can u come on here and mouth him off??? Maybe taylor is the best leader in the dressing room. I like this decision you know you dont have to always name your Best player your captain. Yeh Taylor isent as good as richards or Leclaiver but he is a vet on the team and problably the best leader in the dressing room thats why he got the C on his jersey

  4. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    so buy ur equation then jagr thornton heatley selanne ovechkin crosby all deserve the C cause they can score? i mean u only suggested richards and lecav and u listed taylors career stats.

    your brainless the C is given to the person who sets a good example lecav leads on ice but not else where.

  5. Jrugges says:

    Whoa, easy fellas, This is just a question if they chose the right leader. I’m not bashing his playing b/c you gotta be good to be in the nhl, I’m just saying why wouldnt you let the guys that you obviously want around since you payed them so much money to be your captain. No need to call me brainless, I wasnt mouthing off, its just a simple question of, did they choose the right man, or is this just a quick fix.

  6. Jrugges says:

    I also feel that a captain should try to lead by example, that doesnt mean he needs to score 50 goals and be paid alot of money, but I would expect him to atleast back up his “words” by his play. He’s a career -61 and I dont know about you but I notice most teams captains are captains b/c they can lead, as in there games, when a big goals counted on, most teams look to there captain or assistant captains. This guy is good b/c he’s in the nhl but lets be realistic, he’s not gonna score those major clutch goals, or create those major clutch plays.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    By all accounts, Taylor will make a fine captain. I think he will do well.

    Making a lot of money is no reason to be the captain of a hockey team. It’s basically what the Islanders have done, since Peca left, slapping the “C” on Yashin’s sweater. Not to compare Richards to Yashin…but getting a big contract is no reason to have a letter on your jersey.

    Bottom line, is that we have no idea of what these players are like in the locker room. There is a reason why Tim Taylor got the nod. He’s a tested veteran, and the kind of player you want on your side. Excellent defensive player, and a great PK guy. If you are two men down, and have to take a draw in your own zone…Taylor is the guy you want on the ice. You could do a lot worse for a captain.

  8. mojo19 says:

    you’re probably right. But we’ve all seen marginal players wear the C before, and then have it yanked, think of Dave Lowry at the end of his career in Calgary, and he even lost the C to Ignla and was demoted to the minors afterwards.

  9. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    Steve Staois/smith (dont remember which) of edmonton. washingtons captain whoever that is (cause ovechkin doesnt want it). do they score big goals or get clutch plays?

  10. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    That’s very true, I hate it when any team gives the C to their star player or their best scorer or their highest paid player, it should go to the best leader with lots of experience and a love for that team.

  11. Lazarus says:

    matty norstrom in L.A. also does not score very much

    he had a career year for goals scored last year with a whopping 4 goals

    but, as many people have pointed out here, scoring goals does not make you a good captain, leadership on and off the ice makes a good captain

  12. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    Why is Talyor a marginal Captin???? Hes not. He is a captain who is not leading at team in points. 2 very different things. What about Jason Smith for the Oilers he has had the C ever since the loss of Kelly Bucburger (another good example of a lesser talented player wearing the C) The amount of responablity that comes with wearing the C takes a special kind of person. Here is a list of some things I think you have forgot a captine does. Well a good captin.

    1 Talking with the coach one one about team issues

    2 Dealing with the Media more so than normal

    3 Tension amongest teamates (ex, Someone slept with someone elses wife [happens way more than you think]

    4 Looking after the “new guy” ex. Matt Green lived in Jasons Smith Basement for many months last year

    There is also the ones everyone else has mentioned like First one on and last one off the ice, bringing it every game, ect.

    So I ask all you doughters, in which ways does points per game have any effect on any of this.

  13. tancred says:

    Lecavalier was Tampa’s captain a few seasons ago, and Coach Tortorella took it away from him. That’s when the C was given to Andreychuk, I think. I also think Lecavalier had been particularly whiney at the time, so that maybe had something to do with it. Anyway, Lecavalier as captain has been tried before, and it didn’t work out.

    Did Tampa just have three Assistant Captains last year after Andreychuk retired? I thought I saw Richards with the C once, but maybe I was mistaken.

    I don’t think Taylor is a bad choice as captain. I thought he had at least two clutch goals last playoffs. Then there’s his already noted faceoff prowess. Anyone know how many years he has left on his current contract? He’s 37 right now. Point is, I doubt he’ll be playing for more than a few more years. Maybe then, one of Tampa’s three snipers will have matured enough to earn the C (if any of them are still with the team anyway).

  14. Doctor says:

    this is lecalvier’s team. his uncanny effort set a standard for his team during the playoffs in 04. Yes, Richards ac*****ulates more points in the post season, but Richards does not have the fire. And St. Louis’s 94 point season was likely the best he will ever achieve.

    This is Lecalvier’s team.

  15. Doctor says:

    why does ac*****ulates get the profanity bleeps>?

  16. FlamingHomer says:

    Quite often a coach would prefer his stars to be stars without the additional weight of being captain on their shoulders. Some players respond better than others to that, obviously someone felt Lecavalier, Richards and St. Louis would be more effective without that role.

    Reminds me of a few years ago when some genius thought Theo Fleury would be a good captain of the Flames.

  17. mojo19 says:

    I didn’t read your whole comment there, but I never said Taylor was a marginal captain, he might be a great captain. I said he was marginal player, and you missed my point entirely.

  18. passionch says:

    Really surprised by the move.

  19. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    how would you know if i missed your point entirely, when you didn’t even take the time to read my post.

  20. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    how would you know if i missed your point entirely, when you didn’t even take the time to read my post.

  21. mojo19 says:

    Okay fine, I just read your comment, and I agree with you to a degree. Now just taking skill and what they bring on the ice into account, Jason Smith brings a lot more to the table than does Tim Taylor. Taylor might be a good captain because he has all the other intangables you mentioned, but I’m saying it doesn’t always work out, and I think Dave Lowry is a prime example.

  22. the_word says:

    ” Someone slept with someone elses wife [happens way more than you think”

    Lindros put those days behind him, NHL wives are safe again.

  23. Connolly4mvp says:

    yea screw richards. hes gotta be the most over paid in the leauge. hes def not as good as jagr and is making the same money for 5 years! what were they thinking when they signed him?

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