The Day After Yesterday

General Managers Rankings of March 8 and 9 2006 for the Trade Deadline.THE BUYERS

1) Dave Nonis :: Awesome blueline depth. Addressed defensive needs, and on goaltending. Did not trade too much value away.

2) Kevin Lowe :: Addressed goalie issue with Dwayne Roloson, and added a flashy skilled winger in Samsonov. Paid a price by trading a 1st and 2nd rounder.

3) Dave Taylor :: Acquired Mark Parrish and Brent Sopel (better fit for West). Addressed more depth on offense and defense. Paid a price by giving away Jeff Tambellini (excellent prospect for the Isle’s). Denis Grebeshkov is a solid prospect defenseman for his potential, but has struggled process. No loss on starting line-up.

4) Bobby Clarke :: No dramatic trades. Added my favorite available defenseman in Dennis Gauthier and added forward depth with Dimitrakos, who has his surprising moments. Paid a lot with draft picks by trading two 2nd rounders and a 3rd. Addressed needs with well known and good players.

5) John Muckler :: Wanted a scoring center, and got Tyler Arnason for solid and dependable prospect in Brian Bochenski. No drastic changes made, which was neccessary. Goaltending issue could backfire on Muckler.

6) Jim Rutherford :: With Eric Cole out, added a much experienced player in Mark Recchi. Great acquisition for a solid Cup run. Defense still a bit questionable. Did not pay a hefty price for Recchi, but two mid-level prospects and a 2nd is not cheap.

7) Glen Sather :: It was either an offensive defenseman or a physical stay at home defenseman. The stay at homers were selling at a high price and Brendan Witt was a target for the Rangers. In the end, the Rangers looked at an offensive defenseman to carry the puck, and who has good ice vision, a heck of a shot on the point..yet experienced, playoff experience. Sandis Ozolinsh was a player I picked for the Rangers to get back in December. Just a 3rd round traded, which was acquired from the Sharks in exchange for Ville Nieminen who, according to Slats, lost his place to Ryan Hollweg.

8) Doug Armstrong :: Willie Mitchell is a solid defenseman, a difference maker. I really don’t know why the Wild decided to trade him. Guess Kuba is more valuable to them? Martin Skoula is pretty decent, and Shawn Belle is a pretty good defenseman prospect.., great deal for Armstrong by solidifying his defense extremely well.


1) Mike Milbury :: I was wrong in saying that owner Mr. Wang made the worst decision to allow Mad Mike to deal with the trade deadline. Milbury had to make trades and ended up selling Mark Parrish, Brent Sopel, and Brad Lukowich. Lukowich, who cares…he is not one of a kind. Sopel did not work out, who cares. Parrish….Isle’s fans cringe on losing such a player. But Jeff Tambellini? He won’t be a top point getter but this guy is a great prospect to have and he will right the wrong of Milbury’s worst trade of Luongo and Jokinen. Well, not really right it, but it will ease down. He had to sell, freed up some cap space and looks ahead for the future.

2) Brian Burke :: Slashed salary and prepared for next season (prediction I thought gm’s would do). Added solid winger in Friesen to play with young talent in Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Andy McDonald, and soon Bobby Ryan. Kept the defense balanced by acquiring O’Donnell.

3) Craig Patrick :: I guess he could not even sell John LeClair for a bag of pucks. Mark Recchi was a coveted veteran for the Cup running teams and Patrick got a good deal of value for an aging vet by acquring a useful 2nd rounder and two pretty good prospects to join the Penguins future success with the youth program. Patrick didn’t have to worry about much anyway, he knows he is getting another 1st overall pick for the third time in five years.

4) Dave Tallon :: I think he could have gotten Bochenski and a draft pick, but at least he got rid of a center that apparently was “not working out” in the Windy City. I liked what I saw in Bochenski, good deal.

5) George McPhee :: I think it’s usually a great trade when a team trades a UFA player for a 1st rounder. But, Kris Beech? He was doing “okay” in Washington’s system. A total bust in Pittsburgh, and a total bust in Nashville. So….pretty much just Brendan Witt for a 1st rounder. It’s good…but Beech was useless.

6) Doug Risebrough :: I’m very puzzled by him giving away Mitchell. The guy is a steady defenseman who gave little in return to the Wild. Aside from Mitchell came a 2nd round pick going to Dallas. What the heck!? For Martin Skoula and Shawn Belle? I can’t totally blame the GM on this one because it has to be a scout that told him great things about Belle and Skoula. Mitchell should have remained a Wild. But, I guess Risebrough is looking at two players for one.

7) Mike O’Connell :: Do I really need to explain it to you why he ranks last on my list? If Reasoner scores 60 points next season, then I will.


1) Mike Keenan :: I have to say, this guy has guts and sent an incredible message to the team. By not trading Olli Jokinen….he is telling the players that the Panthers should be in the playoffs and should follow Jokinen’s lead. This is also a lesson for Roberto Luongo to learn. I know he wants to win, but the Panthers are not far from playoff contention, most likely next season. Gratton proved me wrong, the guy is a workaholic. Josef Stumpel finally came together and is a top scorer for the team. Keenan made an awesome statement. It took guts and he deserves credit. I expected him to buy a player or two for scoring, but Rick Jackman is a good buy.

2) Ken Holland :: I thought he would work his usual magic by acquiring a player of significance, but why bother? I heard and read analysts saying what is Holland waiting for. What should he be waiting for? Did these guys forget that there is a salary cap? Holland has the best team in the West. No need to make changes.

3) Michael Burnett :: Yes, in a way he should be ranked in the Sellers category, but he inked Derek Morris who was one of two defensemen to get traded out of Phoenix, the other being Gauthier. He did not give away Comrie as rumored. I don’t know if he wanted to, but it would have been idiotic if he did. I think the Yotes are not at all rebuilding. I don’t know how Burnett did not manage to move Curtis Joseph, but I guess his intentions are of re-signing him for another year. If so, this is not rebuilding. Burnett will look to buy free agents this year. He keeps the team attractive enough for free agents to sign with. He got two 2nd rounders for Gauthier, which is a good return. He is giving another chance to Oleg Kvasha, we’ll see how that plays out. I actually liked what Burnett did. He managed his team by not being a buyer or a seller, but made futher preparation for next season, which I predicted would happen.

4) Bob Gainey :: As I mentioned in my Wednesday wrap up column….. David Aebsicher’s best years will be as a Montreal Canadien. Forget about Gainey looking to get a goalie in the next couple of off-seasons. He has Huet, Aebischer, Danis, and will look at Carey Price to develop. He got rid of a problem in Jose` Theodore. He played it smart. Next season, the Canadiens will be among one of the top teams in the league with the best goaltending depth.


1) Lou Lamoriello :: How on earth did he see that his defense needed help? If anything, that’s the area that is winning games for the poorly talented Devils. Brad Lukowich? Why? Ken Klee for a top Devils prospect (which would not be so top in other teams’ systems) in Suglobov? A 4th rounder for a gritty defensive forward in Jason Weimer? Why? He concentrated on all the defensive aspects of the game yet failed to address their major need in offense! Without Patrick Elias the Devils offense is close to non-existent aside from Gomez and Gionta. And can someone help me out here? I calculated the Devils player salaries on and even if I exclude Darren Langdon, Tallackson, and even Jensens…. the Devils are still above $39,000,000. It’s nice to strengthen the blueline, but that was NOT a real need and not worth trading Suglobov for it.

2) John Ferguson Jr. :: Even though I wanted him to sell, the day that he acquired Luke Richardson I gave JFJ two thumbs up for trying to make his team better. Yet he did nothing after that except acquiring a good prospect in Klee. Are you kidding me? This was the best time for him to make trades and to sell. Seemed like he was going to buy but he did not do anything. Yikes….

3) Darryl Sutter :: You want a run at the Cup? You have to pay a price for it. Edmonton did well to acquire Samsonov. Sutter, you telling me you could not have given a similar value of Reason, a 2nd, and a Yan Statny type of player? Refused to help his team, which desperately needed a scoring center. I mean, for depserate measures? Get Oleg Kvasha. I think the guy is a total bust but definitely worth a shot if you’re running for the Cup. Big in size, very good skater…. who knows…could have made a difference. Better to try than to not try at all.

4) Jay Feaster :: Did nothing for a team that is slipping from the playoffs. Horrible.

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  1. Scruffy05 says:

    Haven’t you seen Auld play this year?

  2. BigCanuck says:

    Auld has been more than solid inspite of having loads of injuries on the blueline. Doesn’t let in soft ones, just not very flashy. Try and watch him before asking where goaltending is. He is 6th in wins, and his save percentage is around .910. Not to shabby.

  3. BigCanuck says:

    Nice comments. Great to see a Leafs fan throw kudos our way. Feel sorry for your guys right now, going to be tough sledding.

  4. FLAMESOWNU says:

    I would have liked for Samsanov to come to Calgry, as long as he can stay off the IR.

  5. NHLman says:

    I’d just like to bring up a point about the Rangers d-core and in turn their offseason options. First off, by acquiring Ozolinsh they have made an improvement; Strudwick is now the 7th defensman where he belongs. So the pairings will look like what?






    alright that is fine, however, I find this move to have created a lot of interesting scenarios come this offseason. The interest comes from the fact that all these defensemen, except Poti, will be either under contract or restricted next season, while the coming of Marc Staal seems imminent. Not to mention that Pock seems deserving of a long look in the regular season (although I’m not sure how long- maybe min. of 25 games). Furthermore, the Rangers look to have cap space (plus it appears the cap will be raised) to go after one of the elite defensemen that will be an unrestricted free agent.

    Rangers D-men:








    That means there will be 7 defensmen competing for 6 starting positions. Then consider that the Rangers may bring in a free agent defensemen- just as a name I will say it is Zdeno Chara, he would obviously have a position locked . Would the Rangers keep Staal and Pock in the minors for another year or would someone be traded and if so who? Will Poti be resigned? I think this demonstrates the interesting possibilites I had mentioned.

    Here’s what I would do:

    Offer Poti a contract no more than half a million more than his current salary. If he takes alright he is fairly solid, if not bye bye.

    If Poti is not resigned then you go after that big free agent defenseman: Redden, Chara, McCabe, Lidstrom, and any of those other guys. My preference would be Chara or Redden obviously.

    If you cannot sign one of those elite defensemen stick with what you have: Malik, Roszival, Tyutin, Kasparitis, Ozolinsh, Staal, and Pock

    So taking this to another level there are also a lot of interesting possibilites concerning the forwards, who will be kept and who will be let go? Steve Rucchin, Martin Rucinsky, Martin Straka, and Petr Sykora are all unrestricted free agents and there are a number of restricted players. Clearly to keep the restricted players there will be a cap hit, so how much will be left for resigining these players? Plus it is time for some of the young talent to come up.

    I believe the Rangers number one priority for the forwards should be to either trade for an elite center or, which is more likely, sign Marc Savard. If this cannot be achieved I believe Petr Sykora and Martin Straka should be resigned. The rest of the spots should be filled by the top young players in the system.

    Here’s the likeliest team:










    The point is the Rangers have a lot of options because of their success this season and the fact they are supposed to rebuilding- meaning they have a lot of good prospects

  6. Realistic says:

    Russ courtnall for John Kordic was the worst trade ever…Leeman, Petit, Reese, Berube & Godunyk for Gilmour, Natress, Macoun, Walmsley & Manderville is up there as well.

  7. wildy96 says:

    yea all i meant is you can put that money to good use on either offensive d-men or just on offense in general cus a jaque lemaire team normally wont give up to many goals! yes he was part of the nucleus but i mean after the 3 mil offer was on the table neither side responded or gave any counteroffers so it was prolly communication as much as anything else! yea i really liked him as a leader and defense first guy but hey business is business!

  8. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    THANK YOU. Trading 2 second rounders isn’t “overpaying” if you have 4 to begin with. He piled up draft picks in the offseason for that exact reason.

  9. big_booty says:

    Yeah, Washington really made out there.

    The supposed “jewel” of that deal, goaltender Maxime Ouellet, was sent packing to Vancouver for a fifth-rounder. The coveted number one that Washington got? Used on some schmoe who’s been drafted twice before.

    George McPhee “fleeced” Clarke?

    At least Clarke had the huevos to make a deal at the time. I’m sick of people still bringing this deal up. When Martin Vagner becomes a Hall of Famer and Ouellet nabs a Vezina, then we can have this discussion.

    Until then, let this deceased equine lie.

  10. FlamingHomer says:

    I would love to see this post hauled out again at the end of the season just to see if the GM’s are as smart/stupid as we are now giving them credit for.

  11. oildude says:

    I see that the Sabres are struggling right now. They should have traded Biron instead of Noronen , Edmonton would have gave up a defencemen for him.

  12. oildude says:

    Lowe made a good move to get Samsonov but they probably won’t need him because the Roloson deal will not get the oil into the playofffs. This may cost MacTavish his job.

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