The NHL Owners Meet To Discuss

The new NHL is posting attendance and revenues higher than expected in most cities.

When the NHL owners meet Wednesday they will have many things to talk about, both negative and positive.

(, report….)

While the NHL says it posted record attendance figures for October and November, rinks in Florida, Atlanta, Carolina, Anaheim and New Jersey appear to have as many empty seats as full ones.

A thing that concerns me is whether the inconsistent work of the referees will be talked about at these meetings.

It is my belief that when a team spends more time on the power play and penalty kill than full strength, the game will have no flow… As evident in NHL wide games this weekend and last night.

Another thing the Owners will be talking about is the salary cap and whether it will be raised or not for the next season.

There are many things on the schedule for this meeting and I hope everything is as positive as some people are reporting…

What are your thoughts about the ”New NHL” so far?

8 Responses to The NHL Owners Meet To Discuss

  1. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    honestly i love the new NHL….im not a purist. i love the shootout. im glad ties r gone because teams still get a point but theres a winner every game. the tie is so piontless. like in football where u get NOTHING for a tie. but the nhl has done a great job. most cities have teams filling seats. but places like the usual NJ, and carolina have not been selling out. of course carolina should have never moved out of hartford i think with new talks of kansas city it would be a disaster. bettman ruined things by moving teams and i think this new nhl will succeed if teams go to the right places. the only place besides canada id like to see a team is in seattle

  2. moosehockey says:

    I’ve also got to say that for the most part I am really enjoying watching the brand of hockey we are seeing. The concern I have is if they will be able to keep up the penalty calls well into the playoffs.

    There are a few rules I really do not like:

    The goaltender zone behind the net – I find that they should take these out, especially now that the 2 line pass is allowed we could see goalies play more of the iced pucks on the powerplay and make a long pass for offensive chances.

    The penalty for flipping the puck over the glass in your own zone – I would like them to revise this and make it a judgement call by the referee, some of the pucks going over are clearly accidental and in my mind shouldn’t be penalized.

    The instigator rule – This one I really dont like, takes some of the physical play out of the game, guys don’t want to drop them in fear they’ll get an extra penalty.

    There are a few that I really like on the other hand:

    The no line change when you ice the puck – thats gold!

    The 2 line pass rule!

    For the most part I have really enjoyed the new NHL product and I hope they keep calling the penalties like they are… eventually they wont have to call as many since the players will smarten up.

  3. TheWho says:

    I love the new NHL. About the new rules and the many penalties, players are still adjusting and sooner or later we’ll see a reduction in the games, especially concerning the hooking, one day they’ll stop hooking.

  4. almelo95 says:

    Great points on the new rules.

    The other one that I love is touch up offsides. I think it is doing a great job of keeping a nice flow in the game.

  5. 92-93 says:

    i’m surprised this article didn’t mention anything about the new playoff format being proposed in which a “play-in” round will be added that would expand the playoff field to 20 teams.

    i think the idea is to have the top 6 teams in each conference be made up of the 1st and 2nd place teams in each division and the teams with the next 4 best records play against each other in a best-of-three to decide who plays the 1st and 2nd seeds.

    so, if the playoffs were to end today in the East it would look like:

    1. Ottawa

    2. NYR

    3. Carolina

    4. Philly

    5. Buffalo

    6. TB

    7. Montreal

    8. Toronto

    9. NYI

    10. NJ – with Montreal taking on NJ and Toronto taking on NYI. lets say the habs and Toronto win their best-of-three, then they play NYR and Ottawa respectively.

    most people will probably dislike this 20-team format because it makes the nhl playoffs too easy to make, etc. etc. at first i would agree with this assessment. i DO dislike the 1-2 divisional seeding idea (just like i dislike the 1-2-3 seeding system right now). i think the top 6 best records – regardless of divisional placing should count and that’s it. also, i know that the only reasons why the governors are considering this is for additional profits.

    however, i think this 20-team idea is a good reason for 3 reasons:

    1) think of the excitement it will create. think about the past few seasons in which we’ve seen perfectly strong above .500 teams like Edmonton and Buffalo and LA not make the playoffs because of the 16-seed system. now they have a shot. and anything can happen in a best-of-three. and lets not forget that its still going to be hard on a 10th place team to win the best-of-three, then have to take on the first place team for their ‘reward.’

    2) as a result of the OTL system, the records are going to look even better for those teams in the 9th, 10th seedings. for example, look at NJ and NYI. the devils have a 14-12-4 record – above .500 right? well, technically they lost 16 games against 14 wins. the islanders are 15-13-2 and have actually won only half of their games. so there are going to be more teams with deceptively good looking records missing the playoffs.

    i dunno. i think if people are willing to play with the shootout idea, then why is this so controversial?! i think we can bow to the pressures of those sports fans that ‘hate ties’ and always need a winner in a regular season contest, why not try this out.

  6. SensfanVone says:

    LOL Thanks for pointing that out I read about that and completely forgot to add it.Thanks for the follow up….and I think it would be interesting to see the 20 team playoffs!!

  7. 92-93 says:

    no prob.

    i’d rather the total number of teams in the NHL to be 24 NHL with 16 making the playoffs but i guess if you are going to have 30 NHL teams and you are trying to gain interest in non-hockey markets, the 20-team idea won’t be so bad.

  8. Cabber205 says:

    I Love the new Nhl…I would like to see more big hits like old days! I also agree that the rule for shooting the puck over the glass is dumb… But the rest of the game is great…Shoot out, tag up offsides, no 2 line…Awesome hockey to watch…

    Keep the playoffs the way it was though, NO SHOOTOUT in the playoffs…Continuous OT gotta keep that suspense going, and thats a horrible way to lose.

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