The Sabres might be shopping Gratton…and the rest of the team

The Buffalo News is reporting that the Coyotes may be interested in Buffalo’s leading scorer Chris Gratton. Also, the Sabres have called up goaltending prospect Ryan Miller from Rochester. Could they be shopping one of their goaltenders?

Spector noted that if the Sabres decide to move Gratton, they will want a proven NHL’er in return. He then went on to note center Ladislav Nagy and winger Landon Wilson of the Coyotes. Both players come cheap and that may be the only reason that this trade rumor may become an actual trade, but Gratton is the Sabres top scorer and these players that were mentioned are not proven by any means. Moving the inconsistent Gratton now may be a good idea since he is finally performing; so the Sabres could get a lot in return, but I like him and the only reason he was inconsistent last year was because the stupid coach had him placed on the fourth line for the first half of the season.

The Sabres have also called up Ryan Miller from Rochester and he is expected to play in Tuesday’s game against the New Jersey Devils. Is this a move just to wake up struggling goaltenders Noronen and Biron or is this a way for the Sabres to show off all of their goaltenders? The Rangers are looking for a backup since Richter is out with a concussion. Could a trade between the Sabres and Rangers happen? You never know.

Regeir has said that no player is untradeable and yesterday he went on to say that there are moves that he would like to make. Players that have been mentioned as possible trade bait by the media are: JP Dumont, Curtis Brown, Alexi Zhitnik, Miro Satan, and Tim Connelley. Hopefully he can make a move quickly so the Sabres can get back on track. It’s still early in the season and the playoffs aren’t out of the picture yet. Oh, who am I kidding? There is no way we are making the playoffs.