The Isles hold their own destiny

With an extremly tough schedule ahead of them can the Isle’s hold on to make the playoffs or will they fall short and let one of the oh so lucky 2 in instead.Even with two games in hand and twelve games left on their schedule, the Isles are not even close to being playoff bound yet. Of thier 12 games remaing, 8 of those are on the road against some real tough customers.

Starting with 4 in a row on the road against (OTT, NYR, TOR, MTL) Then finishing of against (NJ, CHI, TOR, NJ, NYR, DET, ATL, CAR)

The Habs on the other may have only 10 games left and are 3 points out. But when you have 7 of those at home and 5 in a row at home against (TBAY, NJ, NYI, CAR, WASH), (BUF, OTT, CAR, TBAY, NYR) anything can happen. But who knows, if there is any team who can find a way to lose to Carolina and Buffalo, its is definatly the HABS. Can they win when it counts? The huge, I mean huge game for the Habs will be next Thursday when the ISLES come to town. Hey on paper it looks good for the Habs, but then I remember at the begining of the season, wow look at the Habs roster on paper, it looks great.

The Rangers

The Rangers are 5 points back and also have 10 games remaining. They have 5 home and 5 road games left. (NJ, NYI, BUF, PHI, PIT, BOS, ATL, NYI, NJ, MTL) The deciding factor for the Rangers will be those games against the Habs and Isle’s. They need them all, every last point.

From what I see in the bottom of the Eastern Conference is going down to the wire. The deciding factor will be the games against each other. If the Isle’s lose both games to the Rangers and one to the Habs, they lose six huge points. And then depending on the other 2 team performances, one of them will slip through.

So what do you guys see happening?