The New WHA

Everyday it gets more and more evident that the CBA will not be resolved by 2004. Well, even for us hockey fans its not the end of the world. The launch of the new “World Hockey Association” is scheduled for the 2004-05 season, just in time for NHL work stoppage. A group consisting of four main businessmen, have decided to launch the return of the NHL’s famous defunct, sister league, the World Hockey Association. Mr. Allan Howell, Dr. Nick Vaccaro, Mr. Tim Keighan and Mr. Peter Young will provide a league with some complicated guidelines. Each team will operate with a 10 million dollar US salary cap, excluding one “marquee player”.

The WHA have approved the following sites with a large enough market size and appropriate venues. Birmingham, Edmonton, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Orlando, Portland, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Jacksonville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Chicago, Hamilton, Miami, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Hartford, Kansas City, Milwaukee, San Antonio, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Toronto, Cleveland, Houston, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Saskatoon and Seattle have all been pre-approved.

The biggest question developing around this whole issue is, “Can the WHA do, what the IHL failed to do ?”. I don’t think this is a valid statement. The IHL was primarily a minorleague, the WHA provides a league with high level competition without supplying an affiliate to an NHL franchise. To think alot of the existing teams today originated in the WHA gives you an accurate picture of how the league works and how it operates.

Each of the 4 co-founders can be reached at the following email addresses:

Allan Howell-

Nick Vaccaro-

Tim Keighan-

Peter Young-