The Problem With The Leafs Is Ownership!!

This team would be near the top of this sport on a yearly basis except for everyone above John Ferguson Jr. Believe me I am not a supporter of JFJ. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is what is destroying this team and people have to wake up and see this.

From the Team Management Board of Directors to Larry Tanenbaum to Richard Peddie, they all seem to agree on one thing. Never to agree!!

Lets start with the Team Management Board of Directors they are the head of this beast. Every move this team makes has to be run by this board. They approve everything from salary to player movement. If you don’t believe this then why before any major time of the hockey season must a Leaf GM have to stand before this board to tell them what they are doing. Just about any other GM in this league never has to do this as they would answer to a team president or ownership which is generally one person. Like the Sens have Eugene Melnyk. Imagine the Leafs case where ownership is a group of people who want a say in what is done with this team. Imagine as many as 10 different owners wanting an absolute say in what happens. Trust me they do too as you might have seen in the Toronto papers.

Number two on this list is Larry Tanenbaum. Who for the most part gets it. He knows that there has to be good management in place to win and suceed in any sport or business. However with that said he appointed Richard Peddie to look after both the Raptors and Leafs. See Richard Peddie for the results there. Tanenbaum wants to bring someone in to be a senior advisor to JFJ. Well that is a real good idea but why not fire him(JFJ) and just bring in who he feels should really be the GM instead of just leaving JFJ there. Well that is because Peddie believes and has gone to the Team Management Board of Directors for JFJ to defend the great job he is doing as stated by Peddie. So now Tanenbaum and Peddie are at odds over who should be the GM of this team and the Team Management Board of Directors has compromised and told them that JFJ stays but they can bring in a senior advisor to JFJ. Keep up it gets better.

Now enters Richard Peddie. Richard Peddie knows nothing about either sport except how to NOT run them. He brought in Rob Bab***** to run the Raptors and JFJ to run the Leafs. Both knew very little how to run either team. Well we all seen how Bab***** ran the Raptors into the biggest joke in the NBA(until Colangelo came along). JFJ went on to achive better status as poor to mediocre management. Now Peddie seen how bad that the Raptors were and hired a consultant group to find the next GM of the Raptors. Yes a consulting firm. Isn’t this Peddie’s job to find this person? Guess he knows about as much about hiring people as he does about basketball. Well as we seen they brought in Colangelo(who is a proven basketball guy) and the Raptors are the toast of the NBA. He came in told both Peddie and Tanenbaum to leave him run the team.

My point is the Leafs need to bring in someone who is going to do the same. However the above three culprits are not letting this happen with the Leafs like they did the Raptors. For some unknown reason.

So now Peddie hires the same firm he used to come up with the Raptors GM to come up with some names to handle the Leafs. According to both TSN insiders the name they came up with and presented to Peddie was Brian Burke. Of course Burke wants no part of this job for a million reasons. So they do not even ask.

So this crew has spoken to a few people now according to TSN. First up is Scotty Bowman who turned them down after speaking with them. He said he was happy in Detroit which I have no doubt he is but insiders whispered (in both the Star and Sun) that he wanted complete control over hockey operations and they turned that down. Second according to TSN is Nashville Predators GM David Poile. Now here is a guy whose franchise is being sold and the current owner wants all the pieces sold off. I know what you are thinking here…what a great opportunity for him to jump ship and manage another team. But he is not interested in the Toronto job either. So now this group goes after Bob Clarke(who he even says is burnt out) and John Muckler. So we got the cast off from Ottawa and the burn out in Philly. You can argue that both of whom have better upsides then what is in place now in JFJ. But the question that is begging to be asked…why can’t they get an absolute top name GM to come in.

The answer is please see the above names of Team Management Board of Directors, Larry Tanenbaum, and Richard Peddie. For the above reasons.

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    Now, hear I stand as a Habs fan, through and through. I've listened to the *****ing and whining of all Leaf fans about JFJ. Truth is, had Gill and Kubina found a decent groove in TO last year, they woulda made the play offs. Now, u got Jason Blake, who everyone knows won't or probably won't duplicate his 40 goals this year, who comes in as the suppsed messiah to the Leafs. Between him and Toskala. Theirs one thing the Leafs have in common with Philly, both have unproven #1 goalies. Biron's good for roughly 40 games and after that. he usually blows. Toskala has never played an extended amount of games, topping out at roughly 45-50. What I don't get, as a hockey fan and not only as a Habs fan and Leaf hater, is the fact that EVERY SINGLE MAPLE LEAF FAN IN ONTARIO HATES RAYCROFT!!! Here's a former Calder trophy winner who set or almost set the Leafs franchise record in WINS!!! And once the season is done, EVERY SINGLE MAPLE LEAF FAN WANTS HIM OUT!!!! I hate Raycroft but I'll stick up for the guy considering he earned my respect because he almost got ur Leafs into the play offs. Yes, he let in some weak goals but but he was also a casualty of some shitty D most nights. Now, if I'm not mistaken, shouldn't a GM be praised for bringing in a goalie who nearly sets a storied franchises record for wins? In any other city, Raycroft would have been applauded. You can't blame everything on ownership or anyone above  JFJ because frankly, ya they have a say in hockey operations but isn't it ultimately the GM's call to trade away draft picks for an unproven goalie and sign a 33 year old to a 5 year contract? Isn't it also the GM's call to trade away all 1st and 2nd round draft picks? Isn't it also the GM's call to trade away Tuuka Rask instead of Justin Pogge? No matter how much u may hate ownership, its not their call on who the GM gets unless you're name is Mark Cuban. If Harold Ballard was still alive and still owned the Leafs, i guarantee you the Leafs would have won the Cup because One, Mats Sundin would never have been named Captain and Two, he would have given his full support to his GM, unlike current Leafs management and fans alike.

  2. Toonces99 says:

    Well written response…somethings l don't agree with, but you seem to have pretty good grasp of Leaf Land…Good Luck to your Habs….bye the way, l love the Ballard plug…cheers.

  3. Shorts_Pimp says:

    I love the Montreal fans always talking smack about Torontonians, with little to no actual evidence or reliable argument. Usually, I am a calm person, and don't like to post anything, but your comment regarding Andrew Raycroft really pissed me off (the one claiming that we should praise Raycroft because he is so good). Let me begin by stating that Raycroft is possibly the worst starting goaltender in Maple Leafs history (atleast in recent memory). For anyone to even claim Raycroft is a legitimate Number One goaltender, they would have to be, at a minimum, partially retarded. Let's go through a bit of statistical analysis to back my claim up. The Toronto Maple Leafs were 7th place in the NHL regarding Shots Allowed per game (7th least shots on goal per game), and 3rd place in the NHL regarding Shots For per game (3rd best in shots on goal). This means that on a regular basis, Andrew Raycroft faced the 7th least amount of shots, on average, per game, in the entire NHL, while his team was one of the best at getting shots on net. Despite this fact, the Toronto Maple Leafs were 25th place in the NHL in Goals Against Per Game, yet 8th place in the NHL in Goals For Per Game. This leaves Raycroft with a goals against average of 2.99 (goals per game on average), and an .894 save percentage. This is absolutely pathetic for a starting NHL goaltender. Similarly, comparing Raycroft to Belfour for the Leafs best goaltending record in a season is absurd. Raycroft and Belfour both atained 37 wins in a single season, however, Belfour achieved this goal in 62 games, whereas Raycroft did this "feat" in 72 games. This means Raycroft was ONE game over .500, where as Belfour was 6 games over .500, after playing 10 LESS games. All of this despite the fact that Belfour didn't have shootout wins too pad his statistics. You can claim Raycroft is a goaltender all you want, but the fact remains that all Toronto needed was one more win to make the playoffs. You can look at a variety of games throughout the year when Raycroft COST us the game, and only a handful when he STOLE us the game. Remember it's not how many saves you make, but WHEN you make them, and Andrew Raycroft was absolutely wretched in clutch situations. So please the next time somebody praises Andrew Raycroft for anything, either send them to this post, or walk away, because they either know NOTHING about hockey, or are completely retarded.

  4. the_word says:

    Not to mention Raycorft is one of the worse goaltenders in the league in shoutouts and even a three goal lead in the third period isn't safe with him in net.  Andrew Raycorft is a throw back to Leaf 'greats' such as Allan Bester and Peter Ing.

  5. JuicemaN says:

    There's good reason fro the fans disliking Raycroft (I for one don't mind him but I do think he is 80% of the reason we didn't make the playoffs, that and injuries but that can happen to any team, so yes it's all on Raycrofts shoulders), here are my reasons:

    Leafs were 8th best for goals scored
    Leafs were 3rd best for shots on goal
    Leafs were 7th best for shots against
    Leafs were 24th best for goals against (or 6th worst for the pessimistic people)

    In other words their defense wasn't "sh!t", they seemed to do a great job in keeping the shots down (7th best in the league, ahead of New Jersey and just behing ANAHIEM), but yet our goals against are the 6th worst in the league…guess who was letting those goals in on the very few shot he faced…Raycroft.

    Their defense can't possibly be blamed for them not making the playoffs, playing Ottawa and Buffalo a total of 16 times and still managing to be 7th best for shots against. If Raycroft is getting that many less shots and still letting a bunch in then it's unforunately on his shoulders.

    I don't normally agree with most Leaf fans on their outrageous opinions but the fans are used to stellar goaltending and have unfortunately set their expectations pretty high and Raycroft failed pretty miserably. This is one of the few times I agree with Leaf fans that Raycroft must go.  I still think he may be a decent goaltender down the road; perhaps a Roloson type goalie but the Leafs need to get on the right track and Raycroft isn't going to do it for them.

  6. Wilson52 says:

        Habsrock99, you are way off base on what you are saying about Raycroft. Yeah he may of won 37 games but look do you really think he is a #1 goalie? His GAA was 2.99, with a save percentage of 89.4%. The Leafs were 3rd in the league with 32.7 shots per game and 7th for shot allowed per game averaging 28.4. Also the Leafs miss the playoffs by one stinkin point. If the Leafs had a better goalie they would of made the playoffs. Habsrock99 you should be smarter than what your wrote in your article. Did you see the goals Raycroft give up in last game of the season against your Habs?  Sounds like you were asleep during that game along with other Leafs games you would claim to watch.
       As for JFJ, I am so so about him but I believe he is under so much pressure from upper management to win today, he has to make moves I believe he would not make if he were a GM of another team. I believe JFJ's strength as a GM is his ability to draft. Its hard to justify to many Leaf management and fans we want to rebuild and not make the playoffs for a year or two so the Leafs can dominate years after that (if possible). The fault that Leaf management and fans have is they look too much in the present than into the future. To me the problem that Leaf management has is that they only care about money.  The only way the Leafs may win a cup if they sell the team or get rid of the dinosaurs up top running the team.

  7. habsrock99 says:

    ya i watched that frickin game and out of all and i mean ALL of the Habs goals, their seemed to be either a 6'5 D-man or a 6'5 3rd line forward who plays on TO's first line in front of Raycroft, not entirely his fault. You want bad goaltending, Cristobal *****in Huet can't win more then 19 games in any given season. He went a goddamn month winning only 1 *****ing game. And as for drafting as JFJ's strong suit, you must be really dumb or blind cuz the Leafs haven't had a decent draft pick since Tuuka Rask. They had no 1st or 2nd rounders this year.

  8. Shorts_Pimp says:

    What about Jiri Tlusty, and other young guys in the minors like Justin Pogge, and Suglobov. Not to mention the younger guys that are already in the Leafs roster, like John Pohl, Alexei Ponikarovski (somewhat), Kyle Wellwood, Matt Stajan, Alex Steen…Strahlman…Kulemin….And this is not to mention great low end acquisitions like Boyd Devereaux (an older player). While I may not agree that the leafs are the best in drafting players, they do draft well (believe it or not), and to base your assumption strictly on this years (soft) draft is propostrous. Besides, sacrificing a first round pick (as well as a few other rounders) is a miniscule downside to the gain of a high calibre goaltender like Toskala, and a half decent winger like Bell. 

  9. habsrock99 says:

    Until Toskala gets the Leafs into the post-season, he is still considered a GREAT back up. And I wasn't just talking about this year's draft. Tlustry may come into his own or he may fail, its up to him. I saw several of his OHL games live and on tv and he was a different player every night. The only time he was really consistent was in the play -offs, which means good news for Leafs nation but he won't make the NHL til he plays a more physical and consistent regular seaspn. Suglobov isn't in the Leafs system anymore, he left to play in Russia.

  10. habsrock99 says:

    Funny, in those 3rd periods where Toronto would blow the lead, I would often see the Leafs sit back and LET the opposition walk all over them. They would try and do what New Jersey does and sit back and kill the game. Toronto is a terrible defensive team WHEN trying to play defensive hockey. And tell me, how many Shootout wins did Raycroft have last year? Last I heard, he was incredibly terrible in Shootout situations and lost at least 75% of all the Shootouts he was apart of. So don't go on saying Raycroft had shootout wins to pad his stats. 

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