The 2 R's-Ray Returning?

Well nothing’s official but Ottawa Gm John Muckler has offered rob Ray a contract to return as reported by TSN.
Rob Ray has played 14 seasons with Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators.Ray played just 5 games for the Sens last season before suffering a season ending shoulder injury.

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  1. Furlong19 says:

    This definitely adds toughness but he’s not the sens answer. They need toughness in the form of a player that gets a regular shift and scores the odd goal. Ray had 0 points the entire season last yeat and he’s certainly not known for his scoring abilities. However he’d be useful in games against opponents like the leafs and he wouldn’t hurt to have around the room because he’s good in that way. For Ray it would give him a chance to get his name on the cup if the senators live up to expectations. By no means would the sens be done if they did sign him. They’re still looking for more grit. Tyson Nash, Laraque, Walker have all been mentioned. ALthough I’d say Walker is untouchable.

  2. G_Money says:

    Yeah we have seen this whole ‘sens wanting to tough it up’ thing alot.

    It really doesn’t do too much.

  3. LondonK says:

    Oh god, as a leaf fan, I am begging you Muck, make this move. Not only does Rob Ray lack basic hockey skills, he has been passing his time working construction, and home repairs. Uh oh, he’s going to be in great hockey shape. Then again, this may put him in the best shape of his life.

    And lets see. Rob Ray averaged about 30 seconds of ice time with the Sens in his few games before he didn’t play for 7 months. So he should be prime for about 15 seconds. You better watch out there. He’s going to really toughen up the Senators lineup…

  4. Enigma says:

    The Ottawa Senators added some grit to their blueline on Wednesday, acquiring defenceman Todd Simpson from the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim for forward Petr Schastlivy. Simpson has played in 46 games with the Ducks this season, scoring four goals and seven points with 105 penalty minutes.


  5. jacosta says:

    Talking about the Simpson trade, I think that Ottawa just made a decent move. A real decent one. I hate ottawa but that was a good move. He should be their eigth defenseman but he can contribute.

  6. chanman says:

    To bring back Ray is the cheapest way to add toughness, and probably the least smartest.

    he hasn’t played in a year, And is no doubt rusty.

    They should spend a draft pick and grab a younger guy, buffalo has both Peters and Boulton and scratches at least one every game. Laroque will probably warrent a player in return.

  7. wayne2 says:

    I`m glad the sens got rid of Schastlevy but also

    got a tough defensemen in return.If i were the sens

    i`d play Simpson and Bonvie(i think they got him

    back of waivers or something).They have a lot of injured players + they need to send the leafs a

    message.I dont think(although i woudnt mind) a

    big trade for toughness is necessary i mean,Fisher,

    Varada,Volchenkov and Chara will all be back come playoff time + with the acquisition of Simpson

    they`ll be tough enough for the playoffs.The talented Spezza and Vermette will also be there so..

    Of course they`re could be some injured players

    before then but if everyone is healthy the sens are

    going to make a run for it again this year.

  8. TheThrill says:

    least smartest?

  9. Aetherial says:

    They don’t need a goon who drops t he gloves and plays oe minute a game. The Leafs don’t have that on their team.

    You can all hate Domi all you want but he contributes out there AND he is tough.

    It is not about dropping the gloves though.

    They need players who are mentally tough and who can not disappear when the game gets physical.

    The Sens are a better team than the Leafs. I don’t think there is any question about that.

    However, look at the Leafs lineup… Roberts, Tucker, McCabe, Marchment, Domi, Perrot…

    even the non-combatants on the Leafs are mentally tough, Sundin, Fitzgerald, Klee, Antropov, Nieuwendyk, Renberg…

    Hell Even Tomas Kaberle doesn’t shy away the way the Senators team does.

    They are good enough talent-wise… they need to play bigger.

    Look for them to win this game tonight. The Leafs are without Belfour. Kidd has looked HORRIBLE a few times lately. The score could get ugly.

  10. LondonK says:

    That’s exactly it. It’s nice that you can drop the gloves but the key is:

    Tucker isn’t a fighter. He will fight, but he is an agitator, the fact that he has offensive skills is a bonus.

    Domi is a fighter, but he will throw hits.

    Nolan a PF. I saw some people calling Marian Hossa a PF last year. Perhaps in size and skill level, but there are wet napkins that are tougher than him.

  11. chanman says:

    Yeah. Least smartest. Like I said, Ray is not in game shape. He has absolutly no skills outside of his fighting ability, which has declined in the past couple years. He is a preasence in the locker room and the ice, for sure. but there are better choices out there.

  12. chanman says:

    Remember ottawa and toronto in the playoffs last year or the year before? the leafs clobbered the sens all through the series. I had never seen such dirty, hacking, holding hockey as the leafs played then and they lost the series. Toronto is a good team, no doubt about it. But thier brand of hockey cannot win them the cup. they need to get better Defensivly and stop trying to out-muscle everybody if they are going to make it to the finals.

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