Top 15 Best Players for the Next 5 Years

Below is 15 NHL players that I believe will be most valuable for the next 5 years.

(Ranked from best to worst)

1. Ilya Kovalchuk | I`m sure many will agree with me. This kid is extremely talented.

2. Rick Nash | He`s so damn young. Within the next two years he’ll be one of the best in the NHL for sure. Columbus just needs to continue working and building around him.

3. Alex Tanguay | He`s getting better and better every season. He`s young and so very talented. Now that alot of superstars are moving out of Colorado, he`ll have some room to really put up monster numbers.

4. Roberto Luongo | He is the key to Florida`s success now. Florida`s been making changes and are showing all sorts of signs to make big changes. As they improve their defense, Luongo`s numbers will sky-rocket.

5. Vincent Lecavalier | Vinny is showing many breakout signs. He hasn`t even reached his prime. Now that he`s experienced the playoffs and won the cup… he`s ready to be among the best.

6. Jarome Iginla | This guy can play both sides of hockey. He masters all the skills necessary for a hockey player. He was stopped short of the cup this past year… and he`s hungry to make another run for it. His best seasons are yet to come.

7. Andrew Raycroft | This guy was a rookie this past season and was considered one of the best NHL goaltenders on the season. No doubt he`ll be the best within the next few years.

8. Dany Heatley | He`s been bothered from last summer`s injuries and the death of former teammate. He`ll rebound soon and become one of the best, possibly THE best.

9. Alexander Ovechkin | Said to be the next Kovalchuk. He`s obviously going to be one of the league`s leaders for all the years to come. Give him till his second season in the NHL to get adjusted and tear up the rink.

10. Martin St. Louis | I ranked him as 10 because his size will stil bite him in the ass. He made his named known alright… but these next few seasons players of the opposition will shadow him good. He`ll still be one of the best, I feel he won`t be putting up numbers like he did this past season… unless the NHL maybe makes the rink bigger?

11. Marian Hossa | He`s going to be around for a while. We all know how good he is.

12. Miikaa Kiprusoff | Kipper has been a pleasant suprise. I love his playing style and I feel he`ll be one of the best NHL goaltenders for a while.

13. Martin Broduer | Eventually age is going to bring his numbers down for once. And I rank him low because I`m expecting him to call it quits within the next 5 years. He will always be one of the best for sure, though.

14. Rick DiPietro | I`m and Isles fan but I`ve got faith in him. Within the next few years he`ll be recognized as the best goaltender along with Fluery, Montoya, and Raycroft.

15. Markus Naslund | I feel this guy is under rated. His been solid for the past few seasons putting up MVP numbers. He`ll be around like that for many years.

(Feel free to post who you feel will be the top 15 best NHL players for the next 5 years. )