The truth revealed once and for all

You guys just dont get it, do you.. I am so so tired of hearing all you talking heads left and right complaining about how its an injustice to leaf nation if Mats isnt moved by the deadline. I mean you guys are so ridiculously blind, its getting to the point where its borderline embaressing.. And thats no joke..

Ive been a leaf fan ever since i was walking. And by that I mean a real leaf fan! Ill stand behind my team no matter what, 8-0 blowouts, lack of talent to put the biscuit in the basket whatever, truth be told it honestly doesnt matter what happens – Ill always stand for them because they are my team! I really wish I could slap all you bandwagon jumpers right in your visors.. If you dont like or believe in that sweater, then just shut your mouth and go cheer for Ottawa or the habs! You see the true true leaf fans know the secret that you guys missed or forgotten somewhere along the way with the creation of all these supposed “hockey reporting programs” And that is – that there is something absolutely special about playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the city of Toronto. Theres something different about this city, its unique to anyother market, and youre a fool if you dont know that every single player in professional hockey all over the world knows that!! Theres a love, passion, tradition, loyalty that is undeniable and uncomparable to anyplace else.. Theres something special about always having a full building that believe and support their team more so than anyother sport franchise on this PLANET! Do you need to hear that again — PLANET!
Now dont get me wrong here, changes need to be made, absolutely they do – MLSE is absolute disgrace to the city! Its run by snakes, and if one day during a press conference R.Peddie pulls the skin off his face and reveals hes a demon, I absolutely wouldnt be surprised at all.. Changes need to be made and made properly. They need to get an INTELLIGENT saavy GM. who is a good judge of character (which JFJ obviously wasnt) and someone who realises the damage MLSE causes and wants to quickly remedy that. The main thing is whoever it is has to understand the unique situation in Toronto and milk it for everything he can.
And if it was me, I honestly wouldnt trade Mats unless its something really good and then still it would have to be very very good.. No untested prospect or hopeful kid and a pick would do. It has to be a package with an impact player – someone who there is an immediate return for.. Beauchemain, Perry. a threeway for Vinnie in Tampa, it has to be someone with that kindve potential. If it was JFJ in charge still he’d think Mats for Sean O’donnel was a good deal.. But its not like its the end of the world here, The afvantage is Torontos corner. Ask for the moon, and if they dont wanna pay then so be it. Look towards UFAs and smart local drafting and we’ll build from the summer.. For me I wouldnt sell Mats until I had the assurance that he would return and retire with the team hes meant to.. If he does go somewhere else he truly has all the reasons to stay away and not come back – but I know he sees the one thing here that all you dont, the one thing that transcends all this talk of trades and that is loyalty to a city and a respect to a franchise!
Im gonna put this in caps so I annoy all you ppl asking for Mats, Kabby and Tucker to hit the road, or the anti-leafs as you should be known as (thats you fake fans who call in and write on these shows after losses about the endless list of problems and changes that need to be made to the club)
You just dont realise that there is no quick fix via the deadline to fill the void he leaves – infact theres not enought to fill Mats left skate in the long run!!
The focus should be internally. Get a proper GM to steer the ship. Then milk the fact that whether ppl wanna deny it or not, good canadian hockey players want nothing more than to play under Torontos spotlight, close to family, and trust me I know more than you think about what these players feel. There are alot of Canadian men, and kids out there that want to come to Toronto and play..
But there are obviously players thats time has come with the franchise, its just so ridiculous to say that Mats is one of them.. We all know that the defence played brutal last year, but make no mistake about it Andrew Blowcroft is a horrible, horrible unconfident goaltender in blue & white. I hate to say it but its true, even with his astonishing 35+ wins last year, he still dropped the ball in like more than 15 other games that shouldve been absolute leaf wins, or points atleast.. Ves is the right choice for now up until Pogge comes up and tries to take the job from him. Thats the right path for sure.. But Blowcroft needs to go out west somewhere and play for a smaller market – he clearly cannot handle the pressure up here, he just simply embaresses himself in almost every game and he knows it..
The main thing I wish I could give this team is to just simply get along with eachother and realise theyre all in it together. The dont even seem to like one another anymore. Theres absolutely no passion and I mean none, how can you sign emotionless ppl like this, Paul Maurice being one of them. He is way too passive. My biggest biggest concern is their assistants. Randy Ladaceour?? Are you kidding me? Say his name a couple times then wonder why the leafs play with such a bad, shaky system.. In the summer they better go out and get some heart for this team, and that starts in the GM spot right down to the Coach and ALL of his staff. They could manage with the Marlies but theyre litteraly out of their leagues up here in Toronto. You have to have EXPERIENCE behind the bench, PLAYING experience preferably. Whats Pat “the Moustache” Burns up too next year??
… If theyre smart they’ll listen to this as it comes from the original Hockey God (Don Cherry) – You WONT find the heart the leafs truly need outside of Canada, you should look no further than there. Ian Laperriere. Bredan Morrow, Shane Doan, Iggy = that is heart. Guys like Pony, Kubina, they have a hard enough time learning the english language, let alone the language of hockey canada, and what we EXPECT and DEMAND.. Say what you want about Don Cherry, but there is absolutely no man on this earth who is as intelligent, and hockey saavy than him. No one comes close. He would truly be the best GM any team could ever dream of.. Hed be as good as bowman no doubt, maybe even better cause of the tenacity and fire he still he has.. Can you imagine if that started to rub off on the leaf players! That will obviously never happen tho..

All I want to say tho is directly to the so called leaf fans – have some respect! You should all be ashamed that you got caught up on the tail hitch of the bandwagon again.. You guys wanna know whats wrong with the Leafs, look no further than yourselves. You guys are big part of the reason they are where they are today, and thats the truth! Save all the negaitivity and absurdities for the professionals on those joke shows like tsn, snet. Those knobs couldnt manage a hockey pool with their expert advice, let alone give advice to a franchise – you have to remember – theirs is the business of controversy, theyd rather watch the leafs fail and blow up, then win the cup or succeed.. Its like the states and stars like Britney. They want them to fall on their faces viciously and embaressingly so they can exploit them dry.. Darren Dragon or Dregger doesnt fool me at all tho, I can plainly see his sens jersey under his cheap suit!
In the end there is only one way for a true Leaf fan to look at things – your either with the leafs thru thick and thin, from the 8-0 L, OT W vs DET, to a lowly 14th place. Your either with all that, or quite simply put your an Ottawa Senators fan!
My adivce stay on the bandwagon and keep goin north till u hit those f
ranchises that wont hack it in the end — The true ones will stay here and reap soon enuogh :p


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  1. ty656789 says:

    Actually, the problem is the fans like you who are still paying to going to the games and paying $12 for a beer who are the REAL problem. I bet you're still paying for Leafs TV and bragging to your friends about how you bought the newest 2008 official RBK version of the leafs jersey.  Why would you support this garbage team financially? I love the leafs and I am still watching all of the games on tv (that aren't on leafs tv.) but only because I love to watch hockey and the leafs are my team. I just can't cheer for any other team. Do you think that we would've gone 40 plus years without a cup if the stands were empty when the team did not perform and win or at the very least playing as hard as they possibly can????? This team has been garbage since Pat Quinn gave the reigns to JFJ and we are finally just calling for heads now????? I have been as loyal as I can be, but I don't see that loyalty to the fans from MLSE.  It's not a huge deal to the owners when the leafs lose because people like you are still paying tons of $$$ to go to the games and paying for leafs tv. Obviously they want to win because if the leafs ever won a cup the profits would be absolutely enormous. Its not that they don't care. It's more that there aren't really any major consequenses if they lose. Montreal fans would not have put up with this crap for as long as we have.  That's why the habs have won a cup in every decade and it looks like they might have a good shot at getting another one before 2010.

  2. Merton says:

    I vote for the party over another decade of disappointment

  3. TheHockeyGods says:

    Ill bet my life that a canadian team (besides the leafs) will be in the finals this year (again, keeping w the trend) and it may even be montreal or ottawa, but I guarentee everysingle one of you that absolutely neither of those two teams will win anything that matters.. They just flatout dont have the heart to go THRU someone in the finals..

    The only true victory I look forward to this year – will be watching ottawa fail ….. again….. as always.

    Okay so your ranting at me for being something that I never even admitted to being. The only leaf jersey I have is there 3rd jersey from years ago, the only nice one they have.. And trust me Im the last person to buy a new jersey, sit in the stands and overpay for everything. The managment, corporate side is an abomination to the sport. theres not many good things I could say about them, infact I can think of none – pretty soon I wouldnt even be surprised if they start charging people for the air they breathe inside the building.. But my article is about MATS!! And the disrespect fans are showing him right now!! MLSE is a disgrace to the fans and city and theres absolutly no doubt that theyve been hindering the leafs from moving forward eversince they started making key decisions.. If you cant see that then. well youre an idiot! Believe me Im the most supportive leaf fan and I want nothing more than the parade that we deserve more than anyone else – but that doesnt mean Im a robot and do whatever they say! Theyre just like everyother corporation to me now, and that is uncompassionate/selfish and greedy.. That doesnt mean im gonna turn on the players tho. This is where the problem is.. Lets be realistic here for a second guys – do you really think anything that is offered for Mats will be worth it? Do you really think any pick or young prospect will balance out?? The answer is you cant replace what he brings to the table. ANd you CANNOT take what he brings to the table and not replace it immediately!! It takes years to get that! Hes been so loyal for so long, never complained about anything when, man he shouldve left years ago with some of the linemates hes had to make look respectable.. Everyone wants to start this rebuilding process, blindly thinking that we have to dump all these people on the roster when WE DONT. Just try to move the ones that dont fit in to the city or style of play that we desire – and thats a long sheet of paper full of names, but I absolutly dont understand how Mats can appear onto that list!? or Kaberle for that matter.. I mean granted, he has been different eversince he took that hit in NJ but its ridicilous if you dont see how valuable a player he is.. Every team always always wants a puck moving defeceman, and lets be honest when hes on his game theres few better, he is a great player! What are we gonna get to replace that? Gill, blake, kubina, pony, antripov, woz, raycroft, white, stajan (who as soon as he plays somewhere else will finally emerge. Hed be great had they kept Newendyk to teach him) Theres definetly players on this club that should and could be moved so we can improve, but cmon this is a new nhl now, we can rebuild in one summer with smart decisions and smart signings. Were not miles away like everyone thinks – Chemistry is huge! All they need is to fight for eachother and care about eachother, and maybe even a resurrection of a yuskevich type defence in front of their net,.There are problems in leaf land theres no doubt there are – leafs tv, all this stupid media coverage that does nothing but distract and annoy the leaf players off the intended game plan. It anything it strips them of their passion most times, God the COACHING STAFF is so WEAK, MLSE is turning into an evil empire, Andrew Blowcroft not being able to back up a ball hockey team., Hall "mollases" Gill.. No one standing up for one another!! No one finishing their checks — Those are the problems that we face — But you are crazy and swept up by the fever that all these shows want you to have if you think that Mats Sundin is one of those problems!! It seems all those ppl on those shows want the leafs to move Mats – not so they can get better, but so they can fail worse than they are now! Im just so dissapointed in fans who want that cause they dont see the big picture — There is NOTHING you can get right now that will fill the void he leaves. If and now Im scared to say when, he goes somewhere else. that will just be yet ANOTHER UNCLASSY move by the organization — why do you think people stopped wanting to come here in the first place!! You dont think these nhl guys talk to eachother about these things? You dont think everyone realises what the leafs management has done to Y. Perraullt over and over again, or what they did to Roberts and Niewendyk who should STILL be here playing now? Everyone knows the leafs are the jokes of the league – but its not cause the players on the roster lack the talent, far from it, if anything to play in Toronto gives you many advantages.. its cause of the corporate business thats spreading over the city and team like a cancer.. Ive met so many nhl players, past and present at many non hockey events weve all been somewhat a part of, and they always say the same thing – they feel something special towards toronto cause theyve seen the influence hockey has here. its so unique, Its so special to us as ppl, and not cause were blind robots who would cheer for anything but cause of the passion that we stand for.. You think you can go to other cities and see flags on cars and windows, and stores etc supporting teams? Draw a full house of fans/ppl for anything they organize, be it a practice, charity event? We love hockey cause were a good people! – More over all those people always all say they have a tremendous tremendous sympthy and respect for Mats cause they know realisticaly how the real sideshow works here. They genuinely feel bad cause its classless beyond belief now, and only getting worse with all this new hype.. Im gonna give you a good one right here, I got the chance to meet Vinnie Lecav a couple times, and once we talked for a bit and the topic came up, and he said with a smile ear to ear on where he would like to play some day – my family wants Montreal, I wanna play for Toronto! And believe me he is not the only young star who feels that way.. We fix the real problems, and stuff like that will happen I guarentee it.. The problem is conartists, liars and greedy old men are attracted to large amonts of potential money.. Thats where the bomb needs to go off and rebuild!
    Im glad you wanna fight their system cause thats what we all need to do to get back to where we wanna be – but cmon, this should absolutely not be about Mats! He should be shown the respect to do whatever he wants, hes earned that in his lifetime! He shouldnt be disrespected like this, not just as a hockey player – but as a human being.. I feel bad for him and for all you "supposed" leaf fans who want his head — a decision like that is JFJ mentality and you should all be embaressed..
    Im so dissappointed that a large percentage of leaf fans arent good judges of character anymore! I expected it from tbe media puppets, but I really really thought the leaf fans would see all this more clearly and not be swept up by this absurd and decietful media tide! Thats the real disgrace going on here..
    Im just ashamed ppl would do that — I really thought the fans were smarter here, in the end I guess theyre not bright at all. Just impulsive like the americans.. And thanks to you Mats will be gone and I guarentee you will have a hundred problems to talk about rather just a few!!!!
    Get ready for the storm you guys wanted! I seriously hope that tsns ratings go thru the roof on tuesday. and that they offer all you guys Sens Jerseys for supporting their mats needs to go brainwashin
    g scam!
    You guys might not see it yet but youre doing exactly what MLSE wants you to do, and thats not care about the important things.. If you wanted to stand up for the right thing – you shouldve been by my side against MLSE, and stood up for the Captain who stood up for us, and made our lame teams, memorable and respectable for so many years.. But you didnt cause you honestly dont know what the right decision is, be it a lack of compassion or realism – but you just dont see clearly anymore and it cost us a great person in the end. The worst part is you guys dont even care – that makes me ill.. No matter what their final record is this year – how the leaf fans turned on Mats will definetly be the biggest dissapointment for me!  Weve embaressed ourselves infront of all REAL hocley fans by treating a person like Mats like this.. Now you really have made us the jokes of the league, congratulations!! im so embaressed to even be in the same boat as you guys and thats being called a leaf fan! All you did was show your true colors of red white and gold to everyone!
    Goodluck in Anahiem Mats – dont blame you for not wanting to come back to us now after being treated like garbage by the supposedly "most intelligent fans" in sports. 

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