Top 5 Canuck playoff pick-ups

Brian Burke has said that he won’t be making any major deals come the deadline, but that he isn’t afraid to “tinker” with his existing line-up. Now, I know the Nucks haven’t lost in 14 straight, but the playoffs are a whole different ball game, and the jury seems to be convinced that the Canucks are “a player away” from the cup. Having said that, here is my top 5 players for the Canucks to bring in.5. C Jeff O’Neill: Jeff O’neill is the perfect fit for the Canucks, he’s young, physical and has cup finals expierence. The only problem is his asking price, he would require atleast a Morrison in return, and the Canucks aren’t willing to part with their Morrison. Dealing Brendan is way past the point of “tinkering” and it could have a negative effect on team chemistry. Getting O’Neill for anything less than one of the Canucks core is highly unlikely.

4. C Doug Gilmour: Things aren’t looking so good for the Habs these days, and if they don’t make the post season, look for Gilmour to be up for grabs. A gritty 2-way center with playoff experience and leadership to spare, facing retirement, he would surely give his all for one last shot a the mug and his salary at 1.7 mill shouldn’t be too rich for the Canucks blood. Considering that this is his last season, it shouldn’t take too much to pry him away from the Habs, except that retiring would make him a rent-a-player, something Burke is strongly opposed too.

To Van: Gilmour

To MTL: Ruutu and 6th rnd pick





* Provided the Canucks bring in a secondary scorer, splitting up the dynamic duo of Nazzy and Bert for the playoffs would give the Nucks 2 solid scoring lines, making them both harder to stop if they aren’t on the same line facing the same top 2 pairing D men.

3. LW Shayne Corson: Rumour has it that Burke has already talked to his old friend Pat Quinn about acquiring Corson, and why not? the fact that everyone outside of Toronto hates him shouldn’t make a difference, because all the things that make me hate him in a Leafs uni would make me praise him in an Orca jersey. He was a major component in the Leafs making the conference finals last year, and he hasn’t played in 3 straight. He isn’t a rent-a-player and would help a lot in a series versus Detroit or Colorado. However, he is not happy about sitting out and has let everyone know it, his salary is a little steep but nothing the Canucks can’t handle. As far as chemistry goes, if Canucks don’t give up a regular they should be fine, I don’t think Shayne is the locker room cancer the media makes him out to be. Who knows? maybe he could re-find his game playing in Vancouver just like Linden has.

to Van: Shayne Corson

to Tor: Jarkko Ruutu and Bryan Helmer

2. LW Geoff Sanderson: The latest and most popular rumour has the Canucks interest in acquring the secondary scoring services of ex-Canuck Geoff Sanderson. Sanderson is a rent-a-player who wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg but his scoring is inconsistent without linemate Andrew Cassels and he doesn’t have much playoff experience. However, Morrison is an upgrade on Cassels and playing them together would give the Nucks 2 scoring lines.

to Van: Sanderson

to Cbj: Letowski and 2nd rnd pick





1. LW Martin Gelinas: Everyone on the Flames is up for sale, including Martin Gelinas and his 1.7 mill salary. A reclamation project similar to that of Linden, he is not the same scorer he was when he left, rather a 2-way veteran with cup finals experience (see ’94 and ’02).

to Van: Martin Gelinas

to Cal: Ruutu and 1st rnd pick





33 Responses to Top 5 Canuck playoff pick-ups

  1. wieds says:

    Even if the canucks were willing to give up Morrison, they wouldn’t get O’Neill. He is the centerpiece of their franchise and there is no way that Carolina would trade him.

    Corson is a cancer in the dressing room, but he is still a very valuable playoff contributor if his head is in the game.

  2. TheMinister says:

    The reports of Oneill being traded are coming out of Carolina apparently so who knows…

    Anybody in Carolina hear anything about this or not?

  3. TheMinister says:

    burky, I usually agree with most things you’ve got to say but there are a few problems here.

    Oneill – would be great, we’ll wait and see. I’m doubtful.

    Gilmour – can’t see how he would help out the team all that much right now. And those line combo’s are wacked. Why split up Nazzy and Bertuzzi? Just double shift them with others. It is the playoffs and Bert plays better when he plays more.

    Corson – Unequivicably…. no thanks. Put him in at the expense of whom? We don’t lack what Corson can give us. We have Klatt.

    Sanderson – would be uh, sorta, kinda ok. Soft fast and not the best suited for the playoffs. He wouldn’t take a second and Letowski to get.

    Gelinas- Now this is on the mark. He is the kind of guy that could be had, but for more like Letowski and a 5th. He could slide right in next to Cooke and Chubarov and provide spark and he has been down the long road that Linden had on the 94 team. Having TWO players that were on that team who can still produce would be brilliant.

    Now get this. I was listen to the radio last night and they said that there are rumblings that the Nucks and Sharks have a deal worked out for Vinnie Damphousse after the game. Not sure if I believe that as there are always deals ‘ for right after this game or that game’. But that would be interesting. I think Damphousse makes about 4 mil and has one year left on his contract ( anybody out there know for sure?) and I think could be had for Chubarov and a first or second, depending on whether they want to trade him or Nolan.

    I think there will continue to be reports that the Canucks will get Gratton. He makes just over 2 mil and fits in to the pay structure. Really he isn’t the ideal thing but he is a budget addition that wouldn’t cost too much in players and picks or salary.

  4. BCoilfan says:

    As for Gelinas, 94′ and 02′ were good years, but what about 1990? Damn.

  5. gladiator says:

    I know Vincent Damphousse produces points and would be great secondary scoring. But I don’t know about giving up on Chubarov. He’s young, he’s great in his own zone, and a great penalty killer. Who would be his replacement? Ruutu?

  6. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    I keep up with the Canes as much as anybody would in such a dismal season.

    Oneill is not going anywhere unless the return is extraordianary. In other words, no playoff team is likely to get him.

    These reports came out when the Canes were on a west coast trip and Coach Paul Maurice had a body bag skate where all players involved skate and skate and skate and skate until they puke or until someone’s legs give out–I believe it was Jeff Daniels legs that went first. Oneill was one of the 7 players and publicly expressed his feelings about that decision by Maurice by saying that he was playing for his teammates and not the coach.

    Everything was heated up and I thingk mgmt wanted to make a statement that no one is bigger than the team and that no ones job was secure.

    My guess: BS and why not see what teams would offer for the only guy that can score for your team.

    Oneill in Vancouver = 40 goals 40 assists

  7. TheMinister says:

    Damphousse I guess.

  8. Kraftster says:

    I don’t watch canucks games, so I don’t know, but I think you guys all WAY over value ruutu!! I mean he is basically like nothing in a deal it seems to me. He’ll be 28 after this season, he really has no signs of production, or improvement does he?? what is his role and why would he be worth anything that a minor leaguer on any club couldn’t contribute?

  9. RatSale says:

    Looks good apart from Gilmour; he can’t skate, shot ,pass, battle along the boards or play defense anymore, he has absolutely nothing left. That’s what 2 years in Monteral brings you………..

  10. redsunz says:

    You gotta give up something to get something. Damphousse would be a great addition, hes like a cassels in my mind move him with the first line and move mo to the 2nd damn wouldnt that be nice

    Plus it boosts our 2nd pp unit as well. Lets do it!

  11. RatSale says:

    I find it weird that no one speaks about a D for the nucks. Cloutier is a second order goltender and needs some experineced guys ahead of him if the team gets deep in the playoffs. Beside Jovo and Holund who are pretty good, the only guy with real playoff experience is Baron and you can’t ask him to log a lot of minutes come playoff time.

  12. Kraftster says:

    I really don’t know what you are basing “second order” on? I remember watching a Pens/Rangers games probably 4 or 5 yrs ago when cloutier was still in ny and thinking he was great, and would be great if he could overcome his size. His GAA or SV% doesn’t jump off the page, but I’d say he’s been pretty consistent this season. I agree I’d like to see more SO’s and he isn’t exactly in the top echelon, but I don’t think that he would be the crutch that would bring VAN down in the playoffs….

    Baron averages probably about 17:00 of ice time I don’t know why that would change in the playoffs…plenty of Dmen are older and play more…

  13. bodiddley says:

    once the blues are eliminated because of shitty gaoltending i wish you luck in vancouver, a few of those guys would help . it’s just nice to see that a fan of a team doing so well is aware that the playoffs are a totally different game unlike the people last week giving ottowa a title shot out of the east just because there doing so well during the regular season.

  14. amok says:

    Interesting deals.

    I wouldn’t trade Morrison straight up for O’Neill. If it takes Morrison and someone else forget about it; keep Brendan. He does way too much for the Canucks and is probably the best two-way forward. It would also be a huge step in the wrong direction away from Burke’s promise not to tear the team apart if they play well.

    Gilmour wouldn’t be bad at that price. Sure his best days are behind him but he’d provide playoff experience and -if- the Canucks could get him for just Ruutu and a pick there’s nothing to lose. I don’t really see why Montreal would want another small forward though. They’d be better off going for a better (2nd or 3rd) instead.

    I don’t want Corson here. The Leafs probably don’t want Ruutu, they have enough annoying players. I don’t see this happening at all.

    Sanderson… maybe. If Sanderson’s a free agent at the end of the year Columbus would be committing robbery to get both Letowski and such a high pick. One or the other, but not both.. and even then I don’t know if that’s worth it.

    Your idea of Gelinas is probably the most appealing, but no way for a first rounder. And again, I don’t see what the big interest in Ruutu would be. If there was any sort of market for him I think Burke would have traded him long ago since Crawford doesn’t seem to like Jarko much. I don’t know if we could get much more than the retired Christian Ruutu for him.

  15. amok says:

    Damphousse would be a great acquisition. I really like Chubarov, but if that’s the price then so be it.

  16. amok says:

    Yup, Ruutu is very over-valued. If there was a trade market for him he’d have been packed up a while ago.

    The problem is, (if you can call this a “problem”) there isn’t anyone on the Canucks roster that stands out as someone who should be traded. Some people might say the Sedins, but they don’t make a ton or hurt the team, and they’re still young. There’s no dead weight around here like Hlavac or Druken, and there aren’t any malcontents like Brashear. There isn’t a hell of a lot really worthwhile tradebait in the minors, so everyone’s going to list guys like Ruutu and Kurtz, guys in their late 20s that are basically fringe players at best. Ruutu’s turned into the Hoglund of Vancouver, only he doesn’t get on the ice as much.

  17. Dymd3z_TML says:

    i hope the leafs will trade corson to the nucks if they dont to the sharks or some other team for a star player. corson isnt doing anythig, so i dont see why not pink up ruutu, he may be better, isnt he??? if not, could be trade material…..perhaps? im only guessing, im hopeing wiseing hockey fans can tell me

  18. TheMinister says:

    I know, eh? Everybody on this site seems to think he is worth something. But he’s not. At least not in trade value. He’ll filla role in the playoffs and that’s about it.

  19. TheMinister says:

    Not to mention it’s a deep draft.

  20. amok says:

    What’s wrong with the Canucks’ D? Burke picked up Malik and Salo, and both have been very solid. Malik made it to the finals last year, although I admit I have no idea if he was a 3-4 guy or played on the 5-6 unit. Sopel’s erratic but he and Ohlund make a good pairing.

  21. TheMinister says:

    I also forgot to mention that Gelinas was with Carolina ( Langdon & Malik) for last years run.

  22. DaAvs says:

    Still don’t get a lot of exposure but I have seen about 6-7 Nucks games. What I’ve seen they’re still weak at the blue line and Cloutier was bailing them out. Other thing being hte dependency on the power play for scoring. So a 2nd line for the playoffs is needed. Don’t know the prospects but for recommendations…Pickup Modin from TB for the Wing. And for a D-man would go after Miller (if he’s avliable anymore) or Marchmant. Suggestions, but I saw only Avs vs Nucks and Nucks vs Wings games. So it’s subjective

  23. RatSale says:

    My point is about experience; as for salo he was awfull in recent years with the sens in the playoffs. Sopel, malik, salo, too much of the same type of D’s I think.

  24. DohCanada says:

    hmmm….too bad price is a problem. I’d love for you to take Brisebois off our hands. I mean you can HAVE him, we don’t want anything in return. AND we’ll pay his salary for the remainder of this season and half of next year!!! PLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  25. devilfan says:

    Those were the 2 years Gelinas was in the finals, he was referring to the experience that he has.

  26. MossRocks says:

    Yeah but he actually won a Cup with a REAL hockey team in 1990.

  27. Rico71 says:

    *2 thumbs up* Totally agree.

    Take that freeloader off our hands. He’s gonna get creamed by the Montreal fans tonight and might faint. Poor thing.

    Play to the value of your contract…wimp.

    And take Killed also, he’s done and cannot help Montreal. We have plenty of washed up players to give. Or if teams are interested in small players who can’t finish, come and get Petrov.

    All would be cheap to get.

    We would give you a free gift wrapping of Reverse, McKa-put or Dyk-huis to go also. Free of charge.


  28. amok says:

    In return for taking all that garbage off your hands, the city of Montreal would have to take the city of Vancouver’s downtown eastside. The downtown eastside could live in Olympic Stadium, since no one else ever goes there.

  29. Leaf_Expert says:

    Sanderson and Gratton are all this team needs….

  30. DohCanada says:

    OK, we’ll see your downtown east side, and raise you ALL of Montreal’s biker gangs (which you may if you like choose to ship off to China on a rusted freighter)….and as a favour could you cruise on down to Portland occasionally to cheer on the Expos for me. Thanks.

  31. TheMinister says:

    The horror…

  32. vancouvercanucks44 says:

    3 of these 5 were on my list…. but I did not have Gelinas, good thinking there

    I still say Scott Walker is the guy we will get..



    good article though

  33. TC_4 says:

    Well this would be why your not an NHL GM. Not to say that I’m any better, but your giving up a little too much for Martin Gelinas, the habs aren’t going to give up Gilmour at the deadline, because they’re still in it. Corson won’t be traded, because he be needed when Quin trades either Antropov or McCauley. And why does anybody want Geoff Sanderson??? The guy has never done it without Andrew Cassels, and is not a playoff type player. Not to take anything away from the article though, it was good, but you have to look at the way Brian Burke built this team and realize that he isn’t going away from that. The only guy on this list he will go after is Jeff O’Neill, but he won’t land him.

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