Top 5 Canuck playoff pick-ups

Brian Burke has said that he won’t be making any major deals come the deadline, but that he isn’t afraid to “tinker” with his existing line-up. Now, I know the Nucks haven’t lost in 14 straight, but the playoffs are a whole different ball game, and the jury seems to be convinced that the Canucks are “a player away” from the cup. Having said that, here is my top 5 players for the Canucks to bring in.5. C Jeff O’Neill: Jeff O’neill is the perfect fit for the Canucks, he’s young, physical and has cup finals expierence. The only problem is his asking price, he would require atleast a Morrison in return, and the Canucks aren’t willing to part with their Morrison. Dealing Brendan is way past the point of “tinkering” and it could have a negative effect on team chemistry. Getting O’Neill for anything less than one of the Canucks core is highly unlikely.

4. C Doug Gilmour: Things aren’t looking so good for the Habs these days, and if they don’t make the post season, look for Gilmour to be up for grabs. A gritty 2-way center with playoff experience and leadership to spare, facing retirement, he would surely give his all for one last shot a the mug and his salary at 1.7 mill shouldn’t be too rich for the Canucks blood. Considering that this is his last season, it shouldn’t take too much to pry him away from the Habs, except that retiring would make him a rent-a-player, something Burke is strongly opposed too.

To Van: Gilmour

To MTL: Ruutu and 6th rnd pick





* Provided the Canucks bring in a secondary scorer, splitting up the dynamic duo of Nazzy and Bert for the playoffs would give the Nucks 2 solid scoring lines, making them both harder to stop if they aren’t on the same line facing the same top 2 pairing D men.

3. LW Shayne Corson: Rumour has it that Burke has already talked to his old friend Pat Quinn about acquiring Corson, and why not? the fact that everyone outside of Toronto hates him shouldn’t make a difference, because all the things that make me hate him in a Leafs uni would make me praise him in an Orca jersey. He was a major component in the Leafs making the conference finals last year, and he hasn’t played in 3 straight. He isn’t a rent-a-player and would help a lot in a series versus Detroit or Colorado. However, he is not happy about sitting out and has let everyone know it, his salary is a little steep but nothing the Canucks can’t handle. As far as chemistry goes, if Canucks don’t give up a regular they should be fine, I don’t think Shayne is the locker room cancer the media makes him out to be. Who knows? maybe he could re-find his game playing in Vancouver just like Linden has.

to Van: Shayne Corson

to Tor: Jarkko Ruutu and Bryan Helmer

2. LW Geoff Sanderson: The latest and most popular rumour has the Canucks interest in acquring the secondary scoring services of ex-Canuck Geoff Sanderson. Sanderson is a rent-a-player who wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg but his scoring is inconsistent without linemate Andrew Cassels and he doesn’t have much playoff experience. However, Morrison is an upgrade on Cassels and playing them together would give the Nucks 2 scoring lines.

to Van: Sanderson

to Cbj: Letowski and 2nd rnd pick





1. LW Martin Gelinas: Everyone on the Flames is up for sale, including Martin Gelinas and his 1.7 mill salary. A reclamation project similar to that of Linden, he is not the same scorer he was when he left, rather a 2-way veteran with cup finals experience (see ’94 and ’02).

to Van: Martin Gelinas

to Cal: Ruutu and 1st rnd pick