The Problem With The Leafs Is Ownership!!

This team would be near the top of this sport on a yearly basis except for everyone above John Ferguson Jr. Believe me I am not a supporter of JFJ. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is what is destroying this team and people have to wake up and see this.

From the Team Management Board of Directors to Larry Tanenbaum to Richard Peddie, they all seem to agree on one thing. Never to agree!!

Lets start with the Team Management Board of Directors they are the head of this beast. Every move this team makes has to be run by this board. They approve everything from salary to player movement. If you don’t believe this then why before any major time of the hockey season must a Leaf GM have to stand before this board to tell them what they are doing. Just about any other GM in this league never has to do this as they would answer to a team president or ownership which is generally one person. Like the Sens have Eugene Melnyk. Imagine the Leafs case where ownership is a group of people who want a say in what is done with this team. Imagine as many as 10 different owners wanting an absolute say in what happens. Trust me they do too as you might have seen in the Toronto papers.

Number two on this list is Larry Tanenbaum. Who for the most part gets it. He knows that there has to be good management in place to win and suceed in any sport or business. However with that said he appointed Richard Peddie to look after both the Raptors and Leafs. See Richard Peddie for the results there. Tanenbaum wants to bring someone in to be a senior advisor to JFJ. Well that is a real good idea but why not fire him(JFJ) and just bring in who he feels should really be the GM instead of just leaving JFJ there. Well that is because Peddie believes and has gone to the Team Management Board of Directors for JFJ to defend the great job he is doing as stated by Peddie. So now Tanenbaum and Peddie are at odds over who should be the GM of this team and the Team Management Board of Directors has compromised and told them that JFJ stays but they can bring in a senior advisor to JFJ. Keep up it gets better.

Now enters Richard Peddie. Richard Peddie knows nothing about either sport except how to NOT run them. He brought in Rob Bab***** to run the Raptors and JFJ to run the Leafs. Both knew very little how to run either team. Well we all seen how Bab***** ran the Raptors into the biggest joke in the NBA(until Colangelo came along). JFJ went on to achive better status as poor to mediocre management. Now Peddie seen how bad that the Raptors were and hired a consultant group to find the next GM of the Raptors. Yes a consulting firm. Isn’t this Peddie’s job to find this person? Guess he knows about as much about hiring people as he does about basketball. Well as we seen they brought in Colangelo(who is a proven basketball guy) and the Raptors are the toast of the NBA. He came in told both Peddie and Tanenbaum to leave him run the team.

My point is the Leafs need to bring in someone who is going to do the same. However the above three culprits are not letting this happen with the Leafs like they did the Raptors. For some unknown reason.

So now Peddie hires the same firm he used to come up with the Raptors GM to come up with some names to handle the Leafs. According to both TSN insiders the name they came up with and presented to Peddie was Brian Burke. Of course Burke wants no part of this job for a million reasons. So they do not even ask.

So this crew has spoken to a few people now according to TSN. First up is Scotty Bowman who turned them down after speaking with them. He said he was happy in Detroit which I have no doubt he is but insiders whispered (in both the Star and Sun) that he wanted complete control over hockey operations and they turned that down. Second according to TSN is Nashville Predators GM David Poile. Now here is a guy whose franchise is being sold and the current owner wants all the pieces sold off. I know what you are thinking here…what a great opportunity for him to jump ship and manage another team. But he is not interested in the Toronto job either. So now this group goes after Bob Clarke(who he even says is burnt out) and John Muckler. So we got the cast off from Ottawa and the burn out in Philly. You can argue that both of whom have better upsides then what is in place now in JFJ. But the question that is begging to be asked…why can’t they get an absolute top name GM to come in.

The answer is please see the above names of Team Management Board of Directors, Larry Tanenbaum, and Richard Peddie. For the above reasons.