The Battlefield of Leafs and Flyers Fans

Enough stories that will start a war between these fans of two great teams. Anyone who is not a fan of either team, sit back and enjoy!!!!The_Coach writes: “Although a Flyer – Leaf first round series is very much in doubt with Philly’s charge up the standings, we still endlessly feud with one another.

Nothing gets this site more riled up like a good ole Flyer – Leaf comparison. Sometimes it appears that this site is really only about TO and Philly (ok, and a little New York) but that just speaks to the popularity and fan base of both of these teams. Leaving the teams totally out of it, lets compare the fans.

First of all, I wasn’t really sure about this post but what the hey, I am sick of reading about Dougie and the trades that didn’t happen!

I think that the biggest factor in the fans of the Leafs and Flyers hatred of each other stems from their similarities.

1. I don’t think that there are more rabid fans in hockey outside of these two cities. We demand success and still support our teams when they are getting stomped on. Pure passion is what I call it.

2. Both fans have gone a while since watching our team hoist a cup (and yes I know that it has been longer for my Leafs) and want that parade so bad that we would sell our grandmothers to get it.

3. Regardless of some of the nonsense written in this site, we each know that the road to the cup goes through the other’s city. Yeah, that’s right fans of Ottawa and Jersey, I said it!

4. We both suffer from an infuriating GM, who we more often want to beat with a stupid stick then celebrate. This is probably a good point to take the plung and actually say publicly that I think that Bob Clarke has been the best GM in hockey since last years entry draft. Damn that was tough!

Well those are the main reason’s that I can see, although a fifth reason could be that we each possess at least one fan that can post some stuff that makes the entire site react with bezerker like rage and we all know who those fans of TO and Philly are.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not trying to kiss and make up because I absolutely HATE the Flyers but I will be man enough to admit that I am a little scared to face them in the playoffs!!!

hitznsticks writes: “As a Flyer fan, I think we should make an agreement to ignore the comments being made by Toronto’s finest….. after all, we are now just 2 points out of the division lead- the Devils are falling fast, and with a relatively easy schedule remaining, it looks more apparent that Philadelphia will NOT be playing host to Toronto in round 1.

I know this sucks for people like Leaf_Expert, as he/SHE will have no one to argue with, but let’s face facts. Get a news paper, and check the stats, as well as the standings- It just does not look like it is going to happen- and, btw, Tampa is only 4 points back from Toronto- Stop trying to create a fantasy playoff series, and actually watch a little hockey- hell, you may even learn something!

Let’s make a pact to let them talk, amongst themselves, and watch the remainder of the season- their arguments have turned to nonsense!

flyersruleclarkstillsucks writes: ” Finally there was some excitement at the First Union Center last night! And hopefully it continues as the Flyers march into the playoffs. There were alot of good signs in the game, that the Flyers won 5-3 over the Hurricanes. First of all, Keith Primeau scores against his old team, on the power play which is a good sign for the power play. Then Leclair in his first game back after missing around 45 games, scored on the power play, and it was the kind of goal that Leclair scores, around the net. Then Tony Amonte in his first game as a flyer scored on a great wrist show from the slot, when was the last time we saw a goal like that from a Flyer? Amonte became the 6th Flyer to score in their first game in the orange and black, hopefully he doesn’t do what the other five have done, which is not score much after that first game. Then to top off the night, the Devils lose to the Bruins 4-3, pulling the Flyers to only 2 points out of the Division lead! This might be the best Flyers team going into the playoffs in a long while, and don’t forget that Gagne and Williams will be back for the playoffs, so look out East, here come the FLYERS!”

amazing_jesse writes: “Philly versus Toronto would be an awesome match-up in the playoffs for many reasons. The two teams play a power game with skill. Run and Gun versus Defensive minded. Quinn head coach Team Canada, a personnel coach, versus Hitchcock, Assistant coach, a systems coach. Belfour versus Hitchcock – Belfour stated after leaving the Stars (albeit after Hitch left too, but we all know their last year together was rocky), “I’m going to prove they made a mistake letting me go.” An American nucleus (Roenick, Amonte, LeClair) versus an Ontario nucleus (Roberts, Gilmour, Corson, Domi etc.). The fans hate each other, the players hate each other (somewhat) and fans hate the players of the other team. And of course, there was the Lindros saga in which Clarke essentially jerked Quinn’s chain never really intending to send Eric where he wanted to go, Toronto. It is just awesome.

To add to the drama, Quinn and Clarke were at each other at the trade deadline in a big way. They competed for many of the same players this round (Nolan, ricci, Housley, Thorton, Ninimma, others?). Both teams have loaded up on older talent and are pointing their arsenals at each other. Here is the story on the Housley and Ninimma saga:

Housley was a back up strategy in case of Quinn not getting Ninimma. It was widely known that Clarke wanted Housley for their struggling powerplay but the close relationship between Smith and Quinn prevented that from happening. Quinn and Smith had agreed to terms on Housley and Smith would accept that offer in case the Leafs did not get Ninimma; otherwise, Smith would unload him to anyone. Clarke’s offer could have easily been better (4th next year and a 9th this year), but Clarke sensed he would not be able to consummate the deal with Smith. He smelled Quinn all over it.

Clarke was pissed off at this which is why he drove up the price on Ninimma in the final hour before the deadline. Clarke called Lowe and drove up the price on Ninimma on purpose; it is speculated he never wanted Ninimma anyway and likely would not have closed the deal. But Lowe didn’t care because Clarke drove up the price.

Up to that time Quinn offered Jackman, Tucker and a pick for Nimimma and a pick. That was a better offer than Milbury offered as Isbister and a pick. It was Quinns to lose 1 hour before the deadline. When Clarke provided his offer, Lowe countered to Quinn asking for Antropov and Tucker; Quinn countered Tucker with Ponikarovsky and a pick.

Lowe asked Milbury for Scatchard, Isbister and a pick. And finally Milbury countered with Torres and Isbister. Milbury closed a deal more expensive than he wanted, and Quinn lost the deal he wanted, because of Clarke. And of course then clarke lost out on Housley. But at least he felt a little vindicated.

And as Brian Burke said – Toronto and Philly were pretty cute.

I am convinced Clarke signed Yushkevich primarily because Dmitri wanted to go to Toronto and the Leafs dressing room wanted him. Quinn didn’t though.

And I have to believe the Nolan trade pissed Clarke off a bit too.

I hope for the love of the game that Philly and Toronto get to play each other this year. “