Toronto a Leaf city not a Hockey City…..

As talked about this morning on the fan 590; finally my exact thoughts were voiced across Toronto and it’s surrounding area. None of the NHL playoff games have ranked in the top 25 TV rankings within the Torotno and surrounding area poplulation.

This solidifies my thoughts and what I have preached about over and over again…Toronto is in love with the Leafs and not the NHL or hockey for that matter. It’s a Leaf city not a Hockey city.

I have watched every bit of hockey I could, I don’t care if the Leafs are gone (I mean I would obviously love to have them in it) but I will watch the same amount of hockey regardless. But again, the ratings proves my exact point; Torontonians are in love with the Leafs but not Hockey. I’m sure some of you on here will argue and criticize me for saying it but like it or not it’s true. Want to argue it? Ask Maple Leaf fans how many Marlie’s games they’ve been too, actually ask them to name 4 players off the Marlies and I bet they can’t even come up with 3. A true Maple Leaf Hockey fan should at least be able to name 4 players and that’s being quite generous if you ask me. No I’m not looking for anybody to reply with names fromt he Marlie’s roster…it’s just a point I’m mentioning.

I am not attacking any one particular person on this site just stating that Leaf fans are for the most part…..morons. It’s up to you if you want to be considered as a part of that group or not, but if you can say to yourself that you watched most of the Leaf games this year but have only seen 1-3 playoff games….you’ve pretty much put yourself in the “love the leafs but not hockey” category.

I’m a Leaf fan, a big leaf fan but I follow the NHL and hockey…not just the Leafs.

So next time someone stabs at the leafs and their fans try to remember one thing…The Leafs are overloaded with idiotic fans like Leafymcleaf (ok maybe I took a stab at Leafy), we have more of them than any other NHL franchise…it’s them that this article applies to.

PS – The guys on the fan 590 said the ratings topic was printed in a newspaper somewhere but I could not find a link, if you have found it I would appreciate if someone posted it.