Toronto a Leaf city not a Hockey City…..

As talked about this morning on the fan 590; finally my exact thoughts were voiced across Toronto and it’s surrounding area. None of the NHL playoff games have ranked in the top 25 TV rankings within the Torotno and surrounding area poplulation.

This solidifies my thoughts and what I have preached about over and over again…Toronto is in love with the Leafs and not the NHL or hockey for that matter. It’s a Leaf city not a Hockey city.

I have watched every bit of hockey I could, I don’t care if the Leafs are gone (I mean I would obviously love to have them in it) but I will watch the same amount of hockey regardless. But again, the ratings proves my exact point; Torontonians are in love with the Leafs but not Hockey. I’m sure some of you on here will argue and criticize me for saying it but like it or not it’s true. Want to argue it? Ask Maple Leaf fans how many Marlie’s games they’ve been too, actually ask them to name 4 players off the Marlies and I bet they can’t even come up with 3. A true Maple Leaf Hockey fan should at least be able to name 4 players and that’s being quite generous if you ask me. No I’m not looking for anybody to reply with names fromt he Marlie’s roster…it’s just a point I’m mentioning.

I am not attacking any one particular person on this site just stating that Leaf fans are for the most part…..morons. It’s up to you if you want to be considered as a part of that group or not, but if you can say to yourself that you watched most of the Leaf games this year but have only seen 1-3 playoff games….you’ve pretty much put yourself in the “love the leafs but not hockey” category.

I’m a Leaf fan, a big leaf fan but I follow the NHL and hockey…not just the Leafs.

So next time someone stabs at the leafs and their fans try to remember one thing…The Leafs are overloaded with idiotic fans like Leafymcleaf (ok maybe I took a stab at Leafy), we have more of them than any other NHL franchise…it’s them that this article applies to.

PS – The guys on the fan 590 said the ratings topic was printed in a newspaper somewhere but I could not find a link, if you have found it I would appreciate if someone posted it.

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  1. Ruski says:

    Great big generalization you moron!!!

    How do you figure that by making fun of everyone who lives in Toronto and their ethnicity you can make points that have any legitimacy at all?

  2. JuicemaN says:

    You don't know me so don't even try to say you know more than me.  Congratulations on reading the hockey news front to back…there's more to gaining knowledge than just the hockey news.

    Most Leaf fans are morons, they think every good player once an UFA should get signed by JFJ and if he doens't get them then he should be fired.  They want him to draft but they want him to trade for every good player in the league.  every other team fan knows they're majority idiots and the majority of them can't talk about any other team than the Leafs, doesn't mean I'm refering to you; unles syou put yourself in the "majority" category, in which case I am talking to you.

    Bottom line is, if Toronto can't even get the NHL Playoffs in the top 25 ranked TV ratings and we're supposed to be the hockey centre of the universe, how can we expect ANY OTHER market to catch on and watch?

  3. JuicemaN says:

    You're right, I shouldn't have used the word "morons" and I would retract it if I could.  But unless you consider yuorself a high maintanence leaf fan than the "moron" part doesn't apply to you.

    I'm not jumping on a bandwagon or making fun of the Leafs, I'm just saying how can y ou expect other hockey markets to watch and grow into the NHL if the supposed "HOckey Centre of the Universe" isn't even watching enough to put it in the top 25.   Nobody has had a reply to that comment yet because it's true.

    As for your last point – I just want a Canadian team to win the cup…I don't care about the players nationality, if I did then that'd be a little prejiduce.

  4. JuicemaN says:

    Soryy, when I said "for the most part" I should've said "most leaf fans"…I think I've pissed off quite a few people.

  5. JuicemaN says:

    Sorry but the 905 is where most of the idiots are.  I grew up in Ajax and that's the central for dumbass fans that think "oh JS Giguere is available, sign him and trade Raycroft for a 1st round pick and if JFJ doesn't he should be fired"…

    You generalize so much that you make yourself look like a fool.

    You so typical anti-Toronto that you don't even know what you're talking about.

    Live a week downtown Toronto and you'll see how wrong you are. 

  6. JuicemaN says:

    Doesn't mean you have to be a fan of other teams, but a fan of the NHL…you'd still care about the outcome and have an interest in the outcome and not just say "ok the leafs are out, I'll wait till October for hockey to start again"

    and yes, if Habs fans are only caring about the Habs then that makes them Habs fans and (in my opinion and many others) not NHL fans, if they don't care about what happens in the rest of the league and stop watching/paying attention when the Habs are out.

    If you only care about the state of your team and don't care what else happens around the league then you are a fan of your team, not an NHL fan.

  7. JuicemaN says:

    Nothing because they shouldn't trade for him.

    He's hardly proven himself, he's good but he hasn't done anything consistant.  I'd rather them hang onto their pics and actually build a team first and formost.

  8. Toonces99 says:

    This topic that you've chosen to write about really doesn't have a right or wrong answer…l understand you're point but would encourage you to look at the other side of the coin…..their really isn't a manual on what and how an NHL fan should be, those that support their teams are encouraged to do so in order to justify the existance of that team in the NHL….(with the exception of the Devils, l still don't know how they survive), but because l pay "less" attention to other teams in the league does not "disqualify" me from the fan club…I do follow other teams and can talk shop all day long about the NHL, other teams and players, but my primary attention is to the team at the ACC, then the rest of the league.  I did watch the Ducks Sens game last night, but with less intrigue and emotion then if the Leafs were playing, l watch for plays, saves, and hits not really caring who makes them.  I don't find myself cheering for one team much more than the other, (personally l'd like to see the ducks win). 

    All in all, this will be, and is, a chicken or egg conversation, just thought l'd share my 2 cents.

  9. Peca4PM says:

    I 100% AGREE DONT TRADE PICKS. I was thinkin if u have fernandez and Ratzor that creates competition. Would a deal like Kubina, Kronwall and Ford get it done. A #2 D-man, a good young D-man, and a goalie with a chance to make it as a decent back-up down the road.

  10. LeafsLegacy says:

    But the question your asking is retorical, it can not be answered by a fan of any type.
    For your last point, you obviously are not fan of a team, and just are patriotic. A true Leaf fan, such as myself, want Ottawa to lose, just because they are naturally Toronto's rival.

  11. JuicemaN says:

    Well; I really don't see Kubina going anywhere; doesn't mean it won't happen but JFJ will have to have a nice shiny horseshoe up his a$$ in order to get a trade involving Kubina done. 

    As for Minnesota taking him, I doubt they would, they're not a team that uses the salary cap; they have their own cap and I don't think they could afford to hit the NHL salary cap; what I'm getting at is if they have their own budget that is less than the NHL cap I don't think they'd waste $5 million of it on Kubina.

    I kinda like having Raycroft there, not becuase I think he's anything special but because it's teaching our defense to play better and pay more attention.  Once we eventually have a solid goalie again it'll have paid off that our defense had to tighten up when Raycroft was in the net, soon enough the Leafs will be the best defesnsive team (or one of them) in the league. It sounds weird to say it but if you look at who they've got and who's coming…there's no reason why that can't be true.

    although I'm sure anti-leaf fans will reply with "it won't happen because Toronto sucks" something mature and thoughtful like that.

  12. baltic_thunder says:

    This is what happens when suck up too much smog. I grew up in Montreal. I have lived in Toronto. And I proudly make Ajax my home. Sadly am I a Leaf fan – one of the biggest around. I have every right to be critical of the franchise. I have every right to make fun of Toronto. The "Big Smoke" represents everything that is wrong in Canada. Too bad the Leafs have to hail from there.

  13. baltic_thunder says:

    You see, you are a fine example of of what I am talking about. And you want to be "world class"? You should have finished school and travelled a tad.

  14. baltic_thunder says:

    Moron?  …yet again another sorry example of TO. I made fun of no one's ethnicity. Shame on any ethnic group that allows themselves to be assymulated by Toronto's evil snobby side. But the city is getting better and it's because people moving here from the Montreals, Saint Johns and Calgarys of the world haven't bought in. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and you just might see a big "L" painted on your forehead.

  15. mojo19 says:

    Will have to side with Aetherial as far as "nothing to do in Alberta" goes.

  16. mojo19 says:

    Toronto is everything thats wrong with Canada? Toronto IS Canada. Sorry we're not farmers like the rest of Canada, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the only real cities in Canada. If I couldn't live in one of (or subdivision of) those cities, I'd rather live in the states.

    (St.Catharines and the Niagra region are good too)

  17. Aetherial says:

    Well that much we can agree on.

    I have been disgusted by the Leaf signings in the last year or so… but the thing that p*ssed me off the most was trading a decent young D (Bell) for another aging vet (Perreault) … and then losing the exchange of draft picks to top it all off.

    Absolutely freaking disgusting. There is just no excuse. When everyone else in the league seems to realize that you TRADE your aging, expensive, vets for promising, cheap, youth and you hold on to your draft picks… the Leafs don't get it. They aren't successful now, and they have pretty much guaranteed themselves mediocrity for the next couple years by giving out  dumb contracts.

    But giving up that pick was what irked me the most.

  18. JuicemaN says:

    I'm just a Canadian hockey fan first and an NHL fan second…my team is the leafs through and through but I'm a Canadian hockey fan which is why I cheered for Edmonton last year and Calgary the year before. 

    It's not so much the cheering for Ottawa but I refuse to cheer for any random team that plays Ottawa just because they're ottawa…I have no connnection to Anahiem whatsoever.  I just think it's about time that a Canadian team won the cup, it's nice to have it once in a while.

    Toronto is still just a Leaf city and not a hockey city, the attendance at the Marlies games and the playoff ratings speaks for itself.

  19. JuicemaN says:

    Agreed, although not meant in an arrogant way.

    But I'd have to say I would rather live in Chad (Africa) than live in St.Catherines or Niagara…I don't own enough plaid shirts to live there.

  20. JuicemaN says:

    Well, I think toronto is a fantastic city and I also think people from Montreal (my gf included) are bitter about something and have a stereotype that they refuse to lose about Toronto.  It's the same thing that all Ontario residents think Quebec'ers are rude and high maintanence and stuck up.

    Anyway, glad you enjoy ajax, I lived there for 18 years but I got annoyed with it when it became like every other subdivision in Ontario:

    2 Wendy's
    3 McDonalds
    Mini Van's left right and centre
    Suped up crappy cars that 17 year old think are cool

    It just started to look like every other little town and became cookie cutter…not for me.

  21. JuicemaN says:

    The Leafs are funny, I don't have hardcore proof to back this up but with the youngsters they have now and some of the guys (Tucker, Peca (hopefully), Stajan, Wellwood, Coliacovo) if they start to click we could end up with one of those teams that suddenly play really well…nobody in Buffalo said they were going to be as good as they became it just all came together that all their young guys started playing really well.

    They might not have a Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin or Staal but they have some solid guys that are slated to be pretty good.  I dunno, perhaps I'm having an unrealistic flash but if Florida made it to the finals with their team way back in the mid-90's, Edmonton made it last year, Carolina won last year….anybody can make it.

  22. mojo19 says:

    You pretty much summed up souther Ontario, except I don't know about that many Applebee's. Good comment though, and even though its cookie cutter as you said, I still like living in the area.

    And St.Catharines rocks, I love port dalhousie in the summer. But good joke about the plaid.

  23. justin711c says:

    maybe im 15 and think ur a fu**n as*hole. u must b a lonely prick with nothing else to do but to bash torontoians

  24. JuicemaN says:


    I'm glad you took it as a joke, I really wasn't making fun of those places…just taking a light stab at them.

    If we were talking about Oshawa I wouldn't removed the word plaid and replaced it with "faded Ozzy Osbourn t-shirt".

    Na there's nothing wrong with the areas, everybody has the things they like and don't like….I grew up in the burbs until I was 27… was time for something different for a while.

  25. Aetherial says:

    To prepare for a post here once, I started to compare today's young leaf players to "similar" players who are now stars in this league, to see how they stacked up to those stars when they were young.

    I only remember a couple of the comparisons, but they were interestingly favorable.

    I guess we wait and see… still not enough young talent on this team though; they are chock full of decent 3rd-4th liners.

  26. baltic_thunder says:

    I'm no Dr. Phil but I can tell already that you are going to grow up to be queer. 

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