The Eagle V.S. Cujo (Comparison)

The battle Leafs fans have been talking about since early July. The Detroit Red Wings make their only visit to Air Canada Centre Saturday night and everyone wants to see Ed Belfour face Curtis Joseph in net.

Here’s a comparison of the two goalies this season and over their careers:

Goalies: Curtis Joseph | Ed Belfour

Age: 35 | 37

Height: 5′ 11″ | 5′ 11″

Weight: 190 lbs. | 192 lbs.

Birthplace: Keswick, Ont. | Carman, Man.

Nickname: Cujo | Eagle

Salary: $8 million | $6.5 million This season: 5-4-2 | 4-5-2

Goals against: 2.61 | 2.69

Save percentage: .899 | .904

Shutouts: 1 | 1

Shots faced: 287 | 312

Goals allowed: 29 | 30

NHL seasons: 13 | 13

Drafted: FA St. Louis | FA Chicago

Career record: 351-264-83 | 368-247-102

Career GAA: 2.78 | 2.47

Career save pct: .907 | .905

Career shutouts: 37 | 59

Playoff record: 58-58 | 79-57

Playoff GAA: 2.52 | 2.13

Playoff save pct: .920 | .920

Playoff shutouts: 15 | 11

Stanley Cups: 0 | 1


4 Responses to The Eagle V.S. Cujo (Comparison)

  1. Robert says:

    I must say Cujo is doing much worst than i expected and Belfour much better. Belfour has shown he aint as good as he used to be, but aint half bad either, and Jospeh has just shown he is overpaided. I thought Cujo on a better team would make him look like a hasek…guess i was wrong. but still early, Belfour can still tank, and Cujo can still be gold.

  2. aaron says:

    CuJo likely won’t play today against TO, and cut him some slack. The Wings defense has been awful. Half the shots CuJo faces are cross ice one timers. Anyway, Hasek’s #s weren’t much better at this point last season.

  3. TheBricks says:

    Bottom Line…..

    Belfour 1 Stanley Cup

    CuJo 0 Stanley Cups

    Yes, Eddie is nuts, but he still could pull it all together and save the Leafs.

  4. MantaRay says:

    Cujo got far too much credit in Toronto for the teams success. When he got hurt last season the TEAM played their best hockey and behind Cory Shwab the Leafs catapulted into 100 point season.

    Belfour is an upgrade for the Leafs, especially now without Yuschvitch to bail the defense out.

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