This team has a little destiny to it

I don’t believe in destiny, it’s one of the things, like astrology, giving animals rights, and political correctness that I really don’t feel like believing in. But watching this Edmonton Oilers team is like watching a poorly written Disney Sports movie.I’ve always had a certain liking for the Edmonton Oilers. I was really upset to see Anson Carter join the New York Rangers in 2003, and it really hurt to see them miss the playoffs, and lose Adam Oates’s only chance for a cup last year, but this Edmonton Oilers team is making me excited to watch Canada’s team.

They have everything…

The youthfull presence, like Hemsky, and Stoll, the all Canadian good guys in Chris Pronger, Ryan Smyth, and Shawn Horcoff. The veterans with something to prove, Dwayne Roloson and Mike Peca, and the hot goaltender in Dwayne Roloson.

Not to mention, that Sergei Samsonov is the fastest guy I’ve seen in a long time. Ovechkin, Afinogenov, and him are making me scared of team Russia again!

And with the big physical presence of Chris Pronger, the fast forwards on the teams they’ll have to beat, the Selanne’s, the Briere’s, the Staal’s, will be scared shitless of taking a breakout pass out of their own zone.

But one thing they have to do next year, is make sure it’s not a fluke. Calgary stayed good, unlike the Canes, Capitals, and all the others because they continued to improve their team. The Ducks tried to imrpove it too, but Thomas, Oates, and Kariya are better then Fedorov and Prospal in my opinion.

And they must nail down Samsonov and Roloson for as long as they can.

Is anyone seeing a team of destiny in the Oilers? I know Jannety, OilEmpire, and Gretzkin do.

GO OILERS GO!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. my_sphincter says:

    The Oilers are indeed the best team in pro sports, ever.

    They aren’t even the franchise in the NHL! They had a few glory years when Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, etc. were around, but what have they done since then? That’s right… nothing! They may make the finals this year. They may even win, but that certainly doesn’t put them on par with franchises like the Canadiens, Leafs (even though it has been a long drought in Toronto) or Wings.

    And if you are talking about pro sport, how about the New York Yankees, Boston Celtics, LA Lakers, Detroit Pistons, the Patriots (I haven’t really followed football, but I know the Pats have been great in recent years).

    The Oil did dominate in the 80s, but they have been far from dominant since. The Oilers clearly aren’t the best franchise in history, but that really isn’t what you said. You are claiming that they are the best TEAM in pro sports history. This current team has won a few games, but they haven’t won the cup yet. They were in 8th place in the conference and have been far from dominant in the playoffs. How do they compare to the Oilers of the late 80s, the Canadiens of the 70s, the Islanders of the late 70s/early 80s or even the Penguins of the early 90s? In two words… they doon’t. These teams were dominant. They won in the regular season and dominated in the playoffs. This Oilers team has yet to do either.

    Although I was cheering for the Oil to win, I think I may just have to become an ABO fan… ANYONE BUT OIL! If they lose, maybe you’ll stop spewing the crap and come back to earth.

  2. Gretzkin says:


    … more like Workie Work.

  3. Gretzkin says:

    Just kidding through the excitement.

    Though this is a great team, not in the dominant skill of the 80’s Oilers, former Pens, Ilses and so on.

    But they are a team of will and heart.

    Although I would say that the franchise at the moments is one of the best in Hockey at present, from the front office on down, and they’ve got the best fans going.

    But yeah, just kidding a bit. I’m excited is all.

    ABO is your perogative, but you’ll be very lonely while everyone Oil celebrates the Cup.

    It’s funny how everybody is giving Jannetty, OilerEmpire and myself a hard time for hooting and hollering throughout the playoffs, but keep in mind, our team is doing it. And they haven’t been there since 1990.

    I would expect, and respect the same behaviour from other fans of other team in the same situ.

    That’s what fandome is all about…

    … Cheering for your Team.

    Anyone else?

  4. Gretzkin says:

    Because you are Mr. Freedom of Speech, Mr 5th Ammendment.

    You frown upon censorship, and you are not really offended because you know it’s a joke.

    And you’ve stooped to the same level yourself.

    It’s a lesson you could’ve learned from your Maple Leafs.

    Chirp too much, and the refs wont call the penalties.

  5. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    If thats the case, why would you spend hard earned dollars on JTR to fly out to a game in Buffalo?

  6. Gretzkin says:

    Game in Edmonton, if god wills it.

    I guess it looked like Buffalo as well, but he knows what I’m talking about.

  7. 92-93 says:

    well, ‘the refs’ have banned you numerous times before apparently …

    i am not calling for anyone to be censored, i am just calling for people to go by the rules that have already been clearly laid out when YOU JOINED HTR in the first place … rules that you have broken numerous times before.

    “Hockey Trade Rumors has a zero tolerance policy in terms of racism, hatred and foul language. If it is found at our discretion that any of the above actions are taking place the member will be suspended from Hockey Trade Rumors without warning and the users IP address will be blocked from accessing the site”

    for the record, outside of the extreme cases of calling someone a ‘moron’ or ‘ridiculous,’ etc. i have never resorted to a slur – i.e. ‘fa_’ word or any other dicrimnatory, racial or sexist slur either. but on HTR, it seems like you cannot talk about sporting matters that sometimes bleed into the political area and you cannot even talk logically about anything anymore. it seems like you have to adopt the persona of a 10 year to get heard or even communicate around here … the squeaky wheel gets the grease right? … hence you and Jannetty.

  8. 92-93 says:

    wow, that last sentence says a lot.

    no perspective.

    no sense of history.

    no clue whatsoever.

  9. FlamingHomer says:

    Warning to all Oiler fans:

    In 2004 Calgary lost the Stanley Cup basically by one goal. It was so disapointing that I said to myself “They might as well get knocked out in the first round so it wouldn’t feel like such a let down.”

    So this year, I got my “wish” and now I must say, it’s much better to go to the final than not past round one. So IF Edmonton doesn’t take the Cup be thankful they got as far as they did, no matter how much it hurts falling a little short.

  10. Gretzkin says:

    I’ve been suspended once, for something I truly deserved, I apologized, and that was that.

    And whatever.

    People call names on this site all the time, and you have done the same yourself, not the same word, but same context, so don’t be such a smarty pants hypocrite.

    And it’s quite apparent that you are on a quest to have me banned, so good luck to you!

    I’m not racist, I don’t hate, and I’m not sure about any foul language.

    The word I used has a meaning in the dictionary that is nothing close to what you imagined. So there is no crime, just your imagination running wild once again.

  11. FlamingHomer says:

    I heard one of the bars on Whyte Ave. sold their entire 6 pack in one night and had to buy another one the next day. You party animals, you!

  12. my_sphincter says:

    I have no problem with people cheering their team, but reading GO OIL GO!!! over and over is almost as annoying as when a 4 year old child says the same word over and over.

    Hell, if it was GO HABS GO!!! it would annoy me as well.

    Also, just a little piece of advice… don’t get too arrogant and mouthy about your team winning the cup, or you may end up with pie in your face (like Ottawa fans).

  13. Gretzkin says:


    Their (Sens Fans) pie was cooling on window ledge since the spring…

    I guess the Oiler Pie is in the oven?

    Thanks for the advice, but I’ll risk it at this point I guess.

  14. 92-93 says:

    never used that word at all.

    the same context?

    me saying that your responses to my post are indicative of or reveal that you seem to be uncomfortable with your masculinity (i.e. challenging me to a schoolyard fight and a competition of skills, salary comparisons, etc. — yes people, he actually did propose this competition) … IS NOT the same as calling someone the ‘Fa_’ word.

    just because i can express myself better than you doesnt make me a hypocrite.

  15. Gretzkin says:

    not true

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