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Everyday it gets more and more evident that the CBA will not be resolved by 2004. Well, even for us hockey fans its not the end of the world. The launch of the new “World Hockey Association” is scheduled for the 2004-05 season, just in time for NHL work stoppage. A group consisting of four main businessmen, have decided to launch the return of the NHL’s famous defunct, sister league, the World Hockey Association. Mr. Allan Howell, Dr. Nick Vaccaro, Mr. Tim Keighan and Mr. Peter Young will provide a league with some complicated guidelines. Each team will operate with a 10 million dollar US salary cap, excluding one “marquee player”.

The WHA have approved the following sites with a large enough market size and appropriate venues. Birmingham, Edmonton, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Orlando, Portland, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Jacksonville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Chicago, Hamilton, Miami, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Hartford, Kansas City, Milwaukee, San Antonio, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Toronto, Cleveland, Houston, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Saskatoon and Seattle have all been pre-approved.

The biggest question developing around this whole issue is, “Can the WHA do, what the IHL failed to do ?”. I don’t think this is a valid statement. The IHL was primarily a minorleague, the WHA provides a league with high level competition without supplying an affiliate to an NHL franchise. To think alot of the existing teams today originated in the WHA gives you an accurate picture of how the league works and how it operates.

Each of the 4 co-founders can be reached at the following email addresses:

Allan Howell-

Nick Vaccaro-

Tim Keighan-

Peter Young-

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  1. defenestrate says:

    Did that say WHA or WWE?

  2. acebailey says:


    that is amazing info, considering I wrote this article 2 weeks ago (only better). You can read it here:

    Your team isn’t even in the playoffs, why don’t you spend some time reading the articles on this site, before you embarrass yourself. Here is some hot news for you: the Leafs might try to trade for Nolan!

    Oh, and Montreal sucks by the way… that is also something everyone else in the hockey world already knew.

  3. TC_4 says:

    My question is why will these players want money that isn’t there? If they go and play in other leagues, the NHL will have no choice but to give the players what they want. So why do the people that write the WHA articles get so f’n excited about it? It won’t be for just that season you know. It’s the 70’s all over again, and if this goes through, it will drive up salaries even more. Don’t feed me this “but the WHA will have a cap” bull sh!t! If the WHA is succesful, the only way the NHL will get it’s players back is to not have a cap, and offer their players more money. This is NOT good news people.

  4. TC_4 says:

    Take it easy Ace, your’s was annoucing that they would try to get it going, this guy is explaining where some of the teams will be, and who some of the guys are starting it up.

  5. cwhockey says:

    Evidence may continue to point that a new CBA can’t be reached, but I wouldn’t go saying its a foregone conclusion that is the case. It looks bleak, I’ll admit. But unions have been using these tactics as long as there have been unions. The difference being in this age of instant information we now have immediate access to news reports that say such things and to analysts of the game giving their own opinion on the subject. Many people today are leary of such things, yet they will more readily believe bad news than good. Human nature.

    I don’t have any proof that there are ways in which an agreement can be reached. But in truth I haven’t seen much real proof (if any) that states there will be no new CBA. All we have are the words stated by each side, and a vague knowledge of what issues may hold them back. Do we take Goodenow’s word at face value, and prepare for the worst? I won’t at least. Not until it comes down to the very end.

    There is still an entire year before the current agreement runs out. Since I lost my crystal ball, I can’t tell you what will happen in that time. And neither can the parties on either side of this dispute. So many factors affecting this can change in that time, for better or worse. I simply don’t know, so I won’t make the assumption of doom and gloom based on the words of Goodenow which could very well be a bargaining tactic like I stated before.

    Truthfully believing what I just said, I would still like to see if the WHA could get up and running, work stoppage or no. Whatever happens, next season should be one hell of ride with the end of it shrouded in mystery.

  6. aaron says:

    Goodenow refuses to even discuss a new CBA until this one expires, so the two sides aren’t even discussing it right now. So even if they aren’t that far apart, they’re going to have only a matter of months to hammer a new one out. Ain’t gonna happen.

  7. defenestrate says:

    CTP as the UN Peacekeeping Force! I love it!

  8. Freezer says:

    You say, “The IHL was primarily a minorleague, the WHA provides a league with high level competition without supplying an affiliate to an NHL franchise.” If a CBA IS reached in 2004, where will the WHA get its talent? Isn’t this a huge gamble?

    Pittsburgh is a WHA site? They can’t even support the Penguins. How the hell will they support a second minor-league quality team?

    “Each team will operate with a 10 million dollar US salary cap, excluding one “marquee player”‘. Wow. They should be able to attract some top talent with that budget. I can just see Lidstrom, Fedorov, Forsberg, Naslund and Heatley making plans to jump right now. A lot of these guys already make close to $10 million a year right now. They could take a huge cut in pay in the NHL and still make more than they could ever dream of making in the WHA. Who will be the “marquee names?” Cory Cross? Theo Fleury? Shane Corson? Mikster?

    Just what we need, 32 more floundering hockey teams in North America. I think the NHL needs to reduce from 30 teams to 26 because there are too many financially troubled teams and the talent pool wouldn’t be so watered down. Now this!!??

    If (when) the WHA fails, is this a tax write off for the investors?

  9. mikster says:

    “Who will be the “marquee names?” Cory Cross? Theo Fleury? Shane Corson? Mikster?”


  10. defenestrate says:

    Dave “Killer” Carlson; Goldberg the Goalie; Manon Rheaume; Hailey Wickenheiser; The “Mullet Boys” from the beer commercials; “Clement, Clement, Hands of Cement”; the Labatt Bear; and Tonya Harding.

    CTP – 1; FSTA – 0

  11. defenestrate says:

    Finally – decent part-time employment for all those ex roller-derby players…..

  12. amok says:

    Apparently potential Vancouver owners are in Russia negotiating with Vladimir Krutov to come out of retirement, get in shape (somewhere between 250-280 pounds) and lace ’em up for the Vancouver franchise. The former Olympic gold medalist and Soviet Union Player of the Year hopes to improve on his last dismal showing in Vancouver, in which a Canucks coach said: “His usual routine was to stop at a 7-eleven Store and order two hot dogs, a bag of potato chips and a soft drink. After practice, he would return for a second order.”

  13. canucklehead says:

    Think the leafs can win this cup? NOT…

  14. bubbakazoo says:

    way to go retard

  15. amok says:

    I think James Caan is going to be the marquee player for the Houston team.

  16. Primis says:

    The IHL “failed” because it alienated its loyal fanbase of the smaller-market cities by going out and grabbing the Houstons and Orlandos and such. The IHL was doing just fine prior to the Market Grab. I’m sorry but when you’re pushing out markets in New England and the Great Lakes to get franchises in the Sun Belt and the SW USA, you’re going to fail miserably. People forget how close the IHL actually came to running the AHL out of business instead…

    The IHL was also a well-established league dating back to the late 1940’s IIRC, and was a bus league until the 90’s when the heads got greedy and ran it into the ground.

    The WHA is not well-established, and is going to make the exact same mistakes by going into places like Birmingham, Memphis, Miami, Jacksonville, etc… it’s obvious some people pay no attention to the past… (or the present NHL even).

    So in short, it’s a joke, and it will more than likely be a very expensive joke for those ponying up the cash to build it. After all, if you’re a talented player why are you going to go the slary-capped WHA? No, you’re going to stay in the NHL or its feeders.

    What’s you’re going to get with the WHA is very low-level hockey, made up mostly of guys with no shot and quickly-fading veterans taking one last grasp at a dying career.

    With a stoppage I’ll watch college hockey, thanyouverymuch.

  17. Primis says:

    “Don’t pick Melrose, he thinks he’s still coaching…”

  18. Primis says:

    Maybe after Smackdown gets cancelled (which its well on its way to), Lesnar, Los Guerreros, Kurt Angle and his Suck Squad, and co. can take up a second careeer.

    Heck, Edge and Benoit are Canadians already, and Rhyno’s from Detroit, which as everyone knows is simply a Canadian spy…

  19. defenestrate says:

    Don’t forget Chris Jehrico – he can skate like a mother roach – and the new “French” tag team – who took accent lessons from Pepe Le Pew.

  20. defenestrate says:

    Thank you for your wit and wisdom, as always.

  21. defenestrate says:

    BOOM! 50,000 points for the pop culture reference. It would have been 100,000 if you’d mentioned “Moonpie”.

  22. defenestrate says:

    Just when I start to think all Wings fans are humorless and insensate, you always come along and save them. Thank you for being you.

  23. TC_4 says:

    I thought it would put a spin on things. CTP! CTP!

  24. TC_4 says:

    If Tonya Harding is in it, you got to have Nancy their too, the leagues first rivalry! CTP! CTP!

  25. cwhockey says:

    All I’m saying is that this tactic is as old as the hills. Use his strong words as a tactic to pressure the league and the owners, maybe forcing them to change their position on an issue or two. He may very well be telling us exactly how the players association feels, or it may be a negotiating ploy to get something. The only people who know the honest truth are him, and those closest to him in the players union. And for the sake of these negotiations, they sure as hell won’t say one way or the other.

    I haven’t read many press releases about this as of yet, but I’d bet my last dollar somewhere out there is an article that says what I just stated (in one form or another).

    I’m sure as hell not gonna take Goodenow’s word for it at this point. I’ve seen this type of scenario too many times; it just seems like his own twist on a very old negotiation strategy. But I could be wrong and he does really mean it. Chances are none of us will find out the real facts for quite some time.

  26. acebailey says:

    Thanks Faggator!

    BTW the Habs still suck.

  27. acebailey says:

    The New WHA is being partly backed by a guy in Orlando named David Waronker. He plans on having the Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville franchises, as well as their WHA2 feeder teams.

    He is a Real Estate entrapaneaur(sp?)

    This morning he placed a minor league team in Lakeland FLA.

    His Miami Team will play in the old Miami Arena. The Lakeland team will probably not do any better than its SSHL predecessors, and it seems that this might be a “tax shelter” type of thing already.

    I hope the WHA concentrates in cities like Hamilton, Quebec City, Hartford, Winipeg, and so on…

  28. defenestrate says:

    Then we have to throw in Paula Jones, after that “Celebrity Boxing” thing. Maybe we can Steve from Jerry Springer to referee….


  29. wayne2 says:

    Rule number one: never underestimate your oponent.

  30. wayne2 says:

    Rule number one: never underestimate your oponent.

  31. wayne2 says:

    First off,dont forget the NHL will be on strike at that time so its a great time to start a new league.Second,what if the players(there is still a few) that really play for the game and are sick and tired of all the money of the NHL join in.And finally,there are a lot of players that should be in the NHL but dont have the connections to be there,i mean(and i`ll get blasted for this) howcome guys like Uha Ylonen,Ricard Person,Andreas Johanson among others get easily into the NHL and yet we have lots of French and English CANADIANS just(or more) talented that dont make it and end up in the AHL.That league would make room for them.Anyways,if this league as enough talent at decent salaries that wont go to their heads,go WHA go.

  32. bubbakazoo says:

    you guys are right- always right.

  33. marcoup says:

    If the WHA does whats best for the game (which the NHL wont do) like play on Olympic size ice, and/or remove the red line to make the game more EXCITING – they have a good shot!

    As well, players with no contracts may play in the WHA to subsidize the work stopage.

    The league will need to mirror the excitment of hockey in the 80’s fast pace with tonnes of scoring and attract a couple of top tier NHL’ers to each team. If this happens and the NHL resumes play, fans will continue to watch the WHA.

    Good Luck…I’d watch this if it was exciting and they don’t let Jacques Lemaire coach (No neutral zone trap)!!!!

  34. WeStSiDe says:

    Get a new hobby.

  35. Primis says:

    Thanks. We couldn’t be humorless because most of us are just Detroit sports fans period. And if we didn’t have a sense of humor we’d be throwing ourselves off the top of the Rennassiance Center because of the Lions and Tigers. 😉

  36. Malurous says:

    Ylonen did win the scoring race in the 2001 Worlds. He had 14 points there, when, taking an Ottawa example to add to your Ottawa examples, Alfredsson had 8. He could have had the talent, I think, had Phoenix given him the chance to become the playmaking center that he never became.

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