Once again, the best tool to dominate your pool is back!

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We are now working on the 2007-08 version of the Ultimate Pool Preview and we need your help.

Want to become a VIP Member and receive the UPP before anyone? Not only that, but being a VIP Member gives you the right to request at any time a Beta version the UPP delivered in your email inbox.

What that means? Let’s say you have a hockey pool scheduled and the UPP has not been released yet, you drop me an email and you will receive the file with all the data that’s been added so far so you will be able to use it and still be ready for your pool.

There are 2 ways:

1. Pool Mags
If you have any pool mags with a projected list of top scorers for next season that we don’t have yet, we are interested in using it. Simply contact me at
UltimatePoolPreview (at)
stating which pool mag you have.

If your Projected list is used, you will become a VIP Member.

-Hockey Le Magazine
-The Score Forecaster
-The Hockey News

-Pool Expert

2. Donations
We work hard on the UPP and we give it for free, so every donation is appreciated… no matter how big the amount.
send any donation using Paypal to this email
DancinShoes77 (at)

Any donation will give you the VIP Status

Thank you for your support, updates will be posted on HTR

Marco Normandin
UPP Founder
HTR Vice-Admin