The next IGINLA?

With the Twitter and trade talk behind him, Evander Kane is creating a new kind of conversation with his all-star calibre play.

The Jets forward has blown up on the NHL scene, with a scorching start to the season that has him 47th in league scoring with 21 points.

His 14 goals are fourth best in the NHL and has people league-wide discussing his potential all-star status.

Kane will need to keep up his pace and maybe even increase it to get the nod but the NHL’s hockey operations types have taken notice.

“We haven’t really started talking about all-star but we talk about players all the time and his name comes up,” said an NHL executive at this week’s Board of Governors meetings in California. “We’ll see. He’s got a chance and so does the goalie (Ondrej Pavelec) there.”

The 21-year-old Kane has gone from prospect to game changer this season and has unbottled the speed and shot that separate him from almost all other players in the league.

It’s a stretch at this point to call Kane the next Jarome Iginla and slot him in as Canada’s top power forward but certainly it can be seen in the distance.

Big and unafraid to go in the hard areas, Kane has all the talent needed to be one of the game’s best. If he’s not an all-star this season he’ll be very close. But there’s even more available to Kane if he can add a few more facets to his game. Superstar is not out of the question.

Each conference takes 18 skaters and three goalies to the all-star game with the starting six selected by fan balloting and the remainder added by the NHL’s hockey ops.

Kane sits 13th in scoring among league left-wingers so he’s not an automatic. The all-star game is well over a month away, however, leaving him some time to improve his case.

4 Responses to The next IGINLA?

  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ya, that's no pressure to put on the kid….lol….having a decent year and now they wanna call him the next great power forward. Let him have a year or three then lets see if we can call him that.

  2. Boston_Bruins says:

    Take it easy there, Gary.

  3. frankinboltonleafs says:

    Has Dineen found the secret key? Or were the Bruins flat tonight? I never would have bet Theodore over Thomas. Wish I'd caught that game.

  4. Boston_Bruins says:

    Bruins looked good tonight actually. Brought their forecheck and had their chances (NESN had the hitting the post count at 5 lol) but Theodore was in '02 form.

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