The Sounds Of Silence

Okay – the playoffs are fast-approaching, and those of us fortunate enough to be blessed with a talented team to root for are poised on the brink of becoming raving lunatics (you will notice no difference in my case).

Those of us who root vociferously for woefully mismanaged or underfunded or just plain underachieving teams (you should start a support group – you know who you are) are busy slagging the teams who made it, while crying piteously “wait till next year”! “If only…” “Yeah, but…” etc. etc. ad nauseum.

But what I’m curious about is this – There are 30 teams in this league. I have seen zero posts or comments, much less rabid fan support, for 15 of these teams. Exactly one-half of the entire league is going unrepresented on this site. And some of these teams are in the playoffs this year.

Chicago, Columbus, Nashville, Calgary, Minnesota, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Jose, Buffalo, Atlanta, Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay, Washington – I’m talking to you.


You can bet if one of them wins The Cup, suddenly there will be fans galore.

I understand that San Jose and Buffalo fans don’t have a team anymore, so they are excused.

I understand that Chicago and Washington fans are busy with drug deals.

I understand that Florida and Tampa Bay fans are busy ordering their Hoverround scooters.

I understand, Nashville, Carolina, and Atlanta fans, that “Jerry Springer” and NASCAR are on at the same time. I sympathize.

I understand that Anaheim and Los Angeles fans are too busy shooting each other.

I understand Columbus fans live in Ohio, and are just too bored to care about anything.

I don’t care about Phoenix and Calgary, so they probably don’t either.

Minnesota – I’ve saved you for last. You’re supposed to be the crown jewel of hockey in North America. Are you too busy with college hockey? Rest assured my CC Tigers will take it all this year. It’s okay – we forgive you for Prince. Come on back. Walk towards the light.

This is an open challenge to fans of the above-mentioned teams – get off your lazy butts and post, even if it’s to call me an a#$hole. It won’t be the first time, and it definitely won’t be the last.