Time To Get Some Offense Back…..

With the Senators recent offensive struggles expect changes to be made…..The Senators will have to be making deals soon, after the flat effort in the two games against Vancouver and Calgary it is believed they will have to make changes.

Rumors are swirling around about who will be brought in for help. Such as the Doug Weight and Petr Sykora rumors.(SpectorsHockey, CBC, Various other rumor sites and sources).

Something will need to be done especially if they continue to come out flat.

Expect someone(probably a Center) to be brought in and paired with Alfredsson and Bochenski to be moved back with Heatley and Spezza.

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  1. DTucker_16 says:

    Relax…they only lost two games. The sens would make any changes until the trade deadline, and it will be a second line centre.

  2. Scruffy05 says:

    Don’t sound the alarm bells after two games. The season is 82 games long, you have 21 wins, not even 10 losses and you want to amke changes.

    Woah there bucky, hold up on the reigns and see this out first. If the continue to fall ont heir ass then mix things up int the orginization (Do some different line combinations, Work on some different things in practice.)

    Making trade should be a LAST resort. People don’t realize that we are talking about a) big money and b) people lives here. Hockey is a buissiness, yes, and everybody should act profesion but the players are people too. A team needs good chemistry. Lines work together because of chemistry. If after a 2 games losing streak the GM starts firing off changes then it will accomplish a fewe things:

    1) It will make all the players nervous. This can be a good thing for teams at the bottom of the league because it will get their players feet moving and tell them that this simply isn’t good enough. To do it to the top ranked? What esle do they have to do? Even trading some thrid liner can have make a good part of your team worried about their futues if the reasoning for the trade “Because of that damn terrible 2 GAME losing steak.

    2) It will piss off players who were close to the one moved. Especially when the trade was for no damn good reason. Players are professionals though, like I said, but they are still only human.

    3) It MAY possibly improve the team. However it may also seriously weaken the team or in the long run turn out to have been a dumbass move (Neely to Boston comes to mind).

    Sit this through buddy, and get your finger off the kill switch.

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Everyone, just calm down.

    Every team goes through slumps, even great teams like the Senators. I hope that Muckler doesn’t jump the gun and make trades, because no matter who you bring in, slumps are eventually gonna happen.

    Just support your team, and they will get through this.

    As an example, look at the other Canadian teams. Each one has gone through a slump this season at some point. Even the mighty Red Wings lost a few in a row.

    The Sens are still the best team in hockey. They just need to work through this. That’s all.

  4. nordiques100 says:

    it’s only a cause for concern if:

    a) its closer to playoff time.

    there is over 50 games left. it may be best to split up the top line for balance, but at the same time maybe that will hurt chemistry and maybe take away the effect of the top line. the leafs had the same problem with kaberle and mccabe. the fact for them was that they were worse apart than together. the havlat injury does hurt a bit because he did give the team a secondary threat after the top line and made others better. especially the second PP and 4 on 4. they wont address his loss now though. i am not sure they can afford the balance of salary to guys like wieght and/or sykora right now. perhaps waiting til march would be best.

    b) the team is in a dogfight for a playoff spot

    the sens playoff spot is very secure. it would take a complete collapse if they fell from the standings. they should feel good that their defence hasnt fallen off despite not having redden for this long.

    using the leafs as an example. they are barely holding on to 8th spot. they cant afford a swoon. ottawa despite their low offence lately were able to gain at least a point in their last two. pretty good on the road against two very good teams.

    c) the team is full of overacheivers who were at the beginning of the year playing beyond their capabilities.

    perhaps some players are playing above their abilities in ottawa. like chris neil for example. however the likes of him, fisher, schaefer, were 4th liners early in their careers and now in their prime have made the progression to larger roles. now these guys are not top offensive players by any stretch, they are however capable of contributing. but the top line guys. they are playing as projected and in reality, no player can keep up that pace all 82 games unless your name was gretzky. we’re not talking about players like john druce for example who out of nowhere scored 12 goals in 7 playoff games one time. the sens have some skille guys.

    d) offensive struggles came against bad teams.

    sometimes teams run into a hot goalie and thus scoring becomes a problem. the sens are getting chances. however if their struggles came against porous teams like pittsburgh or atlanta, then yeah the warning lights should go off. but calgary and vancouver are top teams. give them credit rather than take it away from ottawa.

    the only concerns should be depth and penalties. you probably will see the depth issue addressed at the trade deadline. they will need an experienced D, a scoring forward and perhaps a centre who can win faceoffs.

    as for penalties. the biased sens fan will complain that too many were called, especially the game against the canucks. however if you watched the tape over and over, you would have seen that the calls were very easy to make. the refs should be making those calls in all games. i have seen slowly the cheating creeping back in. a slight hold here, a tug there, while blatant, not called. it’s up to the players to help the refs out by simply giving a better effort. the have to start playing by the rules. the sens in that game were not moving their feet, thus the parade to the penalty box.

    but these things can be fixed. they have 4 months to do so before the playoffs.

  5. wingerxxx says:

    They could use a solid second line center, but most teams would kill for the offensive power this team has. And their defense. And their goaltending. Vancouver and Calgary can be extremely hard teams to play against. To start sounding the alarm now borders on the ridiculous side of things. It’s not like they are in need of a massive overhaul or anything.

  6. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    they have only lost 2 games but the top line has i think 1 goal 1 assist in the last 4 games. its gonna be time to shake things up soon.

  7. habs79 says:

    They will not jump the gun on a trade because of a two game slump. However you have to believe Muckler is keeping his ears open on the trade market for a second line center. If he lands one it won’t be a big trade i.e Weight. It would be a lesser trade that he won’t take on that much salary and won’t touch his team’s core. Most likely he will trade a prospect and/or picks.

  8. Neely4Life says:

    Eaaaaaaaaaaasy people, they can still get 4 out of 6 points on a really though western road swing.

    One, Calgary was rested up and waiting for the sens after a fairly hard fought game the night before.

    Two, their PP is strugling again, and that can be corrected. Ive been saying all along they might bring dough wieght in, in exchange for Smolinski to have a solid 2nd line center, and then they can spread out the scoring.

    And the refs who did both games were brutal again on saturday night. Calgary’s penalties, a lot of them were weak calls, and the ones that should be called wernt. Someone has to do somthing with that pair of officals, its embarassing.

  9. Neely4Life says:

    If they trade Varada and Smoke, then, really, they are only taking on 1.5 more in salary. Much like the Thornton deal. So, it wouldnt be a huge shock if he came here.

  10. LeafsLegacy says:

    Won’t happen till trade deadline, they lost two (overtime) games and everbody is freaking out, give me a break.


    wow wow RELAX its only 2 games. You people chase after Ottawa after 2 losses.why?.Wanna a good laugh go look at the most inconsistant team in the NHL TORONTO,the coach is lost in space and hes running an ice capades show for 19,000 brain washed monkeys, Ive been at die hard leaf fan for 33 years ! I cant handle watching a teams defence who always skate right back into their goalie ,then stands around. Ive seen the light and its time to watch a real hockey team…

    GO SENS GO!!!!

  12. Deadman says:

    Amen! Whatever happened to just shuffling your lines, or bringing up some guys from the minors? Mathmaticaly this team is on pace to challenge for the best season record in NHL history, currently held by the 95-96 Wings. I understand that Ottawa fans won’t feel secure untill they are actually holding the cup, but calm down, I though Xanax was realy inexpensive under that health plan of yours. Take two and enjoy that the scoring race is basically restricted to your starting line in the morning.

  13. Deadman says:

    Whatever happened to just shuffling your lines, or bringing up some guys from the minors? Mathmaticaly this team is on pace to challenge for the best season record in NHL history, currently held by the 95-96 Wings. I understand that Ottawa fans won’t feel secure untill they are actually holding the cup, but calm down, I though Xanax was realy inexpensive under that health plan of yours. Take two and enjoy that the scoring race is basically restricted to your starting line in the morning.

  14. TheWho says:

    Good thing I don’t panic like this guy when my team is in a bad slump lol.

  15. Neely4Life says:

    I suspect after this year. there will be a few leafers jumping ship!! WELCOME!!! we still gotta beat the *****ing leafs though, sigh

  16. AntoinePortilick says:

    Haha, no kidding. But living in Ottawa, it is typical for Sens fans to be like this. I am not a Sens fan by any stretch, but when they were lighting lamps like crazy in the first 2 months everyone was happy. I have been to 3 games this year, all games where they didn’t score 5 or more goals and the groaning in the seats was hilarious. “How come they’re playing so bad?” “Where has all the scoring gone?” Seriously, these people truly believed Ottawa never hit a lump or stop scoring at the crazy early season pace. Typical, if you lived here you would definitely know that these types of panics are very common amongst Sens fans.

  17. muckies says:

    The Sens don’t need a trade, they need to stay out of the Peanalty Box… that simple.

  18. V3n0m says:

    Hey, who let Mike Keenan register?

  19. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    hey muckies how did heatley and alfie do? oh not too good. and btw gagne has about a 4 or 5 goal lead on both of them so i expect maybe a 1 or 2 goal difference with gagne gets back.

  20. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    This team probably won’t lose more than 12 games all year and people are talking about making changes because of 2 OT losses, one of which occurred without their #1 goalie in net. This is a slump, a tiny blip on the radar screen. Ottawa management would have to be insane on a Mike Milbury level to even consider making a roster move over something so very minor.

  21. skatefast says:

    Now, now, I think he’s on to something. Let me suggest a trade where the Sens trade Heatley Alfie, and Spezza to the Sharks for about six defensive prospects. That would be fair and help both teams, don’t you think? 😉

  22. Sensrgr8 says:

    I agree, the Sens need to stay out of the penalty box, change their power play, it’s way to easy to defend against and very predictable. I much rather see the Sens play close games and loose then play blow out games and win….don’t get me wrong I like the fact that in just two games against another eastern conference team the Sens posted 16 goals and 2 against, I will take that score any night against the other so called hockey team. Keeping close games and being responcible in your own end will win more games then full out attacking. Going to the penalty box every time the opposite team enters your zone will get you nowhere. If Muckler is to trade for someone, and I hope he waits until March, I hope it’s for a skilled checker that scares other teams into making mistakes when he bares down on them, Peca would be a better fit for Ottawa than any skilled forward, I know he’s too expensive and not available, but there are others around the league like Marchant that keeps players in check, pardon the pun. Any comments on that ?

  23. ottawa1992 says:

    that is retarded

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