I’ve gotten quite the sour taste in my mouth lately with all the political corectness going on around here. So I decided, this being the off-season and all I’d change the subject completely for once. Instead of discussing Andrew Cassels, Theo Fleury and Tie Domi, lets talk about… GIRLS!!

Thats right GIRLS!!! CHICKS, BABES, FLY HONEYS!! Lets talk about who’s the hottest chick on earth!!

We have actually touched on this subject in other articles, talking about Anna Kournakova, Pam Anderson and the like. What would your top ten hottest chicks list look like?

Here’s mine…

10. Halle Berry (swordfish nude scene)

9. Carmen Electra (Whata dirty, dirty girl)

8. Pam Anderson (drops from two cause’ of the whole Hepititas thing)

7. Liz Hurley (Oh how I love English accents on chicks)

6. Charlize Theron (Good God!)

5.Angelina Jolie (Nutty chicks rule)

4. Ashley Judd (Don’t know why, but I dig her)

3. Gillian Anderson (thats for my man big booty)

2. Jessica Alba (oh those lips)

1. Anna Kournakova (perfect woman, hot, rich, and dumb as a rock)

So there you have it. I know this has nothing to do with hockey, but for this once, lets all just relax and have some fun.


  1. titans says:

    Thats more like it!

  2. YingYan says:

    I certainly hope it is! 😉

  3. titans says:

    Oh it’s only gonna get worse when everyone wakes up tomorrow and logs on.

  4. sexwax says:

    ive got an issue with the hepatitis thing. it is nearly impossible to get hepatitis even without protection. i know a family that has been married for 21 years and the male got hepatitis from a blood transfusion before they met. they have had kids and neither of their kids has it and to this day the wife doesnt have it. just some fyi.

  5. titans says:

    This from a guy called sexwax?

  6. burky says:

    Candace Cameron Bure

    Janet Jones Gretzky

    Anna Kournikova Federov? Eglesias? i dont know

  7. ManillaKilla says:

    only you would talk about throwing a hump into some girl’s nose that you’ve never seen. lol.

  8. ManillaKilla says:

    Anna Kournikova Fedorov? Bure? Fedorov? ManillaKilla? Eglesias?…

  9. Oz says:

    Finally an intelligent post, top 3 are

    3. Elizabeth Shue ( anyone ever see adventures in babysitting?)

    2. Jessica Alba ( damn girl! )

    1. Angelina Jolie ( hottest girl on the planet, gotta love the attitude baby! )

  10. Lint07 says:

    What about SHAKIRA for god’s sakes.

    She is about everything you’d ever need.

    I’d give a freakin’ entire year salary to have her make her belly dancin’ in my face!!

    alright, enough dreaming.

  11. Krockasian says:

    Elizabth Hurly (i love that accent)

    Britney Spears

    and whoever Hugh Hefner is seeing at the moment. He is an idol to us all.

  12. big_booty says:

    She’s got her own show on the Style network. It’s all about comfort cooking, and she’s damn good at it. Any woman who purrs “I simply adore duck fat” with a nice Brit accent while up to her elbows in meatball mix is a goddess in my book. Oh, and she’s got a tremendous pair of ta-ta’s

    Funny. My girlfriend always watched the show but I never paid any attention, now she doesn’t want me to watch it.

  13. UltimateB says:

    Everybody here disappoints me. You’re missing my number one hottie here.

    5. Jennifer Lopez

    4. Natalie Portman

    3. Britney Spears

    2. Anna Kournikova

    1. Rebecca Romjin-Stamos. (You know, X-Men, Rollerball, awoo!)

  14. beefer says:

    I know why you dig Ashley Judd Titans, cuz she looks great in a hockey jersey. I saw a picture of her in just a University of Kentucky jersey. Hot!

  15. chewy says:

    Alright, time to have some fun, lets see, a top ten list,

    10) Jennifer Aniston

    9) Kathryn Zeta Jones(Butt scene in Entrapment)

    8) Diane Lane

    7) Shakira (Just the right height)

    6) Sarah Jessica Parker

    5) Liz Hurley

    4) Jenifer Lopez

    3) Jenifer Love Hewett

    2) Ashly Judd

    1) Salma Hayek

    There you go, fire your shots away

  16. titans says:

    Ive got the poster!!

  17. titans says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker?? Yea given a few sticks of dynamite stuck up that cavernos nose of hers!

    But the rest of the list is respectable!

  18. beefer says:

    How did I know? I thought we should at least relate this to hockey in some way.

  19. amazing_jesse says:


    All are good – we have the cheerleader types, the dirty girls, and everything in between. But what about the milfy types? I don’t know her name – she has black hair, mid-forties, did the Sprint commercial, I think she was on some show I never saw called Sisters? She gives me that whole wanta do your buddies’ mother thing!

  20. Kingsfan1 says:

    About time something interesting, some excellent choices i must say..lemme put my 2 cents in before my girlfriend see’s

    10. Leann Tweeden

    9. Jessica Beal

    8. J. Lo

    7. Anna K.

    6. Lyv Tyler (now she got lips)

    5. Charlize Theron

    4. Halle Berre

    3. Jennifer Love Hewwitt

    2. Angeliba Jolie(bet she could suck a…oh nevermind not gonna say it)

    1 Brooke Burke is the goddess and hottest woman on the planet!!!!!

  21. Bodster says:

    The mom from everybody loves raymond. Rays wife not his mom

  22. chewy says:

    How old are you guys, if I said that I’d be breaking the Law!!!!

  23. chewy says:

    Hey what about the person who started all of this?? Stiflers mom!!!!

  24. chewy says:

    Hey, if you can get my the Hep with Pam, a nose should keep you away!!!, Come one, you’d Still bone Sarah!!!

  25. beefer says:

    I didn’t see anyone mention Eliza Dushku. What a P.O.A.!!! As Faith on Buffy and in Bring It On. Come on!

  26. Freeze says:

    1) Rosy O’Donnell

    2) Ellen Degeneris

    3) Martina Navaratilova

    4) Whoopi Goldberg

    5) Kathy Bates

    6) Barbara Striesand

  27. FlyHigh says:

    got to agree with you on Anna

  28. Sundinfan says:

    1. Heidi Klum…..perfecto

    and what about liv tyler? she’s not bad

    also anybody know of the one tennis player who’s f*cking hot as hell except the difference between her and kournakova is that she can actually play tennis? she is wicked

  29. GloveSide says:

    you would but not me old timer

  30. chewy says:

    Are you a woman, or just like the Lesbian thing???

  31. chewy says:

    Its OK child, things only get better with age…

  32. chewy says:

    OK, now that we have looked outside the relm of hockey, lets bring it back into the Relm of hockey,

    Which player or players have the hotest girlfriend/wife?

    Iginla and Theodore had some nice babes with them at the awards show, and Mrs. Gretzky, wow you still do it for me!!!!

    So who do you guys think?? I can’t wait to see Titans responce, I can almost guess

    Daigles ex-girlfriend Pam Anderson!!!!!

  33. Litany_Sin says:

    Arent we all tired of the young pretty, healthy stereotypes… I say Anna Nichole… Yes she is a foul hosebeast (I mean that as a PC medical term.) But with 300 million dollars she could buy you a hockey team of your own… is that not worth your pride? (and perhaps a snorkle.)

  34. J3D9B says:

    Jessica Biel. Oh god. I forgot all about her. She looked stunning in Summer Catch.

  35. NYR88Express says:



    Anna Kournikova

    Denise Richards

    Laetitia Casta

    Elizabeth Hurley

    Carmen Electra

    Pamela Lee

    Liv Tyler


    Peggy Zina

    Despina Vandi



    1) My ex-girlfriend

    2) My girlfriend now

  36. titans says:

    Interesting point, but note that all the chicks were mentioning have tons o cash too!

  37. titans says:

    I work with Justin Williams ex-girlfriend! She’s at the top of my list right now!! Oogah!!

  38. matteo says:

    FFFFF (FreedomFightingForFutureFairness)

    What the hell is that Ying Yan………..FFFFFFFFF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey YingYan I just got off of the phone with the dead horse…..he said to tell you to stop beating him. Now quit your whining little 3 year old girl bullshit and talk some hockey, or chicks……enough about the other crap. If you keep bringing it up then you are going to keep getting hammered.

    I’m Italian….do you see me getting my balls twisted everytime a guido joke is made……be a man, suck it up and move on.

    PS any relation to Yan Can Cook?

  39. titans says:

    Are you kidding I’d have her howling like a banshee swingin from the chandaleer!

  40. matteo says:

    I have to admit MYR88 – your ex girlfriend and your current girl are numbers 4 and 5 on my list too

  41. matteo says:

    I have to admit NYR88 – your ex girlfriend and your current girl are numbers 4 and 5 on my list too

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