The Best NHL Goaltender/Player Next Season

Going into the 2004-2005 NHL season next year, there are so many great goaltenders and players that can be considered the league`s best. From Martin St. Louis to Roberto Luongo to Adrian Aucoin… there are tons of players that can be found in this category.

Below is who I feel would be the NHL`s best defenseman, offenseman, and goaltender:


Roberto Luongo – I know Luongo came off, probably, his best season yet last year but this upcoming year he will be INCREDIBLE. During this off-season, the Florida Panthers are looking to make drastic changes. So many improvements. They want to be a contender next year. We`ve already heard the rumor of Bill Guerin going to Florida on the draft weekend. With all these improvements on the way, Florida will most likely be improving their defense as well. All this leading to Roberto Luongo having an INCREDIBLE season.


Scott Niedermayer – Scott`s been the NHL`s best defenseman for the past couple years. Going into next year I don`t see anything changing. The way things are looking during this off-season and the way he keeps turning down the Devils` offers, Niedermayer looks like he wants to test the UFA. I`m thinking he will sign with a big time team leading to another great season.


Jarome Iginla – Sure it would be Peter Forsberg but I`m not picking him since there is the possibilty he may not return to the NHL next season. And sure Martin St. Louis is a big favorite but he`s made his name known and he`s going to get tossed around pretty bad next season. Jarome Iginla is the man because he is determined to win the Cup. He wants Lord Stanley bad especially since he came so close. This upcoming season will be his best and he will be consistent night after night.


Roberto Luongo – Tough choice but it`s got to be the goaltender. Roberto`s going to be the key to Florida`s success next season and he will without a doubt be the most unstoppable force on the ice.

I`d like to see who you all would pick in these categories so please, all respond. Also I`d like to know, in next year`s fantasy draft, if you had the number one overall pick… who would you pick and why?

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