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Leafs D Tomas Kaberle will be moved before the draft. He submitted a list of three teams — possibly the Rangers, Bruins and Flyers — where he’d be willing to go on deadline day. Kaberle would rather not play in the Western Conference … Lots of bathroom humour because of the flu bug. Recalling the game against Leafs in 2004, D Chris Phillips didn’t miss a beat. “There were guys, under normal cir*****stances, who wouldn’t have been in the lineup, but they were almost forced to play. We just ran out of gas, pardon the pun.” … A sign the Senators were short-handed: Their power-play goal was Chris Neil from Phillips and Jason Spezza.

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Called up in the afternoon, C Zack Smith was with the club’s AHL affiliate in Glens Falls, N.Y., and entered the game in the first period … For those who circled April 3 for Daniel Alfredsson’s 1,000th game, that date is going to have to be changed. He was scratched with the flu and is now scheduled to complete the feat on April 6 vs. Florida.

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  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think Kaberle will be traded at the draft. He will yield the biggest return of what we have. Now that being said if Burke doesn't get a deal he likes, who goes? there are just not enough minutes to go around. Schenn needs time to play to keep developing. Along with other who play big minutes, but what would the respective returns be? FA is not going to give us what we need. I don't see him spending just to do it……but who knows?

  2. futurebruin says:

    What would it cost the Bruins to get him?  My idea of a package would include a young roster player, a prospect and someone like Yuri?

  3. dumbassdoorman says:

    Not sure I see those two teams trading again…niether is going to look to do the other any favours.

  4. leafit2me says:

    Kabi is as good as GONE at the draft, you can take that to the bank. The big debate is what will Burke get in return. The popular thought are (and in no particular order)

    1. top 10 pick in 2010 and 1st or 2nd tier prospect
    2. 2 top tier prospects
    3. trade for a #1 center to play with Kessel (might involve picks being swapped depending on the player being discussed)
    Here are some of the names I would like to see in a Leaf jersey in 2010 if the price is right (trying to keep it as realistic as I can but thats hard when you play fantasy!!) and again in no particular order:
    1. Matthew Lombardi  – UFA (3.5 – 4M)
    2. Patrick Sharp – CHI (4.1M)
    3. Kris Versteeg – CHI (3.1M)
    4. Paul Kariya – UFA (4-5M)
    5. Derek Boogaard  – UFA (1.5M)
    6. Stephen Weiss – FLA (3.2M)
    7. Colby Armstrong – UFA (2-2.5M)
    As you can see i left out the Marleau's and the Kovalchuk's for  the obvious reason… the Leafs can't afford them right now. I also kept it strictly focused on forwards since that is their biggest need.
    I mentioned in a prev post that I think the Leafs should consider re-signing Van Ryn to a 1-2 yr deal at no more than $2M per to cement the defense. He is a UFA this summer and given his health struggles for the last 3 seasons I don't think teams will offer him anymore than $2.5M and for the same term. He is TO boy and will take a haircut to stay…especially since the Leafs have paid him $7M to play 27 games over last 2 years. This is a stand up guy and he will consider this before signing. 
    That leave the goaltending and I think Burke can lockup The Monster for at leas the next 2 seasons for no more than $1.5per. I say 2 yrs because Giguere has 1 more on his contract and if Gustavson really improves next yr we don'y want to be in situation where we have to sign 2 goalis in the same off season. If Gustavson shows he is ready for the #1 job then the Leafs will only need to sign a backup for him in the $1-1.5M range and have Giguere's $7M come off the books which can be put into the UFA market in 2011 when there is expected to be a better pool of forwards available.
  5. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    The return for Kaberle is not gonna be as "extravagant" as leaf fans would have you to believe.

    The Phaneuf trade has likely set the bar. Essentially "spare parts". The top 10 picks,  2 1sts, 1st and top prospect, offers aren't gonna happen, so don't hold your collective breath.

    Kaberle is a good d-man, but he will be on the LAST year of his contract. Nobody's gonna trade a kings ransom for a guy that has a 4M cap hit for 1 year and is due for a raise next summer.

  6. Magleaf says:

    keep your head up savard

    that hit was brutal, hope hes ok

  7. cam7777 says:

    Phaneuf's situation has no effect on the Kaberle situation, and you're obviously over looking the fact that many teams who think they might be able to get Kaberle in free agency would probably like to get him a year sooner, and negotiate a favorable contract.  A team like Detroit for instance, might start thinking, "hey we need a puck-mover pretty soon with both Rafalski and Lidstrom nearing retirment," – well for them, Kaberle is a great option, and they'd be willing to pay.

    Further, the fan base in Calgary turned on Dion Phaneuf.  Rumors of his cocaine addiction spread, and his on-ice issues were magnified as a result.  Sutter knew he was stuck with Phaneuf for good once July 1st rolled around and Dion's NTC kicked in, so he had to get it done ASAP.  No other team would have been willing to give up 3 roster players for Phaneuf, and the Flames couldn't afford to take picks and prospects for their star.  As well, many GMs complained to Sutter after the trade, claiming they would have paid significantly more if they'd known he was available. 

    Kaberle is not going to earn much more than 6 million on his next contract, which is not too bad for a guy that is 2nd only to Lidstrom in points by a defensemen since the lockout.  That is an easily affordable dollar amount for any team that is in need of a puck-moving defensemen. 

    Finally, either the interest spikes and someone pays what Burke wants, or Kaberle will be resigned.  I fully beleive that Burke is telling the truth on this – someone will have to knock his socks off.  The proof is on the ice right now – the kids aren't having all that hard of a time scoring.  We had a pair of rough games in St.Louis and Carolina, but otherwise, the kids are keeping themselves in games better than the previous regime.  By my count, there's no NEED to trade Kaberle now.  In fact, to me it looks more likely that Beauchemin gets moved.

  8. cam7777 says:

    No one will offer VanRyn more than 1 million after the injury he suffered.  He's not worth the resign.  If he wants to work his way back-up to the NHL, he should do so on a two-way contract, and go help out the Marlies.  That injury is potentially career ending though.

  9. leafy says:

    This is pure b.s. on Kaberle's part. Why should he dictate the team he should be traded too?

    If he wants to "choose" his team, he should wait ONE year when he's an unrestricted free agent.

    He's clearly in it for himself and his own interests. He does not give a shit about the team.

    Given that he's entering the last year of his contract AND that he's limiting the market to three teams, I can't see the Leafs getting a good return.

    Thanks a lot Kaberle, you f*cked us again.

  10. leafmeister says:

    If Kaberle moves, he goes to the highest bidder at the draft. If he wanted a say, than he would have submitted 10 at the deadline. Once the no-trade is void, Kaberle moves to whichever team offers the most.

  11. leafy says:

    I all honesty Cam, if he's going to limit his list to only 3 teams, I can't see the Leafs getting a great return.

    And only 1 year left in the contract. Top prospects for negotiating rights? That would be shocking.

    Unless Kaberle is willing to broaden his list, it's going to be tough to get a great return.

  12. leafy says:

    But I thought the NTC becomes void in August, not before the draft.

  13. cam7777 says:

    His list is irrelevent; Burke can ship him anywhere he wants from draft day until August 15th.  Burke isn't obligated to tell anyone who is on Kaberle's preferred list either, and that's why he refused to give out that information.  Obviously he wants everyone that has interest in Kaberle to believe they are on that preferred list.

    Anyways, I think he'll be here.  I think Burke will move Beauchemin for a forward, get a forward from Chicago by taking on Sopel's contract as part of the deal, and look to upgrade Grabovski by including Stefanovich and/or a pick.  He'll sign a free agent or two (Kariya, Armstrong, Jagr), and go to town on NCAA and European free agents (Cervenka).  You add a couple big NHL bodies, and an NHL quality sniper to the roster we have, and things don't look so glum:

    Versteeg / _____  / Kessel
    Kulemin / Bozak / J. Jagr
    Stalberg / Hanson / Armstrong
    Caputi / Primeau / Sjostrom


    Then you got Cervenka (if we get Jagr, we're also landing Cervenka) and Kadri headlining the Marlies, looking to crack the roster at all times, and filling in for injuries.  That blank is basically just whatever we get by trading Beauchemin and Grabovski.

  14. cam7777 says:

    On draft day it becomes void until the middle of August.  He really does want to stay, or he would have just submitted his list of 10 teams.  My guess is that he has friends in the league on certain teams which would make it tolerable for him to accept the trade mid-season.  Obviously he hopes that the right offer won't turn up though, and that Burke will open the lines of communication about a resign.  Personally, I think we should keep him at this point.  Just resign him, and let Burke spend the next year and a half upgrading the forward core whilst simultaneously giving the youth time to develop in the big leagues.  A top four of:

    Dion Phaneuf – Tomas Kaberle
    Mike Komisarek – Luke Schenn

    Looks pretty damn good.  Trade Beauchemin for a forward, upgrade Grabovski, try to rape Chicago on a salary cap deal, and look at what free agents are available (including the NCAA and Europe).  Landing Jagr and Cervenka would be a good start.

  15. bbruins37 says:

    the oilers are creeping up…

    i'm looking forward to 2011 now too. this larsson kid is threatening to break the rookie scoring records in the SEL as a defenseman.

  16. leafy says:

    I see. Well if the NTC is void beforehand, that changes things. I thought he was trying to dictate things.

    Of course Kabs, Kessel and Phaneuf are their players. There's nothing that needs to be said about Kaberle's talent.

    I like the Chicago option you mention. The Leafs badly need to upgrade the top two lines, otherwise Kessel is being wasted.

    The big wild cards next year are Stalberg, Bozak Kulemin, and Kadri. A break out year from those guys is exactly what the this team needs.

  17. leafy says:

    I incorrectly remembered the date of Kaberle's NTC being void. Since it kicks in before the draft, there will be a larger market putting in bids for him. So the return should be a lot better.

    Jagr and Cervenka. Now that's an interesting scenario. Cervenka has really blossomed in the Czech league.

  18. TimTheBone says:

    I was thinking, the oil need to rebuild in a heavy way… why not try and go big this year in the draft and try to get two high end top 5 picks… They already have Tyler Seguin (who i believe the oil will draft no matter if they are #1 or #2) why not try to trade for that other top end talent like say possibly Taylor Hall as well…. Cam Fowler #3…… Brett Connolly??…. Nino Neiderieter??…

    let's just say that the standing currently have no changes and stay how they are come draft day….

    #1 = Edmonton
    #2 = Boston (from Toronto)
    #3 = New York Islanders
    #4 = Columbus
    #5 = Carolina

    Now I don't see Carolina giving up its pick but Boston, NYI, and Columbus could possibly give up that pick for the right package….

    so how about something like

    To Boston:

    Dustin Penner, (Robert Nilsson -or- rights to Cogliano), and Edmontons 2010 2nd round pick (effectively #31)

    To Edmonton:
    Toronto's 1st round pick……… annnnnnd maaaaybe Marco Sturm or Michael Ryder in order to take back salary for Boston to fit Penner and the other under the cap if need be… Basically any salary dump boston would need….

    Boston gets two proven NHL players who can put the puck in the net and might thrive better with Savard/Bergeron/Krejci to feed them…… Edmonton gets to draft Hall and Seguin for their future to go with MPS and Eberle….

    Scenario #2:

    To NYI:

    Dustin Penner, Patrick O'Sullivan, Sheldon Souray

    To Edmonton:

    #3 overall 1st round draft pick

    The Islanders have 18 million in cap space currently and have many expiring contracts…. some will be resigned but they will have nearly 30 million in cap space in the offseason to do all these signing and fit Penner Souray and O'Sullivan under it… No problem… They get some experience, Talent… A big gritty winger to play with Tavares… And a great center for their second line… and a healthy Souray could do wonders for the NYI powerplay along side Streit…

    Edmonton would get the oppritunity to draft Hall/Seguin and Fowler/Gormley to replace the holes left by the trade… along with eberle and MPS possibly making the team next year

    So i mean its a long shot for Edmonton to pull something like this off…. but i think they should Strongly push a deal such as these…. might be their best scenario

    What do you think?

  19. TimTheBone says:

    It's a great looking first two potential lines both ways….. and lets be clear there are a number of other scenarios they could pull off for different draft positions, i've just thrown out a possible couple!

    and my trades aren't concrete, just suggestions…. If im Edmonton, i'm looking for the deal that pulls this off… unless obviously its just too much in which case you move on and take a step down to get the 4th overall instead of 3rd, for example……..

    but I really think that the best scenario for Edmonton is to make a trade to have two picks in the top 5 or 6…. also, depending on what pieces have been traded away, thats how you make your choice on who to draft with the newly acquired pick… for instance my second scenario….. Souray was traded leaving a hole on defense…. so Fowler/Gormley should be a wise choice…. Also Edmonton has a rather weak Defensive corp…. so im looking at Fowler/Gormley/Gudbranson….

  20. TimTheBone says:

    I dunno about cervenka…. he didnt exactly impress in the olympics…. and lets face it … any of the european leagues are very second rate to the NHL…. I think he'll be as good as Hagman was for you at best….. I mean let's not forget the expectations Wallin had coming over…. He didnt pan out anywhere near what you guys would have even accepted!….. I'm just uneasy on the idea of cervenka… Jagr though may give you one fairly useful year

  21. bbruins37 says:

    i'm really not following that bruins/oilers trade at all. you don't just give up a potential franchise guy like that.

    i wouldn't put it past the bruins and oilers to make a deal if boston management really likes one of hall or seguin and the oil finish behind the leafs, but not for a package like that.

    the bruins and oilers relationship is kind of weird. they are always making deals between each other no matter who the GMs are and there seems to be alot of respect and good will between the fans from what i've seen. just weird…

    as for hall and seguin i honestly don't know who i'd pick at this point. maybe it's even better to pick second so that player feels like they have more to prove and there's less pressure on them.

  22. TimTheBone says:

    yes thats what the team needs… but honestly even with the high hopes, you cant honestly expect FOUR rookies on your team to produce within or passed expectations…. thats F'n unheard of in this league…. hahah seriously when was the last time a team was full of over-achieving rookies… hahah … i'm looking at Bozak to maybe be the "break-out rookie"… Kulemin to do well…. Stalberg to not keep up too well, and Kadri will definitely need time in the minors!… dont F*ck up a good thing….

  23. TimTheBone says:

    yeah but boston doesnt need to take a chance at a Hall or Seguin… theyre a good team NOW, and if they can get good players to slot in their line-up NOW… it could pay big dividends for them… I've been thinking since they picked up TO's pick, the best thing for Boston would be trade it for a great deal!… I mean yeah Hall and Seguin will most likely have real good careers but it aint set in stone…. Daigle was supposed to have a GREAT career as well…. I'm just saying… with the right pieces Boston could be contending for a cup next year… So why not try and trade to a team desparate for the pick…..

    and also i said that the trade doesnt HAVE to be what i said… its just to start off the conversation… pick and choose whoever enters the deal…. im just getting the ball rolling…

  24. DannyLeafs says:

    I agree, I think Stahlberg has the right tools to be a good player, but I just see him as a Patrick Sharp, Rene Bourque, or Rich Peverly kind of guys, not in terms of skill set (obviously cause all these guys are very different), but in that I get this feeling he will kind of break out closer to his late 20's, and have everyone wondering why he wasn't doing that all along. Hopefully it doesn't take a change of scenery for it to happen, but its just the feeling I get.

    Also, if it's possible, I would like the Leafs to only leave a couple of spots open for rookie forwards, and rotate them to create competition, and give more steady production from each position. If two guys have streaky starts to their careers, then it would be beneficial to just have a spot for the guy who is playing hot at the time. I am not sure if I would put bozak in this group because he has really been solid so far, and is actually putting up a similar PPG average to Stajan, so if he keeps it up, he should be able to win a centre position out of camp next season, and hopefully be as steady as he is now for the entire year.

    Finally, I like the idea of rebuilding by getting another high pick, however I think to get it done the oilers are going to have to offer a package that either includes Hemsky or next year's first.

  25. dumbassdoorman says:

    Okay, so realistically most of us agree that Kabs should/will be traded. Who do you see as legitimately interested and the package they may offer? Now I personaaly do not see Burke being able to hit a home run here. And obviously, depending on what happens with prospective FA's changes things here and there. As interested in no particular order I see NYR, PHI, WASH, FLA, STL. ANA, SJ, VAN, CLB and to a lesser degree BOS, PITT, BUF, LA and TB. I think the return Burke is looking for is a prospect and player. If it is a high end prospect then top 9 fwd if it is a decent prospect then top 6. I am not sure we get a top 3 player, unless it is a RFA situation and that woukld be a cap strapped team. I also see what he wants depending if he takes on salary to help teams and himself like CHI.

  26. mojo19 says:

    ya it was ACL and MCL wasn't it? And they had to break his leg and re-allign it so that it would heal properly, so it must have been pretty bad.

    He's only 29 so I hope he can come back and play in the NHL, he was a pretty good player.

  27. mojo19 says:

    Well as I mentioned before, I'm only interested in NHL ready talent, not a couple picks or something. Here are some guys I like, some of them might not be a straight up 1 for 1 swap and might need other variables, but I don't wanna get into all the different trade scenarios.

    Brad Boyes name was floating around on deadline day. I would love to bring him back. Other guys I like in St.Louis are TJ Oshie, Patrick Berglund, David Backes, and David Perron.

    I like Louie Eriksson or James Neal in Dallas.

    Jordan Staal is interesting if Gonchar leaves.

  28. dumbassdoorman says:

    Boyes would be a great player for us to reaquire, but They would need to send something else with him but Oshie and Backes aren't going to be it. Boyes and Perron would be nice though. Staal would be sick, but I am not holding out that much hope.

  29. nordiques100 says:

    Looking at each team's D and cap situation among other reasons, not everyone needs or can get Kaberle.

    Ottawa – provincial rival so trading him there unlikely.

    Montreal – has Markov, kids like Subban/Weber.

    Boston – long has had interest. Probably would offer their 1st, plus a top 5 prospect in their organization and probably a player like Wideman just to make the contracts work. Wideman is an ok player too. 

    Buffalo – another bitter rival. Could use offensive Dman. Would probably offer one of their young D like Gragnani, Stafford as the main piece of the deal and a pick. 

    NY Rangers – with cap hogs like Redden/Roszival, probably would want the Leafs to take one of those but offer up a 1st and maybe 2 good prospects. Team has lots of young dmen. May have to cave and offer Dubinsky if the Leafs have to take on a fat contract.

    NI Islanders – Streit is enough for the Isles

    Philly – long had interest in Kabby. Kabby for Carter doesnt seem to want to die. Probably not enough for the leafs end to get Carter and Flyers have D depth and may not want another player over 30 back there.
    Pitt – May have a need if Gonchar isnt brought back. Not a whole lot to offer unless they include Goligoski plus a 1st.

    NJ – Could use that puck moving D. have other priorities like re-signing Martin and Kovalchuk.

    FLA – Could reunite with Mccabe. Need a puckmover back there, maybe to mentor Kulikov. Would probalby package Horton plus something like a prospect to get kabby.

    Wash – they could get Kabby to go with Green and have big time offence to go with their awesome forwards. have a young dman like alzner or carlson to package.

    TB – Kaberle would add an offensive element not seen since boyle left. but have little to offer. only possibility would be lecavalier coming back but that would thin out their forwards.

    Car – full rebuild mode. unlikely interested in adding vet help at cost of youth.

    Atl – has lots of offensive dmen like enstrom, hainsey and bogosian.

    Chicago – another team with serious interest in kabby. but would have to dump campbell first. seems very unlikely.

    Detroit – pretty set on D. have little cap room to work with.

    ST Louis – Big need would be a PP QB to help Johnson. have runblad or cole as young dmen to offer. have forwards like backlund, boyes to package as well. likely will not offer up their 1st.

    columbus – could use a PP qb too. probably would offer up someone like Russell as part of the package. Leafs would probalby want Filatov but he seems very strong bet to stay. Maybe Brassard?

    Nashville – deepest position is D. have to settle up with Hamhuis

    Colorado – would love kaberle to replace liles. dont have much youth yet to begin buying to be competitive.

    Minny – got barker with zidlicky so settled on D.

    Edmonton – would love a big facelift. have kids like Gagner/cogliano to maybe package. reshaped their D at the deadline but look to be far from finished. Need Toronto to take back a big contract. Will not move their 1st.

    Calgary – seems they and the leafs have made their big trade already

    Vancouver – another team who have in the past shown interest. Hodgson is the obvious candidate. Van would likely counter with Schneider in the package. Gillis and Nonis/Burke have a history of not getting along.

    San Jose – have boyle, have no cap space.

    LA – would love a veteran guy to help the offence. have the kind of youth to offer up. players like hickey or teubert on D or maybe a package including jack johnson

    Phx – have kids, have cap space, have no money.

    ana – just got vishnovsky a similar player.

    dal – have some young D to offer up like grossman or niskanen and maybe a couple of young forwards and a 1st. niewy has played with kabby and worked for toronto.

  30. leafmeister says:

    If Lidstrom retires than Detroit should be heavily interested in Kaberle.

    Its too bad about Anaheim, unless contract talks continue to stall than I think a Kaberle for Bobby Ryan deal may be totally out of the question.

    If it was Vancouver, my first choice would be a Kaberle for Kesler deal straight up, but like you said, Burke probably does not want to deal with Vancouver. Two packages I would accept from Vancouver: Kesler, or Schroeder, Bernier, 1st.

    I think Colarado, Dallas, and St. Louis will aggressively go for Kaberle.

    Before the Phaneuf trade, I suggested trading Kaberle for Campbell, and making Chicago throw in a lot of assets. Like this: Kaberle for Campbell, Byfulglian, Kyle Beach, Dylan Olsen, 2010 1st. Basically a superior, underpaid defensemen on a shorter contract for a wildly over paid puck mover, a top 6 forward, and 3 1st rounders.  They would have to bury Finger, and ditch Grabovski's contract, but that would be amazing for the future, plus Campbell is a pretty good defensemen.

    The Tampa Bay deal would be awesome, if they could really get Vinnie. He is overpaid, but he is a leader, has star power, and could click with Kessel.

  31. mojo19 says:

    Perron is 4 or 5 years younger than Backes, I'd say he's more of an untouchable.

    Boyes and Berglund would be the most likely, with the Leafs maybe sending another guy to St.Louis as well.

  32. mojo19 says:

    The Leafs should sign Artyukhin and Boogaard, move the Animal to centre and go with this energy line:

    Boogaard – Artyukhin – Orr

  33. dumbassdoorman says:

    That is just a scary thought…WOW

  34. reinjosh says:

    Of those, I want Oshie, Backes, Neal, Staal, Eriksson or Perron

  35. reinjosh says:

    I would imagine that Neal might be on the block.

    Everyone will say that he is untouchable but I disagree. With his salary likely to jump up around 3.5 to 4 million, he might just be the perfect chip to trade away. With Dallas loaded in the wing position with Morrow, Eriksson, Brunnstrom, Benn and Glennie coming up in the minors Neal could prove useful to trade for a big need on the team.

  36. bbruins37 says:

    that would go great with that PK

  37. TimTheBone says:

    i dont think Hemsky needs to be part of any deal to get another high pick…. but if the Oil need to give up their 1st in next years draft for a top 5 pick this year i say do it!… its an easy choice!!

  38. cam7777 says:

    The last time it happened was Chicago, last season:

    Bolland – 19G, 28A, 47P (Bozak) 
    Versteeg – 22G, 31A, 53P (Kulemin)
    Byfuglien – 15G, 16A, 31P (Stalberg)
    Brouwer – 10G, 16A, 26P (Hanson)

    Similar output from the four players in brackets would not be completely insane to expect.  Kulemin and Bozak look like they'll have no trouble living up to expectations, and 31 and 26 points from Stalberg and Hanson isn't exactly asking for a miracle.  I'd say something similar to what happened in Chicago COULD go down.

    The reason it won't go down though, is because we lack a top line of Havlat, Toews and Kane.  You could argue that Kessel is the Leafs version of Kane (sure Kane is better right not, but for all intents and purposes, they are pretty similar players).  Burke needs to add two top line players somehow, and maybe another support player.  The guys we have will never break through if we don't at least try to provide them with the proper atmosphere to develop in.

  39. cam7777 says:

    I never expected much from Wallin, and I'm not sure who did, but the difference with Cervenka is that he's a lot younger, and that Jaromir Jagr is personally endorsing him; so much so in fact, that he wants to come with him and play for whatever team signs him.   Anyways, I didn't even put him on the roster in the end.  He'll have to earn his way into the NHL just like Bozak, with or without Jagr.  But, he'll have his best chance to do so in Toronto.  The point is that we are adding free assets.  Jagr gives us a second scoring threat, and a quality vet to shield the youth while they develop. 

    In an ideal world, Jagr comes in, helps the team stay in the middle of the pack, while Cervenka and Kadri tear up the AHL.  By December, Cervenka cracks the roster, and he and Jagr provide consistent secondary scoring.  Then, at the deadline, we move them both in a package and let Kadri take over.  It's all about recovering assets.  And for Cervenka, it's all about getting an oppurtunity.  No better place in the NHL to get that oppurtunity right now.

    Also, Cervenka was very good at the Olympics.  He may not have been on the scoresheet with his play, but I was keeping an eye on him, and he looked pretty solid to me.  He didn't look out of place going against the best defenses in the world.

  40. TimTheBone says:

    I was thinking about what i suggested, and i ran into two trades i thought would highly benefit both teams, Edmonton and Boston…
    How about these:

    To Boston:
    Penner, Cogliano, Nilsson, and EDM 1st round pick in 2011

    To Edmonton:
    Toronto's 1st round in 2010, Ryder, and a 4th or 5th round in 2010

    Great Deal for both. Boston gains three talented forwards that could really help push Boston to the next level and become a contender in the east. They rid of Ryder's contract and gain a THIRD 1st round pick in 2011. Having three 1st round picks in a supposedly weakened draft makes for great chances in hitting a top prospect outside of the busts. Boston doesnt resign Recchi, Satan, Begin, Paille. Resign Sobotka and Thornton.
    Bostons lines:

    Lucic Savard Cogliano
    Penner Bergeron Nilsson
    Wheeler Krejci Sturm
    Thornton Sobotka Hamill

    Looks great to me! and obviously those dont have to be the exact lines… just a quick look thats all…

    To Boston:
    Hemsky, Brule, and EDM 1st round in 2011

    To Edmonton:
    Toronto's 1st round in 2010, and Ryder

    Another great looking deal for both. Maybe abit better looking for Boston.
    Same deal with FAs as up above. Lines become something like this

    Lucic Savard Hemsky
    Brule Bergeron Sturm
    Wheeler Krejci Marchand
    Thornton Sobotka Hamill

    sick looking top line with a well rounded out roster….

    Edmonton in both deals gets to draft #1 and #2 ensuring them that they get a strong player in either Seguin or Hall or maybe both pan out. So edmonton gets to choose out of the four Svensson Eberle Hall Seguin they want to keep long term when entry level deals finish…. if all demand big raises, they wont be able to keep all four… It's a winning solution for them….

  41. bbruins37 says:

    i wouldn't trade that pick unless a bonafide star is coming back the other way. as good a hemsky is, you can't take a chance on a guy who's just had a season like he's had.

    the EDM 11 pick could be high again, but you don't want to take that risk

  42. leafit2me says:

    If Burki wanted to trade Kaberle to LA he would have my blessing in a NY minute. With the amount of young talent that they have your almost guaranteed to get a decent to good player/prospect. I cant help but think that if Burke goes this route he would likely target a kid like Schenn (that one's a no-brainer). Another team that has its youth very highly rated is St. Louis.

    I kind of agree with some of you claiming that Kaberle MAY not be the 'home run' that Leaf fans are hoping for, but not because of the $4M cap hit or the fact that he has 1 yr left on this contact. Kaberle may have affected his own trade value by stating that he does not want to play for a Western Conference team. While Kabi has no say in where Burke trades him this off-season I can see West Conf GM's countering Burkes demands for "a kings ransom" citing this reason. I still think Burke should stick to his guns. This is our best asset and if the Leafs weren't rebuilding they would never trade him. If a rental like Dominic Moore can net the Cats a 2nd rounder, a Kaberle, w/ 82 games to play, should and will get you more (..than Moore….ok that sounded funnier in my head). 
    I heard that Burke is considering contract extension talks with Kaberle and his agent Rick Curran. I wonder if the Leafs could do a sign and trade like in the NBA?
  43. cam7777 says:

    It is a myth that Kaberle doesn't want to play in the west.  As far as we know, the three teams Kaberle listed were all in the Eastern Conference.  Burke refused to specify.  The only thing we know is that the list of 10 he submitted last year, was MOSTLy Eastern teams.  Things change in a year too.

    If Kaberle isn't a home run, he won't be traded. 

  44. leafit2me says:


    Can the Sens still recall Cheehoo this year on re-entry waivers and can he be claimed if/when they do? Would Burke be interested in the former Rocket Richard Winner at $1.7M? 
  45. cam7777 says:

    No.  It would be 1.5 million, but no.  Cheechoo is bad now, not because of a lack of effort, but because he has lost his speed via injuries.  He has been unable to recover the only tool that made him effective.  He is essentially worthless.  He would be a more expensive John Mitchell.

  46. mojo19 says:

    I think Cheechoo has a 'sniff sniff' problem as well.

  47. dumbassdoorman says:

    You would almost think that he would be faster because of it…lol

  48. dumbassdoorman says:

    I am not saying you are wrong but I think Burke would settle for the right triple so to speak. Depending on how other irons pan out via trade, UFA's or Kabby extention. This team just can't go another season with a make shift forward unit.

  49. TimTheBone says:

    why would you want a "bonaifde" star… well ok i know why, its the same reason anyone would want a star on their team… but the bruins cant take on a single salary at 7 million dollars…. it would deplete the rest of the roster and you'd still be in the same situation as every other year… bubble playoff team or just a stepping stone in the playoffs for teams like pittsburgh, washington, buffalo…..and i get your stand on this pick… your one of the fans who really wants to draft Hall/Seguin…. you've fallen into that hype… its cool and if the bruins end up drafting one of them thats great!… but they still will be where there are today, and be a probable 3-5 years away from being anything more…. Hall and Seguin are going to need time to develop…. theyre not like Sid or Ovie…. and Tavares hasnt exactly lit it up as a nineteen year old the way ppl might have thought he would… itll just take some time for hall or Seguin to become what the could….

    In my opinion the Bruins are in a FANTASTIC spot with that pick…. being an all but gauranteed #1/#2 pick… that gives it more trade value… theres no questions behind what it may be….this is why i believe you can pull a great package from a rebuilding team in desparation mode… case in point THE OILERS…… they have alot of great young talent that just isn't gelling…. puts players in a good situation with better players and they flourish….. Latendresse and Pouliot have been great for both teams coming in to a fresh start…… I think it would be in the Bruins best interest to trade the pick for something substantial!….

  50. TimTheBone says:

    yeah Cervenka was solid… but only because he made few to no mistakes…. he wasnt a stand out by any means…. but your right in saying he's a no risk signing with possible upside… i just feel like he wont live up to what ppl are thinking… i just dont thnk he's the solution for your top 6… he MAY end up being good depth scoring though….and maybe YOU didnt expect much from wallin but the media was pushing the signing as was alot of fans…. and if cervenka is signed i doubt he'll go to the AHL unless he plays terrible…. thats a scenario i dont see happening…

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