The Sounds Of Silence

Okay – the playoffs are fast-approaching, and those of us fortunate enough to be blessed with a talented team to root for are poised on the brink of becoming raving lunatics (you will notice no difference in my case).

Those of us who root vociferously for woefully mismanaged or underfunded or just plain underachieving teams (you should start a support group – you know who you are) are busy slagging the teams who made it, while crying piteously “wait till next year”! “If only…” “Yeah, but…” etc. etc. ad nauseum.

But what I’m curious about is this – There are 30 teams in this league. I have seen zero posts or comments, much less rabid fan support, for 15 of these teams. Exactly one-half of the entire league is going unrepresented on this site. And some of these teams are in the playoffs this year.

Chicago, Columbus, Nashville, Calgary, Minnesota, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Jose, Buffalo, Atlanta, Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay, Washington – I’m talking to you.


You can bet if one of them wins The Cup, suddenly there will be fans galore.

I understand that San Jose and Buffalo fans don’t have a team anymore, so they are excused.

I understand that Chicago and Washington fans are busy with drug deals.

I understand that Florida and Tampa Bay fans are busy ordering their Hoverround scooters.

I understand, Nashville, Carolina, and Atlanta fans, that “Jerry Springer” and NASCAR are on at the same time. I sympathize.

I understand that Anaheim and Los Angeles fans are too busy shooting each other.

I understand Columbus fans live in Ohio, and are just too bored to care about anything.

I don’t care about Phoenix and Calgary, so they probably don’t either.

Minnesota – I’ve saved you for last. You’re supposed to be the crown jewel of hockey in North America. Are you too busy with college hockey? Rest assured my CC Tigers will take it all this year. It’s okay – we forgive you for Prince. Come on back. Walk towards the light.

This is an open challenge to fans of the above-mentioned teams – get off your lazy butts and post, even if it’s to call me an a#$hole. It won’t be the first time, and it definitely won’t be the last.

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  1. defenestrate says:

    I typed in “trade rumors” on Google, because hearing Tanguay’s name tossed around constantly was driving me to distraction. And here I am! For the most part, i agree with you. I still think it’s strange that huge metropolitan areas like LA and CHI are noticeably dormant here. Maybe they’re just embarrassed.

    You seem awfully well-travelled. I’m betting you’re one of the (relative to the demographic) “elder statesmen” here, like me.

  2. defenestrate says:

    No doubt your team will get better – you have a great coach now. I’m betting you get your first playoff appearance next year.

  3. aaron says:

    Neither team has that many fans though. LA kinda does, but they’re doing bad this year, and Southern fans are mostly fair weather b/c they don’t have any personal attraction to the game.

  4. Primis says:

    I have a side bet with someone that it will take three years or less. But I’m curious – where do you think the franchise will go?

    That’s a good question. I’ve been thinking about that myself, and though my initial gut reaction is to say “Seattle” or “Portland, OR”, but I really don’t see that because they really don’t sem to “get” hockey out there.

    I’m going to toss something out there that nobody else seems to have thought much about — Milwaukee, WI. Good hockey heritage and fanbase, natural rivalries with Minn. and Chi. And if you move Columbus out of the West and to the East, you regain alignment symmetry.

    Though to be honest I’d like to see a team back in Winnipeg. I don’t see that happening at all though.

  5. Primis says:

    If you’re a Lions fan, shouldn’t you be glad that football season is a long ways away?

    GOD no, because if football season is a long ways away, that means Tigers season is already _here_. :-p Only 161 more losses to go!!!…

  6. Primis says:

    I have a couple friends who are ‘Hawks fans. They’re too frustrated any more to even talk about them it seems. They still furious with ownership and the fact that the team got rid of Chelios (don’t blame them), Roenick (probably inevitable), and Amonte, and instead have been working with deadbeats like Zhamnov and Fleury. Apparently Chi-town is the place to go if you’re such a problem no other team wants you…

    And sheesh, I’m only in my mid-20’s. :-p I’ve only lived in MI, OH, and NC (went there for school). Though judging by the GTKY post a while back, maybe that *is* a little on the older side here?…

  7. defenestrate says:

    Nope, mid-20’s puts you smack in the center of the demographic. I’m early 40’s…

  8. defenestrate says:

    I can’t watch baseball, although I like to play it. I think the Tigers are the other way around..

    But, the Rockies aren’t much better.

  9. defenestrate says:

    I actually thought Wisconsin – my “dark horse” would be Utah.

  10. Gnashpred says:

    really haven’t had much to say- I have posted for and been critical of the Predators. our own owner said it on the record – If the new CBA does have some way for smaller market teams to be financially competitive there will not be a NHL Team in Nashville. We have the lowest attendance in the league, had a great mid- season playoff push and then tanked it in the last 15 games. Posting only gets you blasted by the a**holes on the board. Nashville put a cometitive product out there, injuries to our key players, and a lack of depth killed us in the early and late season. When we had our best team on ice, we we unstoppable. when we lost our hearts and souls, we were killed.

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