The Isles hold their own destiny

With an extremly tough schedule ahead of them can the Isle’s hold on to make the playoffs or will they fall short and let one of the oh so lucky 2 in instead.Even with two games in hand and twelve games left on their schedule, the Isles are not even close to being playoff bound yet. Of thier 12 games remaing, 8 of those are on the road against some real tough customers.

Starting with 4 in a row on the road against (OTT, NYR, TOR, MTL) Then finishing of against (NJ, CHI, TOR, NJ, NYR, DET, ATL, CAR)

The Habs on the other may have only 10 games left and are 3 points out. But when you have 7 of those at home and 5 in a row at home against (TBAY, NJ, NYI, CAR, WASH), (BUF, OTT, CAR, TBAY, NYR) anything can happen. But who knows, if there is any team who can find a way to lose to Carolina and Buffalo, its is definatly the HABS. Can they win when it counts? The huge, I mean huge game for the Habs will be next Thursday when the ISLES come to town. Hey on paper it looks good for the Habs, but then I remember at the begining of the season, wow look at the Habs roster on paper, it looks great.

The Rangers

The Rangers are 5 points back and also have 10 games remaining. They have 5 home and 5 road games left. (NJ, NYI, BUF, PHI, PIT, BOS, ATL, NYI, NJ, MTL) The deciding factor for the Rangers will be those games against the Habs and Isle’s. They need them all, every last point.

From what I see in the bottom of the Eastern Conference is going down to the wire. The deciding factor will be the games against each other. If the Isle’s lose both games to the Rangers and one to the Habs, they lose six huge points. And then depending on the other 2 team performances, one of them will slip through.

So what do you guys see happening?

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  1. mikster says:

    Rangers somehow got a point against Ottawa, and Carter looked good, smart defenisve plays actually.

    Rangers seriously blew it with that 2-1 loss to the Panthers, that was such a key game. This is when you look at why Trottier was really fired. He did not need Kovalev, Carter, Bure, and Leetch to beat the Atlanta Thrashers back then. Those would have been 4 valuable points.

    Anyway, the Rangers have too much of a small chance to make it now. Lindros does all but score and hit posts or fan on the pucks or miss empty nets, just not his season eh?

    The only way they can get in is if the Canadiens and the Isle’s keep up a losing pattern. Highly unlikely.

    Look at the bright side Rangers fans, Rangers get a better overall pick for this year;s awesome 1st round!!!

    God i am such a poor bullshitter….

  2. RDeren says:

    Knowing the Rangers, they’ll trade away their pick for a high priced superstar.

  3. NaslundIzTheMan says:

    i actually thought the rangers played a good game last night. Even though i’m not a leaf fan i still think they are capable of getting that 8th playoff spot. And if they do that could be trouble with the amount of experience and skill of the players on this ranger team. The rangers are like a western conference team they can easily match up to the Big 5 in the west if they actually played well. I think most people don’t want them to make it because they don’t want to see this team start playing real hockey, and if they do play as a team and play good hockey they could be this year’s stanley cup champions. And if they do win the cup, look for them to add even more all stars, eventually all star weekend will be the best players not on the ranger team vs. the new york rangers

  4. mikster says:

    Doubt so, this is a deep draft, last year’s wasn’t and they weren’t the only ones to trade away a 1st rounder. That draft last year was mediocre.

    Think before you talk stupid.

  5. sumthingbruin says:

    The Isles will hold onto their spot….there’s a lot of heart on that hockey team(Yashin not included).

    I think the rangers will make a great run but come up just short. Ottawa will be thanking their lucky stars when they do. Habs might as well start calling for tee times.

    I’m curious how boston will do. They’re so streaky it’s unbelievable. I can see them overtaking TB, being overtaken by NYI, or even missing the playoffs. Bottom line, there’s a lot of hockey left to be played. Still enough time for the bottom 3 seeds in the east to change significantly.

    When all is said and done though I’ll be surprised if the playoff picture is much different than what we have right now.

    Hey quick comedy break: remember when they used to call Eric Lindros “The next one?”


  6. mikster says:

    I appreciate that, but it’s not going to happen. Maybe next season, they need time to jell and they didn’t have enough time to do that this season with the injuries and players slumping (i.e Lindros).

  7. mikster says:

    They being the media and the Flyers. Injuries did affect his career, no doubt.

    I agree with you on everything else though, very good comment.

  8. NaslundIzTheMan says:

    arn’t leaf fans happy they didn’t trade anything for that goon..he would have been on the 4th line with domi and domi would score more goals then him.

  9. STPMCPHEE says:

    Hey Mikster, are you in charge of this site? If so, then how come nothing shows up when I click on the Edmonton Oilers, when clearly, there’s a story about at the home page of the site.

  10. czar5 says:

    This isn’t a bold declaration. Isles are up 5 pts with two games in hand…If NYI plays .500 hockey, the Rangers would have to go 8-1-1 to tie in pts (for argument sake we’ll say NYR gets the nod with greater number of wins; the first tiebreaker). The Ranger time to win games is during the mid winter when alot of teams, including the top tier ones, experience the doldrums and play beneath their level. Mid to late March is never Ranger time, where you have to grind out victories and tighten up your team defense. The Rangers missing the playoffs is a grand thing for so many reasons. One is that hockey is a team game; its not baseball where you stockpile free agents and jump up in the standings. Rangers are the biggest contributor to skyrocketing salaries. It is alot of fun to juxtapose them with the Minnesota Wild. The Wild have about 1/3 the payroll and 20 times the heart of the Rangers. Compare the Wild’s nightly effort with the Rangers. Ive seen too many comments complimenting GM Sather for “stealing” Kovalev and then Carter. Well, if one means “stealing” in the criminal sense you are right. Sather bought Kovalev for $4M. There’s no way he would have gotten AK if the Pens were financially healthy, at least not for a bunch of spare parts. Dvorak for Carter is a little more equitable n for the other side (EDM); but Carter makes about $900,00 more than Dvorak and will be an expensive Group II FA for NYR to sign (which they easily will) this summer. $$$ is a big factor obviously in both moves and its sad it gets ignored quickly by some people. Go Isles and/or Habs…NYR go home!

  11. mikster says:

    The Pens wanted $4M from any team that wanted Kovalev.

  12. mikster says:

    Good question.

    Send a private message to Trademan. He’s the owner and tech guy of the site.

    Thanks for noticing that though.

  13. czar5 says:

    However, how many teams could afford to spend $4M out of pocket like the Rangers? Even some of those few rich teams have budgets to meet. NYR seems to have the most elastic budget of ant team. Tkachuk or Federov on tap for this summer?Either way, that “trade” underscores how poor Pitt is and how rich NYR is, and how warped the NHL is. When a team cannot afford to pay its best 3 or 4 players, theres a serious problem.

  14. mikster says:

    They are owned by a powerfull rich company. The Caps gave a nice hefty check to get Jagr as well.

  15. nskerr says:

    This statement will probably burn me, but I don’t see Montreal hanging in there much longer.

    It will come down to the Rangers and Islanders. The Islanders definitely have the harder schedule. They play more playoff teams and most of those are on the road. They do not play well against Ottawa and NJ and they don’t win in Toronto. However they have had success against the Rangers at the Garden and Toronto at home. With a 5 point cushion, IF (and it is a big IF) the Isles can win or tie in Ottawa and beat the Rangers Monday night, I think it is over.

    Looking at their schedule, I think they lose in Ottawa, either tie or beat the Rangers Monday night, lose in Toronto and beat Montreal. I then think they beat NJ (home) Chicago (road) and Toronto (at home) lose @ NJ, lose or tie against NYR, lose @ DET, ATL, CAR and then take 3 of 4 from Atl and Car. That would make 13 out of 24 points.

    The Rangers would then need to go 2-0-1 to tie the Isles leaving them with seven games. They would have to go either 7-0 to beat the Isles or 6-0-1 to tie the Isles.

    I think both teams are playing well right now. The isles lost 4 in a row beofre winning last night, but would have won against NJ if Brodeur didn’t stand on his head and should have gotten 1 if Koharski got his head out of his ass in Vancouver. If the Isles can maintain their intensity, 13 out of 24 is doable.

    For the Rangers, they are playing pretty well, but can’t afford any mistakes. Dunham saved their bacon last night giving them 1 point. He will need to play like that for the next 10 games without losing more than 1. That will be difficult unless the Isles collapse.

    therfore I see the race going down to the last 2 or 3 games with the Isles getting into the 8th spot unless Boston decides to collapse as well.

  16. MantaRay says:

    The top 8 seeds are already set its just a matter of who finishes the season best among the current 8.

    The acquistion of Niinnamma and the emergence of Dipietro makes the Isles a huge sleeper in the playoffs. As long as Peca is healthy this team could go deep and upset Ottawa in the first round.

    Fear the Isles in the playoffs.

  17. amazing_jesse says:

    I’m torn. I hate the Rangers especially lately since the Kovalev deal.

    I hate the Islanders too. But I would love to see another Islander Leaf series. And I would love seeing the Rangers and Isles fight for last blood to both get in the playoffs.

    But if the Rangers made the playoffs I would seriously wonder about the Sens odds in the first round.

    But I picked the Sens to win the Cup.

    But I’m a Leafs fan.

    My head hurts.

  18. amazing_jesse says:

    I kind of think so too, but the real playoffs have already started for the Islanders just holding onto the last spot.

    Dipietro should get a little more play and then suddenly be chosen as the playoff go-to guy.

    That’s what you do with a kid like him. Put him in over his head and challenge him – “Rick, this is your team; you are the difference; we need you!”

    You will see that kid get so hot it’ll be like lightning in a bottle. He’s the kind of guy who you need to challenge and feed his ego.

    It’ll be like a soap opera and a wild ride with lots of stories about him pissing people off and getting into trouble but he’ll be a star.

  19. JohnFlan22 says:

    If the isles are gonna make the playoffs they simply can’t get intimidated down the stretch. Considering Ottawa is there most likely match up if they make the playoffs and there recent history of getting there asses handed to them by the Sens the isles must beat Ottawa next game. A win would do so much for there psyche that they would probably get on a roll and cruise through the rest of thre schedule. Another Loss though and they might start to second guess them selves leading into the game vs the Habs. If the Habs take advantage then it’s over for the isles. Looking at the team though, they’re finally getting healthy with Cairns, Hamrlik and Jonsson back on D and webby coming back on O. They have some gritty lines and the new aquisitions have def been working out so far with Ninnima and Robiatalli getting on the score sheet each game so far. If the Isles keep this D together WATCH OUT! They are gonna be contenders for years to come very soon.

  20. MantaRay says:

    I think your take on things is right on target.

    This is where the “star” of Dipietro will come out.

    I think this kid could be the next Brodeur in many ways, unless Milbury wrecks him too.

  21. DaMick says:

    Indeed they do,The Isles have to play only .500 hockey and get in.

    The Ranger$ would have to virtually win every game…

    & considering The Habs are breathing down thier necks & play them…bodes in our favor.

    I agree with the stated opinon that The Habs are the longshot to get into the playoffs.

    The ranger$ basically ,are gonna run out of time.

    a little too much too late…

    Losing to Florida was a real killer…


  22. czar5 says:

    Sure, and you can include Robert Lang who makes around $4M per as well. But c’mon, nobody throws the loose cash around like NYR. Holik, Kasparaitus, Bure: nobody matched NYR’s bidding there. Also, can easily imagine that the Rangers are the first phone call made by a team which is struggling financially. With the 3 above, you can add Messier,Malakhov, Nedved, and Lindros as three more players who are completely untradeable(financially speaking, fro the most part); except maybe a deadline trade wherein the receiving team pays the salary for only 1/7 or 1/8 of the season. You can also throw in the fact that the Rangers would gladly have pitched for Jagr.

  23. FMIR says:

    ive noticed over the past 2 games neither berard or mcgillis have been in the lineup for the bruins, at least according to, does any one know the reasoning behind this. ill i can figure out is they’re trying to figure out what other defenseman they’ll use come playoff time.

  24. JohnFlan22 says:

    Isles now have a 7 point lead over rangers and 5 point lead over montreal PLUS have games in hand. The next two games (@garden, @montreal) either lock up the playoffs and nipp Boston or makes things very interesting for the rest of the season. Considering they just dismantled Ottawa peice by peice in the 5-2 win, it don’t look to good for habs and blushirts.

  25. Kalgon says:

    good- rangers suck- they dont deserve to make the playoffs becuase the gm is a complete moron and they spend to much money on players who dont do jack- this si what they call a stanley cup playoff team>?- haha- at least the islanders get points and dopnt have the 70m payroll- screw the rangers

  26. recoil959 says:

    To add to my story, well this weekend seemed to sign the fates of N.Y.R and MTL. The habs still are alive technically speaking, the N.Y.R would have to do the habs a huge favor and beat N.Y.I twice and the HABs would have ot beet them also. The habs would have to play .750 hockey and N.Y.I would have to play under .500. Not a likely senario…

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