Trade Rumors and Speculation for July 12th

Chicago’s mistakes could cost big next year

Why Tanguay is still on the market, the latest on Heatley and what’s next for Tavares

Catching up with Zubov, RichardsChicago’s mistakes could cost big next year

Larry Brooks

Chicago GM Dale Tallon’s blunder in not getting qualifying offers to his restricted free agents in the timely manner mandated by the CBA, however, is likely to mortally wound the Blackhawks next summer. That’s when they’re going to have to re-sign Group II linchpins Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith.

That’s because — in being forced to give Cam Barker and Kris Versteeg multi-year contracts of nearly $3.1 million per season in order to keep them from being declared unrestricted free agents as a result of management’s negligence — the Blackhawks will not have enough space to remain intact while accommodating Kane, Toews and Keith.

Why Tanguay is still on the market

Pierre LeBrun

There’s a point-a-game player left on the NHL’s free-agency market, but his camp will be patient before making a decision now that the first and second wave of signings have passed.

Alex Tanguay is an immensely talented forward looking for a new home after spending a season in Montreal. He had 41 points (16-25) in 50 games with the Canadiens last season while earning $5.375 million, his season marred by a shoulder injury.

“We’re talking to several teams,” Tanguay’s veteran agent, former NHL goalie Bob Sauve, told in French on Friday. “Lots of teams have expressed interest. We’ve had a few offers, but not yet something that we want to firm up.

“We’re going to take our time,” added Sauve. “We’re going to wait, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of fit.”

Sauve also confirmed the Canadiens were out of the picture. GM Bob Gainey filled up his high-end forward spots with Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta and Mike Cammalleri.

“We never heard back from the Canadiens,” Sauve said. “Bob told us if we were going to talk again, it would probably be after July 1. Since then, we haven’t heard from them, so we moved on.”

Catching up with Zubov, Richards

Mike Heika/Reporter

A lot of you have asked for clarification on Sergei Zubov.

The way I read it is this: The Stars would like to talk to him in a month or so when they can get a better idea of how healthy he is.

Zubov had major hip surgery last season and had sports hernia surgery the year before that, and as far as I can tell, he still hasn’t proved to the Stars that he’s ready to go. Doctors believe he will be ready to go, but it still is a risk to sign him at this point (and I would think the Stars understand his medical situation better than anyone).

The Stars let Zubov know this is how they feel, and Zubov is taking advantage of his free agent status right now. In talking to Zubov’s agent, he’s definitely open to staying in Dallas, but he’d also like to get a new deal done someplace. There are several teams interested in signing Zubov, but I wonder if they have the same questions on his health. Maybe that’s why this is taking some time.

Could he sign somewhere else if a team wants to take a chance on him? Yes, I think he definitely would.

The offer I think he would get from the Stars in a month would probably be the same offer Jere Lehtinen received ($1.5 million base and $1 million in incentives). Because of that, I think it’s fair to speculate he will sign someplace else.

As for the Brad Richards talk, that is all coming from New York.

34 Responses to Trade Rumors and Speculation for July 12th

  1. reinjosh says:

    Yeah Chicago's screwed.
    The Hossa Contract was terrible for them. They are really going to be in win now mode this season and hope they can figure out a solution to the cap problem next summer.
    With 42.5 million committed to 12 players, and with Keith, Toews and Kane (not to mention Ladd, Eager, Fraser, Hjalmarrson as RFA's and Burish as UFA) all looking at raises for their new contracts (and significiant ones) they will definitely not be the same team as this year. Even in these players take paycuts they still would be over the cap massively. Keith, Toews, Kane could all be looking at anywhere from 4 – 6 million, and the others at least 2 – 4 million. Could be a number of Offer Sheets made here next summer and players poached in trades that are ridiculously one sided against Chicago. Better hope Chicago can win this season chicago fans, cause after that they could have to destroy the team just to get under the cap.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Sergei Zubov is one of my all time favourite players. I hope he gets a good deal somewhere and plays another season or two.

    Zubov in his prime was a top 3 to 5 d-man in the league for about a 5 year span. Great player, love him.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Well they should save themselves a bit of money after Patrick Sharp is dealt to Toronto.

  4. pezzz123 says:

    they will find someway to get rid of Campbell. Trust me on this one. And Byfuglien will be traded too. That's 10 millions off the books.

  5. pezzz123 says:

    Agreed, he was always the unlucky 2nd to Listrom, Nieds or Prongs in the Norris race.

  6. reinjosh says:

    i doubt it
    maybe Byfuglien but Campbell isnt going anywhere soon.

  7. bbruins37 says:


    GM should be fired. this was arguably the most promising young team in the league and tallon screwed it up.

  8. reinjosh says:

    more proof that nothing from Eklund or his site should be trusted
    apparently Travis Moen is getting a 3 year
    where he gets paid 2,147,483,647 in the first year and 1.5 million in the second and third year.
    thats right 2.15 billion dollars for one year.
    putting montreal at the 2,197,119,957 mark for payroll and only 2,140,319,957 over the cap
    just thought that was funny

  9. reinjosh says:

    oh for sure
    stupidest move ever
    and some people even criticized me on here for saying the Hossa contract was a bad one
    before that contract they were only moderately screwed
    now they are royally screwed

  10. pezzz123 says:

    I said TRUST ME. lol.

  11. cam7777 says:

    they love byfuglien.   you're just looking at his stats and his contract and assuming he would be a trade candidate.  he was arguably their most useful player in the playoffs, and he's extremely versatile.  he's only going to get better as well, and could easily fill a huge part of the void left by patrick sharp.

    campbell could be gone, but not without them taking back salary as well.  although, that's what everyone thought about gomez and drury, so who knows.  right now, most teams are pretty capped up though.  no more montreal's left with 30 million dollars to spend and prospects to spare.

  12. pezzz123 says:

    I'm not looking at his stats and salary. I KNOW he was very usefull in the playoffs. But the most I'm looking at is Troy Brouwer and Kyle Beach, who both could fill the same role for less than a million each.

    Of course the Hawks would have to take some salary back, but they could take, for exemple, 2 guys like Modin and Torres, whose contracts are both expiring this summer. So in the long run, Campbell is gone, and there's no salary taken back.

  13. reinjosh says:

    The islanders have like 23 million in space
    but they will only be offering marginal players if they are taking on cap space.

  14. nordiques100 says:

    well as of now, teams like atl, col and dal are at 20-25 mil in terms of cap hits for 2010-11. are there a few at around 30 mil. these will be the teams the hawks call to take some salary back.

    so say the cap does go down, but not big time, say to 54 mil.

    the hawks would likely sign…..

    kane and toews to 7 mil each at least. this would match the likes of spezza, kopitar, statsny, vanek among others who signed big 2nd contracts.

    that brings them to over 56 million in commitments.

    they then bring back eager, burish and fraser for roughly a combined 3.5 mil. that brings chicago to 59 mil

    BUT they DONT bring back ladd as he may be too costly.

    then they re-sign hjalmarsson to a deal long term for like 2.5 mil. that brings them to 61.5. they then re-sign keith to a new deal, 5.5 mil lets say.

    they are thus now at 68 mil for 12 forwards, 5 dmen and 2 goalies.

    lets say with prospects, they round out their 23 man roster with an additional 2 million dollars. they are at 70 million then for a full roster, BUT 16 mil over the 54 mil cap number. they'd be best served to go down like 20 mil while they could still add a couple of bodies to replace those they cut.

    they move campbell, sopel and huet and thats 15 mil. Add Versteeg and thats 18 mil. And toss in brouwer and thats another 1 mil. so they go from 70 to 51 but with just say 3 mil to work with under the 54 mil cap, they'd have to find a way with that to add 2 dmen a goalie and 2 forwards.

    even if the cap is say 55 mil, they really can ONLY add minimum salary players the rest of the way. and be roughly 500K to 1 mil or so under the cap depending on the max. all i can say is ouch.

    other possibles is if they sign like kane and toews to ridiculously long term contracts. like 15 years and get their cap hit to 6 each but pay them heavily front loaded. stuff like that they can try.

    but suffice to say, they are in the danger zone.

    however they'd still have a top 4 D of keith, seabrook, barker and hjalmarsson.

    up front, kane, toews, sharp, bolland, byfuglien, hossa, kopecky, eager, burish fraser will be around. not horrible.

    but they'd have to hope niemi and crawford are ready for big duty in goal.

    interesting to see what tallon/bowman et al can do. wonder too if that qualifying error they did this year did raise the bar too for barker/veersteg.

  15. cam7777 says:

    yea, but taking 1 year worth of bad contracts doesn't make up for 7 years of Campbell's absurd contract.  Columbus cannot afford that contract long term.  Not in conjunction with Nash's also absurd 7.8 million dollar contract.  there are better options out there for the Jackets, that's for sure.

    they could send Huselius, or Umberger to Los Angeles, and try to pry Jack Johnson or Thomas Hickey away from them.  They could wait for Edmonton to realize they can't afford Souray, Gilbert, Visnovsky, Grebeshkov and Smid – and try to pry one of those guys away.  They're obviously trying to get Zubov for the short term.  They could try and catch Pittsburgh with their pants down when the cap collapses next year, and send an offer sheet to Kris Letang (or Erik Johnson in St.Louis).  They could do, as rumors suggest, and make a swap with San Jose for Christian Erhoff.  Everyone of these, plus just sitting back and playing the waiting game, would be explored before going after Campbell.

    It's just not fiscally responsible of the Jackets to do such a thing.

    Oh, and Brouwer and Beach could arguably fill the same role as Sharp too.  Brouwer could score in junior, and probably is ready to start doing it at the pro level also.  Not to mention Hossa and Kopecky coming in as well.

  16. cam7777 says:

    That is the worst run franchise in the league.  I thought it was Tampa, but my God, Snow is a complete fool. 

    The man drafts John Tavares (but doesn't trade down to do so, even though he clearly could have), and then fails to sign anyone to be part of the supporting cast.

    The man wastes all his draft picks (three 2nd rounders) to get from 26th overall to 12th overall, and then selects the guy who was slated to go at 26th anyways (DeHaan).

    He has just done nothing but squander the potential.  If I'm Snow, there is no way I'm losing out on bringing in Tanguay, and Komisarek on July 1st, and I'm using my 2nd round picks to acquire a good, NHL talent.

    I guess he wants to have the Tavares/Kabanov 1-2 punch like the Penguins.  The Islanders will finish last again, and Tavares' first year in the NHL will be a waste. 

  17. reinjosh says:

    I have this trade proposal that I think would help the Leafs, the Blue Jackets and the Blackhawks fill their needs and fix their problems.

    Toronto needs young players and top six forwards to continue the rebuilding phase and keep the team on the right track. They have 10 NHL ready defenseman and are willing to take on salary.

    Chicago needs cap space for next season. They have so many good players but teams know they handicapped themselves with the Hossa contract.

    Columbus needs a powerplay quarterback and a headlining defenseman, someone that is a top 2 defenseman and better than their best dman in Commodore. They have an excess of talented wingers.

    To Toronto – Jakub Voracek, Brent Sopel, Cam Barker, Patrick Sharp

    To Chicago – Anton Stralman, Kris Russel, Garnett Exelby, 4th Rounder from Columbus

    To Columbus – Thomas Kaberle

    Toronto gets two top 6 forwards who are young and talented as well as one who is a very good PK player (Sharp), something they need. They also get a player to replace Kaberle on the blueline. They take on Sopel's salary while giving up Kaberle who doesnt fit their needs as a rebuilding club, a young defenseman that has looked nervous at times but has good potential and a phyiscally punishing dman known for his big hits.

    Columbus gets the top 2 defenseman and powerplay quarerback that they needed so badly. They gave up a younger, less capable powerplay quarterback and a left winger that would have been wasted on the third line behind Huselias and Filatov when he is easily capable of top 6 minutes and a 4th rounder.

    Chicago gets a perfect partner for Hjalmarsson at a cheap price, a replacement for Barker at a cheaper price both now and likely when he signs a new contract, and a tough pure defensive dman in Exelby, something that could help them greatly. They also get a 4th rounder. The big thing they get is cap space, something they desperately need for next year. They save over 10 million that will come in handy next season. They have to give up a top 6 player in Sharp who can score 25 goals and a capable offensive defenseman in Barker but they can both be replaced by Kopecky and Hossa (for Sharp) and Stralman and Russel and Campbell (for Barker).

    Maybe im dreaming but i think this is a good deal for all teams involved and is quite likely too.

  18. pezzz123 says:

    TO gives : Kaberle, Exelby, Stralman. Receives : see above.

    Wooo man. Come on now. Voracek is a top prospect with top line potential, so is Cam Barker, and Sharp is a 36 goals scorer. You could have ONE of them with a mid pick (2nd round) for Kaberle. Forget the 3 of them. Exelby is a 3rd pairing guy and Stralman might never make it to the NHL on a full time basis.

    Columbus at deep at LEFT wing (Nash, Huselius, Umberger, Modin, Torres, Chimera, Filatov, Mayorov), but thin at RIGHT wing (Voracek, Boll). They won't give away Voracek. Maybe Filatov or Mayorov, but not Voracek.

    Chicago gives 1 top prospect (already top 4 d-man), 1 top 6 winger and 1 depth d-man, and all they get is 3 depth d-men and a 4th rounder. I don't care about the cap space they get, it's soo loopsided.

    There's only Columbus who's giving enough and receiving enough in this trade.

  19. reinjosh says:

    fair enough
    sorry thought Voracek was a left winger
    my bad
    and im sorry to say but Chicago is going to get screwed in any deal they make from now till next year when they inevitably need to clear space. Campbell will not be moved, I guarentee it, and they need to move salary some time and teams will know they can get a good lopsided deal. It may be lopsided but thats what Chicago can expect after signing that horrendous Hossa deal.

  20. reinjosh says:

    Stralman and Exelby are depth defenseman yes but Russel isnt. he has top 4 potential which is exactly what Barker.

  21. nordiques100 says:

    i think this may need to be tweaked.

    perhaps getting russell for barker is a good enough tradeoff for the hawks , as is ending up with a 4th for sopel. that's fair.

    but sharp for exelby and stralman is not enough. the hawks would need something from toronto significantly better. may have to take out exelby and include kulemin or tlusty or someone along those lines, plus maybe a lesser player, like stajan. sharp is a guy capable of 35 goals plus strong defensive play. i just dont think they give him up.

    is voracek and russell and losing a 4th worth kaberle for the jackets? i think thats close. they dont need to be the one dropping the draft pick in the deal.

    maybe something like:

    toronto moves: kaberle, white, didomenico, and a 2nd in 2011
    chicago moves: ladd, barker, sopel
    columbus moves russell and voracek

    chicago ends up with russell, white, didomenico and a 2nd
    toronto lands ladd, barker, sopel and voracek
    columbus lands kaberle

    so basically the hawks lose the 3 mil of barker plus the 2 mil of sopels to get some relief. ladd, a rfa in 2010 will be moved as well to likely save them an additional 2.5-3 mil.

    they reload their D with 2 guys likely to make combined what barker makes. didomenico a decent prospect, and a 2nd would replace ladd. they'd have guys like beach, skillie, maybe even aliu or newcomer kopecky so they r ok in terms of forward depth with size. with some added youth, plus cap relief, not bad on the hawks part. and they keep sharp. 

    the leafs losing kaberle but end up with the 2nd and 3rd best players in the deal in voracek and barker. they get a big forward in ladd as well. sopel is just to balance the cap numbers.

    the jackets here get their coveted point man for the pp. they have filatov, brassard and among others legein, mayorov, picard so they are ok youth wise. even nash, umberger and vermette among their core are not old. so they would be ok i think parting with voracek. filatov is the next big exciting NHLer i beleive. kaberle is an upgrade, albeit older, than russell.

  22. cam7777 says:

    well, that makes a lot more sense fairness wise, but still doesn't really help the leafs at all.

    kaberle for barker is a sideways move – kaberle has veteran saavy and eternally loyal to the blue and white.

    white for ladd makes some sense, but not really.  don't we have enough third line grinders?  can't someone like ladd just be signed in free agency (malhotra, or someone next year even).  should we bother giving up assets to get him?  probably not.  especially not when we could just offer him a contract next summer, and watch chicago hand him to us for a 2nd round pick when they can't afford to match the offer.

    didomenico for sopel makes no sense.  we have enough over-priced d-men who can only contribute moderately (vanryn, finger).  obviously this is only done though to even out the last part of the deal –

    we obviously win voracek for a 2nd, but at the cost of losing all the other parts of the trade.  is voracek really worth it?  is he even a burkian type player?  not really.  i wouldn't do this.

    our team is ultimately no better after performing this trade.

    also, nordiques, the report out of the chicago media says that they want exelby, a prospect (didomenico and stefanovich are mentioned possibilites) and a pick (either our 3rd in 2010, or 2nd in 2011, for sharp.  exelby, stralman and a 3rd for sharp makes a lot of sense for them if no one else is coming to the table for him.  the return will be nothing next season when they are over the cap by 20 million dollars.  

    like most other gm's probably are, i'm sure burke is comfortable waiting if chicago wants to play hardball with salary-dumping trades.  we don't need sharp by any stretch.  no need to overpay for him.  burke is content to let the kids play, and see how the protection experiment pans out.

  23. WE-DeusEx says:

    Pittsburgh should pick him up.  Trade Kunitz and this guy will be a great fit on the penguins for the right price. Penguins can afford Just over 4million if they trade kunitz for some draft pics

  24. cam7777 says:

    way too much good stuff going to the leafs, chicago gets raped, and columbus gets a return that's pretty fair.  columbus isn't the team that's going to overpay for kaberle though.  and someone will have to overpay to pry him from us.  it doesn't make sense for us otherwise.  i'm content to keep him if the offer isn't ridiculous.

    my propasal, if kaberle must be traded :

    to the philadelphia flyers:
    tomas kaberle, 3rd round pick 2010
    to the toronto maple leafs:
    matt carle, james vanrimesdyk, 2nd round pick 2010

    and then

    to the chicago blackhawks:
    matt carle, garnet exelby, anton stralman, 2nd round pick 2010 (PHI)
    to the toronto maple leafs:
    brian campbell, patrick sharp

    Now, people are going to say right away, why would philly want Kaberle.  I'll tell you why, because with a top 4 that looks like this:

    Pronger – Kaberle
    Timonen – Coburn

    it becomes completely irrelevent who the bottom pairing is.  They can demote Jones to clear extra cap space, and next summer, when Parent needs a raise, package him with Briere to clean up the books.  THey would have the best defense in the league, and assuming they plug in an RFA worth about 850K , and a veteran UFA worth about a millon, in the 5 and 6 slots, it would cost them only 20 million dollars.  Comparitively, the Red Wings are spending 23 million. 

    Then, in the Chicago trade, the Hawks take a downgrade in Carle for Campbell, but save almost 4 million dollars.  Then, they get Exelby (who they are rumored interested in) and Stralman (perfect match for Hjalmarsson), and a 2nd round pick for Sharp (who they can't afford anyways).  They would have all the room they need to resign their key RFA's next year, and hardly have lost a step talent wise.  Their back-end would still be respectable :

    Keith – Seabrook
    Barker – Carle
    Stralman – Hjalmarsson


    The Leafs add a top prospect, a great forward who can kill penalties, and really don't lose much (except cap-space) on the Kaberle/Campbell swap.  This whole thing boils down to whether or not VanRiemsdyk makes taking that extra 3 million on worth it or not.  We'd still look good on the back-end, even if it costs us more:

    Campbell – Komisarek
    Beauchemin – Schenn
    White – Finger


  25. cam7777 says:

    the tricky part comes if none of the teams with cap space feel like wasting their money on helpng chicago get back under the cap.  lots of teams are going to be over, and looking to get back under by trading guys they wouldn't normally trade.  plus there will be a whole crop of free agents (and probably more than usual because of team's unwillingness, or inability, to resign them prior to july 1st).

    Like really, who's going to want Huet for almost 6 million in that cap crunch?  Who's going to want Campbell for 7.2 million?  Those are enormous contacts.  And with Campbell inparticular, the list of teams that can actually financially afford to pay him that much money, is pretty slim….

    you just make it sound like it will be so easy for them to drop 15 million dollars in salary.  it's going to be tough, and that's why i think they need to get started now…

  26. bbruins37 says:

    the years are a bit much for hossa but overall when you get him for 5 something its not horrible. however, after this, it is a horrible contract

  27. reinjosh says:

    by itself the contract is fine
    the length is suspect but the 5.2 million dollar cap hit is great
    but when added to the rest of the team it is a shit contract

  28. pezzz123 says:

    Russell is now a 3rd pairing d-man with 2nd pairing potential, while Barker is already a top 4 d-man with top 2 potential. Also, Barker is strong like an ox while Russell is small and injury prone. 2 different worlds here.

  29. pezzz123 says:

    Voracek is their only top 6 RW. They're thin at RW (Voracek, Boll, Legein).

    The side they're really deep is LW. Nash, Huselius, Umberger, Modin, Torres, Chimera, Filatov and Mayorov are all LW.

    It would make more sense for them to part with Filatov than Voracek.

    I see them making a swap with Chicago, with Campbell + Byfuglien going to CLB while Modin, Torres and Commodore would go to Chicago.

  30. pezzz123 says:

    To Columbus : Campbell (7 per year), Byfuglien (3 per year)

    To Chicago : Modin (3.25, UFA 2010), Torres (2.5, UFA 2010), Commodore (3.75 per year)

    How about that? Chicago saves a lot of money long-term, gets their top 4 physical d-man. Columbus gets their puck-mover and gets a lot bigger and skilled on the right side (only Voracek can score goals on the RW).

    Throw in a prospect going from Chicago to Columbus if it's not enough. Akim Aliu perhaps.

  31. cam7777 says:

    that makes a lot more sense, and honestly, even though the deal already favors columbus, i think that chicago might still have to throw in a prospect to make it financially feasible for the jackets (as you said, Aliu would be good)

    If you look at the numbers though, Chicago would still be screwed next season with 54 million tied into 14 players, and that's assuming Toews, Kane and Keith all take paycuts (6, 6 and 5.5 mil respectively – Toews and Kane could easily ask for closer to 7 like Stastny and Kopitar).  So with only Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Bolland, Versteeg, Kopecky and Brouwer up front, and Keith, Seabrook, Commodore, Barker and Sopel in the back, and Huet in net, they are already at the cap max (estimated at 54).  They still need to sign at least 7 roster players with no money at all.

  32. pezzz123 says:

    I think Campbell, Byfuglien and Versteeg are gone by next summer for the Hawks. Andrew Ladd also if they still lack money. Beach and Brouwer can take Beef and Ladd's spots.

  33. cam7777 says:

    I really don't know what they are going to do.  Even trading away several parts of their team stilll leaves them either over the cap, or really close to it.  It's going to be interesting to watch.  

    What do you think about this trade:

    To the Atlanta Thrashers:
    Brian Campbell
    To the Chicago Blackhawks:
    Ron Hainey, Johan Hedberg

    Clears almost 3 million off the cap, but allows them to maintain a sturdy puck-mover.  Also, bringing in Hedberg will provide a good backup for Crawford if they decide to try and move Huet next off-season.

  34. pezzz123 says:

    yeah it's good. And after they can trade Hainsey back to Columbus for Mike Commodore haha.

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