taylor or tyler?

In a real bad showing in the 2009-2010 NHL season, there weren’t very many positives that could come from the Oilers who finished 20 games under .500. On a positive note, the Oilers won the nhl draft lottery and will hit the podium to make the first pick in this June’s entry draft. And that brings me to ask you Taylor or Tyler ?With the first choice heading into the June 25-26 selection extravaganza in Los Angeles, Tambellini knows he’s going to get a solid player. The hard part is deciding whether that player is Plymouth Whalers center Tyler Seguin or Windsor Spitfires left wing Taylor Hall, NHL Central Scouting’s top two players its final ranking of North American skaters for the draft We’re going to have an impact player coming into our organization on June 25,” Tambellini told NHL.com. “I can’t wait for that.” Tambellini wouldn’t reveal whether he and his staff has made a decision yet, but did say he’s met extensively with both players already, and will see them again over the next few days at the NHL Scouting Combine.

In Seguin , the Oilers would be getting a strong two-way center who has drawn comparisons to Steve Yzerman . Seguin tied for the OHL scoring title with 106 points. He also had 48 goals, and finished with 25 more goals and 43 more points than anyone else on his team. He won the league MVP trophy and was voted the Canadian Hockey League’s best professional prospect. In Hall , the Oilers would get a player who has shown a remarkable ability to perform his best on the biggest stage. He had 6 goals and 12 points in six games to help Canada win a silver medal at the World Junior Championship, and after tying Seguin for the OHL scoring title, he led the league in playoff scoring for a second straight year. He capped his season by helping Windsor become the first team in 15 years to win back-to-back Memorial Cups, and he became the first player in the 92-year history of Canada’s national junior championship to win consecutive tournament MVP awards. Those kinds of resumes are why Tambellini feels he’s in a no-lose situation. And when you add in other players in the Oilers’ system — a group topped by promising forwards Jordan Eberle and Magnus Paajrvi-Svensson the Edmonton GM sees a bright future not too far off on the horizon. Its a tough choice but one the Oilers will happily welcome.

Do you draft the sniper on the wing in Hall, who has experience playing with Eberle at the world juniors or do we get the hopefull pivot down the road? Do you swap picks with the Bruins (boston also has a mid first round pick ) I’ve read reports the Bruins covet hall as they are stacked at center ice in there prospect pool..

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  1. hockeylegend488 says:

    alot of speculation that the bruins are desperatly attempting to persuade the selection of hall or the first pick from tambelleini for the right to selecthall the winger. Like your article speculated they are well off down the center.

    heres the options they will do,
    1) take hall and say whatever to boston, which i figure
    2) Play silent knowing they want the center, and get as much as they can to drop down asking as high as the mid round first round selection boston has (which is there own) not the leafs and the 2 second round picks the bruins have.

    3) offer no more to boston but a trade to obtain the secopnd round pick, but basicly the two teams are a stand off and the oilers are the only ones talking and the bruins are forced to listed cause all they weant is a first line winger anyways, leading to this trade on the floor when edmonton takes hall first

    To boston Ales Hemsky ( a bargain at 4 million ) and mabye a 3rd round choice for the 2nd overall

    Also alot is indication Dustin penner a 2nd line center (choice of cogliano or gagner and a second round choice will be dealt to pittsburgh for C evgeni malkin .
    They are also gonna give D sheldon Souray his wish and package him to whoever will take the disgruntled defensive liablilty player .
    and with that 5.5 milion sign patrick marleau for 5 year contract

    i also read the oilers have the right to dismiss G khabulin due to team disgrace of some form based on his criminal convictions etc with no penalty . I think after he went under the knife and at his age hes not ever gonna be what we remembered. This information was combined from tsn, rds and spectors hockey

  2. oilersfan1984 says:

    I personally think we should try and get a package from the bruins for the first overall pick…Segin a young roster player or prospect (alberta natice joe colborne) or there mid first rounder…cant go wrong with either guy

  3. hockeylegend488 says:

    To L.A KINGS 😀 sheldon souray
    To Edmonton D thomas Hickey,Vyacheslav Voynov, D and a 4th round pick in 2010 or a 3rd round pick in 2011

  4. turdfergusson says:

       …a winger who plays with reckless abandon, wins championships and scores a lot of goals. Edmonton should draft Tyler Seguin but Taylor Hall in an Oiler uniform is just the way it should be.

       The words 'two-way' hockey player can be a stigma for some players whose junior hockey scoring accolades didn't translate into scoring success in the NHL. There are two-way centers and then there are two-way centers. Playing against predators like Robyn Regehr and Willie Mitchell will either steepen Hall's learning curve or properly adjust his gameplan. It could easily spell disaster as well. The intangibles for both players speak for themselves and should Hall and Seguin achieve their respective potential, there are no losers here.

       Oiler scouting lately has shown a lot of poise and the moxy to take who they truly want will always be there.

  5. turdfergusson says:


    and can somebody tell me what's going on in that Hyundai commercial where that woman puts the a note under the windshield wiper and the owner, who's a woman, reads it and smiles. What exactly is going on here. What is Hyundai trying to say?

  6. hockeyhead says:

    you think boston will pass up seguin to get hemsky and a 3rd rounder?

    are you on crack cocaine?

    boston will get seguin and convert someone to wing.

  7. leafmeister says:

    You wont get anything of actual value for Souray. He is overpaid, a defensive liability and has requested a trade. LA is also going to run into some cap trouble soon, so I doubt they have interest in Souray even for a reasonable package.

  8. hockey_lover says:

    "Also alot is indication Dustin penner a 2nd line center (choice of cogliano or gagner and a second round choice will be dealt to pittsburgh for C evgeni malkin ."

    If by "a lot of indication" you mean a bunch of internet gm's who think that package is even remotely good enough.

  9. hockey_lover says:

    "Hey lesbians .. buy our cars. You'll mac all the time."

  10. oilersfan1984 says:

    down the road a one two punch on the left side of pavarri-spenson and taylor hall would be electrict

  11. KingCanada says:

    Leave both those prospects out and thats approx what he will be traded for.

  12. broc says:


  13. Tachmo says:

    Geez, those aren't very good trade options for Boston and Pittsburgh.

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