The Battlefield of Leafs and Flyers Fans

Enough stories that will start a war between these fans of two great teams. Anyone who is not a fan of either team, sit back and enjoy!!!!The_Coach writes: “Although a Flyer – Leaf first round series is very much in doubt with Philly’s charge up the standings, we still endlessly feud with one another.

Nothing gets this site more riled up like a good ole Flyer – Leaf comparison. Sometimes it appears that this site is really only about TO and Philly (ok, and a little New York) but that just speaks to the popularity and fan base of both of these teams. Leaving the teams totally out of it, lets compare the fans.

First of all, I wasn’t really sure about this post but what the hey, I am sick of reading about Dougie and the trades that didn’t happen!

I think that the biggest factor in the fans of the Leafs and Flyers hatred of each other stems from their similarities.

1. I don’t think that there are more rabid fans in hockey outside of these two cities. We demand success and still support our teams when they are getting stomped on. Pure passion is what I call it.

2. Both fans have gone a while since watching our team hoist a cup (and yes I know that it has been longer for my Leafs) and want that parade so bad that we would sell our grandmothers to get it.

3. Regardless of some of the nonsense written in this site, we each know that the road to the cup goes through the other’s city. Yeah, that’s right fans of Ottawa and Jersey, I said it!

4. We both suffer from an infuriating GM, who we more often want to beat with a stupid stick then celebrate. This is probably a good point to take the plung and actually say publicly that I think that Bob Clarke has been the best GM in hockey since last years entry draft. Damn that was tough!

Well those are the main reason’s that I can see, although a fifth reason could be that we each possess at least one fan that can post some stuff that makes the entire site react with bezerker like rage and we all know who those fans of TO and Philly are.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not trying to kiss and make up because I absolutely HATE the Flyers but I will be man enough to admit that I am a little scared to face them in the playoffs!!!

hitznsticks writes: “As a Flyer fan, I think we should make an agreement to ignore the comments being made by Toronto’s finest….. after all, we are now just 2 points out of the division lead- the Devils are falling fast, and with a relatively easy schedule remaining, it looks more apparent that Philadelphia will NOT be playing host to Toronto in round 1.

I know this sucks for people like Leaf_Expert, as he/SHE will have no one to argue with, but let’s face facts. Get a news paper, and check the stats, as well as the standings- It just does not look like it is going to happen- and, btw, Tampa is only 4 points back from Toronto- Stop trying to create a fantasy playoff series, and actually watch a little hockey- hell, you may even learn something!

Let’s make a pact to let them talk, amongst themselves, and watch the remainder of the season- their arguments have turned to nonsense!

flyersruleclarkstillsucks writes: ” Finally there was some excitement at the First Union Center last night! And hopefully it continues as the Flyers march into the playoffs. There were alot of good signs in the game, that the Flyers won 5-3 over the Hurricanes. First of all, Keith Primeau scores against his old team, on the power play which is a good sign for the power play. Then Leclair in his first game back after missing around 45 games, scored on the power play, and it was the kind of goal that Leclair scores, around the net. Then Tony Amonte in his first game as a flyer scored on a great wrist show from the slot, when was the last time we saw a goal like that from a Flyer? Amonte became the 6th Flyer to score in their first game in the orange and black, hopefully he doesn’t do what the other five have done, which is not score much after that first game. Then to top off the night, the Devils lose to the Bruins 4-3, pulling the Flyers to only 2 points out of the Division lead! This might be the best Flyers team going into the playoffs in a long while, and don’t forget that Gagne and Williams will be back for the playoffs, so look out East, here come the FLYERS!”

amazing_jesse writes: “Philly versus Toronto would be an awesome match-up in the playoffs for many reasons. The two teams play a power game with skill. Run and Gun versus Defensive minded. Quinn head coach Team Canada, a personnel coach, versus Hitchcock, Assistant coach, a systems coach. Belfour versus Hitchcock – Belfour stated after leaving the Stars (albeit after Hitch left too, but we all know their last year together was rocky), “I’m going to prove they made a mistake letting me go.” An American nucleus (Roenick, Amonte, LeClair) versus an Ontario nucleus (Roberts, Gilmour, Corson, Domi etc.). The fans hate each other, the players hate each other (somewhat) and fans hate the players of the other team. And of course, there was the Lindros saga in which Clarke essentially jerked Quinn’s chain never really intending to send Eric where he wanted to go, Toronto. It is just awesome.

To add to the drama, Quinn and Clarke were at each other at the trade deadline in a big way. They competed for many of the same players this round (Nolan, ricci, Housley, Thorton, Ninimma, others?). Both teams have loaded up on older talent and are pointing their arsenals at each other. Here is the story on the Housley and Ninimma saga:

Housley was a back up strategy in case of Quinn not getting Ninimma. It was widely known that Clarke wanted Housley for their struggling powerplay but the close relationship between Smith and Quinn prevented that from happening. Quinn and Smith had agreed to terms on Housley and Smith would accept that offer in case the Leafs did not get Ninimma; otherwise, Smith would unload him to anyone. Clarke’s offer could have easily been better (4th next year and a 9th this year), but Clarke sensed he would not be able to consummate the deal with Smith. He smelled Quinn all over it.

Clarke was pissed off at this which is why he drove up the price on Ninimma in the final hour before the deadline. Clarke called Lowe and drove up the price on Ninimma on purpose; it is speculated he never wanted Ninimma anyway and likely would not have closed the deal. But Lowe didn’t care because Clarke drove up the price.

Up to that time Quinn offered Jackman, Tucker and a pick for Nimimma and a pick. That was a better offer than Milbury offered as Isbister and a pick. It was Quinns to lose 1 hour before the deadline. When Clarke provided his offer, Lowe countered to Quinn asking for Antropov and Tucker; Quinn countered Tucker with Ponikarovsky and a pick.

Lowe asked Milbury for Scatchard, Isbister and a pick. And finally Milbury countered with Torres and Isbister. Milbury closed a deal more expensive than he wanted, and Quinn lost the deal he wanted, because of Clarke. And of course then clarke lost out on Housley. But at least he felt a little vindicated.

And as Brian Burke said – Toronto and Philly were pretty cute.

I am convinced Clarke signed Yushkevich primarily because Dmitri wanted to go to Toronto and the Leafs dressing room wanted him. Quinn didn’t though.

And I have to believe the Nolan trade pissed Clarke off a bit too.

I hope for the love of the game that Philly and Toronto get to play each other this year. “

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  1. leafs2003champs says:

    it’s allright

  2. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    good show!

  3. pensalltheway says:

    Saying my team sucks. I’ll join you on that one, right now the penguins suck. But I still follow them, and will continue to be a fan of them until they pull through this even if it is for 10 years. But that’s ok cause the pens have a lot of young talent ready to come up and join the NHL soon and the pens will just get better and better. I hope.

    P.S. Leafs will make it past the first round against NJ. It will be a hard fought series, but injuries and fatigue will take its toll and the leafs will lose in the second round. But they will go down fighting.

  4. titans says:

    See now only a Toronto resident could think that up! You dirty, dirty people!

  5. titans says:

    It’s the Leafs jerseys that do that.

  6. j-dUb says:


    OK COACH I guess we really see who has a brain and who is the real idiot. This quote “both use language”

    please point out all the obscene language in my comment you replied to!!!

    “Well the funny thing is you wish injury upon the flyers and roenick but were healthy and all the leafs are injured!


    I guess it’s in the nature of jelousy to want your superiors to get hurt but it’s just not in the cards this year!!!

    It’s soo funny that you talk soo much shit unfortunatly your leafs cant walk the walk oh wait they can’t even walk any walk they are all injured

    GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!! hey Maybe I’ll fly down to wherever you live and we could watch the Flyers games together I mean you wont have any other team to watch , that way I could laugh at you in person.

    but as long as your Leafs are as high and mighty as they are your comments just make you look foolish!!!!”

    Wow you mean there is no language.

    Pointless arguments “my dad can beat up your dad”

    since Ive been on here I have provided numerous educated comments about the Flyers and Leafs the only thing you have wrote were attempted insults at me!!!!

    Do you not see that









  7. Kroeter says:

    weren’t the Flyers seed #2 last year? hmmmm

  8. big_booty says:

    I don’t know, but he and Adam Oates seem to have that kind of “special” friendship…..

  9. j-dUb says:

    Your soo naive!!! Jillian

    As a former canuck fanatic, I can assure the truth of this rumour.

    around the 98-99 season numerous sighting in the cnaucks dressing room were reported that BIG MOOSE yes Messier himself would use Pavel Bure and Alexander MOgilny as his forbidden love slaves.

    you could tell by the way he smirk when he s sitting on the bench iv’e head he plays the whole game with a vibrating buttplug in his ass!!!!

  10. j-dUb says:

    Well your big mouth is at it again!!!!

    Thats a pretty sneaky suspision however if you didn’t notice I like the Flyers and Leaf expert is a Leaf fan

    And throught all the BULLSHIT and DUMB comment from LEaf expert at least he talks about his team

    Anyone Notice that coach just attempts to insult flyers fan because he has nothing good to say about his team!!!!

    You have not made one NOT ONE!!!!! comment about your team!!! anyone on this site know the Coach dose not make comments about hockey!!!

    Everything you just wrote about me and Leaf Expert(that stupid moron) is the truth about you!!!!

    I think I would rather you get hit by a car than LEAF EXPERT!!

    (actually I don’t like Leaf expert very much )

    but if either of you got hit by a car

    well that would truly be The feel good story of the year!!!

  11. Game67 says:

    Your kidding…right?

  12. j-dUb says:

    2001-We had Ray Bourique finall win the cup.

    2002-We hAs Saku Koivu defeat cancer and make a comback with the Habs

    2003-Doug Gilmour comes back to the Leafs where his heart never left


    Now dosn’t everyone agree that this is not “A FEEL GOOD STORY”




  13. The_Coach says:

    Come on now Titans, you gotta admit that it was a little funny!!! 🙂

  14. The_Coach says:

    Ok j-dub or is it I-Bob??? You wanted me to reply about my Leafs so here it is.

    I think that the Leafs have as good a shot as anyone in the East. I will not sit here and make false claims and beat my chest about the Leafs being the best team in the NHL because they are probably not; however, they have a very, very good playoff team. Do the Leafs match up well against your Flyers – HELL YA!!! Do I think that the Leafs can easily beat your team, NO!!! I think that the series is too close to call and will not put my money on either team.

    You have shot off a lot about the Leafs entering the playoffs on a slump and that it will spell doom for them in the first round. Well, if you call a western road trip in which the Leafs took 5 out of 6 points while they were missing some key components a slump, then I can’t wait until they start playing well.

    You also asked how old I am, well I am actaully 33 and been affiliated with hockey in one form or another for some 26 years. So please junior, don’t ever try to challenge my hockey knowledge.

    What this site does not need is another Leaf fan or Flyer fan that tells everyone how great we are and we are better than all the rest – that kind of crap even gets on my nerves.

    You wonder why I attack you, it is because that although you do apply some hockey knowledge to a majority of your posts, there are the other ones where you feel some need to just curse and basically write crap.

    If you just stuck to the hockey stuff and left the other crap out of it, they would be excellent posts. You say that you have been accepted to UVic Law and then you spout out obscenities here like you are a 14 year adolescent who had their XBox taken away.

  15. j-dUb says:

    The obscenities I post are in response to comments made by others

    and any 33 year old yould understand that they don’t do swearing tests before accepting people into Law school My LSAT scores is why I got accepted I could go there witha sign saying “FUCK THE FUCKING WORKD FUCK FUCK FUCK” and with my LSAT rating I would still get in.

    Now that that is that maybe we could make some peace and talk some hockey

    when I say going to the playoffs in a slump or hot is huge, thkis is from personal first hand experinces. Take Edmonton in the last few years they have had to go a crazy hot streaks in their last 10- 15 games to make the playoffs, result? they have been ale to beat or battle with a far superior Dallas team every year! it dosnt mean that a hot 8th place team will beat a 1st place team but it will give them a way better chance than before. Remeber 93-94 Canucks go in as the *th place team! Hottest team in the NHL though they mad eit to the final you need momentum going to the playoffs

    last year canucks were the hottest team in the NHL in the second half of the season, they squeak into the playoffs and they take the first 2 games from detroit in detroit! Obviously a young unexperinced club like canucks needs more than momnetum to take a veteran stanley cup champion detroit team but still , once they took game one and 2 there were alot of peopla saying “what the fuck is going on”

    on the other hand

    Philly suffers key injuries prior to the playoffs Jeremy Roanick goes down, the team struggle and they lost most of their remaining 10 games. What happened in the playoffs the #2 team scores 2 goals and loses in 5. You cannot build momentum in the firts round if you have it you have it if not your toast!!!!

    Now I emphasize this because jackasses like LEAF EXPERT ( who is not my alternate personality) spit out crap about how the Leafs would kill the Flyers. Well People who know what it takes to win in the playoffs know exactly that it is not true not this year. the teams are heading in the oppostie directions! Toront is suffering form numerous injuries that will tkae their toll they may be able to get a few games here and there but going into the strectch ganmes get tougher and the injuries will take their toll. The leafs may not be slumping too bad but then you look at philly.

    They are 2pts behind jersey for 2nd this is without an offense they are the worst offensive playoff team (so far) The best deadlin deal so far has been Amonte. Rejuvented with Roenick , Roenicks play just got a huge confidence boost, amontes confidence is hoighe than it has been all yoear with phoenix (5pts in 2 games) and to make it scarier John Leclair jujst returned from injury.

    in a matter of 2 weeks this team saw the net and the say a brick wall in front of it an impossible to penetrate wall, now the mentality has taken a 180 degree turn the hockey net looks like the are shooting on a soccer net. You see it in the way the play the team is not fighting to squek out one goal victories but the club is feeling good and having fun. Chechmanek is starting to play like a top notch goalie, and the team, has all confindence in him.

    Their defense which has carried them all season is still there but their goaltending improved and their offense is like night and day, a completly diffrent atitude and when a team that is 2pts out of second and still biding for the president trophy(unlikely but not ruled ou completly) gets and jolt like their offense which has been ogne all season and you have to sit back and say HOLY SHIT!!

    This is why I would much rather face jersey of I were a leafs fan!!!

    Now I get defensive when IDIOTS like leaf exdpert say LEAFS IN 4! everything I said is true and makes sense , but why can’t Leaffans admit things are not going according to the story book right now, I mean ya timly injuries suck but as a Flyers fan we got raped worst that any team by the means of that, last year.

    Things do have time to change but theres is not many games left and its unfortunate that you guys are having your bad luck at htis point in the season, it dosnt neccesarily say who is the better team if they meet in the first round but it is saying who was in a better situtation going into the playoffs.

    Philly has already gotten its injuries and problems out of the way!!!

  16. j-dUb says:

    and a little bitch, and a snake, probably one of the top 5 most hated players in the NHL

  17. j-dUb says:

    You obviolsy missed the point of the comment!!

    I wa sstating how everyone is making abig deal that philly is destined to play toronto in the first round

    but philly is about to catch jersey and go to 2nd and there is a chance that toronto could fall a few spots I mean tmapa and bosotn arent far back

    I think it would be funny if they end up playoing in the first round but as #2 and #7

  18. The_Coach says:

    You are right in your analysis about the Oilers, Canucks and others. You are bang on about the Leaf Expert. I have said many times on this site that he does not speak for the rest of the Leaf fans and only serves to make people hate all of us!!!

    As for the Leafs, well I do believe that they are an excellent team that is well suited for the playoffs, more so than the regular season. More importantly though is that they are veteran laden team that should be able to respond to the injuries, much like last year.

    As far as your Flyers go, I agree with you 100%, right now, they are the team to beat in the East. I do not want to play them in the first round but also I don’t want to miss out on what could be the best playoff round in recent history!!!

  19. j-dUb says:

    I would be very upset to see it have to happen in the first round!!

    In the confrence final then it has potential to be one of the best series of all time.

    Plus it would be a much much sweeter visctory over the rival leafs ( and a much more bitter upset hearsay they lose)(but we all know that wont happen)

    If Philly dose catch jersey , tomorw nights game vs jersey I think will decide the division winner

    ( biggest game of the year so far)

    then we will likely face boston in the frist round not the ideal matchup for a second place team but much weaker club than last year.

    #1 vs #8 Ott NYI

    I like NYI chances over ottawa I think they have what it take to upset them!! Yashin will have a good series and Peca could lead his team in the playoffs I dontt think ottawa is tough enough their deadline deal are useless in my eyes!!

    #2 VS #7 phi Bos

    Well yes Philly will not have a problem with boston they just aren the same team, their goaltending just can’t cut it they may be playing bette rnow but the lose of guering really hurt this club.

    #3 vs #6 Tam Was

    Tampa is too young and unexperinced although washington is no better tahn the Rangers as for big contracts with lack of results, the lighting jus dont have what it takes ( Khabibulin could steal this, if he wants to) but if he dosne stand in his head for the ENTIRE series I think Kolzig coul dmmatch uip with him

    #4 vs #5 NJ Tor

    Always the best opening series in the playoffs both good clubs just not division winners.

    This is the one round where I feel Jersey is vunerable, Once they get past the first round they are like a freight train which is very scary to face in the playoffs but the biggest threat I feel was Bobby holik this team is slowly changin its look and is not as intimidating as before. If Toronto donst get slowed down too much by the injuries they can take them. But they better do it or jersey will go to the final!

    Second round well there is too many possible match ups!

    Tomorw ill do the weterm confrence Print out these comment and read back on them after the first round!!! Im usually pretty acurate with these things!

  20. amazing_jesse says:

    Are you for fucking real?

    My pathology is to come here to have some fun, blow off some steam harmlessly and think about simpler things in life than work, finances, family, future etc.

    cwhockey I comment on all things in hockey regularly, Leafs or not.

    You are obviously a student working on your BA or recently out of school and actually think pretty high of yourself. Some sort of intellectual Robin Hood.

    Listen kid, you’re not that smart; otherwise your perspectives on philosophy and life would find a publisher not a hockey chat room.

    For me, this chat room is the equivalent of going to a bar, drinking a few beers and getting into some light-hearted, simple discussions.

    Just fuck off you obsessive nut job. How’s that tired sarcasm?

    All things being equal, I will go for the cheap laugh of like-minded fans over the delving into the salient points made by another author offering insightful critique.

    Depends on my mood actually.

    This is an Internet chat room about Hockey Trade rumors. Have a beer on me.

  21. amazing_jesse says:

    It just came to me.


  22. zednik says:


    Ouch to the Jersey fans out there !


  23. shmink says:

    Fellow Flyers fans…take a deep breath…if all the injured rebound, and the LeClair/Roenick/Amonte trio maintain, and no opponent watches the film to know that the goalie goes down when the puck carrier crosses the blue line, the Flyers might be fine. The schedule will really benefit the Flyers from here out and should have them finishing as the second seed. That’s a good thing, too. I believe that the only three Eastern teams that can beat the Flyers are Ottawa (the greatest group of survivors in the NHL), Toronto (certainly not more talented, but there’s just something about them), and New Jersey (can’t ever count Marty out – and they have a few guys that really wake up in the playoffs). Having two of them face-off in the first round (NJ & Toronto), and not seeing Ottawa until the finals would benefit the Flyers – big time. Unfortunately, the West is too strong and whoever comes out of the East will crash and burn in the Cup finals. I want a parade down Broad St. as much as anybody, but the team looks pretty much like every other year…a couple of stars, marginal goaltending (and don’t give me Cechmanek’s numbers, I watch the guy every night), and a mess of third-liners that can’t be relied on…

  24. Pock says:

    I would have thought you’d rather play Philly. There not a quick team as compared to the devs which would exploit your still weak defense, and i still consider phillys goaltender suspect… but we’ll see. I still honestly believe the devs will win the east, there hitting more w/ each game, and this team is very quick. I will say gl to the leafs though, but its philly you’ll get in the first round, and you will handle them in 5 or 6.

  25. cwhockey says:

    I’ve said time and again that I’m not that smart, you can go back and check if you like. I’ve never thought highly of myself. If I had, I would be sorely dissapointed. And I am quite a ways out of college if you want to know. I’m not gonna make assumptions on anyone here because I don’t know a damn thing about them, just as no one here knows a damn thing about me. If you want to know something about me, ask. I have no reason to lie; I’m not a kid trying to make himself look better. So please don’t make assumptions as to my status in life.

    I realize that this is a place to blow off steam. A place for some enjoyment, which is interesting because you see an awful lot of arguments and dislike amongst the posters. You come here to blow off some of that steam, which is fine. But that shouldn’t mean that you leave logic behind. I see so many comments made that never give you the reasons why. If you go to a bar to have a few drinks and start talking hockey with your buddies, you make some comments and you back those comments up with some valid reasoning. That’s just a normal part of the conversation, even though you don’t always recognize it when you are in the middle of that conversation.

    But a place like this is different. There is no direct communication. You don’t have to hear that person’s voice and the conviction (or lack thereof) in it. You don’t have to look in his eyes, read his body language, etc. All you have to do here is type a few words on a page and hit ok. If your comments have little or no validity, you can dodge that bullet because you don’t have to confront face-to-face when someone calls you on it. Why is it so unreasonable to ask for an explanation on someone comments? You would do that in normal conversation, even a light-hearted and simple conversation. Or should we all just show our collective immaturity, post a comment then basically run away without explaining ourselves. Sure it may take a little extra time to explain yourself, but it’s not really a problem if you know what you are talking about.

    Maybe it’s just me, but if I make a comment, I have reasons behind it and I will explain them if necessary. If I’m wrong and someone explains why, I’ll be happy for it because I will know better for a next time. I just don’t see that much here, which pisses me off. If you want to have a good discussion of any kind, there has to be something backing it up. Otherwise you get what we often find here, mindless babble that serves absolutely no purpose. Forgive me if I try to introduce some kind of intelligence in this mix. God knows I wouldn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun.

  26. bruinexpert says:

    my dad can kick all of your dad’s asses…

    LETS GO BRUINS!!!!!!!

  27. The_Coach says:

    Those matchups seem pretty accurate.

    Here is my take on the series, which by the way I agree with your picks.

    1-8 I will also take the Islanders over Ottawa in an upset. Let’s face it, every year there is an upset in the first and this will be it. The Isles are playing good hockey right now and they will pound the Senators in this series. The deadline deal for Niinamaa definitely solidified an already strong defence.

    Isles in 7

    2-7 Philly in a rout. I can’t see this version of the Bruins being able to play against the Flyers. Not much to elaborate on this.

    Flyers in 4.

    3-6 First off, does anyone really care? Well I would also agree with Washington. TB is headed the right way and the experience will do wonders for them next year, but as for this year, there really is too much talent and experience on the Capitals.

    Caps in 6

    4-5 I honestly believe that the Leafs will take Jersey this year. One hockey analyst summed a Jersey-Leaf series by referring to the defence of the Devils. Once considered their strong point the defence has been transformed and now includes guys like Tverdovsky, Rafalski and Neidermyer; hardly the kind of guys that can handle power forwards in front of the net. Stevens and Daneyko have slowed considerably and well White serves as a rather large pylon. I think that the Leafs abundance of behemoth forwards will take their toll on this Jersey D.

    Leafs in 6

    Might be a bit early to start predicting playoff winners but still fun!

  28. titans says:

    Well there ya have it!

  29. aaron says:

    Better. Tampa Bay/Anaheim. That would draw like a 0.2 rating. :p

  30. aaron says:

    You know, this almost makes me believe there is a god, but that would mean he created you in the first place.

  31. nocuphere says:

    Thank god none of you idiots are getting paid for your opinions…I’ve noticed that most of you make up crap, or regurgitate the info you heard on sportscentre last night….I wouldn’t be predicting any first round match-ups yet….There are at least 11 games remaining for each team, and many positions seperated by 2,3, or 4 points…why don’t you just sit back and enjoy the races (thebest in years)….As far as Philly this and Toronto that….This match probably will happen….The Devils have a much easier schedule than do the Flyers and the leafs aren’t going to be caught by Tampa or Washington….so you got your 4 and 5 right there….And as far as the Leafs being introuble with injury….bull shit….Roberts will be back in a game or two, and as far as Gilmour they aren’t gonna miss him, jesus you have to play a game or two to be missed….Houlsley will be back before playoffs, and if Nolan is hurt I havne’t seen it…..The Flyers however are a little banged up….Lecalir hasn’t been healthy since 98….Gagne is not going to be the same this year….And you all can talk as much shit about the leaf vs flyer series….bottom line is the leafs have a much, much more potent offense the flyers have the edge in D,,,,,,Belfour is going to be the difference here….But i’ll let the eagle to the talking….

  32. devfanman4 says:

    Sure we don’t have as many fans…that’s what the NHL gets for moving a team to a location in the middle of two of the oldest teams in the NHL. The real Devils fans (which are few) are just as passionate as any Flyers or Leafs fan out there. The only team the Devils can’t beat in the east are the Senators. As long as they don’t choke (last year was a fluke), it’ll be Sens-Devs eastern conference finals this yera! GO DEVILS GO!!

  33. devfanman4 says:

    no and learn how to spell…let’s talk about hockey…isn’t that what this site is about?

  34. amazing_jesse says:

    you’re forgiven

  35. OKFlyer says:

    If that punk takes a run at anyone he will end up in the hospital Fridge will crush him

  36. Flyers_01 says:

    Wow. I watch the same team and don’t get that impression at all. As a matter of fact, other than leaf fans I don’t see anyone sharing your completely negative opinion of the Flyers. The Flyers are better than you are making them out to be.

  37. Flyers_01 says:

    You really musn’t have anything to base your opinion on if calling the opposing goalie names is the highlight of your opinion.

  38. orlandomac says:

    Tales Of Education in the States

    How proud are Americans when their advanced students are idiots.

    You can’t even spell but you got a degree….

    If you were truly intelligent you wouldn’t like Philly’s chances in the playoffs.

    Then again Bobby Clarke counts on your intelligence because people like you line his pockets.

    You preach regular season stats when you talk about the playoffs. The Post season is what its all about, if not, the Flyers might have won a Cup or two, possibly even have gotten out of the first round.

    I would say Philly has got the better regular season stats over the last 10 yrs compared to the Leafs, but average out how many rounds they’ve gone and I’m sure you’ll find we’ve gone more rounds.

    That includes the years we didn’t make the playoofs too.

    So much for your intellect, lets hope your ilk aren’t running the war on Iraq, or else we are all in trouble.

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