Theodore to the Avs!

Breaking news…According to Sportsnet Theodore has been dealt to Colorado for David Aebischer…Probably the biggest deal so far

Surprising that Colorado traded for an injured struggling Theodore

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  1. Colasurdo says:

    Great Dump by Bob…but no way Lacroix is just sitting back, he’s got something up his sleeve I think they both do.

    Lacroix and Bob…

    time will tell…i think the trade was today so that tomorrow they can finish off what they started.

    dont count out lacroix, and no one please think that theo will do what roy did. theo is good but not even comparable.

  2. habfan1160 says:

    This is not like ten years ago. Virtually everybody in the NHL recognized the fact that Patrick Roy was the best goalie to have ever played the sport. He came to the Avs with 2 Stanley Cups, 2 Conn Smythes, and almost 300 wins. Theo is not even close to Roy’s calibre. He has proven to be very inconsistant over his career and has had many games where he has let in 5 or mores goals and has looked very bad in doing so. At this stage, the Habs got the better of the deal b/c they save millions in salary in order to sign, or trade, for a top forward or d-man on deadline day or the offseason.

  3. skandelousHABSfan says:

    i doubt hell sign for under a million after the way he has been playing. i suppose it all depends on how he does for the rest of the season.

    but the habs are in a catch 22, the better he does, the better the team does, but the harder it will be to sign him.

    cant wait to see how it plays out…

  4. skandelousHABSfan says:

    the habs have too much room under the cap to not make another trade right now. i highly doubt they are just gonna sit on this cap space when they clearly need a defenseman and a big forward. now they can use ribiero, zednik and draftpicks to get the other pieces of the puzzel.

  5. 92-93 says:

    this was an awesome move for both clubs.

    anyone who has a brain knows that goalies have their ups and downs and some can play well into their 30s and 40s. i think in the long-run, Theodore could be a solid goalie for a long time in Colorado.

    that being said, this was a big move for the habs and a good one. what i have seen in every leaf-hab game this year and in most of the hab games i’ve watched is simply a team that is too small up front and has terrible terrible defence.

    toronto has beaten montreal this season because of that terrible D. the difference since the break however has been that the Canadiens have a better goalie in net – Huet – who is bailing them out all the time. look at the shot totals, every game montreal is giving up 30-40 shots a game (just like the leafs – but Belfour lets half of them in LOL, hence why they need to play Telly more often). Eventually, Huet is going to burn out or his stretch of solid goaltending is going to end – which it inevitably will. once it does, the Habs are screwed. but thats where this deal comes in. Abby is a great pick-up and is going to give the Habs a solid tandem for a long time to come – or at least until the 2nd-best goaltending prospect in the WHL (Carey Price) makes his way to Montreal.

  6. CanDude says:

    Excellent transaction. At least for the Habs.

    For the Habs… this can be the beginning of more major trades tomorrow. There’s excellent Goaltending in the Habs Pipeline (Danis, Price and Huet… now Aebischer), they’ve just freed close to 4 million dollars from the Budget and they haven’t even dealt some already decent trade baits (Zeddy, Ribs…).

    The Habs are now in a position to AFFORD a decent Defensement or Power forward (Wether it’s a Center or a Winger), especially if they send off Zeddy or Ribs or a prospect in return. Not to mention that there are a few teams out there that are STILL in need of decent goaltending… and look at the Habs now… they have 4 Decent goalies down the line.

    For the Avs… I understand the situation. I have to admit that I’m still surprised by this. Some people believe that the Habs should have gotten more than just aebischer… I don’t agree. In fact, there’s alot of people out there who believe this was an INSANELY DUMB MOVE by Lacroix. They traded a low cost “at par” goalie, for a high cost “sub par” goalie. It doesn’t make much sense. And the only thing that Lacroix is banking on is: He’s thinking that Theo will bounce back.

    HUGE gamble. However….

    For Theodore… This might be the wake up call he needed. The media frenzy there is in Montreal at all times surrounding the Habs can really take it’s toll. It’s empowering when you’re doing well, but it’s devastating when you’re doing bad. Making the ups and downs of playing in Montreal very “bi-polar”. It’s bad enough that Jose has been playing badly, but there’s been WAY too much exposure of his downfalls in Montreal. Wether it’s biker gang affiliations, or loan sharking rings, or failed drug tests, or broken heels or whatever… It’s HIGHLY reported on in the Glorious city that is Montreal. But most of the attention he’s been getting has been 99% negative in the past year or two… He’s under a very watchful eye at all times… from the team, the management, the fans and mostly… the Media. The Pressure is darn right unbearable.

    In Colorado… who knows what can happen? It could be a new lease on his career. He may bounce back and feel phenomenal. Denver is NOT Quebec. Attention is not quite as big on Hockey there (despite being an ok Market).

    I wish Theo good luck, but I see this being a CLEAR gain for the Habs, and an unsure gain for the Avs.

    The Avs are now paying much more for a guy they have no clue how he does.

    But remember, if Theo bounces back in Colorado, it REALLY doesn’t imply that the same would have happened in Montreal. Because Theo’s world has now COMPLETELY changed.

  7. gohabs73 says:

    maybe PL feels like he could revive Bonk’s career also? 🙂

  8. gohabs73 says:

    I don’t think there will be another trade between the same 2 teams…

    but I’m confident Bob will get us some big 2nd line forward and a nice puck moving defenseman!

    PS: who said the trade deadline would be boring under the new CBA??

  9. BunchOfLies says:

    Huet is UFA at the end of this season so it makes Aebisher (sp?) a good insurance policy.

    Money saved will help bring a good player, either to help in their fight for the 8th in the east or this summer.

    Third, it really help this year, even though he showed he can play well, we can’t afford to have Danis to replace Huet when the guy needs a break (or he gets injured, go on a bad streak, etc). At the beginning of the season I would have said yes, let the guy learn… but with about 20 games to go, not the right time.

    Huet played the last two games even if it was obvious the guy was tired and needed a little break… Now to back up Huet, we have a guy who was #1 goalie on a team also fighting for a playoff spot, not a bad backup at all if you ask me…

  10. Nordiques4ever says:

    That will be awesome!!!

    Trade Bonk to COL in exchange of whatever you want who can skate forward! 😉

  11. Sundinfan says:


  12. Sundinfan says:

    I am too! To hell with Lacroix! Abby did so much better in the Olympics too. “Olympic star” Theodore. Yea right. Canada did real well in the Olympics didn’t they?

  13. simplyhabby says:

    Thats what I am thinking as well but who needs a adequate goalie? There is a glut of them already out there.

    I was thinking Vancouver would want Abby to help carry the load with Auld but that means Bert would come the other way.

    Chi town who i would like to trade with does not want a goalie.

    There is always florida and an upgrade for Luongo but we would definately have to throw in a top prospect and a number 1 draft pick to to get him.

    Just for fun…..

    Abby+Zednik+Riberio+1st rounder+Bulis

    Loungo and Hill.

  14. Muller11 says:

    Compare the stats of Aebischer to Theodore, year by year. Aebischer has better yearly and career stats than Theodore. I would take Aebischer any day. He is paid less and does a better job. Good-bye Theodore.

  15. Habs69 says:

    Now that Montreal has the cap room to land a big player what do you think about Big Keith Tkachuk to Montreal. Since the trade news happen to my ears I have that in my mind. And I don’t think it will cost Montreal too much for the rest of the season.

    To Montreal


    To St-Louis


    2nd or 3rd pick

    Tkachuk will become free agents at the end of the season. With a line like Koivu Kovalev and Tkachuk it will be awesome.

    Tkachuk/ Koivu/ Kovalev

    Ryder/ Ribeiro/ Higgins

    Bulis/ Plekanek/ Zednik

    Begin/ Bonk/ Downey

    To finish I hope Montreal could trade or put on waivers some guys : Bonk, Sundstrom. Mark Streit will be a good think with the coming of Aebischer…keep him with his friend…they only can be better !!

  16. habswinthecup-again says:

    I wouldn’t trade Perezhogin straight up for Tkatchuk, much less with a pick.

  17. habsoverserver says:

    It doesn’t have to happen today. It could happen in the offseason.

    I am really hoping this team is working to build a team that can challenge for the division lead in two years, not to win an extra playoff game this season.

  18. gohabs73 says:

    Sakic maybe! 😀

  19. coach_bombay says:

    Another smart suggestion that was made:

    to Van: Aesbicher, Bouillion, Sundstom

    To Mtl: Bertuzzi, Baumgartner + prospect

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