Thoughts on Modano/Gagne Rumors

The Blues have their man in net, signing Halak to a four-year contract. They have their muscle squared away through the likes of Cam Janssen and the newly acquired Vladimir Sobotka. These stories all broke in the past week, but one area – the offense – has remained strangely quiet. Now is the time to start asking the tough questions concerning the team’s forwards and what issues this side needs to address.

With plenty of rumors and names surfacing in the hockey world as possible targets for the Blues (Simon Gagne and even Mike Modano), what will this team do to address the obvious problem concerning scoring?

The Blues hoped that Perron, Oshie and Berglund would all take their next step in 2009-10, which obviously did not happen. Perron and Oshie had pretty solid years, but Berglund really trailed off. As we all know, Boyes was a shadow of himself and Backes saw his scoring numbers dip as well. Is this group going to stick together and be the machine that drives the Blues in 2010-11?

This team needs to bring in another part up front. I love – yes, love – what the Blues have done so far this summer. Halak is a HUGE addition and Sobotka has plenty of talent and should be a very positive addition. Things look bright at defense with Erik Johnson healthy and the likely addition of Alex Pietrangelo to the everyday roster. Let’s take a walk around some of the names being tossed around Twitter and I’ll give my thoughts on each one and how they may or may not fit into the team’s scheme.

Mike Modano
Supposedly Modano retired when the year concluded in Dallas, but the veteran is finding his name at the heart of plenty of rumors of late. If his playing days aren’t over, should the Blues make an offer? In my opinion – no. Modano get’s an A+ in leadership and a gold star for appearing in the original Mighty Ducks movie, but beyond that I don’t think he has much left to offer. He skated in just 59 games last season and scored just 30 points. Take a look at some of his numbers the last few seasons.
2005-06: 27 goals, 50 assists for 77 points.
2006-07: 22 goals, 21 assists for 43 points.
2007-08: 21 goals, 36 assists for 57 points.
2008-09: 15 goals, 31 assists for 46 points.
2009-10: 14 goals, 16 assists for 30 points.
It should be noted that the 2006-07 season and the 2009-10 season saw Modano skate in just 59 games, so that skews the numbers a bit. Clearly, his 70+ point seasons are behind him and he now looks to be a 40-50 point threat. No one really knows aside from Modano and his agent if he is indeed looking for a new team and what the price to land him might be. Personally, I’d look elsewhere. Modano has definitely entered the final stage of his career and looks to have roughly the same production that David Perron might have although without the upside.
PHILADELPHIA – MAY 18: Simon Gagne #12 of the Philadelphia Flyers celebrates after scoring a goal in the second period against the Montreal Canadiens in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Wachovia Center on May 18, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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  1. futurebruin says:

    To LAK: Marc Savard, Matt Carle
    To BOS: Simon Gagne, Jack Johnson
    To PHI: Tim Thomas, Dustin Brown

    Eklund and Dreger have been reporting it.  False?  Most likely.

  2. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    i think it would be false,,   i wouldnt give up two young stars for savard and carle if i was LA thatd be right dumb, savard has a big downside and brown has a huge upside, and johnsons better then carle so i say wouldnt work for them ,,

  3. cam7777 says:

    Looks good, except I think it would be Coburn and not Carle, since the Flyers really love Carle.  Apparently Holmgren said nothing would have him separating Carle from his pairing with Pronger.  The other obstacle – Savard is not likely to waive his NTC to move to LA.  He wants to go to Toronto.  His whole family is in Peterborough, and there's a reason he put that article in his NTC.

  4. reinjosh says:

    I'm sorry but what makes Johnson and Brown stars? At this point in his career its likely Brown will be nothing more than a solid 30, 30 power forward and even then its more likely he is a 25, 25 guy.

    Johnson has done absolutely nothing to be labeled even a solid top 4 defenseman. Never being a plus player and only scoring more than 11 points this year? Yeah, not the definition of a star.

    The definition of "star" in the NHL community has been seriosuly diluted these days. How it is that player who have only ever scored between 50 and 60 points are stars is utterly preposterous to me.

  5. Mapleleaves says:

    Those players havnt become what i thought they would but still i dont see LA trading brown, he is there captain after all and a good young player.

  6. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    yeah i take back the stars comment,, but id still much rather have brown and johnson instead of carle and savard, i love the way brown plays and his point totals might be okay but his style of play could have a big impact on the game with making his oppenents watch when he's out there or there going to get filled in and i think johnson is a solid second pairing defenseman just didnt play out to what people thought he was but kinda going back on my word a bit he might just need a change of scenery to turn things around, he has all the tools after all still dont think its a bright trade for LA tho

  7. Kramer says:

    The Leafs and Stars should make a trade.

  8. repetitivnegativ says:

    I wish, but I feel that the b's have the favored end of the deal. I don't see the kings trading their captain.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    the Kings get raped on this trade.

    Johnson has superior upside compared to Carle. Carle is a fine defenceman, but his game was enhanced playing with Pronger who raises everyone's game.

    Brown is their captain and a good forward who can do many things including score 30 goals.

    Savard is a fine player but with injuries, 7 year contract, while cap friendly, its just probably not what the Kings are looking for.

  10. cam7777 says:

    Johnson is a piece of shit.  It blows my mind how people can still say how wonderful his upside is.  He absolutely sucks.  Would you trade Stralman for Carle, because I would, and he's waaaayyy better than Johnson.  Carle is, and probably always will be, far superior to Johnson.  If I were Philly, I'm not even doing the deal unless it's Coburn and not Carle.

    I know that Brown is their captain, but that excuse is getting so lame.  In talking with a Kings fan the other day, I learned that the fanbase really does not care about their forwards as much as we think they do.  Brown may wear the 'C', but it's no secret that the combination of Doughty, Kopitar and Smyth led the team last year.  Simmonds, Schenn and Moller all do what Brown does, but are younger, and cheaper for the foreseeable future.  They would definitely move him.  I'd say LA's getting fair value considering their looking for a 2nd line center and defensive upgrades.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    Johnson is a very good player. He has tremendous upside and is only 23.

    A common mistake by many teams is not giving players who were picked in the top 5 any good development time. Johnson is a good example.

    He went from college hockey after just 1 season to the NHL. He was forced to learn on a not so good Kings team that was full of young players and suspect goaltending.

    Defensively his game needs work. that is where a year or at least some time learning the position in the AHL is most beneficial.

    Offensively though, he has some great skills. He is far from "shit"

    dont know where that grossly biased opinion comes from be it he his american or you're not a crosby fan and Johnson is one of his best friends or you're a huge Canes fan and were pissed he screwed them but i think its a bit overstated.

    He is a good player, a still developing player and his upside is significantly greater than Carle by a mile.

    your assessment of Brown tells me you dont watch Kings games. He has his motor running all the time. He can score 30 goals, not a small feat in today's NHL and is a guy willing to go to the net. He isnt the next Lindros in terms of PF's but he is a very good, solid player and would be on anyone's top line and top 6.

    I think 29 other teams would love to have him due to his work ethic and skill.

    Is he a star? no. but that doesnt mean he isnt a good player.

    Just because he doesnt wear a leaf's jersey doesnt mean he isnt a good player.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    you can argue all you want whether the GMs in Toronto who work for MLSE have done a good job or not, but safe to say they make things pretty exciting in Toronto to follow.

    Burke loves the big deal and is always looking for it to gain attention.

    BC is also doing so. 4 team, multi player trades? gotta love the talk and the action.

  13. cam7777 says:

    No, it's just fact.  He and Stralman are the same age, except Stralman has bested him in every stat there is.  Is Stalberg's potential better than Carle's?  Johnson has a great shot from the point, and he has good offensive instincts, but to say he just needs some work on his positioning is massively incorrect.  He picked his game up at the Olympics, and down the stretch, but this guy is currently a glorified MA Bergeron. 

    How can he possibly have THAT much more potential than Carle, who is already a number 2 defensemen, a career plus 21, just saw the Cup Final, and has posted seasons of 35 and 42 points already, despite also facing those same early struggles of being forced into the game sooner than he would have liked, or than what would have probably been best for him?  Do YOU watch Johnson play?  Because he is one of the most massively over-rated players in the game today.  If he were a Leaf, with those stats, the media would be telling us we'd be lucky to get a 4th rounder for him.  It's almost laughable the free pass that guys get if they don't play in Canada (and especially Toronto).

    I watch a ton of the Kings actually.  The Ducks are my second favorite team, so I'm often catching Kings/Ducks matchups.  Also, it's kind of hard to ignore the Kings, what with them being one of the more exciting young teams in the league.  I was not at all saying Brown isn't a good player.  I'd love to have him.  But let's get real here, he's not a star (i know you just agreed), and he's not really the captain of that team anymore.  He's a great piece to have, but not an unmoveable piece by stretch.  Hmm, an 85 point center for a 50 point winger with good work ethic?  Yea, the age and concussion factors make that questionable, but it's not grossly lobsided by any stretch.

    I take issue with that last comment.  Just because I'm not one of the "realistic" leaf fans who sits there shitting on our players all day long, whining about how little value they have because the Star said so, or Berger said so, does not mean I am incapable of seeing talent elsewhere.  It's just all too often you see these "realistic" fans talk about other teams players, who they clearly never watch, as if they are unattainable Gods, sent from the Hockey Heavens to grace any team that isn't the Maple Leafs.  Honestly, Brown is a hard working guy, and a great piece, but his stats are comparable to Ponikarovsky's.  I know that doesn't tell the whole story, but it does show you how absurd people get with their over valuing of talent.

    The grass is always greener on the other side….until something comes to Toronto from the other side, than it turns out it was actually shit all along and nobody would want it.  Point and case – Dion Phaneuf and Phil Kessel.  Norris candidate, and elite defensemen – the cornerstone of anyone's back end for the next decade…when he played for Calgary.  In Toronto though, he's a worthless coke-head who's been "rapidly declining" and is incapable of leadership because of dressing room concerns.  At 25 years old, will he ever regain hsi form????  Lol, this shit is hilarious.  Kessel, the surefire perennial 50 goal scorer will be lucky to ever crack 30 as a Leaf, because Savard did all the work for him – he's also a locker-room cancer, and a dirty American. 

    Sorry if I provide the alternative to this tiresome crap that all hockey media seem to spew.

  14. nordiques100 says:

    um ok whatever.

    talent vs talent every one of the 30 GMs and most fans would choose Johnson. There is absolutely not question.

    he was not a top 3 pick for nothing. he is an immense talent that needed to be harnessed. He is only 23 like i said with zero development time and even zero hockey in junior.

    jumping from a freshman in college to the NHL is not the best move. its a poor choice by the Kings part. He needed development time. most defensmen do.

    The leafs made a mistake with Schenn as he is underdeveloped offensively for example.

    Stralman had the good fortune of playing 2 years in the SEL. that is against men against fairly competitive talent.

    i dont know where you are checking but Stralman is 24 and Johnson is 23.

    Johnson had 8 goals and 36 points  last season and was a minus 15
    Stralman had 6 goals and 34 points last season and was a minus 17

    So, your rock solid evidence has some major holes.

    Carle did have a great rookie season. But he was also about 2 years older than Johnson when he started and was a more polished player after 3 years in college.

    He unlike Stralman and Johnson had the benefit of playing on 2 very good teams in Philly and San Jose. The Sharks were able to ease him into the lineup with plenty of vets on that team.

  15. albertateams says:

    Chicago has just matched the the RFA contract on Hjarmarlsson. This could really back fire because even if they dump Huet in the minors they are going to be hard pressed to fill out their roster without moving a significant contract. Unless they have a better offer for Hjarmarlsson already on the table. They still need to add 3 forwards 2 dmen and 2 goalies for under 6 million. They should have taken the picks.

  16. reinjosh says:

    How is Johnson is terrible on defense and really hasn't been impressive at all on the offensive side of the game. Plus given the fact that no one else on the LA defense has any sort of offensive instinct behind Doughty gives him a huge advantage. He got major PP time and did very little with it.

    I get what your saying about development and stuff but he has been in the leauge for 3 years and has shown little improvement in his game. Thats not even mentioning the attitude problems that caused him to be trade by the Hurricanes to LA and have been brought up countless times in the media. The guy is majorly overrated.

  17. reinjosh says:

    Yes they should have. The thing is they see him becoming a big top 4 guy int he mold of HAmhuis and they are betting he will be a bargain a year or two down the road. Still, I'm not sure its the most logical move.

  18. cam7777 says:

    They're both 23 right now – they're born within 5 months of each other.   Stralman is a career minus 29, while Johnson is a whopping minus 57.  Stralman also played 7 less games than Johnson this year.  Averaged out to 80 games like Johnson, Stralman was on pace for 37 points – just a tad better than Johnson.  Johsnon also joined the NHL at the age of 21 in the 2008 season.  He still had 3 years of development.  Just because it wasn't professional doesn't mean anything.  He should have still been taught defense.

    Carle was a bit older, but they came from the same league.  He's also born at the end of a year vs. the start like Johnson, so their experience was relatively the same.  I would take Carle over Johnson every day of the week.  Johnson has absolutely nothing on him except a point shot.  It's true that Carle had the benefit of better teams (something I think that will benefit Stalberg enormously this year, and could potentially shock Versteeg), but no Leafs prospect has ever been able to use that excuse. 

    People are talking about trading Luke Schenn away for a late first round pick – that's how *****ing retarded the Toronto media, and the hockey media in general are.  All the while, we've got you defending Jack friggin' Johnson, who is a pile of crap compared to Schenn, because he's "full of talent".  Ohhh.  Right, stats only matter when you're not a Leaf.  IN that case, any horse shit argument about looking talented and not being coddled enough is an excuse for poor results.  Gotchya!

  19. albertateams says:

    Chicago should have let him go take the 1st and a 3rd and not have to dump more players for less return. They have a handful of good young d coming up what they need is cap space. How do they mange to fill out thier roster now without flat out dumping another piece? 

  20. reinjosh says:

    I'll be interested to watch this for sure. It could be a huge downfall for the Cup team.

  21. nordiques100 says:

    the only way the Hawks can stay afloat is to do the following:

    1. find a team to take Brian Campbell.

    to do so, they may need to offer 2 1st rounders or at minimum a 1st and 2nd plus Campbell for next to nothing.

    Say perhaps to the Isles. Get Brendan Witt back for Campbell, the 2011 1st and 2012 2nd.

    the Isles are roughly 8 mil behind the cap minimum. they may be the only team who could take this on. they get a good player, albeit an overpaid one.

    they do gain some savings as they waived Witt and are still paying him 3 mil. Witt had a year left on his deal. they dont need to keep him they could bury him for a year and use that 3 mil elsewhere.

    The Hawks will save over 4 mil with Campbell gone. 7 plus if Witt isnt kept.

    2. Drop Huet.

    either to the minors or europe, either way, Huet cannot stay on the cap. if they have to eat his money so be it. its better than losing Hjalmarsson, Sharp and Niemi. that is a 5 plus mil savings if he is gone.

    3. play the kids.

    no doubt, players like Beach, Bickell, Skillie, Vishnevsky and Crawford should get good looks at the NHL this season. 4 of them have been in the AHL for at least 2 years. So they may be ready. Beach is an unknown but he has the size and toughness to help immediately. the hawks got a lot softer without Byfuglien, Ladd, Eager.

    4 re-sign free agents.

    they would need to re-sign Bickell, Skille and Niemi plus UFA depth dman Jordan Hendry.

    Bickell 500K
    Skille 750K
    Niemi 2.85 mil
    Hendry 600K

    that would bring them to 18 under contract and leave them with a whopping 8 plus mil in cap space.

    it would allow them to keep their big 3 on D, keep Sharp, keep Niemi.

    it would also allow them to maybe make a play on a vet or two to help with this still very young team.

    Prospects not included are: Beach, Vishnevsky, Kruger, Leddy, Lalonde, Pepin, Crawford, Didomenico, Brophey, Davis, Dowell, Olimb, Pepin, Conolly, Paradis, Hayes plus their draft picks where they managed to select 6 players in the top 90.

    say of this group, its vishnevsky who makes it. that's 18 players signed, 7.3 in cap space left.

    they'd need here a goalie, a dman and 2-3 forwards.

    Goal: Vesa Toskala, 1 yr, 1 mil. Why not take a chance on him. here, Toskala may play more than your usual backup. With fellow Finn Niemi, it may be a good tandem. He'll have a good team in front and that may benefit Toskala more than his time in Toronto and he may then get a better deal in the future. right now, i dont see any team really throwing offers his way…at least not rich ones.

    D: Willie Mitchell, 2 yrs, 3 mil per. for a guy with concussion issues, 2 yrs is big. he takes less than the 3.5 from last year, but its with a great team and if healthy he'd turn into a big bargain. concussions at his age is worrisome so the deal is nice and sensitive to that for chi-town.

    F: with about 3 mil to spend, they could get anyone from tough guys like Artyukhin, Peters or McGrattan. Checkers like Mair, Ellis, Pandolfo, Begin, Johnson, Maltby, Sim. Or maybe they throw a bone at a veteran guy who'd play for short term, low cash to maybe get a chance to win. Like a Tucker, cheechoo, Walker, Conroy. the offers here would be anywhere from 1 mil to a Artyukhin to 500K for basically anyone else here on this list. they'd probably like to leave a mil to a mil half left over.

    Begin, Bickell



  22. TmLeafan says:

    They have also just added a ton of prospects.  Maybe they felt like they did not need the draft picks.  Even with the uncertainty in San Jose they will be in the top 3 in the West again next year so they probably do not want to lose a d-man they really like for a late first and a 3rd in a supposedly weak draft.

  23. TmLeafan says:

    Great Ideas but if I was a Hawks fan id stay as far away from Toskala as I possibly could.  I know your proposed deal is only 1 million but this guy cannot stop a beach ball.  I was one of the Leaf fans who defended him for waay to long, he simply sucks, JFJ got swindled by his stats and the fact that he played for an unreal San Jose team.  Pretty sure he got yanked while playing for the Flames last year at least 3 times in a  short time frame.

  24. nordiques100 says:

    it was the opposite. he came in 3 times for Kiprusoff.

    he had a .924 save percentage as a flame in 6 appearances.  let in 7 goals. based on the minutes he played, its about 2 goals a game on average.

    he can play, just not in Toronto.

  25. leafmeister says:

    If I were the Kings I would move Johnson to forward. He is good at rushing the puck, has a great power forward frame, has a bomb of a shot, can hit like a ton of bricks, and is more offensively minded than he is defensively minded. He is no prize in his own end, and does not have the patience or decision making to be an all-around threat.

    Imagine is Johnson made a smooth transition to power forward. They could have a terrifying line of Brown-Schenn-Johnson. It would be sick.

  26. cam7777 says:

    Great idea actually.  They could still use him on the point in a PP situation as well.

  27. leafmeister says:

    Yeah it would certainly be worth a shot. It would just be a shame to waste such a skill set, and frame on a position where he is totally incompetent.

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