Top goalies so far this season>>>Roy should step aside>>Possible Trades.

Top goalies in the league so far this season.

Patrick is the best goalie of all time, but should soon step aside and let another superb and younger goalie step in…also from Quebec.

Trades that could happen…Capitals in first gear to make oneStats do take importance in this, but more so is what the goaltender means to the team; the goaltender also winning games by himself.

1) Marty Turco

– He proved to me that he will definitely be able to play 60 games. I never doubted his skills, just his durability. Though he has a great team up front (probably the best in the league overall), Turco has managed to keep pucks from hitting the back of the net. He his tied 1st in the league with an amazing .931 save percentage and a GAA of 1.72. Turco will also prove himself come playoff time, where the Stars could be favorites to win the Stanley Cup.

2) Marc Denis

He leads the league in most shots faced with 906. He is well above average with a .913 save percentage on a team that roughly allows three goals a game. A former first rounder, Marc Denis will be one of the best in the league after big names such as Brodeur, Khabibulin, Belfour, Joseph, and Roy will get older (Roy retiring obviously). The Blue Jackets are not an easy team to beat this season, and the main reason is Marc Denis. Without him, they’d be tied for the worst team in the league.

3) Feranandez/Roloson:

– The best tandem so far in the league. Each have played almost an equal amount of game, and though Gaborik’s name has been brought up so many times, no one mentions these two. Awesome fantasy team pick ups by the way. The are both in the top 5 for save percentage -key stat for goalies- (Roloson .927, Fernandez .926- superb). They will lead Minnesota veyr far this season, and possibly a great chance to make the playoffs.

4) Jeff Hackett

– Teams had their chances to acquire him for a much less demand last season than this one. Hackett is 34 years old, and has kept the Montreal Canadiens in competition in the East. Expectations for Theodore certainly must be part of his mediocre play, but Theodore has pure skills that will lead the Canadiens in the future. Hackett takes over, and is 3rd in the league with save percentage, probably would lead the league in game savers. His importance to the Canadiens is too valuable now to even consider trading him. However, once Theodore’s game comes, Hackett will eventually be traded.

5) Eddie Belfour

– Amazing. He has been worth every penney so far for the Leafs. I must say Leafs hockey is the most exciting to watch so far. Belfour keeps winning games for the Leafs, without him their early slump would have continued. Eddie is well above average for goaltending this season with a .926 save percentage.

6) Martin Brodeur

The second best goalie in the league, until…well, we’ll get to that later. The Devils struggle too often offensively, and when facing an offensive struggle, that is when defense and especially goaltending take a large role in winning games. So far, the Devils are number one in doing so. Brodeur’s save percentage has never been superb, so far he has a .915 with a lot of game savers. He is 2nd in goalie wins, and 3rd in GAA. Typical of Brodeur. The Devils need Brodeur and their defense to win games. If their defense and goaltending drops a coupel of levels down, or if Brodeur faces a long term injury, then the Devils might face struggles. When you have the best goalie in the making, without him your team would lose a large portion of success.

7) Tommy Salo

– Talk about the unspoken goaltender so far this season. It appeared as if the Oilers were going down the drain, however, when Salo plays the best of his game, talk about hard to beat. He is a top Olympic goalie, even after that soft goal against Belarussia. Salo is 6th in the league with an outstanding GAA of 2.07, an excellent .921, and tied 7th in wins. He proves to be a top goalie. Salo will also be a significant player in the post-season; last time he posted a great .920 Save Percentage in 6 games. Talk about a quality goaltender!!!

8) Jocelyn Thibault

– I honestly say he is proving me wrong. This season he’s been just amazing. Last time i watched him was against the Sabres, and my oh my….WOW. Obviously, he totally beat the Rangers previous to the last time and he surprised me. His stats surprise me even more. Against the Rangers, he had to come up huge so many times, facing 49 shots. He is second in the league with a GAA of 1.98, and a great .926 save percentage. He’s been a huge part for the team, and just thinking that GM Miek Smith though his goaltending needed an upgrade last season and this month. Thank God he failed to do so!!! ‘T-Bone’ will bring the ‘Hawks far enough into the season, especially when they are a healthy club.

9) John Grahame

– Though he missed many games, Grahame has proven he doesn’t belong in the category of back-up goalies. Playing for the number one team in the East, Grahame still had to come up huge many times. Last time i watched him was against the Canadiens, and boy did the Bruins look flat!!! Some signs that they are starting to go downhill??? Grahame is up in the top leaders with a .924 save percentage and a very good GAA of 2.08. Shields has also been solid for the Bruins, however, without Grahame the Bruins would not be first.

10) Hurme/Weekes

– This was a tough call. Weekes has been injure, but I cannot avoid the fact that his save percentage is also .931; very well above average. He carried the Hurricanes, and won them many significant games. On the other hand, Jani Hurme got his chance with the Panthers, and his save percentage is worth taking a great look at: .924 on a team that should have struggled from start to end.

Moving on to who should really be number one for “Best Goalie in the League”. Roy still holds the #1 spot, but come on…realistically right now Martin Brodeur is numero uno. His stats speak for themselves, even if his Save Percentage is not as good as Roy’s, but right now…this moment, he is the most proven goalie for the best in the league. He is a playoff winner, and will give high chances for any playoff team to reach the Stanley Cup Finals. Once Patrick Roy will retire…Marty Brodeur should take over.

Also, the Great One got his number retire, but Patrick Roy should be known as the Great One in nets!!!

Mike Dunham trade was no biggie, him being the big name in the trade. More trades to come? Of course!!!

I suspect the Washington Capitals will make one trade that will cause one heck of a discussion on this site. Nylander was a steal, but the guy is doing everything by himself. McPhee says, time to press S.O.S. WHo wants Jagr? nobody! Unless the Capitals are willing to eat up half his salary. Not even Toronto should take a bite, they’re a hot team…though Belfour is winning every game so far with offensive support from Mogilny, Sundin, and Renberg. Do they need Jagr? No! Do they need someone? A defenseman would help quite a lot, but Quinn won’t give Kyle McLaren the pleasure of landing him.

The best Capital player to acquire: Petr Bondra. He does not play at all like a 34 year old, and is a proven 30 goal scorer a season. Does not come in at a hefty price, salary isn’t too big, he is slumping…most likely, he is outta there!

Team who ought to be interested in Bondra: Toronto, Rangers, Avalanche, Blues, San Jose, and Flyers. What does Bondra offer, not only even strength goals, but he can turn a whole power play around. Thing is…what are the Caps looking for???

Avalanche need a change. I doubt it’s the coaching, but Larry Robinson even got the boot…maybe Heartley should too. If they fire Heartley, heck…get Larry in there. The Avalanche should take a great look at Miroslav Satan. They have enough players to give to Buffalo, and quite affordable. Don’t expect Vaclav Varada to be shipped along with Satan.

Another offensively challenged team, the New Jersey Devils. Elias ain’t working, Nieuwendyk ain’t working either, but there is no reason to trade Joey. He will come in quite handy come playoff time, and the typical extra leader you’d want during post-season. The Devs should really take a look at the best scorer they can afford, Miro Satan again. His name spells out devil, he has a face of a devil, and he’s gotta be a Devil!!!! GM Lou has just enough to land Satan, trading Berglund could quite be a loss, but Satan would turn the offense around for the Devs and only make them win more games, and turn their power play around as well. Should Lou get Varada as well? YES. He is the dirtiest player in the league, because don’t forget…Danton could very well be shipped along with Berglund and replace Varada in Buffalo.

When your team’s assistant general manager and top scout is visiting another team frequently, you have every right to see a trade coming. That’s the case with the Senators and Rangers. Who will go? It could be minor deal, or a big deal. Does it have to be Arvedson? No, not at all. In fact, the Senators financial struggles cannot afford to pay Radek Bonk’s salary ($3.2M this season). The guy is definitely worth getting, he is big, smart defensively, and has scored 16 points in 19 games. Karel Rachunek is likely to be traded before March’s Madness comes and gives us fans HTR fever. Rachunek is a solid defenseman, quite big and has offensive smarts as well.

The Philadelphia Flyers have won recently, but doesn’t mean everything is OK after beating some lower teams in the standings. Offense is still a problem. Keith Primeau should interest enough teams. He might not score, but his hard work on the ice still matters to some teams in need of a big center to hit and crash the net. His salary is not easy to chew on, so GM Clarke might have to work on it. Should he rush? No way, not even sweat. Sure, if he gets a good offer, pull it, but he shouldn’t even search hard.

Here is my wild and crazy idea, but fun to think of trades once in a while. Three team deal involving NYR, OTT, and WSH. I have not completed the deal yet, but the three main players in the deal would be Nedved to WSH, Bonk to NYR, and OTT gets key players from both teams in the deal. An unreliable and unnamed source agreed with me that a deal involving the Rangers could come Monday night against the Sharks, especially if they lose.

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