Top Influencial Players of All-time

The top influential players does not mean the top best because that is a no-brainer. The top influential players created the game today. This list will not date back to the 1920’s or any thing like that.

1. Bobby Orr – He could also be considered the best player ever to play but his unbelievable skill changed the way hockey was played. He changed the definition of the Norris Trophy from something that was given to a defencemen who stopped goals to someone who scored and set them up.

2. Borje Salming – If you read my name you will be able to guess a few reasons why I would choose him but there is no denying that he was one of the best european players to play and played with such heart and toughness. He was also one of the very first shot blockers ever. He paved the way for great NHLers like Lidstrom, Forsberg and Sundin.

3. Maurice Richard – Was the first player to do what some thought impossible and score 50 goals in 50 games played with a mix of grit and skill that no one could contain. He was the best of his age and still a timeless legend.

4. Wayne Gretsky – Hey if this guy had not scored a goal in his entire carreer he would still be the most high scoring player of all time. That is not what makes him influencial. He chattered richards record set quite a few years ago by scoring 50 goals in 39 games. He is the great one and that is easily enough to get him on the list.

5. Vladislav Tretiak – He is in the same boat as Salming except not in the NHL he proved that Russians were not to be dominated by Canadians, he was the best goalie of hiis era and the very best goalie never to play in the NHL. (same could be said about Kharlamov)

Those are the most influencial players in my opinion if you have any additions pls add them below. If I were to dig a bit deeper you would find the Lemieuxs and the Hulls but those are just the top 5.

4 Responses to Top Influencial Players of All-time

  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     Salming is maybe in the top 10, but he sure as hell should not be no.2.

  2. dm_4u says:

    I agree…he started the European thing…and was a great player…but to say he was one of the first shot blockers is ludicrous.

    See…Doug Harvey of the Habs…circa 1955-60 Stanley Cup Champs…there is your number 2…

  3. ranger_fan says:

    2. Glen Hall – first to use the butterfly

    3. Ron Hextall – Puckhandling goalie

  4. the_frog_from_other_space says:

    I think you should go back to school, you got it all wrong!!!!!! almost!!!

    orr did change the game, salming didnt

    but no one did changed it like the great one, nhl changed some rules 'cause of im, thats says all!!!

    plante who was the first with a mask agains everybody at no 3

    roy and the butterfly should be a no 4

    and at no 5, you got to put the stasnys brother, their presence change everything if you think about it!!!!

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