Trade Deadline Preview – Eastern Conference

Find out what each team needs going into the playoffs, and what they may give up to get it. Which teams are sellers, and which team are buyers? I do remind you, that I am not saying that everyone here will be moved. These are just possibilities.


Buyer/Seller: Depends on how they do in the next 2 weeks. A winning streak, they will be buyers. A losing streak will make them sellers

What they need: They need everything. This team is falling and falling fast.

Who might go: The Thrashers may move Randy Robitaille and there will be a lot of interest in Marc Savard. I’m sure that they’ll make an effort to move Dafoe. Also, Shawn McEachern will attract some interest.


Buyer/Seller: Buyers, but don’t be surprised if they stick to their guns.

What they need: They need a solid defenceman and may think of adding a top 9 forward.

Who might go: They may think of moving Samsonov to get a D-man. These are long shots but they’ll probably listen to offers for Glen Murray and Brian Rolston who are unrestricted free-agents in the summer.


Buyer/Seller: Most likely sellers unless they can get on another hot streak.

What they need: Depth on D, and 3rd and 4th line help.

Who might go: Martin Biron, Curtis Brown, Jay McKee, Miro Satan, Taylor Pyatt and Zhitnik who will be a free-agent. These guys will only move if the Sabres fall out of playoff contention.


Buyer/Seller: Sellers

What they need: Cheap, young players.

Who might go: Jeff O’Neill, Rod Brind’Amour, Arturs Irbe, Aaron Ward, Marty Murray, and Jamie Storr. Sean Hill has a no-trade clause and may be reluctant to waive it.


Buyer/Seller: Sellers of veterans, but may look to add some players for next year.

What they need: Top 2 Defenceman, power winger and a centerman who’s good at faceoffs.

Who might go: Viktor Kozlov, Andreas Lilja, Kriatian Huselius, Nik Hagman, Matt Cullen, Pavel Trnka, Donald Audette, Lyle Odelein.


Buyer/Seller: Buyer, only if price is right.

What they need: Big strong winger and centerman.

Who might go: Yanic Perreault, Craig Rivet, Marcel Hossa, Ron Hainsey.


Buyer/Seller: Buyer

What they need: Defenceman

Who might go: Igor Larionov, but probably will only move prospects.


Buyer/Seller: Buyer if opportunity arises. I wouldn’t expect any blockbusters.

What they need: Strong defensive defenseman.

Who might go: Janne Niinima, Dave Scatchard.


Buyer/Seller: Seller

What they need: A new team

Who might go: Everyone’s available.


Buyer/Seller: Already went shopping but may look to add one more piece.

What they need: The Sens may look to acquire another top 4 defenceman.

Who might go: Most likely no one off the roster, but if another d-man is going to be brought in, Karel Rachunek, Shane Hnidy or Brian Pothier might move.


Buyer/Seller: Similar situation as the Senators.

What they need: Have already acquired what they were looking for, but may look for depth at forward. Depending on the health of Primeau and Roenick.

Who might go: May try to move expensive winger John LeClaire, but probably won’t find a taker. But Clarke has made big, unexpected trades before.


Buyer/Seller: Seller but don’t have much to sell.

What they need: Everything except a goalie.

Who might go: Tarnstrom, Morozov, Buchberger, Eastwood.


Buyer/Seller: Buyer

What they need: Depth at forward and experience.

Who might go: Martin Cibak, draft picks, prospects.


Buyer/Seller: Buyer

What they need: Defenceman, may look for a dependable back-up.

Who might go: Nik Antropov, Alexei Ponikoravski, young prospects. May consider dealing Kaberle.


Buyer/Seller: Have already sold most of their team, and are probably not done.

What they need: Everything that’s cheap, young and has potential.

Who might go: Olaf Kolzig, Brendan Witt, Segei Gonchar, Mike Grier.

26 Responses to Trade Deadline Preview – Eastern Conference

  1. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    Atlanta will not sell anything at all. They have a good young team with a bright future.

  2. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    a bunch of the players in carolina wont be traded unless they want to, and most dont want to because of connections in the community etc

  3. silverfade80 says:

    Dude, who’s going to take Leclair? A buyer. Who are the Flyers? Buyers. Who would a buyer make a deal with? Sellers.

    Come on, think this stuff through before posting it.

  4. bpanther83 says:

    I doubt toronto will deal kaberle. If they get Gonchar, go for it. I always hear that bullshit about his -22 this year. What about his +51 career? Hmmm…makes ya think. Is he that bad or is his team just falling apart around him? Are the trade rumors getting to him? But yeah I agree with everyone that he is not what the leafs need, but i wouldn’t mind him either. I think they should try and dump Renberg or Marchment and get O’niell. But as the leafs dissapoint every year Im keeping expectations low.

    I doubt Philidelphia will deal Leclair. There not gonna mess to much with there first place team. But definitaly need to swallow there pride and get a good goalie. Not an old back up goalie u had that was dethroned by Boucher (u all should know the rest of the crapy goalie cycle)

    And I hope no one is expecting Boston to get Gonchar for samsanov and a pick? The only reason washington would move him at all is to free money. And Samsanov gets paid the same as him…so it wouldn’t make any sense.

    There better off looking into new york for leetch.

  5. silverfade80 says:

    Heh, for those who don’t… since 1994-95, these goaltenders have had at least one start with the Flyers:

    Ron Hextall

    Dominic Roussel

    Garth Snow

    Sean Burke

    John Vanbiesbrouck

    Brian Boucher

    Roman Cechmanek

    Neil Little

    Robert Esche

    Jeff Hackett

    Antero Niittymaaki

    Sean Burke (again)

  6. Adam_0486 says:

    A smart thing to do would be:


    Toronto: Brandon Witt, Sergei Conchar

    Washington: 1st pick Nik Antropov Carl Coliacovio


    Toronto: Jay Mckee

    Buffalo: Aki Berg, low pick


    Toronto: Jeff O’neil

    Carolina: Tomas Kaberle, Alexi Ponikoravski


  7. MNWinger39 says:

    I think Gonchar is gonna be trade to Colorado, even tho i think Gonchar is a horrible player i dont like him at all, he has a *name* and Colorado needs a Defenseman in the play offs to meet the depth of the Red Wings

  8. Donovan says:

    Didn’t Ross just write an article like this?

    Nontheless, forget Gonchar. The Leafs missed the boat and need to look elsewhere. I think they should look at a Leetch/Lindros combo.

    Leetch is prety much a more solid, yet older Gonchar, and Spongehead still may be able to go at it. Just ask Joey Thornton. They would helped the Leafs out in both ends.

    If they were moved, and thats a big IF, I’m sure they could be had for pretty much the same price as Gonchar.

  9. silverfade80 says:

    I nearly forgot Jean-Marc Pelletier and Maxime Ouellet… 🙂

  10. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    A smart thing to do would be:


    Shut up!

  11. FlyGuys10 says:

    I agree…LeClair is going no where…he’s been on fire as of late too…the line of LeClair Handzus and Recchi is still going strong…so why would Clarke even think of moving anyone…and as far as im concerned, he’s done making significant moves…but then again, its Clarkey we are dealing with here…on a related flyers note: happy 6th bday Gagne!!!

  12. hockeyhead6868 says:

    Toronto can keep dreaming and supposedly loading up with all there over-inflated prospects because it doesnt even matter. No one is gonna stop the Wings this year especially Toronto. And now I’m not from Detroit I’m, unfortunately this year, a Ranger fan.

  13. mikster says:


    Buyer/Seller: Seller

    What they need: A new team

    Who might go: Everyone’s available.

    Absolutely not.

    Not everyone is available. Keeping Holik, Jagr, de Vries, and Kaspar is key. They need veterans. They can’t just bring up a bunch of inexperienced youngsters right out of Hartford.

    Rangers have a lot of playoff rentals available.

  14. MightyJortikka says:

    And some people find Gigil to be the movie of the year.

  15. cwthrash says:

    Atlanta is as good as out of the playoff picture, but it’s not likely they will be sellers because of it. Their payroll is already one of the lowest in the league and a few big contracts (for them) are unlikely to be renewed in the offseason

    Management wants Savard to stay, but it’s a moot point anyways. He’s hurt and he will be back around the deadline at the earliest.

    Apparently more than a few teams are looking at McEachern, that would be a good move for Atlanta if a buyer sends some good youth back this way.

    For you Leaf fans, Toronto is interested in Dafoe. Don’t know if I buy the article on the TSN site that a deal was ready to go before he got hurt, but it doesn’t surprise me if Toronto is interested. Better for Atlanta to get something for him now, little or no change he’ll be resigned next year.

    One you didn’t mention was Andy Sutton. Nashville has been poking around, and I’m pretty sure a few other teams wouldn’t mind adding a huge and pretty mobile Dman. I really doubt he gets moved though. Only if a team grossly overpays would it be worth it.

  16. Donovan says:

    Anythings better than that Lord of the Rings shit

  17. thomas2984 says:

    Ha Ha – Spongehead – That is the best I’ve heard yet….I love it!!

  18. SCHLCommish says:

    Yup, that’s a brilliant thing. Buffalo’s just ACHING to get rid of Jay McKee for Aki Berg and a nothing pick.

  19. mojo19 says:

    agreed. Anyone who enjoys that lord of the rings bullshit should see a psyciatrist. Atleast Gigli featured Christopher Walken !

  20. wayne2 says:

    I think its the same article i saw in the Ottawa sun

    yesterday.Anyways,i know Montreal are looking for

    a righthanded centermen and they do need grit and

    size so maybe they should make an offer for Scatchard who would bring both of these attributes.

    I`m not sure if the sens need anything more but dept on defense would be a plus in case Volchenkov

    is not 100% or his return is postponed for some

    reason.Bombadir would come cheap but what if they went for Brenden Witt,he wouldnt cost that much and would fit in a pair with Redden then we

    could use Rachunek as trade bait to maybe get a

    guy like Cole or Laracque.Vancouver should make

    an offer for Jim Dowd,he`s not expensive and would help in the playoffs.Grier would be a nice fit

    for them too.The sens could also consider Lyle Odelein as he is righthanded and physical,for depth.

  21. AxisofEvil says:

    If the Sabres were to trade Mckee I would hope they wouldn’t strengthen the leafs…..Why would they want to make a team in their division and their biggest rival a better team?

  22. kidhenry1 says:

    The Islanders aren’t going to deal Scatchard or Ninimaa at the deadline this season–losing him defeats the purpose of getting another defenseman, which is to have the best defense in the Eastern Conference, and maybe even the NHL. Also, Scatch is a team leader and the mold of player that the Isles are looking for–good forechecker, 2 way player, relatively cheap.

    If anybody significant goes, it’ll be Mark Parrish. He’s lost his once major role on the team due to injury and he’s among the highest paid players on the team.

  23. MNWinger39 says:

    I’d like to say my comment:Re: Trade Deadline Preview – Eastern Conference (Score: 1)

    by MNWinger39 ( on Sunday, February 29 @ 23:33:45 EST

    (User Info | Send a Message)

    I think Gonchar is gonna be trade to Colorado, even tho i think Gonchar is a horrible player i dont like him at all, he has a *name* and Colorado needs a Defenseman in the play offs to meet the depth of the Red Wings

    Actualy has some meaning. Reported on

    The Colorado Avalanche, whose two goalies haven’t a full game of playoff experience between them, aren’t denying interest in acquiring a goalie as loudly as they were last month. One source close to the Capitals told that Kolzig would welcome a trade to Colorado above all Cup contenders. St. Louis, struggling to even make the playoffs with Chris Osgood in net, but has precious little to give up on defense, an area where the Caps are said to be entertaining most serious offers.

    The Leafs have been considered as front-runners for Gonchar, but the latest reports from the Washington Post have the Avalanache in the fray as well, which makes a Gonchar-Kolzig acquisition an intriguing possibility.

    To read more :

    So there ya go!

  24. flyersfan10897 says:

    Move Leclair? what the hell is wrong with you? I cant wait to see this line next year when the goalies cant play the damn puck, they will be nearly unstoppable.

  25. chanman says:

    Cmon and wake up.

    McKee for berg talk is what makes leaf fans everywhere look like idiots. do you think you can toss every mediocre player in a pile and get these quality guys in return? Oneill, gonchar, witt, mckee, for propects, picks, and guys who cnt make a name for hemselves? Get real.

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