Tomas Kaberle, A Future Norris Type Defensemen?

At 6″2 200lbs and drafted 204th overall in the 1996 draft. Kaberle has now been recognized as one of the biggests threats from the blue-line in the entire league…Kaberle has often been critized for making spectacular pass’s whenever he has had a glorious opportunity to score.

But some how Kaberle has always seem to have put solid goal scoring numbers especially last year when he had a career high 10 goals.(Mind you that he is only 24 and has only played 4 whole seasons in the N.HL.)

Not to mention the game winning goal he scored against New Jersey in game 5 of the 2001 playoffs that gave the Leafs a 3-2 series lead only to lose the next 2 games.

He has also managed to lead all Leaf defensemen in assits every year.

Kaberle possesses tremendous hockey smarts and the ability to find his teammates on the ice. A swift skater, he can wheel with the puck and loves to join the attack. He also has an accurate shot.


He sometimes makes mistakes by pinching in when he shouldn’t and needs to add strength to better handle some of the bigger forwards in the league.

Still he is young plus has time to work on his little weaknesses, but Kaberle has the potential to become an outstanding two-way defenseman. He’ll continue to log a ton of minutes for the Leafs. If he can learn how to shut down talented forwards better, Kaberle could one day dominate for the Norris trophy.


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  1. Glen says:

    Or maybe not. Norris winners are generally team leaders who tend to carry their team to the post-season. Unless Kaberle gets out of Toronto he’s doomed for years to come. Much like, Kimmo Timonen and Oleg Tverdosky (til this year). Toronto is a sinking ship, and Kaberle needs to find a life raft.

  2. BWbullies says:

    Just because he looks great in Toronto doesn’t mean he is great. There are several young d-men who I think are better then him.

  3. Tradedude says:

    There’s no way kaberle will be a future norris cup winner. He plays very poor defensively. He’s great on the powerplay and is McCabe’s set-up man last season. he gave the puck up for a carolina goal in game 6 against carolina last in the 3rd. luckly sundin scored with few seconds left to lift them to O.T. to when they were eliminated last year. Dryden has mentioned that he’s shown interest in a new GM. Gainey from Dallas seems to keep popping up. lets hope we get him. as GM.

    Kaberle will never win a Norris. Sorry leaf fans. Including myself. 🙁

  4. RDeren says:

    I don’t think so. I can think of many young defenceman who have more potential then Kaberle. Redden, Chara, Rafalski, Morris, Brewer and Ed Jovanovski all probably have better chances of winning a Norris later on in their careers. Also Brad Stuart has a better shot. He’s just as good offensively and better defensively. Kaberle will be a solid #2 or 3 defenceman in his career, but he does not have the makings to win a Norris trophy. Maybe a Lady Byng though.

    (You might question me on Chara, but he scored 10 goals, is much better defensively, maybe not quite as good of a passer, but a much better all around defenceman. He can score, hit and do everything good defenceman should d.)

  5. Tradedude says:

    not only chara, lets see here: redden. he’s allready finished his top seasons. uhh. stuart. uhhh. no. kaberle’s ahead of him by a long shot. and rafalski. who is this guy? 3rd 4th d-man on NJ. i agree on eric brewer and jovanovski though. especially brewer. he plays his position and doesnt care bout his point production, just his team winning and his ACTUAL position.

  6. JClark87 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you less. He isn’t the greatest defender in the world, and he’ll never put up Paul Coffey like numbers to overshadow that weakness. Until he can stop being a green light in the d-zone, better two way players like Eric Brewer, Wade Redden, and Jiri Fischer will win a couple of Norris’s before Kaberle even gets nominated.

  7. SoixanteSix says:

    defensive play has little to do with winning a norris. take paul coffey and larry murphy who were perrenial finalists.

  8. ClarkeRules says:

    Toronto’s refusal to include Kaberle in a deal for Lindros is the reason Lindros ended up in NY. Good thing for the Leafs because Lindros looks like a stiff and how many teams would like to have Kaberle!

  9. UsedandAbused says:

    I don’t think so!

    I don’t think so

    I don’t think so

  10. Cam says:

    I agree with Tradedude but I think Morris,Stuart are better then Kaberle.But I don’t think Chara is though. But maybe.

  11. big_booty says:

    Kaberle doesn’t shoot enough, no matter how “accurate” his shot may or may not be.

    So he leads the Leafs in assists. Big deal. That should in no way be a measuring stick. When he leads the league, get back to us.

    He is not a sound defender, nor will he learn to “shut down talented forwards.” That is not one of his priorities while he is on the ice, he has shown that time and again.

    Ten goals. Big deal.

    Kaberle will never “dominate” for the Norris. He has never shown that kind of killer instinct that you see in a Pronger, Chelios, or Jovanovski. There are plenty of defenseman in the NHL now and who will be coming into the NHL in the near future who will surpass him.

  12. edmontonrules says:

    I suppose I could say something on this topic. Kaberle is a great defenceman. Great for his age. He will probably never become anything more than good in his time. His talent, like a lot of other players, would be greatly increased on a team like Colorado. However, about 80-90% of the other teams could not develop him. I think it is best if he stays in Toronto and remains a mediocre to good defenceman.

  13. TheRumourGod says:

    Why do you let this crap get posted.

  14. MantaRay says:

    Lets not over-rate Kaberle;

    He has fine offensive skill, but there are two ends of the ice.

    He is just one of many “defensemen” that can only effectivily play half of a complete game.

  15. leafbrat says:

    He will never be a Norris trophy hopeful because he can not carry his team and he will not in the future.There is more than assits to consider here.1-He hardly shoots.He has a good shot but never uses it.He needs to shoot more.2-He does not hit or clear the front of the net.He may be 200lbs but he does not use it.Also he would not hit anyone on a bumpercar ride.3-He is scared.Watch him go into the corners and you will see with the new rules he does not go into the corners first to get the puck and that creats turnovers.He is simply a soft d-man that should only be used when on the power play.He has no guts or will to win that is what sets him appart from the norris candidates.To compare him to Lidstrom or Blake is a slap in the face of these players.I am a leaf fan and would love nothing else for him but that is the truth.

    Use the 8-10 milllion that we have set asside to do some good and fire Quinn.That is what we should be clammering for and nothing else.As bad of a couch he is-he is that much worse of a GM.

  16. Tradedude says:

    defensively he is. obviously since kaberle is weak defensively. Jackman looked great in toronto against tampa on tuesday. we only one cause mogilny played like he wanted to and quinn ACTUALLY benched lumme. thank god.

  17. Leaf_Expert says:

    Juss wanted to say to you peeps who think Kaberle doesn’t shoot enough, you should know he leads the team is shots…….

  18. leafsrule31 says:

    ok.. when i say this.. i am in no way saying that kaberles gonna win the norris trophy now.. or ever. but alot of people say things about him that someone could only say if they dont watch the leafs night in and night out.

    kaberle has improved immensly defensively. hes one of the few leaf dmen on the team right now playing excellant defensive zone coverage. for a little guy hes clearing the front of the net very well.. granted hes still a bit timid going into the corner but hes up there with svehla defensively.. right now.

    a defenceman has 3 goals in his first 8 games of the season and you guys are saying he doesnt shoot enough?.. by saying that your just jumping on the bandwagon with the other retards on this site who only buy into what some leaf basher has to say. he leads the team in shots??. riiiiight.

    hes not a team leader which is typically what the norris trophy goes to. but he has god given talent in the offensive catagory that no one can deny. he continues to make spectacular passes on both ends of the ice and contrary to popular belief.. he shoots the puck a hell of alot. a person who can say he doesnt shoot the puck alot is a person who only watches sports highlights and listens to what other people have to say. watch 4 or 5 leaf games and then say he doesnt shoot the puck. his defensive play is up with the best dmen in the nhl in the first 13 games of the season… and not many people can disagree.. unless you actually watch the leafs night in and night out. the one thing he needs to work on is his timidness with the body… which is definitly improving. i believe that in 5 years if he keeps improving and develops a ron francis.. stevie y type character to himself he could challenge for the norris. but i dont see that happening .. and he will never dominate the norris trophy.

    … if you dont watch the leafs faithfully.. dont bash a guy based on what you hear from others.. because many kaberle rumors are untrue as of about march of last season.

  19. Leaf_Expert says:

    WOOW….you are truly a GOOD leaf fan…. I really dun know wat to say but your also one of the very few who actually have the heart and brains of a Leaf!!!! Props to you….

  20. MantaRay says:

    I don’t watch many Leaf games, but from what I have seen I agree with you 100% he is a little timid what the physical part of the game, and he still lacks the assertiveness of a leader.

    He has the tools, its just a matter of having the right defensive coach (not head coach) bring that out in him. I don’t know if the leafs have that kind of coach.

  21. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Kaberle is a really good d-man but I wouldnt expect a Norris out of him for the next couple of years atleast. Until he canget out of Toronto and star with another group of shining defenseman, he will not be recognized for a Norris.

    Look at the past winners: Nicky Lidstrom, Al MacInnis, Rob Blake, Chris Pronger and the list goes on. What is common about all of the players I have listed? They play with a great group of defenseman around them. Someone help me, when was the last time a player won the Norris with a par team? Do we have to go back to Bourque’s last time winning it?

    He is a great defenseman, but he must be on a team with great defenseman to support him incase he ever does make a mistake.

    ~Jeff P.

  22. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Name away?

  23. leafsrule31 says:

    uhh.. right on.

  24. edmontonrules says:

    McCabe – 33 shots

    Kaberle – 31 shots

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