There is hope in Chicago…

Sunday night, I sat way up in section 321 of the United Center, and hopefully witnessed the dawn a new era of Blackhawks hockey….the Tuomo Ruutu years.Now I know it was but one preseason game, and it is too soon to be putting the kid in the hall of fame, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say right now that he’s going to live up to the hype.

Impressive moment #1: On his first ever NHL shift, he puts a Blues defenseman hard into the boards.

Impressive moment #2: His second shift of the game, he scores a goal off his own rebound. Having suffered through years of misery as the Hawks missed countless opportunities to deposit the trash into a gaping net, let me tell you how refreshing it was to see a guy who knows his angles and was already sitting there waiting to pop it back in.

Impressive moment #3: Still in the first period, Ruutu puts Blues thug Jamal Mayers hard into the boards. Mayers comes back and cheap-shots Ruutu from behind, sending his helmet off across the ice. Ruutu calmly gets up and skates away. Mayers took a trip to the sin bin for his efforts.

Impressive moment #4: Trying to exact his revenge, Mayers lines up Ruutu as he’s bringing the puck along the boards. Ruutu holds off some Blues defenseman with his left arm and knocks Mayers five feet backwards onto his backside with his right shoulder-all while maintaining possession of the puck.

You guessed it-The game’s #1 star was Tuomo Ruutu.

A sample of things to come?

Do we have a superstar in the making here?

Will Wirtz pay up to keep him if he does become an all star (yeah right…)?

The long suffering hockey fans in Chicago can only hope.

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  1. AVS4NYR says:

    Ruutu is going to be great. But your forgetting about Vorobiev. He an outstanding player. Those 2 should be playing on the Hawks top 2 lines next season. They also have Radulov who was great last season. Go Hawks…

  2. Donovan says:

    Chicago has a good core of young players: Daze, Calder, Bell, McCarthy, even Sullivan and Thibault. Toumo should be a candidate for the Calder next year. Things are looking good for the 2009 Blackhawks

  3. DonkeyDick says:

    What the hell do you know?

  4. Donovan says:

    Oh, I know lots of things

  5. DonkeyDick says:


  6. Lint07 says:

    Ruutu has ”Superstar” written all over him…

    He’s most likely to start the year as the #3 center of the Hawks but will reach top-2 lines fast enough.

  7. Zamboni says:

    I’m just glad to see that some of the young talent that they’ve been telling us about for years now is finally coming to fruition…sure, we’ve had a bunch of decent young guys-Calder, Bell, etc… but nobody like Ruutu or Vorobiev. It’s still gonna take a few years, but for the first time in a long time, it actually looks like this team is going to get better and that we’re actually going to have some guys worth the price of admission.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    Hawks fans are deserving of a little cheer.

  9. Donovan says:

    Are you going to respond to everything I write with the same pathetic insults?

    Obviously you have a psychological problem that you expirenced as a child and now feel you need to lash out at the world. Perhaps you were lacking a strong male role-model, because you dad ran off on your mom and you felt it was you fault you family fell apart. Its allright. You were a good kid. You mommy and daddy love you. Seek psychiatric help.

    Plus, your user name probably denotes a sub-conscious homo-sexual feeling you have bottled-up inside. Because of this Machoistic sex-crazed world we live in it has caused you to cover up your feelings with childish name calling

  10. DonkeyDick says:

    yeah……that’s it!

  11. Sallustius says:

    Strange EH!!! Just a day before the momentus occasion at hand, I was chatting with the only Hawks fan I know. He was telling me how the Hawks we’re starting to look pretty good with youth and he was really excited to see Ruutu get signed.

    With your great post, it’s good to see that they may have another good one on their hands. It’s been too long since the Hawks have stayed in the void.

    Course my buddy, the Hawks fan, hates my Flyers and ribs me every chance he gets. LOL. But I’ll still wish them good luck!!!

  12. titans says:

    Chicago could have Peter Forsburg on their roster and they’d still suck! One player doesn’t make a team!

  13. simplyhabby says:

    Ruutu is looking great and should become a premier player in the NHL. But I really hope he doesn’t. I do not remember the numbers but this kid and his agent asked for a ridiculous rookie salary. He even threatened to hold out.

    The league has enough players and agents that threaten holding out unless their demands are met. Now the whole NHLPA will probaly do it.

    Yes there is hope in Chicago but what will happen when its contract time again. Ruutu is doing this not even playing a game in the NHL. What will happened when he becomes a proven NHL talent. Another Ranger?

  14. defenestrate says:

    Donovan – don’t pick at scabs. Eventually they will fall off on their own.

  15. defenestrate says:

    Yes, Virginia, there is hope in Chicago. It’s called “the Cubs”.

  16. Zamboni says:

    Hmmm…let me guess why your buddy hates the Flyers…Roenick? Amonte?

    Much as I wish we still had those guys, I hate old miser Wirtz for not keeping them, not the teams that gladly took them. (Hey, give it 5-6 years and you guys will probably get Ruutu from us by way of Phoenix…)

    Yeah, it’s not like anyone is really thinking playoffs around here this year, but the mood seems to have changed with the hope that the future is looking good.

  17. leafs2003champs says:

    I know this has nothing to do with this post buy why are all my PMs gone?

  18. B-man says:

    DAZE is a very very very good player. Especially when he is healthy. If he is healthy this year, watch out.

  19. Dynamo710 says:

    Umm…Mario Lemiux

  20. finger says:

    they would still bite

  21. TheMinister says:

    Aw, D…. you took my advice to heart. I’m so flattered.

    Maybe you’re starting to work towards getting some of your own holes filled,eh? 😉

  22. Kashin says:

    They can be back in the playoffs with healthy goaltending and a MUCH better defense. that was the killer when thibault got injured. They have a good core of players. fluery didnt work out and nylander and berezin are gone, but they have good top 2 lines.

  23. TheMinister says:

    Machoistic…um, Masochistic?

    Not poking fun, just wondering.

    If it is… I agree.

  24. TheMinister says:

    Jagr, Francis, Coffey, Murphy, Stevens, Recchi….

  25. Donovan says:

    Sorry, I spelled it completley wrong

  26. jon95616 says:

    If they had dropped the gloves Mayers would have kicked Ruutu’s ass.

  27. sluggo says:

    Havn’t you heard? The Leafs and Blackhawks are going to announce a deal in a couple days. The Hawks are going to send Ruutu to the Leafs for Robert Reichel, Mike Renberg and Aki Berg.

  28. titans says:

    Yea…and how did the Penguins do last year?

  29. Donovan says:

    Kick Ass!……..oh………wait, your kidding, God Dammit!

  30. edmontonrules says:

    No word of a lie but my nick-name in high school was donkey-dick. I won’t tell you how I was dubbed it, but I just felt I would let you guys know that.

  31. edmontonrules says:

    I heard that they were going to get Ruutu and Daze and the next fifteen first round draft picks for Jackman. (P.S. Jackman actually does play for the Leafs).

  32. defenestrate says:

    Donut holes….mmmmm….

  33. defenestrate says:

    You didn’t take a senior trip to Mexico, did you?

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