The Moose Is Now A Nuck

The Vancouver Canucks have obtained goaltender Johan Hedberg from the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a 2nd round pick in the 2004 NHL draft. Now the Nucks have a good goaltending tandem in net. A great trade here for both sides. With the emergance of rookie Sebastien Caron, and the highly-touted Marc Andre-Fleury being able to compete for a spot in the Penguins training camp, the Craig Patrick decided once ag ain to drop some salary, by trading Hedberg for a 2nd round draft pick in the 2004 draft. Patrick got to dump salary and gets to develop his 2 top young netminders, and Burke gets the backup he was desperately looking for. I’m not surprised that it happened this quick either.

Smart move by both sides, it’s a win-win situation, considering that the Pens have 2 solid, cheap, and young goaltenders, both perennial franchise goaltenders that need to be developed, and the Nucks needed a solid backup to Dan Cloutier in net. Johan Hedberg will help in net as back up, and he’ll take some pressure off of Cloutier’s shoulders once Cloutier is given the starting job, and could even compete for the starting job and bring out the better in Cloutier.

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  1. -MJ- says:

    Great trade for the Canucks. Hedburg is going to develop behind a strong team. He put up admirable numbers with Pittsburgh. I am excited to see what he can do with a legitimate club. Could he take over Cloutier’s starting spot?

    This is clearly another salary dump by the Pens, besides the fact that they already have 2 or 3, NHL calibre goalies who come at a much cheaper price. This has become a trend in Pittsburgh, perhaps Martin Straka is next on the block.

  2. Bretzky says:

    I agree it’s a solid move for both teams.

    Good post but Cloutier already has the starting job and don’t forget the pens also have Aubin, another promising young goalie who seems to have a good deal of potential if developed correctly.

  3. krock says:

    “for both sides” is correct if thats some kind of western slang for the canuks. pittsburgh got spanked on this trade pure and simple.

  4. Bishop7979 says:

    I’m glad to see Hedberg go. And I think that the pens were lucky to get a second rounder for him. He is a goalie living off of the name he got for his improbable playoff run 3 seasons ago. I’ve watched him night after night give up bad goals because of overly aggressive play and poor lateral movement. Plus he isnt the most stable guy on the ice, Ive seen less temper tantrums from a 5 year old.

    All in all I’m gald to say good bye to the moose, and I will welcome Salmon and Seabass (Sebastion Caron and J.S Aubin) and the pair in net this season with open arms.

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    Sorry, I forgot J.S. Aubin, my mistake. I hadn’t heard much about him in a while, and I’m not too big on the Pens, so he slipped from my mind. Also, I never said that Hedberg had the starter job, I said that he’d put heat on Cloutier to pick up his game. And if Cloutier dissapointed, just maybe Hedberg would take over.

    krock, how in the hell did Pittsburgh get spanked? With Hedberg’s play, and his recognition primarily based upon the later portion of the 2000-01 season and the playoffs that year, I’m surprised that Pittsburgh even got that much for him. Aside from that, he hasn’t done much. Not that Pittsburgh’s a team that he could do a lot on, but he hasn’t even put up decent numbers. I think he should have went for a 3rd or 4th rounder. The only reason why he went for a pick that high was because Burke was desperate for a goalie that would backup Cloutier. He was willing to grab him before Boston did, because rumor had it that Boston would try to make a run for him. Vancouver had bargaining power in this trade and STILL gave Pittsburgh something good in return… now lets see if Pittsburgh doesn’t bite again and draft that forward or defenseman they need instead of yet another goaltender.

  6. Lint07 says:

    What did the Flyers get for Roman Cechmanek again??

    Anybody thinking the Penguins got screwed in this deal is a complete retard.

    If I was a fan of the Pens, I’d be happy to get a 3rd pick for Johan Hedberg and get rid of him. A 2nd pick is WAY more than his market value considering he’s not an establish starter and becomes a UFA at the end of the season…

  7. Lint07 says:

    Try another sport.

  8. guinsfan4life says:

    As good of a trade that it was for the canucks, it was even better for the pens. A second rounder?? In a draft that may be as deep as this years is solid. Plus the penguins will be in position for next year’s lottery pick.

    Straka has been on the block since early spring, but they can’t move his huge salary.

  9. guinsfan4life says:

    Aubin is on the outs with people in the organization. As to why, I am not sure. It wouldn’t suprise me if he spends another year in Wilkes-Barre if he doesn’t come into camp looking like the goalie to beat out for the starting job.

  10. guinsfan4life says:

    How you figure we got spanked I’ll never know. A second round pick for a goalie that has been mediocre at best the last couple years doesn’t exactly scream spanked.

  11. guinsfan4life says:

    Great point.

  12. anonomass says:

    mediocre on a horibble team you forget

  13. Zamboni says:

    Well, I’ll start if off saying that it would’ve been pretty hard for the Canucks goaltending situation to get worse, but perhaps it has. At least before, Cloutier was the clear-cut #1 guy in Vancouver, especially with Skudra off to play in Russia now. Now Hot Head Danny has got a guy in there that can make a legitimate push for his job, and probably will end up taking it. The effect on team chemistry and morale could be interesting, to say the least. Fans and the media will be screaming for the other guy any time the guy who’s currently in net botches it.

    Is it a nice tandem? Yes, if they can learn to co-exist in the realization that they’ve both been severely overrated for several seasons now, and that splitting starts with another guy is probably better than the backup job they both probably deserve.

  14. cyeryk says:

    The revolving door called the Cannucks goaltending situation continues…

    How many tenders does Mr. Burke have to go through before he finds the one? In his term as GM they have had all these starters

    1 Arturs Irbe

    2 Kevin Weekes

    3 Dan Cloutier

    4 Johan Heberg

    This is a stupid move. Why you may ask well look at it this way. Cloutier was #1 he was given a vote of confidence by Burke with a new contract. Burke then goes and gets Hedberg. Now Hedberg isn’t a backup goalie. He’d probably want to play most of the games. This may look like a form of insentive to play well for Cloutier. But I disagree. This move says If you don’t play well you’re out. If burke was going to make this move he should have waited till Cloutier struggled, not before the start of the season. 2 Starting goalies in training camp is just bloody stupid. The wings won’t go into camp with Hasek and Joseph the latter won’t go to camp(injured or he would have held out) or will be gone by then (traded) This is just another stupid move by the dumbest GM in hockey.

  15. JoeCheesehead says:

    Worst GM in hockey? phhht.

    a) Hedberg is known as being a good guy in the room, hardworking and positive, and he’s well acquainted, if not friends, with the other 5 Swedes on the Canuck roster.

    b) Danny needs to get pushed, and his teammates need to know that the backup guy has done something at the NHL level, so they’re not overcompensating when he’s in the net.

    c) The Manitoba Moose people (now the Canucks’ farm team) know Hedberg well from his time there, and Burke is well known for doing tons of due diligence on a player’s personality before a trade. The Canucks have great team chemistry, in large part because of Burke’s (and his staff’s) good work.

    One could make the argument, I suppose, that Burke put together one of the best teams in hockey, with one of the lowest payrolls, entirely by accident. After all, he didn’t make the trades that brought Bertuzzi and Naslund here.

    You could make that argument… if you were the dumbest fan in hockey. Vancouver will be in the top five or so teams in the NHL again this year, and will be considered a contender for the Stanley Cup, with an entire payroll lower than the salaries of Detroit’s second line. They’ll turn a profit and fans of hockey everywhere will watch lots of Canuck players on the highlight reels every evening. Or maybe you prefer the uncontested hockey genius of Glen Sather?

  16. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah the team wasn’t that great, I’ll give you that, however the defense infront of him has nothing to do with the soft goals he gave up last year along with him frequently being out of position on shots.

    Look, if he played so wonderful, then why did Caron–who had no NHL experience replace him mid season and then they both went on to share the job until season’s end? Caron didn’t have a problem with the weak team that was infront of him while posting a 2.65GAA–almost a half a goal better than hedberg.

  17. Treva says:

    Other goalies include Garth Snow, Sean Burke, Felix Potvin and Bob “backup” Essensa.

    I hardly consider a one year contract a vote of confidence, it is more of a shape up or ship out contract. Given last year’s numbers I would have Danny in net before Moose boy.

  18. anonomass says:

    Caron’s numbers sound alot like Hedberg’s numbers in his first year, when he was a goalie who had “who had no NHL experience”? Wait & see what Caron does this year

  19. Treva says:

    Great trade for the nucks, and okay for the penguins. Canucks pick up a good candidate for a backup, may even push for the staring spot. All they give up is a second round pick in a time when they shouldn’t be worried about drafting or building. The Pens lose some dead weight for a pick which they need. I question the Pens decision though, it is really rare that young goalies come in to dominate a position, and with this Fluery kid I think having a vetran around (moose not really a vet but..) would be a good thing.

  20. anonomass says:

    actually a 2nd rounder in 04

  21. Lint07 says:

    Well, that’s exactly what I said….

    If you had read my article ”Hedberg On The Way Out??” you’d know that I predicted Hedberg to be traded and I thought they’d receive a 3rd rounder and it’d be a fair deal.

    But they got a 2nd round pick which is WAY more than his market value.

    The way I said it in my last comment could’ve been misinterpreted though, I give you that.

  22. jofa says:

    I don’t know about some of your points…

    You call Hedberg “dead weight” and then say that he is a great pick to maybe even start for the Canucks… are you saying he is a good goalie or waste of a roster position? Plus, even though Hedberg only has a few years of NHL experience, he still is a bit of a vet, considering he’s a 30 year old goaltender.

    Also, there’s no chance of Fleury playing for the Penguins this season. They’ve got about four other goalies signed right now who will get a chance at starting for the Penguins this season, which will mean that Fleury can continue to develop in the minors for a few more years.

  23. jofa says:

    Ok, one more thing, I’m curious why you said that the Canucks shouldn’t worry about drafting or building their team? Why would they not be worried about that? They definitely need to build some depth on offense, and could benefit from having some young talent come out of their system (for once).

  24. Zamboni says:

    It’s not Hedberg’s character that I find concerning in this situation, it’s Cloutier. Cloutes has gotten himself quite the reputation as a high strung hothead. Those kind of guys rarely react well to being pushed, even if their play does seem to improve some. My prediction is that Cloutier will be a total headcase this year: Deja vu from the year Eddie Belfour got slowly pushed out of his job by Marty Turco, self-destructing and ruining the Stars’ season in the process.

    Here’s the significant numbers I think you’ve gotta look at from last year: Cloutier 2.42 GAA, .908 SV%…that’s not particularly impressive for a goalie on a good team. Hedberg had a 3.14 GAA & .895 while backstopping one of the worst teams in recent memory while recovering from a broken collarbone. His stats should improve dramatically playing for the Canucks. The last time this guy was on a good team, they were in the conference finals. There was more to that than beginner’s luck.

    My prediction is that Hedberg is the #1 by Christmas, while Cloutier is a distraction for the next few months before being traded to some Eastern Conference playoff contender at the deadline.

    Forward to game 3 of the Western Conference playoffs where a dump in off Lidstrom’s stick wiggles past the Moose…who promptly shrugs it off, maintains his composure…and takes the Nucks to the finals…

  25. Lint07 says:

    ”OK for Pittsburgh”????

    Are you watching the same game I’m watching?

    As much as I hate Roman Cechmanek, he is by far a better (regular season speaking) goalie than Johan Hedberg. At least, he post better numbers.

    Think back of what Philadelphia got for him last summer….. and now look at what the Pens received for what will be a backup goalie in Vancouver.

    That was a great trade for Craig Patrick considering he rid himself of a 1.4M$ contract that he didn’t needed anymore (why lose with Hedberg when you can lose with Caron & Aubin…) and a soon-to-be-UFA at the end of the year.

    Good trades for the nucks, Great for Pittsburgh…. Win/Win situation.

  26. nucksfan says:

    I think Hedberg is a good goalie, ppl point to his stats from last season. Brodeur himself would have those stats too if he had an AHL team in front of him. Hedberg I think IS a #1 goalie.

    I think Burke brought him in thinking he will be a great backup, but I think he thought wrong cuz Hedberg is REALLY gonna challenge for our #1 spot. I beleive Dan Cloutier is gonna be our solid #1 eventually but he may be really challenged this season. But Burke’s hope is riding on Dan Cloutier so even if Hedberg deserves to be #1, he’ll either be #2 or he’ll be traded away.

  27. Slavik says:

    okay saying B.B is the dumbest G.M in hockey is so stupid, what are you the dumbest fan in Hockey?

    Peter the hold out Schaefer for salo.

    last time i checked salo had a better plus minus, more Goals, More assists and more points then Schaefer and Schaefer is a forward salo is a defensemen. (unless you want to argue Schaefer played 4 less games?)

    Hlavic and Druken for Malik and Langdon

    Lets see carolina waived Druken (he picked up 2 more assits after being traded form the canucks) and they aint signign hlavic, where as the canucks got Malik +23, who is a fairly skilled D Man.

    there is two trades from last year that helped this team imensley, both of which we came out way better then the other team.

    now quote the clarke deal all you want, but what your forgettign is 1 its a clarke deal, meaning he had said chechmanek was not going to play in phili his value drops, then looka t how much the cnaucks would have had to pay the guy yea 3 million dollars, and he is not hte goalie we need the guy is not consistent, and he is a cloutier in the play offs.

    another question did your team break 100 points wiht a 36 million dollar payroll? yea i didn’t think so dumb @ss

    anywayz on to the trade, it may not be great cuase who knows what it will do to cloutier, maybe it will make him play better, maybe it will make him beat some more forwards up, or maybe it will amke him play worse, its a gamble…..but you dont win the cup wiht out taking chances…every winner takes chances, soem work out soem don’t…but they always recover.

  28. Treva says:

    Hedberg is relative dead weight for the pens, he hasn’t been playing as well as projected. Plus as you say they have four other goalies. It’s all relative.

    As far as fleury- people keep spouting off about “NHL ready” – How many 18/19 year old goalies make a splash in the nhl (dan blackburn lately but that is it) Luongo and Dipiettro last few highly touted picks blew and are only now getting into thier respective grooves

  29. Treva says:

    Yeah I agree that it would be nice to have some talent come out of thier system but….

    Given their track record in drafting and development i would opt for trading. Cooke, Sopel and Chubarov are the only succesfull players to come out of that system that are on the roster right now. Sedins, Ohlund are drafts but haven’t spent any time in the canuck system.

  30. GretzNYR99 says:

    Well said.

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    Cyeryk… Burke the worst GM in hockey? Are you kidding me? You’re forgetting Glen Sather, kid. Or no offense to Maple Leaf fans eventhough I think most would agree with me, Pat Quinn.

    Burke is FAR AND AWAY not the worst GM in Hockey. The trades he’s made to get this team to where they are with $36 million bucks are amazing. They’re actually a 2nd line center (should have been Ray Whitney), a legit starter, and another top 4 defenseman away from the cup. They’re only a few pieces short, I’d suggest you shut your mouth and read up on what you’re talking about.

    I like the trades that Slavik addressed… Schaefer for Salo, and how Salo’s done much better than him. Hlavac and Druken for Malik and Langdon, and Malik is a decent #5 defenseman. Oh another thing Slavik said… “anywayz on to the trade, it may not be great cuase who knows what it will do to cloutier, maybe it will make him play better, maybe it will make him beat some more forwards up, or maybe it will amke him play worse, its a gamble…..but you dont win the cup wiht out taking chances…every winner takes chances, soem work out soem don’t…but they always recover.” Well said. Isn’t that what sports are about? It’s all a game of chance.

    Treva, Hedberg is defenitely not dead weight. Sorry, but he’s played on a bad team. Although he hasn’t put up decent numbers on that team, this team is one of the worst I’ve seen in ages. I’d say 85% of it is Minor League players, with Mario, Straka, and Hedberg being among the NHL experienced. There’s only so much a goaltender can do, just remember that. Stop the shots, and make sure that they don’t go in, but when you’re facing an excess amount of shots, you’re gonna break.

  32. jofa says:

    Yeah, good point. Vancouver’s record with drafting is so awful it might be just as well to trade the picks away and build a team through acquisitions!

  33. jofa says:

    That would be a big mistake for sure if they pushed Fleury into playing in the NHL at such a young age. Goalies almost always take longer to fully develop and don’t start hitting their prime until their mid-to-late 20’s. If Fleury were to come in now to backstop such a depleted Pittsburgh lineup, his confidence could crumble and development stunted.

  34. TheMinister says:

    I’m happy with this trade. I agree with everyone who says that the Canucks are better off trading their draft picks for immediate help. I’ve watched so many high draft picks turn into nothing with the Canucks. Jason Herter was supposed to be the next Leetch… Libor Polasek was a project a al Alex Stojanov… Holden the next Roenick… and now Umberger the next, what?

    I haven’t seen Hedberg play much, but he was the back-up to Salo at the Olympics which says he is the 2nd best Swedish goalie. I’ve heard that he has a great reputation back home for clutch play… swedishvoice… can you give us a scouting report that encompasses his whole career, not just the three NHL years that everyone is basing their opinions on?

    Cloutier will not relinquish the #1 job unless he gets hurt. My guess is that Burke knows he is getting a competitive guy who WANTS to play but is also been around enough to know what a team concept is and how a role will have to be played. I don’t think there will animosity from either goalie about their jobs, or losing them.

    Now the Canucks need a depth D-man, probably Barry Moron again, and a quality RW. The RW will definately come through trade. I’m hoping Doan… Hell, I’d even take Isbister. One thing is for sure, the winger will have to be able to play a power game to keep the pressure on after Bertuzzi is off the ice. Whitney was never a good fit. They need a player with as much skill, but who plays a differnet game.

  35. TheMinister says:

    No, no, no.

    A second round pick for a starting goalie is not the norm. Cechmanek was traded way under his value. Both because he is older, 2 years at 3mill left under contract, and a bad clubhouse guy. Hell, even Hackett was traded for more than THAT.

  36. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah we’ll have to wait and see. Caron will be solid. He won’t be the sole reason why they’ll loose more games than they’ll win.

  37. TheMinister says:

    It’s stupid, yes, but that has always been the way in Vancouver for goalies. Really, we’ve only ever had three legitimate #1’s in our entire 30 year history. Brodeur, McLean, and now Cloutier.(unless you count Hanlon… don’t!) I think Burke was thinking that it helps to have stability and show confidence in a guy and the team rather than keep the revolving door going.

    Irbe – cost cutting move. Shoulda qualified him.

    Weekes – traded cause he missed practice to chase down a coke dealer.

    Burke – downright bad move trading him.

    Snow – was only great for 5 games in a row… then stunk up the joint.

    Essensa – back-up only, all the way.

    Potvin – Always liked French goalies… except this one… good riddance.

    This is one of the best tandems in franchise history. Laugh all you want… it’s true.

  38. TheMinister says:

    Reputations mean nothing. That is all soap opera shit. Cloutier is a competitor. He hates to lose, and has been much more disciplined the last two years. He’s not as easy to get rattled as everyone says. Plus you gotta love a guy who’ll go to war for his team.

  39. Treva says:

    But we got the D-man in Eakins!!

    What are they going to give up for Doan or Isbister? more picks? I was under the impression that there was a need for a second line center, but that could just be the last ten years of needing one talking.

  40. great_one98 says:

    Next years draft isn’t supposed to be deep. Nothing comes close to ovenchicken and no one else is that special.

  41. great_one98 says:

    Because hedberg had a injury, what else you dickaface?

  42. cyeryk says:

    Any one who has been a starter would agree with me here you want to play all the games, now I don’t think its pushing some one by adding anothere goalie the same level as you. You want a younger guy to push you. Look at recent history at the two number 1 goalie system. It happend with Edmonton twice: Fuhr & Moog, Ranford & Joseph. It doesn’t last that long. This move says to Cloutier if you don’t play good early we’ll trade you.

    I would have put Auld in the back up role. Put the young guy in there once or twice every five games.

    Instead now if Hedberg gets hot, Cloutier is sitting for a while and vice versa. You DON’T want a number one guy on the bench for a long period of time.

    Burke must have been thinking this could be my Minnesota Wild’esque tandem. Roloson and Fernadez are 2 back ups. Neither has played a lengthy season. But they work good together.

    This is just a kick in the junk to Dan Cloutier.

    As much as I think he is an over rated goalie. He deserved another shot. I’ll bet he’s gone by the deadline.

  43. Bishop7979 says:

    Everyone seems to forget that it wasnt all that long ago that the penguins had a team that was constantly challenging for a playoff spot. Even the first half of last season the pens had a very good team, before the injuries and before the MARCH trade deadline they had a decent team. And guess what, Hedberg was letting up soft goals, and he was constantly out of position, just like he was all the season before.

    Hedberg is a player that most of you guys have probably seen very little of. I have probably seen 90% of the games he has played in, and its my opinion that he simply isnt the goalie alot of you make him out to be. There is a reason he was 4th on San Jose’s depth chart when the pens traded for him.

    I rate his early success (his almost mythical playoff run) to the fact that he played an unusual style and that probably no one had ever really scouted him before. two and a half years later teams have seen video of him and they are scoring on him likes he’s the basketball hoop in Jordan’s backyard.

    Sorry Canuck fans but thats two weak ex penguin goalies youve gotten

  44. Slavik says:

    we have allen we don’t need another D man really.

  45. DG says:

    That language isn’t allowed here.

    -DG (Vice-Admin)

  46. Slavik says:

    i totally agree with you it is one of the best tandems in franchise history. however that is kinda sad in another way

  47. Slavik says:

    the penguins were not great defensivley at any point this season, i will wait until i have seen hedberg play atleast 10 games this season, before passign judgement on him myself, maybe he is better suited to vancouvers play then whatever it is the penguins do on the ice.

  48. swedishvoice says:

    Some coment’s on Hedberg… Well his probebly the Best Swedish goalie “IN” the NHL, today his better than Salo, and the swedish goalie i consider better than Hedberg is Stefan Liv and Tellquist.

    Hedberg is a good goalie thow he is a quite moody player, I mean when he is great he is on top of the world but in his low’s hes not very reliable.

    He is very apriciated in Sweden, as a fast refelx goalie his probably No:1, fun to watch (he never seam to stand up).

    And from my Swedish/NHL easten point of view he is alot better than Cloutier, for 45 games or so. I think the canucs if they will splitt the goalie dutis betwean Cloutier (veterancy?) and Hedberg (quick and young) they would get a combo better than Fernandez/Roloson…

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