The Shea Weber Sweapstakes

Shea Weber will become a RFA at the end of the year. Although he is a restricted free agent, Weber’s future is very much in his own hands. Weber has been solid offensively and defensively for Nashville since coming into the leauge in 2006. Over the last two seasons Weber has put up 96pts in 159 games, 39 of which were goals. Weber is only a year away from unrestricted free agency and with Nashville not being the strongest team financially, Weber’s time as Preds Captain could be coming to an end.

Here are some possible destinations for Weber.

Anaheim- A team with a huge need in a defensive upgrade. If a package is centered around Lupul, they will have more than enough cap space to resign Weber and fill out their roster.

Pittsburgh- A trde to the Pens would have been a likely scenario before they sigend Martin and Michalek, but if Sid has anything to say about it his Olympic roommate could be joining him in Pittsburgh

San Jose- They are really missing the loss of Rob Blake, could use a reliable defenseman and they have the assets to make a deal.

Toronto- With close to 20 mil invested in their top 4 defenceman the leafs could use a first line center alot more than they could use another big defenceman, but with the possibility of losing Kaberle at the end of the season and Komisarek’s current play exploring a trade with the Preds wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Vancouver- The BC native could be enticed to joining former teammate Dan Hamhuis in Vancouver, the Canucks are another team with alot of money invested in the backend, but with some expensive defencemen underachieving Weber could be the Canucks answer.

2 Responses to The Shea Weber Sweapstakes

  1. reinjosh says:

    Weber isn't available, nor will he be. He is Nashville's franchise player and they will do whatever possible to keep him. Financing isn't exactly a huge problem, as the ownership is relatively solid and all Nashville based. He is going to be their Lidstrom. No one player will be payed more than him. Most of the guys who play in Nashville seem to love it and no indication has been given that Weber isn't like that.

    That said, the possibility does exist. He could become available but it would cost a hell of a lot to get him. For Anaheim, it would center around Bobby Ryan. Anything short of a top line player and Weber stays. Weber is a top 5 dman in the league for sure, and I would go so far as to say he is the leagues best all around-defenseman. He won't come cheaply.

  2. TimTheBone says:


    it's funny how you tried to make a connection with various teams…. while certain trade partners mentioned make no sense…. like the Toronto one….. Shea weber would be sought after bhy most teams but Toronto probab;y not a likely destination given the abundance of defense… you'd be trading away assets for a roster position that is loaded as it is…. would be a STUPID STUPID move for toronto…

    that being said….. Interestingly enough before i even saw this article i heard that MTL was after him….. which makes me wonder that maybe josh there may be some truth to the rumors… no matter how odd they would be

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