Top 15 Best Players for the Next 5 Years

Below is 15 NHL players that I believe will be most valuable for the next 5 years.

(Ranked from best to worst)

1. Ilya Kovalchuk | I`m sure many will agree with me. This kid is extremely talented.

2. Rick Nash | He`s so damn young. Within the next two years he’ll be one of the best in the NHL for sure. Columbus just needs to continue working and building around him.

3. Alex Tanguay | He`s getting better and better every season. He`s young and so very talented. Now that alot of superstars are moving out of Colorado, he`ll have some room to really put up monster numbers.

4. Roberto Luongo | He is the key to Florida`s success now. Florida`s been making changes and are showing all sorts of signs to make big changes. As they improve their defense, Luongo`s numbers will sky-rocket.

5. Vincent Lecavalier | Vinny is showing many breakout signs. He hasn`t even reached his prime. Now that he`s experienced the playoffs and won the cup… he`s ready to be among the best.

6. Jarome Iginla | This guy can play both sides of hockey. He masters all the skills necessary for a hockey player. He was stopped short of the cup this past year… and he`s hungry to make another run for it. His best seasons are yet to come.

7. Andrew Raycroft | This guy was a rookie this past season and was considered one of the best NHL goaltenders on the season. No doubt he`ll be the best within the next few years.

8. Dany Heatley | He`s been bothered from last summer`s injuries and the death of former teammate. He`ll rebound soon and become one of the best, possibly THE best.

9. Alexander Ovechkin | Said to be the next Kovalchuk. He`s obviously going to be one of the league`s leaders for all the years to come. Give him till his second season in the NHL to get adjusted and tear up the rink.

10. Martin St. Louis | I ranked him as 10 because his size will stil bite him in the ass. He made his named known alright… but these next few seasons players of the opposition will shadow him good. He`ll still be one of the best, I feel he won`t be putting up numbers like he did this past season… unless the NHL maybe makes the rink bigger?

11. Marian Hossa | He`s going to be around for a while. We all know how good he is.

12. Miikaa Kiprusoff | Kipper has been a pleasant suprise. I love his playing style and I feel he`ll be one of the best NHL goaltenders for a while.

13. Martin Broduer | Eventually age is going to bring his numbers down for once. And I rank him low because I`m expecting him to call it quits within the next 5 years. He will always be one of the best for sure, though.

14. Rick DiPietro | I`m and Isles fan but I`ve got faith in him. Within the next few years he`ll be recognized as the best goaltender along with Fluery, Montoya, and Raycroft.

15. Markus Naslund | I feel this guy is under rated. His been solid for the past few seasons putting up MVP numbers. He`ll be around like that for many years.

(Feel free to post who you feel will be the top 15 best NHL players for the next 5 years. )

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  1. Enigma says:

    Jay Bouwmeester, and Scott Hannan are on my list. i’d consider Datsyuk or Zetterberg as well

  2. Havlat_hasit says:

    Shit man just cause the Sens are great at drafting talent doesn’t mean I didn’t consider other players. like I said this off the top of my head. Obviously I know may favourite team best. I could have included other great Sens players like Alfie or Hossa.

  3. CechmanekForVezina says:

    He won 7 games in 94 with the Sharks, and only won 2 in all his others except 02. That doesn’t count for anything.

  4. Havlat_hasit says:

    Good call I like these picks. A lot of Sens.

  5. Havlat_hasit says:

    These are decent picks but many of them seem too predictable. Also Alex Steen comon…and your on my case for picking sens players. clearly this is reaching. The others are good though.

  6. Naslundfan says:

    Crosby should be on that list

  7. Flamesfan_7 says:

    Jarome Iginla is without a doubt at the top of that list. He’s 26, and he’s established himself as the best in the game, period.

  8. habs_punk says:

    good site, montreal is number 1 😛

    rangers really dont have that great of a group of prospects, but they’re getting back on the right track for sure. they’ll be a top team in prospects in the not to distant future

  9. B-man says:

    Dipietro should not be there. What the hell has he ever done?? WOW, he won a playoff game. For a number pick overall he has been a pretty big dissapointment.

  10. habs_punk says:

    as in this past years one? ya, he really wasnt playing at the top of his game though. he was 10 times better the year before. im still not sold on fleury though… he’s shown how incredible he can be, but then other times he’s looked even below average, if he can put it all together, he’ll be amazing

  11. nelsog says:

    Andrew Raycroft = Jim Carrey

    Other than that I can’t really argue with much.

  12. gobruins08 says:

    admit it, you can’t pick the best 15 of the future!

  13. habs_punk says:

    he couldnt beat kidd out for a job because kidd is in his thirties, and for pat quinn, a player over thirty will ALWAYS make the team over a player under thirty.

    tellqvist will be a solid goalie for the leafs if he ever gets a shot (unlikely, after belfour’s gone, they’ll just sign another free agent)

  14. habs_punk says:

    who knows, fewer shots might not translate into better success for luongo, he might be one of those goalies that thrives on a ton of shots. like theodore, he would go nights giving up one goal on 40 shots and then get an easy nite facing only 20 shots but letting in 3. just something we’re gonna have to wait and see about

  15. angryjew says:

    i agree 100%

  16. Kraut182 says:

    Yeah, I hear there’s a big chance nobody is gonna draft Crosby next year.

  17. flyersfan10897 says:

    gionta? maybe if elias and gomez get another REAL winger to play with them they could be top 20. gionta does nothing but feed off the other two. 21 goals, 8 assists for 29 points in 75 games playing with those two? thats terrible.

  18. MightyJortikka says:

    it´s all about confidence, i mean i always knew how good Kipru was(there´s also some hometown favorite thing..) and when he got traded BANG!

    And that´s why i think Fleury will fail, he´ll play in Pittsburgh with a incredible package of expetations and last year he was to young for it. And my fear would be, that during the 1-4 years, when he fails he will be bailed as failure, with all the hype.

    He has every tool to success,

    but i really think that the Penguins will destroy him and they showed how to do it last season, by putting a 18 year old goalie without experince from professional hockey and hardly speaking english, to face 30+ shots with a defence who couldn´t even clear Martha Stewart infront of the net.

    Just hope that they learned from it.

  19. flyersfan10897 says:

    pitkanen could definitely be a top 10 defensemen in the NHL. he needs to get bigger, stronger, and be more physical though. hes the first flyers defensemen ive seen in years that could take the puck from behind his own net, through the neutral zone, around the other net, shoot, and hit the goalie in an almost bobby orr fashion. he needs some more power play time and more overall playing time. 27 points in 70 some games isnt bad. im hoping for a 12 goal, 25-30 assist season this year(whenever that is), as long as the sophomore jinx doesnt hit.

  20. mojo19 says:

    Lecavalier is a much better player than Richards. Richards is a softy. A young Pierre Turgeon or Luc Robitaille if you will. And yeah, they were good, and so is Richards but hes still a bit of a fruit. Vinny’s got ’em beat in the corners and he fights. Both are clearly good offensive players.

  21. mojo19 says:

    Marty Turco could come back around and be one of the leagues best goalies for the next few years also.

  22. mojo19 says:

    Gaborik was late joining cuz of his contract and got off to a slow start. He’ll be one of the leagues best for sure. Hes got way too much skill and we’ve seen what he’s capable of.

  23. mojo19 says:

    you’re saying that Miller, montoya and Ward are going to be 3 of the leagues top five goaltenders for the next 5 years!? thats ridiculous, Miller won’t even emerge as a starter for atleast three or four years, what with Norenen and Biron…..

  24. kasparaitisflyer says:

    the man said top 15 not all of them plus you 4 got gagne and pitkanen ass and you really favor ottawa it seems on D

  25. kasparaitisflyer says:

    couple of beefs with this article Big joe isnt even on the list, gagne should be, ovechken shouldnt be he mite be another alexander daigle, pitkanen should be kiprusoff no St. louis no Tanguay wont be 3 with all the players arround him leaving

  26. Homunculous says:

    No Yanick will be a snub since he is a jack ass and no hockey fans like him, hence no votes.

  27. nocuphere says:

    True enough, but when I read this guys article I was half asleep, and thought he was looking for players to watch out for 5 years from now.

  28. baltic_thunder says:

    I have no clue what Islander3788 and some others are smoking but it can’t be good for you. How can players like Scott Hannan, Jay Bouwmeester, Mike Komisarek, Michael Ryder, Matt Stajan, Eric Brewer and Nathan Horton get omitted? Ovechkin hasn’t played a single game and suddenly he’s a superstar. Crosby’s not old enough to shave and people are submitting his name. DiPietro? Please!

  29. Rancid says:

    washington will overtake them next year because of this years trades and draft.

    NYR have the biggest group of underrated prospects in the NHL.

  30. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    I should have specified that its not that they will be in the immediate top five ( that is taken by guys like Luongo, Brodeur, Théodore etc…) but that they should be considered “franchise goalies” if you will. In other words, they are the top young goalie prospects that teams will build around.

    As for Buffalo, they will surely trade one of their goalies.

  31. KCMDux88 says:

    PATRICE BERGERON!!!! how can you not say him???

  32. TheCoach says:

    Nobody can argue that Chara, Redden and Havlat do not belong on that list. The only guy you could really debate is Spezza, but he does at least merit consideration. Hossa should also be on there, as he is only 25 and already one of the best in the game. It is not havlat_hasit’s fault that Ottawa has a fantatsic core of young players.

    Also, Havlat does have a mean streak. Whether you consider it dirty is up to you, but it is a mean streak. I’ll give you an example. Joe Thornton supposedly has a “mean streak,” but he is the king of sticking and slashing people. Havlat possesses this to. I remember in his first year when he took on Scott Stevens and Mark Messier. Say what you want about him, but he is one of the most talented players in this league.

  33. rojoke says:

    Okay, dumping might have been a little harsh. Call it nit-picking then. But when a guy is single-handedly responsible for almost a quarter of your offense, and you want to point out that he doesn’t get enough assists, that’s either retarded or just plain stupid. Don’t ask a painter to build you a house. Just get him a house to paint.

  34. cgolding says:

    But when a guy is single-handedly responsible for almost a quarter of your offense, and you want to point out that he doesn’t get enough assists, that’s either retarded or just plain stupid. Don’t ask a painter to build you a house. Just get him a house to paint.

    can i ask a guy that we are saying is one of the top 15 hockey players in the world to get assists? that seems reasonable to me, not retarded, or stupid. if you want to be included in that stratosphere of players, you gotta help your teammates, and thus the team, get some goals as well.

  35. JoeCheesehead says:

    A discussion about who will be among the best of the best for the next five years and not a single mention of Bertuzzi? Gretzky was the one who said that he’s the most dominant player in the league, when he’s on his game. I’ll admit that he might not be top 15 ultimately given that he’s not totally put together the mental side of his game… yet. If he does – and there have been indications in the last three seasons that he’s making real progress – he’ll be top 10, if not top 5. that move he put on Gill in the 01/02 season still gives me chills when they show it in the pregame intros.

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