The price for Iginla according to K. Jones & Morganti

The price for Iginla has finally been revealed… and in my opinion, its *WAY* too high.

Keith Jones and Al Morganti have a feature that airs locally here in Philadelphia on the SportsNet channel called “Facing Off”. Today’s primary topic was what it would take to get Iginla here.

According to Morganti, it would take: Gagne AND Williams AND either Woywitka or Pitkanen (the hot defensive prospects).

That’s way too high… but Morganti said the Flyers should go for it anyway. The salaries would benefit Calgary, so it makes sense from a financial standpoint, but the Flyers would be mortgaging their entire future for one player. When their old weight gets a little older, they’d be back to the doldrums instead of a maturing, good team.

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  1. mikster says:

    Gagne won’t be in that deal. However, if he is, heck i’d take Gagne and a first or even Gagne and Williams alone for Iginla.

    Clarke would be foolish to trade either Woywitka or Pitkanen. Williams is a pretty good player but doesn’t finish, so he isn’t worth that much at all. Gagne is the biggie. It can’t be any fairer than that. If the Flyers want Iginla, then they MUST give up Gagne.

    However, i say Buttons will make a bad move.

  2. -momo- says:

    Cause then the flyers (with most of their talent becoming old and grey) would fail in the playoffs (what else it new) and then they could continue to suck for years to come.

    And that would make me happy.

  3. amazing_jesse says:

    Wow, Calgary would emerge looking good out of that deal! They have a great young D

  4. TC_4 says:

    This is exactly what I said it would take to get Iginla. Check the Nolan to Toronto article from Tuesday, I told some guy why Toronto couldn’t get him, and why only the Rangers and the Flyers had the pieces to land him. I think that Philly is done though. However that dosen’t mean that they still don’t need a goaltender and a good d-man. I will suggest they go after Sean Burke and Teppo Numinum, but they won’t.

  5. Cam says:

    I like what the Rangers are offering much better.

  6. Goldenscud says:

    The Flyers need this guy – plain and simple. Gagne is soft and overrated. Don’t get me wrong – the guy has talent but I doubt he will ever be a superstar. Williams is a guy that may become a talented but sub superstar, similar to Roenick. As for the defensive prospects, I am not sold on them being legitimet stars. I think the Flyers should either do:

    Gagne and Williams and another prospect d-man


    Gagne and another forward and either Woywitka or Pitkanen.

    The Flyers weren’t doing much when both Williams and Gagne were in the line-up so I think a trade will only benefit the Flyers. Plus, Iginla is a more complete player and has a bit of an edge to him when needed.

    The East is so open – this is the year!! The Leafs are going to get Nolan and maybe Marchment, the Devils are still a notch better and Ottawa is the wild card. The Flyers can not afford to stand pat. It will be another first round exit if they do!

  7. HugeHabsFan says:

    i dont beilive this trade would benifit the flyers at all, to give up Gange and other rising talent for Iginla, who so far has one good year, with his 52 goals, and has lagged most of this year, although he is making a late surge, but as of right now i would advise clarke not to make this trade, for those players

  8. calflyers says:

    Remember, Morganti predicted the KINGS would win the cup!

    This deal would NEVER happen

    (Jones’ opinion as a GM isn’t worth much either)

  9. The_Coach says:

    Please make this deal Clarke.

    Nothing would make me happier than 3 talented young players returning to Canada and helping to solidy hockey in Calgary and the even bigger bonus of the Flyers giving up their future for another early round exit.

    Please make this deal you toothless wanker!!!!!

  10. jammer21 says:

    al morganti is about as reliable as larry brooks. iginla goes nowhere…….

  11. UsedandAbused says:

    NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! What Flyers need is a center like Joe Sakic. Someone who can make things happen. Not another underachieving goal scorer. I wouldn’t trade Gagne or Williams or the two defensemen prospects.

  12. titans says:

    Thats WAY too high! Way too high because of Woywitka or Pitakanen. Gagne I can understand, I mean you gotta give up talent to get talent. And Williams…eh, he’s not that great, he’s a twenty goal scorer in the league. But Woywitka and Pitakanen??? Those two are our future. Those two + Johnsson and Vandermeer are gonna have us one of the top blue lines in the league in a few years. I want Iginla…but not at that price.

  13. calflyers says:

    i just saw the “replay” of what the post “said”

    Actually, Jones’ comments were RIGHT ON!

    i retract my “uninformed Jones bash”

    Morganti though…

  14. matteo says:

    Morganti is delusional. Listening to Tim Panaccio from the Inquirer tonight on WIP it seems pretty clear the the Flyers are not going to trade all of that for Iginla. Ed Moran, hockey writer for the Daily News, later in the same show said that he wouldn’t even trade Gagne for Williams straight up.

    My thoughts….I waould trade Gagne for Iginla straight up, but since that would never happen, maybe Gagne and a Warriner or a Sacco. Calgary would never make that trade.

    In my opinion Gagne should be playing in the west where the offense is more free-wheeling and not as tight checking as the East and on the other side, Iginla would be great in the East with his hard-nosed style of play. He would be a great fit with the Flyers. Bottom line is that Calgary is asking way way way too much. What happens if Iginla comes to Philly and we send away Gagne, JW, and Woywitka and never scores even close to 50 again. We end up losing 3 future stars and taking on a player with a contract too big to even move. Calgary has to make some concessions if they want to move Iginla….they want a team to give up 3 solid NHL players as well as take on Iginla’s contract……he better just talk to Sather then.

    The one thing I am so F’NG sick of hearing is that if we trade Gagne for Iginla then we are mortgaging our future…granted it is true if you include JW and Woywitka, but some idiots wouldn’t even trade Gagne for Iginla straight up…are you people on crack. Gagne is 22 and Iginla is 25 I would pull the trigger on that deal faster than you can say cooperalls. Any deal that is going to bring in a young NHL star is probably going to cost us Gagne, but people here think he is the next coming and that he is irreplaceable. I would trade him for Satan and Zhitnik…..I would trade him for Iginla too.

    I think if the Flyers want to trade anyone they should try to package one of their residents from the shady acres rest home like Primeau…..and for god sake give the F’ng “C” to Roenick already.

    On a related issue, Moran and Panaccio commented on Matthieu Schneider and the trade talks with Philly since the Kings were in town. He said that Schneider has been quoted a few times as saying that he would welcome a trade to a contender and he also specifically mentioned that he wanted to go to Toronto. No mention if any team other than the Leafs. So who knows if the Flyers will even still try to swing a deal for him.

    Contract with Desjardins are a bit dicey too. Clarkie has supposedly offered up a contract similar to that just given to Marcus Ragnarsson, which would give Desjardins approximately a $1million paycut. As of now Desjardins does not have an agent and said that he is actively looking for one and will resume talks after he has one. All sounds kinda shady to me, but the Flyers should not let him go. If we didnt have a guy like Desjardins everyone would be whining that we need a veteran defenseman for a playoff run. Now that we have one people are packing his bags for him. He has not been great the last couple years, but this year under Hitch he has been rock solid. If the Flyers want to cull some dead weight at D they should start with Chris “the lump” Therien.

    The Flyers need to make a decision right now and that is to go for it this year…..which would be insanely stupid because they would have to beat some combination of NJ, TOR, and Ottawa just to get out of the East. Then they would most likely face the Stars or another Western powerhouse. THe East just kills the teams that come out of it because it is a knock-down-drag-out tight checking Conference. The West is easier on their teams because of the style of play.

    The Flyers are in between a rock and a hard place because half of their roster is soo young that you want them to build and make a solid cup run in a few years and on the other hand, the other half of the roster is so old that they might not be any help in a few years. I really have no idea which way I would go were I Clarkie. As I have said plenty of times, when it comes to Philly sports and Bobby Clarke the only thing I know is that I am a complete idiot and that I know absolutely nothing.

    I am not even sure that Kate Smith could help us now.

  15. matteo says:

    Why does everyone keep saying we need goaltending….we have one of the top goalie combos in the league……..It doesn’t do us any good if we don’t score goals though. We need goalscoring first and foremost….before D and certainly before a goalie.

    Sean Burke is a HUGE step down from Cechmanek – PERIOD.

  16. TC_4 says:

    Good call buddy, I would much rather have a guy who hasn’t proven anything in this league, then a guy who was 3rd in the MVP voting last year. Oh, and don’t forget how BRUTAL Phoenix has been this year with him, but then when he’s out there terrific. That’s why there doing so awesome this year is because Burke is out. If Sean came back they would be horrible wouldn’t they???

  17. cwhockey says:

    Iginla stays in Calgary. Flames don’t want to trade him. And despite their financial straits, they can have the cash to pay him and couldn’t afford to lose his status (ie drawing power, merchandising, etc).

    A deal like that might be one of the very few ways he could possibly go, but Philly would have to much more brain-damaged than they already are to make that trade.

    In other words, no trade. We’ve seen worse trades before, but this will damage each team fairly quickly. Can’t see a reason for doing it.

  18. Flyers_01 says:

    I wouldn’t even give up that much even if there wasn’t a financial aspect of this trade. A Gagne for Iginla trade straight up makes the most sense being beneficial for both but since Calgary seems to want the moon, that’s just to bad for Calgary. Calgary is one of the worst teams in the league and is going to stay that way for the duration of Iginla’s contract. I don’t care how much Iginla is a fan favorite, if the team doesn’t win the fans won’t come. Calgary can’t improve the team because they have 1/3rd of their salary tied up in one player. A 7.5 million dollar salary is something Calgary can’t afford at this time. Someone like Gagne is the best Calgary could hope for and would help them out by letting them pay (if the extra money is used wisely) for better surrounding talent than iginla has now.

  19. vasko says:

    I would not include Gagne. Remember, the Flyers have two first round picks. How about Williams, a first round pick,a second round pick, Seidenberg or Therien. Now, I like Seidenberg, I think he has a substantial upside as a Matthiue Schneider type of player. Therien has come a long way. Yeah he could use his size more often; but he has size, speed, moves the puck up the ice well and knows how to play the game. I think Philly fans generally under rate his value around the league.

    That said, I don’t think the Flyers will make an Iginla trade. Eventually they will get Satan, or failing that, Schneider.

  20. matteo says:

    When you talk about using draft picks you are forgetting that the Flames have been quoted as saying that they will only accept NHL caliber players not prospects or draft picks. If it was only a matter of including first round picks then they would have pulled the trigger already.

  21. Nemix says:

    Unfortunately its the same “d” who cannot play defensively enough or put the puck in the net… Think they should have extended Kravchuk’s contract. Still wondering why he is a free agent.. A puck moving defensemen..decent on the powerplay and picked some defensive manouvers from ottawa that can demand a million less then schnieders contract…


  22. matteo says:

    Better call on your part BUDDY!!!

    By his numbers Cechamnek has proven he is a good solid goalie. His team let him down in the palyoffs last year by not scoring goals. If the Flyers had Roy and Brodeur in net at the same time last year they still would have lost. Bottom line is that Cechamnek has been solid, but has not had goal support. All you people care about is PROVEN goalies who have been there before…blah blah blah…..was Roy proven when he took the Habs to the cup his rookie year….was Hextall proven when he took the Flyers there his rookie year…..Cechmanek has not reallly had the opportunity to prove himself because his team keep sh!tting the bed in the playoffs. When your goalie has a GAA around 2.05 you should not get swept in 4 games.

  23. Flyguyrex873 says:

    Hey Philly fans,

    Why in the blue hell would we want to give up Gange, He is going to be awesome in the future, I think Clarke needs to maybe make a small deal or even see if he can get Zhitnik/Satan from Buffalo or Palffy/Schnider for Los Angeles. I think that would be the best deal for us. Keep in mind, if the Flyers don’t win it all this year, We have plenty of picks this summer. I could understand Williams going, but I still won’t trade him except for Palffy/Satan/Schnider/Zhitnik. Keep in mind Philly had Pheonix’s 1st rounder this year (and with the Coyotes doing so poorly, we can pick up a pretty good forward or goalie, although We should definatly KEEP Checko!)

    Message to Bob Clarke: Take Martin Kariya, Univ. of Maine, FIRST ROUND! This kid is going to be AWESOME! Do something smart and make up for trading Forseberg, choose this kid!

  24. Matrix says:

    Bob Clarke you will be paying way too much for this deal. Gange and Williams with Woywitka or Pittkanen NEVER.

    GO with this deal Therin/Chouinard/ or Williams 1st round draft pick ( from Pheonix ) for Satan & Zhitnik

  25. Matrix says:

    Bob Clarke can bug me alot, but he didn’t trade Forseberg. Remember Clarke was not the GM of the Flyers for about 4 years. He was in Fla.Minn the man that trade him was Guss

  26. leafs123212000 says:

    I’d have to agree with everyone that Clarke would never do that. To be fair I think the flyers SHOULD give up gagne, williams and maybe like a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but if Iginla is traded anywhere, I have a feeling that Calgary will get ripped off…sucks..

  27. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    it would be great, but won’t ever happen!

  28. vasko says:

    I believe you have it pretty close. If not, Ragnersson, williams and a second rounder for Schneider.

  29. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    too high? williams might score 20 a year, gagne will score 30 a year, but thats only 50 goals maybe, and more like 40-45, which iginla gets himself, and will for the next 8 years, and propects are crap shoots, you can’t be sure who’s gonna be good or not, but everyone knows how good iginla is!!!

  30. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    i’ll do it if it’s woywitka, not pitakanen!

  31. amazing_jesse says:

    Unfortunately in Calgary you are going to have to be a team that watches what’s on the ice and dream of how good they will be in 2-3 years (before the lose out on the high priced contracts). from tht perspective they are an exciting young bunch.

  32. aafiv says:

    It’s now clear to me why Calgary’s franchise is in so much trouble all time…

    The people who manage it are high!!!!!

    There’s no way the Flyers are give up all of that for Iginla.


  33. aafiv says:

    Gagne and a prospect. Button is clearly drunk if he thinks the Flyers would give all of those players up.

    Besides, Iginla’s had one good season. One.

    I don’t even think that Clarke would do this.

  34. Flyguyrex873 says:

    My bad, I knew Clarke was in Florida….

    I meant the Flyers should make up for trading Forseberg by selcting Martin Kariya. That was not meant to be a Clarke bash.

  35. OldNord says:

    Are you serious ?

  36. Stogie7 says:

    First off what people forget is that even though Calgary is a small market team, their ownership group has billions. They aren’t going to throw away money but at the same time Iggys salary isn’t going to cut inot their savings.

    Iggy does not have to be traded!! Thats why the asking price is so high. If Button had to trade him you could get him much cheaper. The reality is that Calgary will only trade him it it will make their team way better.

    So unless Clarke wants to give up all those players, Iggy will not be playing in Philly.

  37. flyer12fan says:

    No way that I’d even trade Gagne OR Williams straight up for Iginla. Screw Iginla, his best season is behind him. I have faith that Bobby Clarke is smart enough to hang on to Gags, JW, Woywitka and Pitkanen. Between those four and Johnsson, Seidenberg, Vandermeer, Handzus, Somik and Chouinard, they have what will be a helluva young nucleus in two or three years. There’s enough older stars like Primeau, Roenick, LeClair, Desjardins, Ragnarsson, Cechmanek, etc. that they have a shot at a Cup now, but if they can’t do it don’t mortgage what is a really bright future for them.

  38. flyer12fan says:

    Let’s face it, it’s going to be another first round exit anyway. Let’s build for the future. You’re wrong about Gagne, he already is a star- he’s 22 (I think) and has already been an All-Star and an Olympian. So he’s having a rough season, give him a break. Let’s pick on the veterans who are sucking for the Flyers, not him. As for Williams, if he’s going to turn out to be another Roenick, as you say, then they better hang on to him, which is what I’ve been saying all along. If I were GM of the Flyers, I’d say screw this year- look how many good young guys you have, and how many more you could get by dumping your veterans. I hear the Rangers would deal Blackburn, how about we give them LeClair or Primeau or Recchi. Or Desjardins or Ragnarsson. Build a powerhouse for a few years from now.

  39. BULLITT says:

    very possible for button to screw up except for the fact he has about 10 owners watching every move. He is on one of the shortest leashes in the league so don’t expect a giveaway at least not for iggy

  40. BULLITT says:

    man that is the dumbass comment of the night. iggy is worth 2 gange’s and about his season do you know any stats. slow start but now look at him and also the flames are talentless lets see gange do what iggy has on the flames he would sink faster then then rocks

  41. mightyp says:

    thank you thank you. i’ve been saying similar about the calgary ownership group all over this site and others but i continually read how the flames are on the verge of bankruptcy. you put it very succinctly. hopefully more people will read it and make trade offers not based on the idea that calgary has to deal him because of the contract.

  42. TC_4 says:

    Fine, we’ll see in April who’s right, and who’s crying about how Chechmanek was brutal in the playoffs. Everyone who reads this remember it. Roman Chechmanek will bomb in the playoffs, and if he dosen’t, I will appologize, and admit I am the biggest moron alive.

  43. bender says:

    The price for Iginla is WAY, WAY to high.

    I am a loyal flyer fan and have been for years.

    Iginla is a great player but less face facts, He only has had one super star quality year. I think Gagne for Iginla, or Williams and Woywitka for Iginla makes sense. But theres no way in hell Clarke should even think about trading Pitkanen, for anyone in the league. The kid was amazing in the world juniors and has played against NHLers in his homeland for the past couple of seasons. He’s one to watch out for.

    Woywitka didn’t impress me at all. He scored one key goal and had some good hits but I think he’s just gonna be another Therien or further on down the road another K. Sammuelson.

    Gagne would be my vote. He is a great scorer and skates well, but he doesnt have the work ethic and grit of Justin Williams. Give Justin some more time and he’ll be just as good or better, plus he makes less, a lot less.

  44. Styles says:

    I saw that “Facing Off” too and I agree with Jonesy. The price for the Flyers is way too high. Gagne?!?!?! If they trade Gagne at all in the next ten years, I’ll personally hunt Clarkey down (figuratively speaking, of course). I think Justin Williams is a very improved player and that’s coming from someone that’s not really fond of him to begin with. I don’t think trading him would be a good idea either. The two rookie prospects, Pitkanen and Woywitka, definitely need to stay. We need young D and Pitkanen is going to develop into a really good D-man. I know Philly would hate me for saying this but I think we need to trade LeClair and Recchi for respectively for someone great. Maybe together, maybe separate. They’re both getting older and Johnny’s been injury prone every since the very first back injury. Yes, he performs great when he plays but he hasn’t had a full season in three years. Maybe more. Recchi, who used to be one of the league’s fastest players on skates, seems to be losing a step. Maybe he’s frustrated at not scoring goals but he’s starting to pick it up now. I just don’t see him hustling the way he used to. I’d give up one of them for Iginla but not the young guys. Just my opinion.

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