The NHL Owners Meet To Discuss

The new NHL is posting attendance and revenues higher than expected in most cities.

When the NHL owners meet Wednesday they will have many things to talk about, both negative and positive.

(, report….)

While the NHL says it posted record attendance figures for October and November, rinks in Florida, Atlanta, Carolina, Anaheim and New Jersey appear to have as many empty seats as full ones.

A thing that concerns me is whether the inconsistent work of the referees will be talked about at these meetings.

It is my belief that when a team spends more time on the power play and penalty kill than full strength, the game will have no flow… As evident in NHL wide games this weekend and last night.

Another thing the Owners will be talking about is the salary cap and whether it will be raised or not for the next season.

There are many things on the schedule for this meeting and I hope everything is as positive as some people are reporting…

What are your thoughts about the ”New NHL” so far?