Thrashers to move Hossa???

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Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun is reporting that the Atlanta Thrashers could possibly deal Marian Hossa if he does not resign in the very near future.

One of the teams that may show some serious interest according to the article is the Minnesota Wild who have his close friend Pavol Demitra on their team. Although the Wild may show some interest in Hossa HTR believes that about 20 other teams wil be lined up waiting to put their bid in for the former 100 point man. Although he is off to a slow start this season one could suggest that the entire Thrashers team is also off to a slow start and it is possible that his season could quickly turn around with new scenery on a different team.

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  1. buds8 says:

    Kaberle + Ponikarovksy + prospect for Hossa and Exelby

    Nobody wants any other d-man on the Leafs and guys like Hossa dont become available that often, he is in his prime… gotta give up something to get something…..but I would only do it if he extends first because I believe he is an UFA at season's end!


  2. 29teamsrock says:

    Dear Buds8,

    I have shown your comment to 3 shrinks, They would all like to see you 3 times a week for the next 5 years.

    Prospects? You have to be kidding me.

    Trade your best Dman? An avg. one compaired to the rest of the league

    Trade for a forward? The Laffs problem is not goal scoring.

    That team of yours needs to be ripped apart and rebuilt… no more quick fixes. they don't work.

    But just so you don't have to voice your opinon any more here is what the leaves should look like:

    Jagr – Crosby – Forsberg
    Alfie – Heatly – Speeza
    Staal – Malkin – Zetterberg
    Sakic – Sundin – Ovech

    Pronger – Phanef
    Souray – Staal
    Visno – Johnson


    You are an Idiot

    Have a nice day

  3. THEGREATHAB says:

    Shouldnt Kovalchuk and Iginla be on that team to?

  4. 29teamsrock says:

    I wasn't sure, but I thought they had  no trade clauses.

  5. 29teamsrock says:

    The little pecker even has an acronym for Go Leaves Go = GLG
    Must make him feel smarter even tho it makes him sound stupid.

  6. Asquaredx2 says:

    …it's spelled "Spezza," and Heatley isn't a centre. No Lidstrom or Luongo?

  7. UsedandAbused says:

    Holmgren, Forsberg talk about returnBy ED MORANmorane@phillynews.comMONTREAL – It wasn't much more than a coffee meeting and it didn't change a thing, but Peter Forsberg and Paul Holmgren met last weekend and continued talking about his return.

    The Swedish star, who was traded to Nashville last season when his foot problems kept him from committing to a long-term deal with the Flyers, was in Philadelphia touring with a youth team from his hometown that his godson plays on.

    As it has been reported, Forsberg had more surgery on his foot, is skating and about to play on the Swedish National Team in a tournament in Helsinki from Nov. 8 to 11. Forsberg has been training hard and is feeling fit, but he is still unsure if he can play at the level he needs to return to the NHL.

    "I saw him for a little bit," Holmgren, the Flyers' general manager, said yesterday. "I asked him if he wanted to play again and he said he did but he didn't know about his health. He's going to play in the tournament and see how it goes."

    Right now, Forsberg is the most sought-after unsigned free agent in the world. His services are desired by any team with room under the salary cap. Colorado, Ottawa, Detroit, Dallas and the Flyers are actively courting him.

    "He's going to have lots of good choices," Holmgren said. "I don't have a feeling for where he'll go. I've always said that if he was healthy and wanted to play, we'd be interested."

  8. leafy says:

    Do you think that Atlanta might be regretting the Heatley trade right about now?

  9. jody200411 says:

    Hossa for Kaberle ad Kilger hahahahah

  10. buds8 says:

    he’s an UFA you idiot, watch what they get for him if he is in fact traded and I bet the deal I proposed is better… 5 d-man better than Kaberle


    p.s. I cant F U C K I N G believe you put Souray in there….you an idiot….Speeeeza!

  11. 29teamsrock says:

    Ah hem,


    Now even a narrow minded person like you can pick 5 guys you would rather have there my friend.

    Now get going on to History class, I think they are covering the last 40 years of almost theres and should have beens.

    Have a nice day

  12. max_fisher says:

    it's funny to see that people (leafs fans) think that a superstar will land on there doorstep, and all they will have to part with is an over-rated d-man, and 2 shtty prospects. Tkachunk and a half a Forsberg were traded for way more at the deadline. It's going to take a minimum of two stud roster players, a first round pick and a blue chip to land this guy. The only teams that can afford to do that are the ones who've been drafting very early or very well over the last few years. Edmonton, L.A., Montreal, Washinton, ST. Louis, expect him to go to one of those places. Their cupboards are full. Atlanta has to trade this guy, there will surely be a bidding war and they can build this team up using the Buffalo system rather than the tampa bay.

  13. EddieAVS says:

    i get what ur saying, but kaberle is not an average defender. Im no leafs fan, but i understand quality when i see it…

  14. habsrock99 says:

    Here's who I'd take:

    Nicklas Lidstrom- Come on, it's Nicklas Lidstrom.

    Chris Pronger- Come on, it's Chris Pronger.

    Dion Phaneuf- He's gonna dominate the Norris ballot's like Bourque did.

    Andrei Markov- He's a great passer and has gotten better defensively.

    Mike Komisarek- On a 2 on 1, HE'S the guy you want back there. One of the BEST 1 on 1 guys in the league.

    Jason Smith- The most under-rated defensvie defenceman in the NHL.

    Chris Phillips- The second most under-rated defenceman in the NHL.

    Sheldon Souray- For his Bomb from the point.

    I'd take those 8 guys before I'd take Kaberle. And that has nothing to do with me being a Habs fan.

  15. EddieAVS says:

    i would easily pick kaberle over:


    im not saying hes top 5. But he would be a #1 or a top pairing defenseman on almost every team.

  16. senators101 says:

    I think Redden is better than Kabby.  Kaberle is more offensively gifted, but isn't great defensively and never uses his body.  Redden can play defense and he's no slouch offensively.

  17. papichulo71 says:

    The deal is Hossa for Nasland and Arron Milller. dead issue

  18. lukeleim says:

    you really are an idiot… Kaberle is easily top 10 in the league on D

  19. lukeleim says:

    that's a close one, kaberle may have a very slight edge

  20. habswinthecup-again says:

     LMAO, that deal is worse than the one buds8 posted!

  21. svenki says:

    yah i dont see why the hell leafs' fans alwasy thinks that when the best player becomes available on the market, that that player would end up in TO, it pisses me off.
    and that stupid proposed trade just disgusted me, and im other peole on here thought thats a stupid deal
    what makes you think that Atlanta wants to trade with Toronto? Oh maybe you'll offer Sundin for Hossa AND Exelby?
    You gotta remember other teams are interested in Hossa too
    I mean I sure would to see Hossa in a Canucks jersey, but that might not happen

  22. senators101 says:

    Like I said, Kaberle is definitely better offensively.  But if I had to take 1, it would be Redden just because he can play defense as well… all rounder.

  23. turdfergusson says:

      This rumor has Oiler written all over it.

  24. Hoondog2 says:

    What kinds of trades would you 'other' fans trade for Hossa that would be better than Kaberle, and Ponikarovsky?  All you do is sit there cutting people up.  I personally wouldn't give any more than Kaberle, and Poni., for a one dimensional, playoff disappearing forward, and the crazy team who would will be the one who gets him.

  25. Jrugges says:

    Hossa prolly won't come to my favorite team, the Redwings, unless of coarse Datsyuk is traded away. I'm pretty sure Datsyuk/Zetterberg are pretty much untouchables though, especially Zetterberg. I would consider trading Datsyuk for the simple fact the Zetterberg can play center if I had to trade. If I had to choose I wouldn't trade either one of those players and there's no way Atlanta would get anyone else worth it.

    I did think however Phenoix might be a good partner to trade with, especailly with they're good defensive core. I also thought of the Ducks an hanging Byzkalov(spelling) an a few other decent players for Hossa.

  26. mojo19 says:

    Yeah, like if the Thrashers throw a conditional pick back to Toronto, if he doesn’t re-sign we get a first round pick and if he does we get a 5th or something like that.

  27. mojo19 says:

    Oh, to the guy underneath who disagree's strongly with your comments:

    At first when I heard the Kaberle for Hossa trade, I thought it would be a terrible deal. But I figure the leafs need to rebuild, so it would be good to get an elite scorer (under the age of 30) to build around. You mention that the leafs have no trouble scoring, but I think this team needs to be completely revamped, so who cares if the current guys are scoring, Mats Sundin won't be around forever, someones gotta take over, Hossa would be welcome in Toronto for a long term plan.

  28. mojo19 says:

    I dont think they'd have a lot of interest in Bryz. They still have a lot of faith in Lehtinen in that organization I think.

    Minnesota should make a pitch for him though, imagine the Slovakian line of Gabby-Demitra-Hossa, they would be amazing, then the rest of the team could play shut down and Minnesota would win a lot of 2-1 games. I think they'd go far with Hossa.

    The only problem would be that both Hossa and Demitra would be unrestricted after this year making Hossa a rental, or making them have to let go of Pavol. So they'd have to give up a lot for a one shot deal is what I'm saying, could be a mistake.

  29. MR40 says:

    You think Rory Fitzpatrick is better then Kabrele? Wow…

    Your a disgrace to hockey fans for saying that.

  30. KingCanada says:

    are you TRYING to be funny?

    why the HELL would Atlanta want those 2 washups?!?

    FIRST of all when you trade away a superstar your in the REBUILDING phase, you dont need older players like Naslund(34) and Miller(36) who are going to end their career in the near future.

    SECONDLY you want VALUE when ur trading away arguably ur best player (IMO Kovalchuk is best).  Naslund hasnt been able to find the net these past few seasons like he used to and Miller is just a steady defensive D.

    THIRDLY Naslund AND Miller are both UFAs at the end of the season (Hossa also) so why would u trade an amasing talent for 2 washups that will leave at the end of the season.

    FOURTHLY im pretty sure almost every other team can come up with a better package then that u joker.

    Did you mean "dead issue" as in this will never happen??

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